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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[221] The One Where SMAP Retires 
07 30 12
Title: The One Where SMAP Retires
Running Time: 1:48:08
Size:  49.5 MB
Download Links: MF
Hosts: Kami/Melissa!

 O P E N I N G

          ▪ SMAP to go on indefinite hiatus? [ 1 ]
               ▪ This gave us SUCH a heart attack!!!!!!!
               ▪ Video shows SMAP in a press conference announcing "We're returning back to normal men"
               ▪ !!!!!!!! It was probably all Nakai's idea!

 N E W S ( J U L Y  2 1 - 2 7 )

          ▪ Kusanagi completes marathon for FNS 27 hr TV [ 1
               ▪ Successfully completed 100 km (62 miles)
               ▪ Kimura and Inagaki joined him for last kilometer
               ▪ Tsuyoshi: “I almost cried”
               ▪ Knee started acting up at 65km mark but kept on going
               ▪ Kami: “This is a sign of how awesome Kusanagi is” *wibble*

          ▪ Kayou-Kyoku, July 24 [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
               ▪ SMAP started and ended the show with Gift and Moment
               ▪ Performance was so much more kakkoii than Ongaku no Hi
               ▪ Way more energy in their performance this time compared to Ongaku no Hi
               ▪ Kis-my-ft2 performed Wanna Beeee but not it has matrix set! FIRE! SMOKE! Very cool!
               ▪ Nakai hits on Goro and Kusanagi (rub leg)
               ▪ This perf was two days after 27HR TV
               ▪ Nakai trolls Kusanagi by trying to get him to jump
               ▪ II TOMO!!
               ▪ Nakai is #foreveralone
               ▪ Kusanagi forgets who he is

          ▪ Yoko/Hina on 5LDK, July 23 [ 1
               ▪ Continuation of joke from Higashi’s appearance
               ▪ Come in with Higashi masks
               ▪ Yoko doesn’t eat Yakiniku
               ▪ Taichi took them back to his house and played songs from Act II (their 9th album)
               ▪ Subaru and Hina got love advice from Taichi
               ▪ Subaru: “He can’t get a girl!”
               ▪ Taichi: “You’re not nice enough” (4,5 times)
               ▪ Matsu, Joshima, Maru, Hina and Yoko: “let’s go drink somewhere else”
               ▪ Joshima runs and hides behind machine
               ▪ Ryo offered to pay and Nagase was like “Kay!”
               ▪ Yoko stopped Yamaguchi from fighting
               ▪ Kansai Johnny’s were jealous of Tackey: “cuz he steals our sales!!”
               ▪ The “Kan” for “Kanjani8” is not from Kansai. It’s from “Kansai Terebi” XDD What?

     Kinki Kids
          ▪ Koichi hosts two shows [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ “Domoto Koichi no News Labo” dedicated to recent news from the world of science
               ▪ Guesting specialists from different fields will help Koichi with his reports
               ▪ Koichi finally gets to indulge his fascination
               ▪ “Kasei Daibouken” to talk the landing of the space probe “Curiosity” landing on Mars
               ▪ To air on NHK Space Channel BS Premium on Sept 1

     Kinki Kids/NEWS
          ▪ Oricon Charts [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Chanakapana reaches #1 on the charts with 244k copies
               ▪ Yay! 4-nin NEWS keeps up the hit streak!
               ▪ King - Kinki Kids 2011-2012 tops music-DVD and overall DVD charts with 70k copies sold

          ▪ Ohno to be Disney navigator [ 1
               ▪ To be navigator for documentary "Everything is to reach my dream ~Walt Disney, The Path of Creation~"
               ▪ To air on NHK in August for 110th anniversary for Walt Disney’s birthday
               ▪ Ohno is first TV personality to step foot inside the development facility for theme park attractions
               ▪ Will also visit Disney Studios and experience firsthand the animators
               ▪ “Wouldn’t it be cool if Ohno were to be able to draw something for them?!?”
               ▪ What strings did Japan and Johnny pull to get first access to these amazing facilities?!?!
               ▪ To air Aug 22, from 10-11:30pm

          ▪ Kokuritsu concerts, Ara-Fes [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ To hold concerts in Kokuritsu on Sept 20-21
               ▪ This time Arashi will let fans vote from July 21-31 what songs will be in the concert
               ▪ Out of 240 A-sides, B-sides and album songs, Top 30 will be chosen
               ▪ Only 5 will be performing, with no backdancing Jrs
               ▪ Aiba, MatsuJun and Ohno visited New York to visit broadway shows and get inspiration

