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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#19] The One With Ikuta Maou 
06 29 08
Welcome to the nineteenth episode of jep_cast! :Dv Your hosts - Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, and Kamiki/tinyangl - bring you the latest in Johnny's news with our own special fangirl spin as well as good dose of drama discussion, recorded on June 28th, 2008! ^_^

The One With Ikuta Maou
Running Time: 01:25:51
Size: 78.4 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ▪ Ryo and YamaPi get up close and personal
  ▪ You know it's gotten REALLY TMI when Jennie says it's TMI. *laughs*

JE NEWS (3:55)

  ■ "One Love" Single
    ▪ Peyton is excited she knows how to fly?
    ▪ Arashi doing V6? *gasp*

  ■ Utaban, June 26th
    ▪ "This is what happens when I don't have subtitles to focus on."
    ▪ Who does Aiba rank as most perverted? XD
    ▪ Nakai implies danger on Ohno's life what's new, right?

  ■ Hana Yori Dango Final Special
    ▪ Tsukasa and Arashi are friends?! o.O
    ▪ Peyton is HYDed out. *frown*

  ■ Himitsu no Arashi-chan, Hana Yori MatsuJun
    ▪ Aiba and Nino direct MatsuJun on his awesome date.
    ▪ Oshima vs. Tsukushi - WHO WILL WIN MATSUJUN'S HEART?!?! *gasp*
    ▪ MUST WATCH, as claimed by two of the three hosts who have seen it! :Dv

Arashi/Ikuta Toma
  ■ Maou Promotions Press Conference
  ■ Arashi's "Truth" as Maou theme song 123
    ▪ "I don't have a grave, but I roll somewhere!"
    ▪ We're withholding judgment on "Truth" until we see it in action.
    ▪ LEADER IS GOD! ooooOOOOoooo...
    ▪ April Fools, what?!? o.O

  ■ Daidaman 2
    ▪ Peyton is burned out on Arashi, so she jumps on the Kanjani8!wagon! :Dv
    ▪ Jin ninjas into a Kanjani8 special and makes it that much awesomer. *laughs*
    ▪ Ryo's surprised face is no face at all, while Yassu squeals enough for the both of them. XD

  ■ Making of "Aiaigasa"
    ▪ "I choose think that someone just knows them really well enough that they need toys to get by through the day. It's like babysitting."
    ▪ Massu is like, "Oh shit," upon being caught by the dog.
    ▪ The idea of Tegoshi with children scares Jennie. o.O

  ■ Tegomass on Music Fair 21, June 21st 12
    ▪ Usher makes fools of TegoMasu?! D:
    ▪ Dreamy eyes over "Miso Soup"? TegoMasu do KinKi Kids!

  ■ Ueda getting a solo concert 123
    ▪ Peyton gushes for Ueda and attempts to jump on a plane for him. ♥
    ▪ Jennie's lack of love for Ueda comes through as she dismisses him for Shige. ;_;

DRAMA TALK (43:30)
  ■ Tantei Gakuen Q: 1-3
    ▪ Kami enlightens us on the differences between the drama special, the actual series, and the manga! :Dv
    ▪ Does anyone actually go to school?!
    ▪ Shida Mirai as Megu is so AWESOME. ♥
    ▪ Peyton may like Yamada in the wrong way. O.O
    ▪ Contrasts is what Tantei Gakuen Q is all about - from colors to characters.
    ▪ Peyton plays "Six Degrees" with actors, and then can't remember their names. *laughs*
    ▪ Jennie goes nitpicky on the drama's ass! XD

  ■ "Who in JE would most be like your ______ (husband/brother/second cousin/pet/best friend)?"
    ▪ Peyton secretly wanted Koyama to be her everything and Jennie blurts it all out. T.T She is constantly cheating as well. .__.
    ▪ Jennie doesn't want Massu in her life, but her husband can have him! *laughs*
    ▪ Kami wants YamaPi's babies. Like anyone is really surprised. :P

CLOSING (1:23:30)
    ▪ Don't worry. It hasn't really been confirmed yet.
    ▪ Jin = Richard Simmons? Jennie met Jin in Venice? WHA?!
    ▪ Veiled Akamepi via perm? o.O

