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[232] The One Where Ryo Writes a Song

Due to a number of circumstances--such as a very busy last month, Hurricane Sandy hitting and taking with it precious electricity (AND INTERNET) or introducing new guests to the household temporarily, etc.--we've been pretty behind on giving you guys JE news. We didn't want to keep you starving on updated JE news so for this episode and the next two, we will only be having text episodes. The next recorded episode, 235 will be the most up to date (as far as up until last week). I'm sorry we couldn't provide you with our usual witty sarcastic annoying? banter, but we hope our text posts will be able to satiate! ♥

Title: The One Where Ryo Writes a Song
Running Time:
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 N E W S ( O C T O B E R  1 3 - 1 9 )

     Johnny Kitagawa
          ▪ Johnny involved in traffic accident [ 1 ]
               ▪ Johnny's car rear-ended another car on October 16 in Minato, Tokyo.
               ▪ Usually Johnny takes taxis or has a chauffeur-driven car (fancy-pants)
               ▪ Does anyone else think he should suspend his driving capacities like he did for other Johnny's? Lead by example, after all?

     SMAP/Yamashita Tomohisa
          ▪Monster single details [ 1 ]
               ▪ The MONSTERS, Shingo/Yamapi's unit name, will release MONSTERS as a single on Nov 28.
               ▪ Single has 5 versions -- with the tracks MONSTERS, Monster (a Pink Lady cover) and MONSTERS (SPACE COWBOY REMIX)
               ▪ There are PVs for both the title track and the Pink Lady cover, Monster.

          ▪ Lucky Seven drama sp [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Drama will return for a special in Spring 2013
               ▪ Ishihara Satomi (!!!! YAY) and Mitsuhiro Oikawa join the cast
               ▪ "Matsumoto Jun’s character will try to expose the truth by getting closer to her without realizing he’s losing sight of the goal and paying more attention to love." EEEEEE.
               ▪ Kimi wa Petto reunion between Matsujun, Ishihara and Eita!

          ▪ Arashi/Horikita Maki to host Kouhaku 2012 [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ This is now Arashi's 3rd time in a row hosting Kouhaku.
               ▪ Yawn. Who's surprised.
               ▪ Once again, this probably means they'll be pre-recorded for Countdown. ://///

     Yamashita Tomohisa
          ▪ Yamapi on Hanamaru Cafe, Pittanko Kankan and A-Studio, Oct 19 [ 1 ]

               ▪ A-Studio
               ▪ Tsurube seems to find enjoyment in talking about how his connections are the same as Yamapi's (like Toma or Shirota Yu).
               ▪ Yamapi talks about the V6 members pranking him.
               ▪ Inohara corners him in a room and tells him "secretly" that him and Ken are gay.
               ▪ Yamapi ends up admiting he doesn't like that
               ▪ Then Ken literally comes out of a closet (I think?) and goes, WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
               ▪ Yamapi says he and Toma play the same prank on their kohai.
               ▪ There's also some talk on Ashita no Joe!

               ▪ Hanamaru Cafe
               ▪ There was a photo of his accessories--which look horrible. XD (Kind of clunky, imo.)
               ▪ Yamapi talks about the type of girl he likes
               ▪ Clip of Yamapi/Shingo performing MONSTERS in concert (AWESOME CLIP, AWESOME SONG, LOVE THE BLUE COSTUMES!!!)
               ▪ Shingo leaves a message for Yamapi--calls him an ikemen, how cute.

