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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#22] The One Where the Perm Spreads Through Johnny's 
07 20 08
omgcp - jack
Episode twenty-two of jep_cast coming your way! Recorded on July 19, 2008 with three of your hosts - Jennie, Peyton and Kamika - bringing you the usual brand of crazylove as they talk about this past week's Johnny's Entertainment news and Pride talk! JAM-packed episode with lots of content, plus a letter segment you don't wanna miss.

The One Where the Perm Spreads Through Johnny's
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Show Notes:

  ■ Right off the bat, we start out the insanity as we give Peyton her batsu game, Japanese tongue twisters.
  ▪ The rules to this game are that she must say each tongue twister three, two times fully in order to successfully move on to the next one. We count how many she can say in two and a half minutes! :D We fed Peyton the lines through chat, and she had never seen them before (by our doing, that is).
  ▪ The tongue twisters we made her read in romaji and its translation:
    ▪ Basu gasu bakuhatsu busu basu gaido. (bus gas explosion ugly bus guide)
    ▪ Tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da. (The neighbors' visitor eats a lot of persimmons.)
    ▪ Uraniwa niwa niwa, niwa niwa niwa, niwatori ari. (In the back yard there are two chickens and in the front yard there are two chickens.)
    ▪ Uriuri ga uri urini kite uri urezu uri uri kaeru uriuri no koe. (A melon vender came to sell melons, but no melon was sold; O, the voice of melon vender who is back, selling melons.)
    ▪ Tōkyō Tokkyo Kyokakyoku. (Tokyo Special Patent Approval office)

JE NEWS (06:32)

  ■ Vibrations PV
  ▪ "They spent five dollars on this PV, not even the usual 15!"
  ▪ We don't exactly have the best things to say about this PV. XPPPP
  ▪ We theorize that maybe Johnny has designated one person in each of the groups to have a perm. SMAP, done. V6, done. Arashi, done. NewS, done. KAT-TUN, done. Who's next (left)?

Kinki Kids
  ■ Theme song for 33-pun Tantei, Secret Code, will have a single
  ▪ It's probably a "mysterious" song since it is for a detective drama
  ▪ Kamika has no idea how to range the news when she tries to move on to the next topic. Fail.

  ■ A video for Kaze no Mukou e complete with a separate video for Sho's awesome rap and a private interview
  ▪ Jennie finally found the song that she's passionate about from Arashi. :D
  ▪ Peyton loved seeing Sho angst over writing the lyrics.
  ▪ Arashi's totally used to empowering and all that jazz; they used to do that for volleyball after all!

  ■ News clips for Shige's butai
  ▪ We would kill for one of Shige's pamphlets. They're fucking gorgeous.
  ▪ Super!Saiyan!SHIGE!
  ▪ Jennie shares too much, Peyton will vouch for this. XP

  ■ Weeeek PV - Preview for the Tokyo Dome DVD
  ▪ "Massu. Massu Massu Massu." "He was happy and bouncy and in yellow and just plain freaking adorable."
  ▪ We anticipate this DVD being moving, because damn it, it's NewS in Tokyo Dome.
  ▪ "There's no boom at the end? You'd think there'd be a boom at the end. It needs a boom." Jennie's Hubby is the cutest thing ever.

  ■ Tegoshi takes up his role in Shabake for Shabake 2, Uso Uso
  ▪ We can't say much about this since none of the hosts have actually seen Shabake (the first)
  ▪ We want more work for Tegoshi or Massu or both. Gachibaka cannot be following them around, can it?! T.T

  ■ Your Seed PV
  ▪ Jennie can't get over the marching band-ness.
  ▪ We are planning their demise. ...Or rather, I should say Jennie and Peyton are. I think they're HORRIBLE. :X
  ▪ Peyton is anticipating what will happen when Chinen (and most of the Hey!Say!7 boys)'s voices crack.

  ■ Utaban, July 17, Music Station, July 18
  ▪ Peyton loves the Utaban performance, Jennie loves the Music Station performance - such a nice balance, ne?
  ▪ "I went back just to see if he did the tongue thing, because I thought he was copying Jin that much."
  ▪ Jennie wants everyone to start calling it "YS" instead of "Your Seed."

  ■ Akiyama Jun leaves Johnny's
  ▪ We theorize that this may mean that Johnny is pushing for a debut for Butokan.
  ▪ "To be debuted is to make a lot more money than you did as a junior."

  ■ Nikkan Sports Awards
  ▪ We "duh" the fact that Kimura Takuya won best actor.
  ▪ We wonder why CHANGE beat out Last Friends for best drama.
  ▪ Ryo's win wasn't actually by that much; there might've been votes spread out for the other supporting actors?

