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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#20] The One Where We Hope For NewS' Blatant Member Ai 
07 06 08
omgcp - jack
Here's episode twenty! This week, both Jennie and Peyton have left me (Kamika) all by my lonesome! T.T But thankfully~ Rhey to the rescue! We welcome back our fourth host for this week's episode!

The One Where We Hope For NewS' Blatant Member Ai
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Size: 26.9 MB
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Show Notes:

  ■ Kamika laments being left alone as Jennie and Peyton go have some fun. (I swear I'm happy for them. I swear.)
  ▪ Oh wait, who's that second voice?!
  ▪ Essentially, Kamika should never be host as she screws up the opening terribly. Whoops.

JE NEWS (2:39)

Arashi/Ikuta Toma
  ■ Maou and Hanadan (only Matsujun and Mao) meet up during fashion check, and Maou's interview on Ousama no Buranchi, June 28th
  ▪ We're feeling the Ohmiya love, and Matsujun's Riida love. ♥♥ We approve.

  ■ Hana Yori Dango Final Promotion, they ride a chartered jet?!
  ▪ lol, maybe we're a little sick of Hanadan promotions. XPPP
  ▪ A jet that sits 130 passengers... for only five people. They're so special.

  ■ NewS Concert Tour Pacific 2007-2008 DVD (with tracklist!)
  ▪ That's Rhey squealing in the background - exactly the reaction of every NewS fan everywhere.
  ▪ Rhey is super fangirl and gets her news while still asleep.
  ▪ We have our priorities straight and are seriously anticipating the possibility of seeing NewS in an onsen like Yamapi promised. Don't disappoint, Johnny.
  ▪ What could possibly be better?

  ■ Tegomass does second song for Neo Angelique Abyss, Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi
  ▪ Neo Angelique = boy harem (shoujo) anime.
  ▪ We have proclaimed something, most songs (70% or more) are about love or some distortion of it.

  ■ Yamapi's Shitload of Promotions for Code Blue
  ▪ Even though we're both the biggest Yamapi fans, neither of us have been keeping track. Shame on us?
  ▪ We just like pointing out Peyton's PiYui love~
  ▪ ...And then we start ranting about Yamapi's perm - who should we blame?
  ▪ OMG, I DON'T WANNA LOOK AT HIM?!?! WHAT. (Unless it's the first 30 seconds of Code Blue.)

  ■ Speed Racer Press Conference - The important thing is that Jin called Aya cute (translations)
  ▪ Kamika just like to show off her random shippings even if it's something as weird as Jin/Aya Ueto.
  ▪ We imagine Jin breathing and talking with that sexy voice into those headphones and flail, and try to stop ourselves from flailing (and really bad thoughts).

Drama Talk (21:21)
  ■ Tantei Gakuen Q: 4-7
  ▪ "He's really good as overly brooding black guy."
  ▪ It's an integration problem, guys! Just in case you wanted to know. (And maybe I could solve it, if I tried. >.> If.)
  ▪ Interwebz are dangerous. DUN-DUN-DUN. Ironic, much?
  ▪ Kamika (tries to) show off her (very little) Greek/Roman mythology knowledge; Peyton wants her to show off her CCS knowledge
  ▪ We get a hint for the future episodes without being spoiled. Way to drop information, drama.
  ▪ Ryuu is super stealthy spy as he finds the room where Dan-sensei and Nanami-sensei are always at

Letter Segment (52:10)
  ■ Really, the lesson learned here is that Kamika is made of fail and totally screwed up. >.>
  ▪ So instead of fun times, you guys are stuck with announcements for the batsu game (someone's performing next week~~)
  ▪ Batsu game is so not srz bznz, I swear. XP
  ▪ This isn't really a letter segment, not at all. :\\\\