               ▪ Pitanko Kankan
               ▪ Plan is to show Yamapi around (not entirely sure why there) and then BAM, Shingo is one of the female guides along with another lady
               ▪ omg, Yanagihara Kanako shows up! And she has many different skits throughout the ep
               ▪ (for those who don't know, she plays Yamapi's love interest in Monsters) 
               ▪ At one point, she (as a store worker) fawns over Yamapi.
               ▪ THEN IT SWITCHES and Yanagihara acts as a customer and then YAMAPI acts as one of the store workers. They compliment him on being an ikemen and tell him he could be a celeb. LOL
               ▪ There's this whole workout dance thing. Love that it's all to JE songs!
               ▪ Yamapi/Shingo teach the others the choreo for the chorus to Monster
               ▪ SHINGO LOOKS A LITTLE CRAZY WITH HIS MAKEUP; he even goes "With that makeup, it was like I was a monster!"
               ▪ Then lastly, they eat hamburgers! While the other two guys order the regular 150g, Yamapi is crazy and orders the 1500g one. IT IS SO FUCKING BIG.
               ▪ Shingo finished his so quickly that Yamapi offers some of his, awwwww.

          ▪ Yasu to star in romcom movie with Aso Kumiko [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ Bashauma-san to Big Mouth is a story about two characters who meet in a screenwriting class
               ▪ Scheduled to be released fall 2013
               ▪ Aso plays Mabuchi who is working her hardest to become a screenwriter but who never gets a break
               ▪ Yasu plays Tendo who talks a big game but has never done anything

          ▪ Eight Ranger movie to be released on DVD [ 1 ]
               ▪ To be released January 25, 2013 in limited and regular editions.
               ▪ Limited edition comes with a bonus disc with making-of, preview event, unreleased scenes, all about Hero Association and PV, plus an original soundtrack CD, membership card, calendar card and a booklet

          ▪ 8BEST Album (and DVD stuff) [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Best of album so all the tracks are familiar, but there are a SHITTON of DVD material
               ▪ Crouton PV and Making of
               ▪ Why oh why is there a song/pv dedicated to CROUTONS?! Bloody random
               ▪ The random CG in this PV gets kind of creepy--like Ohkura's face as his eyes. UNNECESSARY
               ▪ Why are the boys dressed up like proper English LITTLE boys?
               ▪ The song itself is eh. Don't think I'd listen to it of my own doing.
               ▪ The dance choreo seems to be harder for them as one by one, they mess up.
               ▪ Best dance mess up is Ryo flinging his arm out so hard that he smacked Yasu in the face. 
               ▪ It startled Ryo so much he couldn't remember his moves for a second.
               ▪ LOL to Ohkura forcing a wooden spoon down Yasu's mouth. XD so mean

               ▪ Hohoemi Date
               ▪ For some reason, Maru/Ryo have to go on this "petit smile date" as a batsu game.
               ▪ The batsu game is totally controlled by the other members.
               ▪ ........................ohmygod, from the start, Maru and Ryo have to hold hands.
               ▪ Their laughter is slightly maniacal.                ▪ Yasu forces them to wear these matching "R" shirt (it has a heart!) with the word "SUKI" (? or !) on the backs. DYING.
               ▪ Maru totally gets into this and feeds Ryo some of his ice cream, and forces Ryo to call him Ryuhei.
               ▪ Ryo looks so obviously EMBARRASSED. I LOVE IT.
               ▪ Hina even hits Maru in the viewing room because of how embarrassing Maru is.
               ▪ Maru is made to cook for Ryo; during that time, Ryo is made to write a song for Maru!
               ▪ Awwwwwwwww!!!! Ryo performs the song for him and Maru gets so moved that he looks like he tears up. T.T
               ▪ Apparently the staff that was filming that part also cried. T.T That is the cutest thing ever.
               ▪ Subaru throws a little temper tantrum that ends up just them surprising Yasu for his birthday! SO CUTE.