Drama Talk (40:25)
  ■ Pride Episodes 1-3
  ▪ Peyton warns us off the bat that she really didn't like this drama terribly much.
  ▪ We have a lot of love for the rapid-fire dialogue and how the cinematography matches up with it.
  ▪ This drama has a balance between the subtlety and the heavy-handedness. We wax on about the various ways they do both, and whether they're successful or not.
  ▪ Jennie can accept the cheese, because she's just so emotionally invested. Peyton, on the other hand, does not like it whatsoever. XP And says so.
  ▪ "Whoosh. Full dramatics!" "Pitter patter." = Reactions to the same scene. See the ends of the spectrum. I wonder if it's pretty there. XP
  ▪ "Do I have an opinion? No, no, I don't."
  ▪ Peyton suggests we have a drinking game every time they bring up the topic of "pride." Jennie shoots that down immediately. You don't really want drunk hosts, now do you?
  ▪ Episode 4-7 for next week, guys!

Letter Segment (1:09:49)
  ■ The JEP rap-a-thon~
  ▪ We'll have all the information repeated in another post following this one! So be on the look-out for that. :D We'll link to it after it goes up. :D All information can be found here.
  ■ Favorite Johnny's PV!
  ▪ A lot of people had a hard time deciding on their favorites, sadly. The hosts also had trouble with this. lol
  ▪ lockability chose Ore Ja Nakya, Kimi Ja Nakya by 20th Century; gingifere chose Lips and Don't U Ever Stop by KAT-TUN; phonestrap chose Jin's Version of Real Face by KAT-TUN, and Rhey, our dear co-host, chose Kibou ~Yell~ by NewS. (Ironically, I was totally going to chose Kibou ~Yell~ as my favorite, go figure.)
  ▪ As for your hosts! Mine is Teppen by NewS, Jennie's is Weeeek by NewS, Peyton's is Kagen no Tsuki by Domoto Koichi. (And cheats, because she manages to slip in that her honorable mention is Osaka Rainy Blue by Kanjani8, the raining version, not the studio one.)
  ▪ APPARENTLY, I AM PREDICTABLE. They both guessed that I would say mine and the reasons why I like it. XP
  ▪ Kagen no Tsuki is totally Koichi as Rurouni Kenshin. It's gorgeous.
  ■ Next week, we're asking you guys to tell us What is your least favorite Johnny's PV? Hopefully this will be an easier question and we can get way more responses! :DDD

Closing (1:27:23)
  ■ We are at a serious loss for words for a good ending talk.
  ▪ "Go, speed racer, go!" "You drive me crazy."
  ▪ We show our Rhey love, wanting her to come back. "Please perform CPR on JEP Cast."
  ▪ Worst closing ever.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email: cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Next week, we'll be discussing least favorite PV; do get your responses in so we can discuss it in our letter segment! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions~ ♥♥
07 20 08 (UTC)
▪ Tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da. (The neighbors' visitor eats a lot of persimmons.)

▪ Tōkyō Tokkyo Kyokakyoku. (Tokyo Special Patent Approval office)

The only reason I knew about these before this..is because Junsu's done them on like Hey3 before any maybe somewhere else..I don't remember. xDD

I haven't even listened yet but I just had to comment on that. xDDD

And I gotta say I wouldn't exactly mind a Butoukan debut...however it might have me pissed off for a while if that means Senga isn't in Kisumai anymore. xD

Edit: Oh and I forgot to say, thank you for linking to the Your Seed pv! I haven't seen it yet and hadn't gotten around to go link hunting. xDD

Edited at 2008-07-20 06:53 pm (UTC)
07 20 08 (UTC)
Oh man, I'd forgotten Senga was also part of Butokan (hell, I barely know the members - not paying that much attention) but if he gets pulled into Butokan... I can't imagine Kis-My-Ft2. a;lskdjfalskdjf That's so WEIRD.

And you're welcome! :D I quite liked it myself, and a;sldkfjalskjdf damn Happy!Hey!Say!Jump for this song. It's so catchy.
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
07 20 08 (UTC)
HOW AM I SO AWKWARD?! Oh god. ajsmnsjkm.