     Yamashita Tomohisa
          ▪ Ero Album and everything else [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
               ▪ Ero ~ 2012 Version ~ PV is … weird O_O
               ▪ Mannequins are supposed to be erotic (we think) but instead they just make Yamapi seem like a psychopath/crossdresser
               ▪ What’s with the *spoiler* girl in the closet?!?!? O_O
               ▪ So creeped out by this PV
               ▪ Song is supposedly about a dark, sadistic love!?? But STILL!! O_O
               ▪ Pi is fawning over the items, “Just wear it already!!”
               ▪ In making we see that Pi is wearing contacts for a bit!
               ▪ Pi breaks a necklace and is surprised by the girl inside the closet (“Oh!.. hello”)
               ▪ In special interview, Yamapi talks about the different songs
               ▪ Admits he chose Ai, Texas because of the name and it being right after coming back from Texas
               ▪ Oh, Pi, you’re so easy
               ▪ Manager suggested Pi pick ERO as his lead song for his album
               ▪ Recording documentary shows Pi recording his songs and how he’s really involved with the production of his music
               ▪ Sidenote: Johnny’s seems to be doing a lot to change the image of the boys as ‘idols’
               ▪ At the end it shows a mini-PV for “Nayami no Mori no Manaka de”
               ▪ Pi sings with pianist accompanying. So beautiful!
               ▪ Like the songs on the album
               ▪ Broad range of songs which are strong on their own but sound weird all together
               ▪ Shiver and Odoru Yoru are our favorites

          ▪ ER single and PV [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
               ▪ Pretty neutral opinion of ‘ER’
               ▪ Liked B-sides (Ame Nochi Bare, the most)
               ▪ Three versions of PV
               ▪ Catalogue version introduces all characters and their AWESOME attacks XDD
               ▪ Ohkura’s power is to change appearances by getting big eyebrows and a dog??
               ▪ Hina is a supermodel (not :P)
               ▪ Super Mix version mixes in scenes from Lip-Synch and Catalogue versions
               ▪ Super Mix is the best because it mixes the best parts from other versions and includes action scenes
               ▪ What’s with the water scenes?!?
               ▪ LMFAO!! Yoko had to film again cuz cameraman wasn’t filming
               ▪ Hina falls off belt
               ▪ ‘Hi, I’m Ryo Nishikido. Wat up?’ ‘Maa, iiya’ XDDD
               ▪ Desperately trying to remember lyrics

          ▪ Music Lovers, July 22 [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Performed ‘Musekinin Hero’ and ‘TWL’
               ▪ Izumi Pinko was K8’s guest (they know her well??)
               ▪ Tell lots of stories
               ▪ Hina fought with Subaru in the hotel lobby when they were younger!!
               ▪ Hina and Subaru were sharing a room and Hina borrowed and used up Subaru’s shampoo
               ▪ Subaru decided to get mad at him in the lobby
               ▪ Perform a bit of ER and intro each member
               ▪ HAMMER TIME!!! Dun dun dunna

          ▪ Yamada is the next Kindaichi [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ 4th Johnny’s to play this role: Domoto Tsuyoshi, MatsuJun and Kame
               ▪ Will air in Fall
               ▪ Story will take place in Hong Kong where Miyuki is preparing for a fashion show and gets kidnapped

          ▪ Tamamori to appear in Bakaleya movie [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Going to be playing legendary OB Majima Kenji of Kikuei High School
               ▪ His character will face off with students from the delinquent Makada High School

          ▪ Fujigaya on Hanamaru Cafe, July 12 [ 1
               ▪ Was assistant in Feb 2009 – went to locations, etc
               ▪ Now is star! XD
               ▪ Loves ripped jeans (REALLY ripped ones)
               ▪ Doesn’t wash them (gets mad when Mom does)
               ▪ Owns 20 of them and doesn’t wash any of them! O_O
               ▪ And when grandma tries to fix them XD
               ▪ Wants to become Best Jeanist
               ▪ Him and his Mom get mistaken for a couple! XD
               ▪ Shop owner: “It’s nice that you have such a young boyfriend” AWKWARD!
               ▪ Has 2 brothers (2 and 4 yrs younger)
               ▪Was a rebel who got into trouble
               ▪Doesn’t know who sent in his application in Elem 5 (Mom searched but couldn’t find out so gave up)
               ▪ Couldn’t dance, failed but went to return number and it was Johnny (‘You’re amazing for talking to me’)
               ▪ Kame, Jin and Nakamaru were in same audition as Fujigaya
               ▪ Good friends with Honda Miyu (8 yrs old) – ‘she talks and mails like an adult
               ▪ Goes out to restaurant with her (and her mom)

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N

          ▪ Next week/This week's question: If your favorite Johnny's group were to do an English album, choose five songs you'd want on it. (In other words, song that they've already done, but translated to English.)
               ▪ No time so we're moving it to next week.

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
SMAP's Sakasama no Sora single.

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