Closing (56:05)
  ■ "Who in JE would most be like your ______ (husband/brother/second cousin/pet/best friend)?" Rhey's version! :D
  ▪ I spring this on Rhey because I'm mean like that. lolol
  ▪ "I don't know. Who's rich?" "So you can mooch off of them?"
  ▪ Rhey is totally selfless, guys.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email: cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Feel free to leave us a short message, and we might just play it on air during our letter segment! Hope you've all enjoyed! :D
07 06 08 (UTC)
Am taking this week's for later :) thanks for all your hard work!
btw, for your drama segments are you guys only going to do dramas with Johnnys boys in them, or just any drama?

p.s. ive heard about this devil or angel perf in shonen club in your podcasts quite a few times... is there any link ot download for it that you know of? ive been searching everyhere and cant find ;__;
07 07 08 (UTC)
:DDDDDDDDD Devil or Angel in Shokura. 2005 so it's rather old. :DDDDD (TOTALLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE PERFORMANCES FOR NEWS.) For more, 2006 Fancam and 2007 Fancam. :DDD
07 07 08 (UTC)
A\LKXNKALNS I LOVE YOU RTHANKY PHUYU THANK YOU♥♥ (and also holy crap tegoshi was so small back then lol)
07 06 08 (UTC)
RHEY! kansj I will dl this to listen to later on. Looking forward to the closing segment :P (I will of course expect Rhey to choose Kame as her husband...)
07 06 08 (UTC)
SHIGE AS YOUR PET. KAMSNHJSMDNK. So pleased you chose Kame Rhey. Your love is epic ;___;
07 06 08 (UTC)
dl'ing finally catching up (listening to #19 RIGHT NOW)
07 07 08 (UTC)
Yay good episode! I'm so glad you guys are doing the drama Tantei Gakuen Q, I'd never even heard of it before but it's so interesting and fun of a drama and I can't wait to watch the ending for it. :) Whee~
07 07 08 (UTC)
OMG RHEY!!! -dies-
I've missed Rhey so much!
Oh i have a question, What song have you guys been listening to nonstop recently? >> i kinda wanted to know with all these new albums and singles that have recently came out. oh and did any of you do anything for Jin's birthday?

XD sorry for my randomness
07 07 08 (UTC)
I like weird je hairstyles!!! I love al the boys sporting perm now.Lol, I'm not even a Pi fan but i love his hair in code blue, it made me flail. Je boys can pull off anything in my opinion.
07 08 08 (UTC)
You guys are awesome, there is not an ep that doesn't have me cracking up.
Jin's sexy voice is totally flail worthy!
07 09 08 (UTC)
While you were talking about wanting to have the whole onsen thing in the con dvd I'm sitting there going, 'Onsen!~ Onsen!~' to the tune of Sayaendou in my head. xDD

Dude TGQ has totally reminded me why I fell for Yamada in the first . xDD

Ryuu saying he was talking to himself, soooo cute!~

Ok in the non existent letter segment, Kami why did you say July 5th 2005? xDDD

And yay for Rhey appearing!~ ^^
07 09 08 (UTC) - Is this the correct place for a question?
heylo! haha, I've been fangirling and hiding away for some time now. xD And this question just keeps bugging me!

I've been to your personal LJs, and I just can get one thing- With so much time spent on Jepcast, what happen to your jobs? And what do you guys actually work as? This may seem a little personal, but it's really mindboggling how you guys seem to have such cool jobs AND have time for this! o_o
07 14 08 (UTC) - Re: Is this the correct place for a question?
Without going into too much personal detail because I'm not sure how much the other girls are willing to reveal, Kami and Rhey are both college students, Peyton works for the American branch of a Japanese game company, and I actually quit my job a little while back due to health reasons and so I'm the freest of them all :D

We make it sound like a ton of work but when we divide it up as we do, it's not nearly as bad. I actually tend to put it all off until the last minute and spend about six hours straight, right before recording, catching up on the news stuff and watching the dramas XD and sometimes not finishing them on time This is just our way of fangirling. It's something we still would be doing, albeit in a written format, even if jepcast never existed.
07 14 08 (UTC) - Re: Is this the correct place for a question?
o_O Six Hours?? You mean on Saturday, right?..whoa, so it's like mon-fri work and then sat fangirl? lols
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