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email: cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Feel free to leave us a short message, and we might just play it on air during our letter segment! Hope you've all enjoyed! :Dv
06 29 08 (UTC)
AAAH I was scared that I would miss my JEPcast dose this week *__*. Now come on internet connection don't be a bitch >_>
What's TMI?
I wish for some Nakai love...Nakai isn't spazzed over enough *sniff*
06 29 08 (UTC)
Oh and where the heck is Rhey?
Did she quitgraduate from the podcasts ??
06 29 08 (UTC)
TMI means too much information. And Rhey is sort of on hiatus. She has school and work and thus, schedules aren't meshing. She'll still be around though! Maybe some surprise appearances from her. She has neither quit nor graduated. We won't let her! *CLINGS TO RHEY*
06 29 08 (UTC)
I haven't yet listened yet..since I haven't finished watch TGQ yet but its supposed to be episodes 1-4 right? xD It says 1-3 up there..but well either way its fine with me since I've already seen the first like 4 or something before but have to watch them again since I don't remember what happens..and I want to flail some more. xD
06 29 08 (UTC)
Actually 1-3. We said last week 1-4, before realizing that episode 4 was actually combined with 5. So we thought it'd be better to put those two together. So when you watch this week, just watch the first three! :D Save yourself an hour for next week. lol
06 29 08 (UTC)
This is a time when I'm glad I haven't watched all the episodes yet. xDD I only have to watch one more and then I can listen to the episode..and so this time it won't take me a week to listen to it for once. xDD
06 29 08 (UTC)
Yay! Glad for you. :DDDD
06 29 08 (UTC)
When'd I become Kamiki, yo?

Also, TegoMasu do KinKi Kids TOTALLY DIRTY, YOU.

Edited at 2008-06-29 09:43 pm (UTC)
06 29 08 (UTC)
i do my best my work? :Dv

i like your icon! :D
06 29 08 (UTC)
Isn't it?!?! I was building up on icons and got some new stock ones. *_________* they're so pretty.
06 29 08 (UTC)
Am taking but am saving up some JEPCAST releases for a longlonglong plane trip. It'll be like a binge.♥
Again- thanks for all your work on this! C:
06 29 08 (UTC)
y'all are, as always, so cute. now it's summer, I can catch up! (yeah, right).
06 29 08 (UTC)
yay : D
I've been listening every week.
&I love that it's TTQ this time. : D
You guys always seem to update just when I don't have time to listen, though. XD
07 01 08 (UTC)
I just started listening last week, and I find this really interesting and hilariously entertaining. (my family is starting to become worried because I seemingly giggle to death while doing "nothing"), but just wanted to say that you got another listener ^_^
07 07 08 (UTC)
Thank you so much for commenting! We're glad you're enjoying and let us know that you're listening. We love hearing from new listeners. :DDD
07 03 08 (UTC)
Yay another episode~! The drama you picked is really interesting so far, and it's fun to hear it talked about. Hehe I don't have anything really to say except it was a good episode and can't wait till the next one~
07 04 08 (UTC)
Ok so when you started talking about the One Love B-side 'How to fly' I'm sitting there going, "Fly to high with NEWS!" and I don't even know if thats the correct line. xDD I can't remember and didn't try very hard to find the lyrics for it. xDD

So I watched that Utaban and I knew in the back of my mind that a make up between Nakai and Ohno wouldn't last..its just..not right if Arashi makes an Utaban appearance and those two don't fight. xDD

I literally started flailing and screaming when Ryo mentioned Jin's name..and somehow I managed to figure out that Jin gave Ryo the glasses even though my japanese is like non existent. xDD

I'll admit that when I watched the making of Ai Ai Gasa raw..I jumped right out of my chair too!

All you had to say was 'Ueda's solo con' and I started screaming and flailing. I love Ueda~ I really wish I could go, but I too cannot go. ><

Funny thing about TGQ and Yamada....the first time I saw him was of course in TGQ and like at the time I was actually in Japan, and I believe I was there when it started airing and I started seeing bits of the first episode when we were in..it might have been Kyoto, but I don't remember. xD But it was a hit..well with me and like 3 of the 5 guys..or maybe all of them, I don't remember. xDD

Speaking of Akihabara though..I've been there as well, and I had some really yummy curry there. xDD

So I have to do this ranking thing as well because I can. xDD

Husband- Ueda. He's my favorite and yeah...need I say more? xDD
Brother- Koyama. I would love to have him as my brother, he seems like he'd be a really good brother..also mother but that is so not the point here. xDD
2nd Cousin- Yoko. xDD He was seriously the first person that came to my mind. xDD
Pet- Ok I'm going to cheat and say two people because I can't choose. xDD Its down to being between Uchi and Yasu. xDD They both just seem sooo adorable and like they'd make cute pets!
Best Friend- Notti!~ I'd love to have him as my best friend, and well..he was the first person that came to my mind. xDD I've had him on the brain a loot lately, especially with him being in the same damn country! Sadly not state though..I wish I could go to NY! xD
07 06 08 (UTC)
jin's always seemed like he had a lot of texture to his hair ... but that ... well, summer in Japan is pretty humid.

Edited at 2008-07-06 08:36 pm (UTC)
05 23 10 (UTC)
thank you :D this is awesome!

There is a note about the drama I just want to clarify.

The detective school in the manga is their school! It's kinda a vacational school :P

Kyuu finished his junior high and went to take the exam there :P
Same goes with the rest.
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead.
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