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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#21] The One Where JE has a Marching Band 
07 13 08
Welcome to the twenty-first episode of jep_cast! :Dv Recorded on July 12th, 2008, your hosts - Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, and Kamika/tinyangl - bring you the latest in Johnny's news and the best in drama discussion with a good helping of fangirl!flail in what ended up being our longest episode yet! Oops! *chuckle*

The One Where JE has a Marching Band
Running Time: 01:31:04
Size: 83.1 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ▪ How do we really know if Jennie didn't rig the polls? O.O

JE NEWS (3:52)

  ■ Yasuko to Kenji Promotions
    ▪ "His hair is just AMAZING~"
    ▪ Mums is the word for Ohkura. o.O What's new really?

  ■ "Amagasa", the theme song for Yasuko to Kenji, to be a collaboration between TOKIO and Ringo Shiina 12
    ▪ Kami has fail moment and doesn't mention the most important thing - TOKIO IS SWITCHING RECORD LABELS!!
    ▪ Jennie asks Peyton's opinion on the label change and Peyton gives a lesson on JE record labels. *snicker*

  ■ Hey!Hey!Hey! July 7th
    ▪ Ohno's big happening? HIS HAIR. *laughs*
    ▪ Nino needs to work on his slight of hand a little bit more because Jennie totally called him out. *snicker*
    ▪ "The performance was really good; they sounded really good." "But everyone usually lipsyncs on this show." "That's probably why."

  ■ Matsujun stars in the drama special, Myuu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru, for 24 Hour Television 123
    ▪ Jennie has no soul for MatsuJun and his debilitating disease. T_T
    ▪ Can MatsuJun pull off a non-manga-based role?! :O

  ■ Truth/Kaze no Muko E single announcement 123
    ▪ "They're secretly into Inoue Mao."
    ▪ "MatsuJun, thanks for doing all these dramas! You're why we get work." ;P

  ■ YamaPi and Aragaki Yui doing Code Blue promotion on Kuwazugirai
    ▪ Peyton is a cheater some more and insists on this topic of discussion despite it being "old". :Dv
    ▪ YamaPi doesn't know his bloodtype and nor do two of the three hosts. o.o
    ▪ The stories of who has what pierced where and how they got it. :Dv
    ▪ YamaPi was determined to break the Johnny's!bad!luck!streak, but did he manage to do it?
    ▪ Because Peyton promised, Aragaki Yui's crazy POCKY dance

  ■ Ohkura and Subaru get Solo Concerts 12
    ▪ "You think that he'd be smart and release like a compilation DVD or something..."
    ▪ Talk of the NEWS Tokyo Dome DVD ninjas into this segment. >.< Oops...

  ■ Music Station, July 11th
    ▪ Peyton is over the moon for "Your Seed"!
    ▪ Jennie has the opposite reaction and grumbles about Hey!Say!Jump!marching!band. ;P
    ▪ "It makes me wonder if Johnny is maybe preparing for the inevitable future scandals or something..."

DRAMA TALK (35:35)
  ■ Tantei Gakuen Q: 8-11
    ▪ We wax on and on about the imagery of the opening and closing credits as well as the fitting lyrics for both opening and closing songs. :)
    ▪ Jennie rips apart the usage of The Count of Monte Cristo in the drama.
    ▪ Kyuu believes in everyone - everyone gets the benefit of the doubt and then some.
    ▪ "In the end, when all the shit hits the fan, you're just like, 'What?! Is this an American soap opera?!'" :PPP
    ▪ The last two episodes are OVERFLOWING with symbolism, if you know what you should be looking for. :Dv
    ▪ "Kyuu doesn't really do anything. All he says is 'ganbatte! ganbatte!'" "Story of his life."
    ▪ "Did anyone have that reaction to him? Like, 'You suck, really bad'?" >.<
    ▪ Next drama up? Pride, starring Kimura Takuya and Takeuchi Yuko. :Dv

  ■ Our responses to your awesome feedback about jep_cast! :D
    ▪ Volume issues, topics covered issues, flail issues~ *grin*
  ■ In direct reply to your fabulous comments, we bring you changes to the letter segment! :Dv
    ▪ Next week's letter segment question is "What is your favorite JE PV and why?" Here is YOUR chance to get your answers on air - whether you write in, drop us a voicemail, or even record yourself for us!
  ■ The informal introduction of our new contest - "The JEP Rap-a-thon"
    ▪ More information to come your way next week when it officially starts! \:D/

CLOSING (1:24:35)
  ■ Jennie does her batsu game - the English version of TegoMasu's "Miso Soup

