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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#18] The One Where Arashi's Shiny Sparkles Do Not Fix Governments 
06 22 08
omgcp - jack
jep_cast brings you our eighteenth episode as three of your hosts - Jennie, Kamika, and Peyton - bring you their usual brand of insanity.

The One Where Arashi's Shiny Sparkles Do Not Fix Governments
Running Time: 1:23:20
Size: 76.1 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

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Size: 38.1 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

  ■ 2008.06.19 - Kanjani8's Recommen with Drunk Ryo
  ▪ Everyone was supposed to be Recommen for that episode, but somehow they were all double-booked, even one of the main hosts, Hina
  ▪ Ryo told them he got his hair bleached. (Except he totally didn't.)
  ▪ Peyton heard the clip so many times that it's kinda creepy.

JE NEWS (4:49)

  ■ DVD Single, Vibes
  ▪ Kami and Peyton wonder what the heck this is - a DVD? CD?
  ▪ Peyton manages to save herself from getting a batsu point!

  ■ Arashi Around Asia Tour 2008
  ▪ Peyton mocks my pronunciation of November again
  ▪ We're scared about Arashi performing in mainland China - but we hope it'll go off without a hitch
  ▪ Peyton has to actually think of how NewS breaks down - "East? What was it?"

  ■ 2008.06.20 - Music Station Performance of One Love and Talk
  ▪ Jennie thinks that Nino's tux is silver because he may have turned into a diva. *gasp*
  ▪ Ohno refuses to teach the guys how to fish - Nino thinks that defeats the purpose of them going with him.
  ▪ Peyton just wanted moreeeee.

  ■ 2008.06.18 - Tegomass' Single, Ai Ai Gasa
  ▪ This sounds like Tegomass - takes this as you like, I suppose
  ▪ Peyton ironically finds herself liking the Pocchi song even though she'd been making fun of it for weeks
  ▪ Kami says it's a compliment that Tegomass puts her to sleep

  ■ 2008.06.14 - Tegomass on Hi!Hey!Say!
  ■ 2008.06.15 - Tegomass on Domoto Kyoudai
  ■ 2008.06.16 - Tegomass on Hey!Hey!Hey!
  ■ 2008.06.17 - News clips of Tegomass' Live Event
  ■ 2008.06.19 - Tegomass on Sakigake, Tegomass on Music Japan
  ▪ Jennie is creep and has her own Tegomass appearances list - Peyton totally called it
  ▪ Shige stole the show during Domoto Kyoudai! Jennie and Peyton agree. (Wait, isn't this the Tegomass section?!)
  ▪ Umbrella is a theme for their appearances! ...Yeah, total surprise. XP
  ▪ (The noises start! Well, the louder noises anyway)

  ■ The Start of Code Blue Promotions
  ▪ Peyton flails all over again (trust me, again) over the Code Blue press conference
  ▪ Erika looks mature, not immature. (Peyton flails about her hair - weirdo)
  ▪ Yamapi's hair is disturbing - or is eating his head, as Peyton eloquently puts it
  ▪ Kami likes making Peyton scream

  ■ Subaru and Hina star in "Arigatou, Okan"
  ▪ It's a special, we're pretty sure, but Tokyograph's post makes it sound like a regular renzoku drama. Weird.
  ▪ It can be sappy and sad, or... sappy and sad

  ■ Koki's Shounen Club Premium (with translations!)
  ▪ "It was the late nineties. They had some crazy-ass names for junior units at that time."
  ▪ Koki talked about Jin's hiatus - we're really impressed and glad because he's the first to talk about it, unlike Kame and Nakamaru who were on SCP before
  ▪ We wonder about Tegoshi's blond shades - "You know what the right shade is? Not blond."

  ■ Nakamaru's one-man stageplay, Nakamaru no Tanoshii Jikan - Nakamaru's Fun Time
  ▪ Nakamaru's title is totally dirty - bring on the jokes, yo
  ▪ Kami has to give permission for Peyton to cough during his segment
  ▪ Nakamaru's more modest than the average bear
  ▪ Jennie's reaction is completely weak. I wonder if this is what Nakamaru heard. >.>

Drama Talk (42:07)
  ■ Hana Yori Dango: 7-9
  ▪ Arashi's Wish is catchy as all hell - although totally not appropriate at the ending of the drama because it cuts in between tense scenes
  ▪ We realize that pretty much everyone experiences unrequited love at one point or another - unless you're married or Tsukasa's mom
  ▪ We pimped out the hard gay version of Hanadan. XP (Go here to watch streaming!)
  ▪ Props to Inoue Mao and MatsuJun because they totally fit as Makino and Domyouji. ♥♥
  ▪ We question this apple symbolism - what exactly is it supposed to mean?
  ▪ Jennie's comment that the ending isn't so great sends Peyton in a frenzy (Streaming for the behind the scenes of the kiss scene that Kami mentioned)
  ▪ Peyton's just making an ass out of herself. As Jennie lovingly puts it.
  ▪ Our next drama is Tantei Gakuen Q! Join us for episodes 1-4 next week, guys~ ♥