               ▪ Matsubara Shinichi presents Sugohachi
               ▪ Sugohachi ends up being a game where the floor of Kyocera is made into the board in the shape of an 8!
               ▪ Each member starts at some point and have to move around the 8 until you return to your starting point.
               ▪ When they get to a point, they have challenges they have to accomplish~
               ▪ Eg, having to kiss the camera for 8 sec, have the ENTIRE STADIUM do the wave in under 2 mins, etc.
               ▪ Subaru has to come up with what TWL stands for (he makes up "Terminal wonder long time ago")
               ▪ Meanwhile Maru makes up for FTO ("Fuji-san tamatama ooki-gatta." (or however that last part is spelled romanized XD))
               ▪ They get random prizes attached to songs--
               ▪ Yoko gets his with the song "Eden" and is at first SUPER CONFUSED. It ends up being oden.
               ▪ THEY PLAY ONIGOKKO!!!! They have to remain uncaught for two minutes and Maru/Hina end up escaping! (Hina cheats though lol)
               ▪ (Yoko makes a "Boys on the Run" reference in regard to Maru being uncaught.)
               ▪ On the spot, Ohkura is given a blank letter--which means he has to say honestly what he feels about a random member. (He chooses Yoko.)\
               ▪ For something so impromptu, it's a rather long LONG letter. Very nice and moving~ ♥
               ▪ Maru ends up winning! And starts blowing kisses at everyone, lolol.
               ▪ Maru's prize ends up being the Matsubara Shinichi costume that Subaru usually wears--then has to change right THERE XD
               ▪ Find out the top 5 most requested songs: 5) Mugendai, 4) BJ, 3) Cool magic city, 2) Heavenly Psycho
               ▪ K8 are surprised by choice of 'Cool magic city' and some express that they love the song too!
               ▪ They realize (before revealing #1) that none of #s2-5 are single songs--Ohkura wonders if they've been choosing the wrong A-sides.
               ▪ They end up performing #1!!!! ♥ Osaka Romanesque~ ♥

          ▪ Music Station, Oct 19 [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Yasu shows (during the mini-ste) a photo of him eating a huge bowl of ramen
               ▪ The chopsticks are almost up his nose (private outing with Subaru/Hina)
               ▪ They perform a medley of Naniwa Iroha Bushi, Zukkoke Otokomichi and then TWL
               ▪ UM, OHKURA'S SUPER GORGEOUS? I can't concentrate on much else.

          ▪ Takizawa Kabuki 2012 to be released on DVD [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ To be released November 14 in two editions.
               ▪ Regular edition has a documentary!

          ▪ Massu's drama cast | Bakaleya cast on Ousama no Brunch, Oct 13 [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou cast
               ▪ They do intros! HOW CUTE. Shintaro's talent is being acrobatic
               ▪ Jesse Lewis says he's good at monomane. I think he does ousama no brunch's masocot or something
               ▪ Miyata criticizes Shintaro's intro for being too stiff and that he should've done more
               ▪ Miyata does an intro himself and it gets so awkward
               ▪ Tamamori, sitting to Miyata's right, puts out his hand to make Miyata sit down. XD
               ▪ They show a bit of a behind the scenes for the filming of the movie;
               ▪ you see Shintaro cry as he gives the goodbye and thank you speech. SOBS.
               ▪ There's this yes/no question section where one of the questions is if they like "ojou-sama" type of girls.
               ▪ If they said no, apparently the only alternative was gals. DYING.
               ▪ Shintaro and Takaki answer no and Takaki explains that he just wants someone more adult-like which Shintaro says ojou-sama girl are a little stiff.
               ▪ Another question is if they wanted to talk to the girls more.
               ▪ "I was the one who got the most NG." Takaki and Miyata say it's them, lol

               ▪ Resident ~5-nin no Kenshui cast
               ▪ According to Hayashi Kento, Massu acts/feels like an older brother?
               ▪ They show a long intro to the first episode (or at least I think it's the first ep?)
               ▪ I think they talk about how hard it is to record a medical drama? Maybe? XD
               ▪ Riisa (and then later, they say Massu as well) makes the set really comfortable!
               ▪ (from what it seems it's because they're so high energy and hyper)
               ▪ Hayashi Kento's a tsundere type! So says Naka Riisa. lol
               ▪ The thing they want Massu to fix is that he does a lot of gags? XD
               ▪ He's the oldest of the crew! (Didn't realize until Riisa mentioned it. XD)

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