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email: cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Please remember that all of these methods can be used when replying to our question of the week - "What is your favorite JE PV and why?"! :D Get your answers in so that you can also be a part of the discussion!fun! And remember next week we'll be starting with episodes 1-3 of Pride! :)
07 13 08 (UTC)
I haven't listened yet..and I don't have time to till after I get home, but you mean favorite Johnny's pv right? Or is it favorite pv in general? Either way I'll have a hard time choosing. xDD
07 13 08 (UTC)
No, we meant JE PV. :Dv It would be troublesome if it was just PVs in general! *haha*
07 13 08 (UTC)
Ok, thats what I thought but I wanted to make sure. xD
I dunno why..but for some reason I thought you were Jennie at first..though I fail for not remember whose lj name is whose. xDD The only one I can remember is Kami's. But if it helps I don't get you and Jennie confused when I listen to JEP Cast anymore. xDD
07 13 08 (UTC)
::butting in just to confuse you further::
07 13 08 (UTC)
Hehe, its not working right now~ Especially since I just looked up at the top of the entry where it lists all your names and right now I know whose who. xDD
07 13 08 (UTC)
I thought I'd commented :( Ihu LJ. :(

07 13 08 (UTC)
I knew you would be ♥
07 13 08 (UTC)
Yay!! Pride!! I've been like pushing for this drama since Episode 1 lol. I finally got my wish, It's my fav. ^.^ *satisfied* Thanks guys. Gonna listen to this week's ep now
07 13 08 (UTC)
Yay, another episode. :) Ah, I'm sad to see the end of Tantei Gakuen Q, it was so good. The talk about it was really interesting though! Pride doesn't sound too interesting really, but you guys have always picked awesome dramas in the past so I'm going to give it a try. :D I tried to think of what my favourite PV was, but I totally couldn't pick just one. Anyway, can't wait till the next episode and thanks for always making this podcast, it's uber fun to listen to!
07 14 08 (UTC)
don't just pick one then! cheat like me! give us your top three! :Dv
07 16 08 (UTC)
Haha okay I've managed to pick just one: Ore Ja Nakya, Kimi Ja Nakya by 20th Century. Because that PV makes me lol more than any other one, even Fever to Future or It's My Soul. I have no idea what the song's even about but...it rules yey. :D
07 14 08 (UTC)
Jennie> I love your singing!!!!!! I don't listen to tegomassu, so this is my first time hearing miso soup, and it is ADORABLE.
You girls are awesome!
07 14 08 (UTC)
a;dlskjfaldsjf yes. my singing. well, thanks for flattering me? LOL I don't even know what to say except, sorry?
07 15 08 (UTC)
Lol, i cannot believe this but after listening to your batsu game twice, the song is now stuck in my head.....i should really go find out how the real version sounds like.
07 15 08 (UTC)
MUCH MUCH better than mine. I PROMISE. Would you like me to upload it for you?
07 16 08 (UTC)
It's alright, i've dl it already, can you believe i crack up more listening to the original, japanese boys singing in English is just win.
07 14 08 (UTC)
*Taking for later* thanks for all your work on this... yet again! :)
and um... i don't exactly have a favourite JE PV... As much as I like JE overall... the PVs have never really done anything for me :/
Miso Soup English version made me lol for about a month, though. :D

-Quiraikotsu *cant log on*
07 19 08 (UTC)
umm...Isn't HSJ on J Storm? I mean...


That means they are using that,right? ._. since HSJ is there...

Just making sure. (:

I saw the fumble Nino made!! mygosh. T_T
07 19 08 (UTC)
Yes, we are aware of this :D (we will be talking about it in today's recording XD)

And Nino. Oh, Nino, practice a little more please before doing tricks on air in front of millions :P
07 19 08 (UTC)
Haha that's cool. :D Shall look forward to hearing the next podcast!

Oh well, at least he looked adorable doing them. [: (like a kid trying to do things right)
07 20 08 (UTC)
I just have to quote this because I found it really funny, "What are TegoMass on?" I know you meant record label but I totally thought of something else. xDD And it reminded me of my sister asking me if I was high or drunk when I was sitting in the kitchen the other night just laughing at NOTHING, and it was totally the hot chocolate I drank that did it. xD

August 30th is MatsuJun's birthday? Dude thats my dad's birthday! xDD

When I'm watching CB I cannot stop thinking about PiYui, I blame JEP Cast for that! xDDD

I actually don't know my blood type either~ I want to know though. xD

Gotta catch'em all! I just died laughing at that.

Speaking of laughing..Jennie, I love you I do, your so awsome but I was sitting there listening to your batsu game and I was just cracking up the whole time. As funny as it was though, it was all really cute. ^^

And I almost decided to not download Pride, I really did but then I felt guilty and got like the feeling I'd get beat up by you ladies or something if I didn't. xDD

Also..I don't know if anyone else pointed out the 2005 thing, but I so didn't do it so you'd get a batsu point Kami, I just thought it was really funny. xD
07 20 08 (UTC)
AHAHA Don't worry about it! :D I don't mind getting a batsu point in the least. Heck, I'm kinda anticipating it.a sd;fkajsldjf I mean, both Peyton and Jennie have had a game, I feel so left out!
07 20 08 (UTC)
Hehe, if you say so. ^^ I guess I'll look forward to your batsu game then, well whenever it happens anyways. xDD
(Deleted comment)
07 23 08 (UTC) - Re: &lt;3
XP I don't know why you would but it's linked up there. Here's the link again: http://www.mediafire.com/?nxobywgmwhz

I will now go die of embarrassment.
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