Letter Segment (1:09:46)
  ■ How long does it take you to put JEP Cast Together??
  ▪ There's a lot of hours thrown around that really doesn't need to be summarized. Jennie says it's 20 hours, but really, it's about a day's work to a day and an hour. So I've calculated anyway.
  ▪ Kami's basic math skills have deteriorated since changing majors - she doesn't need them after all!
  ▪ We fuel Jennie's ego and tell her that she's loved~

Closing (1:20:12)
  ■ Jennie finally explains what all that background noise was - her husband building something
  ▪ She can't complain because she asked him to do it
  ▪ Peyton thinks that maybe Jennie's lying about him "building" something.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email: cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Feel free to leave us a short message, and we might just play it on air during our letter segment! Hope you've all enjoyed! :D
06 22 08 (UTC)
I was talking to lj user, maya-morning, and we were flailing about her hair

Lol! We're so superficial ♥
06 22 08 (UTC)
LOL. You get by FAST, yo. But. ♥♥ That's okay. We're all that way in the end. XP
06 22 08 (UTC)
Lol! I know. It's ridiculous! :D
06 22 08 (UTC)
ALSO HARDGAY HANADAN!!!!! That makes me so happy :D
06 22 08 (UTC)
ISN'T IT?!!?!? :DDD I was so happy to find it streaming.
06 27 08 (UTC)
Yay new episode! :) Yay for answering my question, too, that's a lot of work you do, wow~ Thanks for all your hard work! Hee. Hearing about Hana Yori Dango was fun, and the next drama looks interesting, I'll definately have to download it to watch it. :D Can't wait till the next episode~
06 27 08 (UTC)
I'm not sure if this was already mentioned, but T.O.J. means Teen of Japan and I kept hearing Top of Japan. Possible batsu point? Also, I heard that Arashi is singing the theme song for Maou, which I think will be be very interesting. (That just came out, so I don't think it's a batsu point).

Love the podcast! Sorry for nitpicking!
06 29 08 (UTC)
No problem! Don't worry about it at all! It's a legit nitpick imo. Peyton double-checked how we came up with Top of Japan, and apparently, we had been using DramaWiki for that. Thus, our mistake of saying Top of Japan was really due to a source mistake. So we can't take the credit for that. That said, thanks for bringing it to our attention! There won't be a batsu point rewarded, but we totally thank you for pointing it out. *nods nods* Do keep correcting us on those kinds of things. :D
06 28 08 (UTC)
I'm literally still debating whether or not I'll listen to that episode of Recommen just to hear drunk Ryo. xDD

Everytime you ladies make fun of 'Newvember' I've gone, NEWSvember! xDD

And for some reason when you mentioned the hand movements for One Love..I thought of KAT-TUN and Bokura no Machi de. xD

Don't stop, more~

I totally love SDK, its always way funnier when other Johnny's are on it too, though there are sometimes other guests that are really hilarious as well..can you imagine how funny it could be if KAT-TUN were to ever go on? Not like it'll actually happen..but there can be some hope right? xD

Dude they did a shitty job of covering up Shige's face..because really what gave it away that it was him was the hair. xDD I saw it and went SHIGE!!!~ Next time..they should cover up his hair as well.

So when I watched clips from the Code Blue press con..I thought Yamapi had a unibrow. xDD

Ok, I have to agree that her outfit looks like curtains now that I think back..and it just makes me want to watch the Kibou Yell pv and flail over Notti. xD

..and once again it took me forever to listen to this and its HYD 's fault because I found it hard to get through, though really its a lot easier than the 2nd time I went through it where I actually had to like put mute on for some parts. xDD
07 09 08 (UTC)
I'm trying to call but it says "The subscriber you have called is not receiving calls at this time" :(
07 09 08 (UTC)
D: Oh no! ... Okay, I just called and it went through for me. I would say you can either try calling again or even just record yourself talking (I recommend using the program Audacity) and just email it to us. Looking forward to your voice message!!
07 09 08 (UTC)
Hmm XD It's actually because we've got this new phone thingy where I can call for free abroad and I wanted to try it out but didn't have anyone's number so here I am lol. I do have Audacity though XD
07 09 08 (UTC)
omg i totally did it lol
07 09 08 (UTC)
Just listened to it. You are totally adorable :D
07 09 08 (UTC)

I didn't know what to say at all XDDD
07 09 08 (UTC)
Hey, that's me every week in the podcast! XP
07 09 08 (UTC)
Ahahaha I was so tempted to spam with voicemails lol

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