Laughing, well my favourite PV was Lips only because of Kame ajsnsj. I'm so biased :(

The rapping was so ajssj good. I seriously gaped in awe at Kami and Jennie's raps. Sort of nervous to record mine now, laughing.
07 20 08 (UTC)
Like you being biased is surprising. *laughs*

DEFINITELY NO NEED TO BE NERVOUS. :DDDD (I feel like embarrassed when I think of mine. a;sldkjfalskjdflajsd But thanks for the compliment. ♥♥)
07 20 08 (UTC)
Yay another episode! :D Pride is a really addictive drama. I've already watched it all since you guys mentioned you were doing it. So now I can't wait to hear all the talk about it, especially the later episodes. Your Seed-- arg such a weird title. I love the song, but I don't get the title at all. I'm glad I know I'm not just missing something now haha and it really is that odd. :P Ahh I wish I had a microphone for my compy, I was the only one who didn't record myself saying my favourite PV, and I can't do this hilarious JEP rap-a-thon ahaha. I'm impressed by your guys rapping skills though! So fast. *_* Oh, and yay, thanks for telling me what the song is about, and that it doesn't actually have anything to do with the PV and hatching out of eggs and office people and whotnot. Hehe anyway sorry for the huge babble! Can't wait till the next episode.
07 20 08 (UTC)
Oh oh and I have a question for your lettery segment: What is your favourite show for performances? :)
07 20 08 (UTC)
According to Kami-chan at http://www.heysayheisei.com/?s=your+seed&searchsubmit=Find&paged=2
"For some random trivia: the Japanese word for seed is 種. It can mean seed, but also kind, variety, tone, quality, material, matter, subject, theme, cause, source, trick, or secret. So there’s probably this songwriter in Japan whose English isn’t all that great and he wants the title of the song to reflect that special spark in you, that something that could make you become a hero. Something like that. So he picks up his Japanese-English dictionary and looks up 種. And it says seed, source, cause. So he calls the song Your Seed because he thinks Your Source and Your Cause both sound stupid. So there."
07 20 08 (UTC)
btw I love jep cast. : D
07 22 08 (UTC)
Aww does that mean asking questions is closed now?
I had one similar to one asked in VERY VERY early episodes. Well, I'll mention it here anyway:

A while ago in a history lesson, we came across the theory that if a bunch of people were stuck on a deserted island, one immediately becomes the leader, and one beomes the bully victim.

So who out of JEPCAST is the leader, and who's the victim? ;)

p.s. i just thought id mention this, but I found someone who looks INCREDIBLY like yamada from HSJ in hana kimi, the taiwan version 0_____________________0 SHOCKED ME YO
07 23 08 (UTC)
We are totally not closed to question ideas. As you can see from the end of this episode, we are always in need of conversation topics for the opening and closings :D
07 22 08 (UTC)
Is Akiyama Jun one of those older Jrs. that a person who just joined the fandom about a year and a half ago wouldn't really know about? Or am I just way out of the loop? His name is familiar, but idk...

...Yeah, I've never actually listened to your podcasts, but LOL, one night when my cousins were still here, we were talking about which Johnny's [NewS in particular since they really only fangirl NewS. I just got one of my cousins into KAT-TUN! XD] MV looked like it was the cheapest, most expensive, which ones they liked and didn't like. XD
07 23 08 (UTC)
We explain who he is in the podcast itself. :D
07 23 08 (UTC)
This is the first time I listened to you guys.

I had fun listening to it while I was doing some of my internet chores.

Keep up the good work!

But I have a problem though. ^^

I accidentally closed the window so when I played it again, I couldn't forward it to the spot that I stopped at.... T.T

07 23 08 (UTC)
Oh... I forgot to log in.

07 23 08 (UTC)
Just discovered this podcast, and I must say it was an interesting listen (probably because I'm bias towards HSJ XD).

HSJ is actually going on music station for the third week in a row this friday XD

and about Chinen crawling through someone's legs. here's Hikaru's face during the practice session of YOUR SEED MAKING OF after Chinen crawled through his london bridge 8D

btw. I was wondering if you guys had a call-in comment segment where we can call in that number and leave voicemail comments (possibly) to be aired in the next podcast? :) you know, like in other radio shows? it won't be in real time, but it would be intereting, or so I think.
07 23 08 (UTC)
If you listen to the end of all our episodes or look at the bottom of our posts, we list off all the different ways you can contact us. For voice messages, you can call our US based number 206-202-3859 and leave a message there or you can record yourself and then upload it and email us the link or just email it directly to us at cast@jepcast.com. Please keep in mind that if you aren't recording yourself discussing the topic we have set for that upcoming week (stated at both the end of the podcast during our letter segment and in the post itself) the chances of you being played in the podcast are slim. Also, the more succinct it is, the better :D

This upcoming week's topic is "What is your LEAST favorite Johnny's PV?"

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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