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[271] The One Where We Bring Shuji and Akira Back!

Title: The One where we bring Shuji and Akira Back!
Running Time: 1:03:10
Size: 28.9 MB
Download Links: MF | Streaming
Hosts: Kami + Melissa


          ▪ Johnnys combis you hope to see collaborate again in a drama [ 1 ]
               ▪ Nino shows up a total of 5 times in the ranking!!
               ▪ Unsurprisingly (to us), Shuji and Akira are at the top XD
               ▪ Is the magic of Kame and Pi because of the characters? Or their acting?
               ▪ Sho and Nino are the magic behind Yamadatarou no Monogatari
               ▪ Ryo and Nino again, PLEASE!!! And Erika too!!
               ▪ We will never see Akame again. Just not possible.
               ▪ Why Domoto Koichi and Tsuyoshi again? The drama wasn’t that good.


August 17-23
          ▪ Kusanagi to star in Fuji TV drama [ 1 ]
               ▪ Kami-sama no Beret Bō ~Tezuka Osamu no Black Jack Sōsaku Hiwa (God's Beret: The Untold Story of How Osamu Tezuka Created His Black Jack)
               ▪ Live adaptation of famous manga
               ▪ Kusanagi will play Tezuka Osamu, famous author of Astro Boy and Black Jack
               ▪ Oshima Yuko plays a novice editor who ends up travelling back in time and meeting Tezuka
SMAP/Yamashita Tomohisa/Kis-My-Ft2
          ▪ SMAPxSMAP, August 19 [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ Matchy, Mizuta (LOL!), Senga and Tamamori join SMAP at restaurant
               ▪ Nakai and Matchy keep calling Miyata by “Mizuta”
               ▪ Matchy ignores Johnny when he calls
               ▪ Matchy has a race in September in the middle of the musical?!? O_O
               ▪ Tama will play young Miyata young Matchy, Matchy will play himself
               ▪ Story is about Matchy’s life
               ▪ Tamamori was once told by his dance instructor to leave Johnny’s!!
               ▪ Senga was even given train fare (10,000 yen) by his instructor in order to leave!!
               ▪ SMAP creates four separate “slightly different than normal” karaage dishes
               ▪ Shingo shows up as Match-y XDDD
               ▪ Yamapi performs ‘Summer Nude ‘13’
               ▪ Not much dancing, vocals are decent
               ▪ Why do they keep pairing Pi up with Nakai during his solo bits???
               ▪ Goro pretends to be Pi’s character during Summer Nude
               ▪ Skits are SO HILARIOUS!!!
          ▪ Single and DVDs [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ PV is set with the members at different locations
               ▪ Sound is very gospel choir-ish
               ▪ Sakamoto and Inocchi sing the most in this song
               ▪ (Did they mute Miyake’s mic during the recording?) XD
               ▪ Album is a mix of styles including ballads and big band sound
          ▪ Music Station, August 23 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Inocchi and Sakamoto take the vocals away as V6 looks pretty
               ▪ What is with Miyake’s hair?
               ▪ Sakamoto looks sexy in his suit (according to Kami)
Yamashita Tomohisa
          ▪ To have a new tour and a new album [ 1 2 3, 4 ]
               ▪ New album to be titled ‘A Nude’
               ▪ ‘A’ stands for Autumn, ‘ee’ in Kansai dialect, and Analog
               ▪ To be released Sept 11
               ▪ To collaborate with big artists including miyavi, m-flo, SEKAI NO OWARI, and Katori Shingo
               ▪ LE A: Includes PV and making of "Genshiteki Janai to ~Analog Love~"
               ▪ LE 2: Comes with a see-through bag and special packaging
               ▪ RE: Includes bonus song, “Natsu no Orion”, written and composed by Yamapi
               ▪ Tour to be titled, “TOMOHISA YAMASHITA LIVE TOUR 2013 -A NUDE-”
               ▪ Will start off in Nagasaki on Oct 5 and end in Tokyo on Dec 19
               ▪ Total of 29 shows in 20 locations
          ▪ Music Japan, August 22 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Perfume ask what they’ve been into lately
               ▪ Tama-chan’s into pillows
               ▪ Nikaido is into listening to classical music in the bath
               ▪ N: You wouldn’t have heard of the guy I like listening to. All: Who? N: Vivaldi
               ▪ Perform “Kimi to no Kiseki”
Sexy Zone
          ▪ To release new single [ 1 ]
               ▪ To be called “Bye Bye Dubai/Unknown Track”, double A-side
               ▪ Release date, Oct 9
               ▪ First Press K: Bye Bye Dubai, Unknown, Candy (Kento solo); ‘Bye Bye Dubai’ PV
               ▪ Back jacket will have Kento
               ▪ First Press S: Unknown, Bye Bye Dubai, Onaji Sora no Shita (Shori solo) and Bye Bye Dubai Friendship version
               ▪ DVD includes ‘Friendship’ (From ‘Bye Bye Dubai’) and Dance Lecture
               ▪ Back jacket will have Shori, and include 12p photo booklet of all members
               ▪ First Press F: Bye Bye Dubai, Unknown, FaKe (Fuma solo)
               ▪ DVD includes ‘Bye Bye Dubai’ Jacket and PV Making
               ▪ Back jacket will have Fuma
               ▪ Each FP will have a random cover of one of the three members
               ▪ RE: Bye Bye Dubai, Unknown, Young and Beautiful !, Bad Boys and karaoke vers
               ▪ First Press RE includes Picture Label and one of five original trading cards of the boys
               ▪ Sexy Zone Shop vers: same songs as RE minus karaoke
               ▪ Includes one of five original trading cards of the boys
          ▪ Tore SP, August 19 [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Ohno shows off his athletic prowess and, with Hatori, manages to win the first game
               ▪ Sadly, he fails to save Funasshi
               ▪ Poor Funasshi, used like a pillow cushion
               ▪ BLACK OHNO!!!
               ▪ Ohno gets lost in the knowledge questions but leaves Hina in the dust with the face challenge
               ▪ Who won the ball game? Hina or Ohno? Even they don’t know…
               ▪ Yoko rocks the knowledge questions
               ▪ Ohno loses all his team mates and answers the questions purely through gut instinct
               ▪ Ohno and Yamada are <3 during the Gake no Ma challenge
               ▪ Yamada cheers his sempai on by giving him clues to the answers
               ▪ Sempai/Kouhai love!
               ▪ Hina hangs on by a THREAD!! KAKKOII!! Love that muscle strength!
               ▪ Yamada and Ohno win the challenge with their combi strength! <3

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
TegoMass's Sayonara ni Sayonara single.

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