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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[275] The One With The End 
09 24 13
Title: The One With The End
Size: 29.1 MB
Running Time: 1:03:41
Download Links: MF | Streaming
Hosts: Everyone!

 O P E N I N G

          ▪ ARAFES AT KOKURITSU!!!
               ▪ Arashi's first ever Kokuritsu performance was such an emotional big deal cuz they thought they'd never get to do this again.
               ▪ Oh but look, here they are again~!
               ▪ Kokuritsu itself is getting a makeover for the Olympics~
               ▪ Some Olympics officials were possibly present at Arashi's concert..?
               ▪ Could Arashi be performing at the Olympics? (2020 is really far away though)

 A N N O U N C E M E N T

               ▪ Thank you for these wonderful five years. We ♥ you guys.
               ▪ We may not be recording, but we will definitely keep up with JE.
               ▪ You can still follow us for a weekly summary (newsletter format) of JE news.

 N E W S

September 14-20

          ▪ To release new single [ 1 2 ]
               ▪ October 3 release
               ▪ Double A side Hontontoko/ Future
               ▪ LE A will have PV for Hontontoko; LE B will have PV for Future
               ▪ Hontontoko will be theme song for Nagae's TBS drama Kurokochi
               ▪ All members contributed to the writing/arrangements of the songs.
          ▪ Go on TOKIO Kakeru, Sept 18 [ 1
               ▪ Hot Chicks from Spain school Tokio and Morita Go (               ▪ Namase) on LOVE.
               ▪ "Japanese men's kissing technique is awful."
               ▪ "The way Japanese men move their tongue during kissing, it's like a washing machine."
               ▪ Matsuoka's got game. (We are so proud, lol)
               ▪ Go fails at getting hit on by a Spanish hottie.
               ▪ There is apparently another episode with Nigerian ladies schooling the guys which is also hilar.
          ▪ Inohara to join Kame's drama [ 1 ]
               ▪ Tokyo Bandwagon Shita Machi Dai Kazoku Monogatari
               ▪ Inocchi plays an IT pres who loves old books
          ▪ Ohno's Kagi no Kakatta Heya to have drama SP [ 1 ]
               ▪ Murder in the Country of Mirror
               ▪ Ohno, Toda and Sato all return for the SP
               ▪ This will air in 2014
          ▪ Arashi ni Shiyagare's revamped show [ 1 ]
               ▪ Apparently starting the talk without the audience in the waiting room can ease the nerves.
               ▪ The new format seems part Himitsu, part Shukudai-kun, and part Shiyagare. Which is great!
               ▪ Ueno Juri confirms that J has an aura. Like, he's THE MATSUMOTO.
               ▪ What's up with the horse logo..?
               ▪ Of course, there will be female guests on the new Shiyagare.
          ▪ Fujigaya to travel through Russia [ 1 ]
               ▪ Fujigaya will be working in multiple Japanese restaurants in Russia for a week
               ▪ In preparation, he's already worked at multiple restaurants to learn Japanese style of hospitality
Johnny's Juniors
          ▪ Uchi and Takada Sho to star in daytime Fuji TV daytime drama [ 1 ]
               ▪ Drama titled Tengoku no Koi
               ▪ Plot: 40 year old lady in strained marriage fnds herself a younger lover
               ▪ Uchi will play both Kunitomo Satoshi and Komota Ushio (romantic interest)
               ▪ Takada Sho plays Shida Motoharu who gets caught stealing porn (LMAO)

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
Yamashita Tomohisa's Que Sera Sera single.

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phone number: 213-537-2278
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