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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#17] The One With Cooking Oil Ohkura 
06 15 08
Misc - Photography Love
And here we have it: the seventeenth episode of JEPcast! Recorded on June 14th with three of our hosts— Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Kamika/tinyangl, and Peyton/ginzarhapsody — bring you the usual crazies.

The One With Cooking Oil Ohkura
Running Time: 01:10:13
Size: 32.1 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ▪ Special message of the day
  ▪ Jennie is confused yet again on the episode number

JE NEWS (3:00)

  ■ Ohkura casted in Yasuko to Kenji 1234
    ▪ Kami always mispronounces the easiest of Japanese words
    ▪ We clearly do not believe in Ohkura passing for a 17 year old

Arashi/Ikuta Toma
  ■ Maou Promotions 12
    ▪ Jennie is terrified of spoilers
    ▪ Even without sound, Peyton was blown away
    ▪ Serious and stoic Ohno FTW
    ▪ "The last thing this drama needs is an Arashi song."

  ■ One Love PV
    ▪ Arashi looks like demons... getting married
    ▪ Creepy CGI to the hundredth power

  ■ Last Friends Rating Registers 20.7%
    ▪ Peyton teaches us how drama ratings work
    ▪ Peyton hates when dramas lie to us

  ■ Music Station, June 13th
    ▪ Jennie has seen it 78 times! And is all spazzed out because she made an insane voice post already.
    ▪ Tegoshi lists his kinks
    ▪ Tegoshi and his little friend / underling
    ▪ Bye bye TEGOMASU!

  ■ Eco Week 123
    ▪ Ohkura rides a bike to Mt Fuji stopping for gas at a tempura restaraunt
    ▪ Ohkura is not a vegetable

  ■ Theme for Kung Fu Panda, Your Seed 1234
    ▪ Our minds are in the gutter
    ▪ Peyton tries to go off on a tangent
    ▪ "Rude jokes, gone."

Ikuta Toma
  ■ as Danny Zuko in Grease 12
    ▪ Oh, anon commenter, rejoice in the Ikuta Toma!
    ▪ We mock Kami's pronunciation of November
    ▪ Toma is going to be a busy busy boy (not that we're complaining)

DRAMA TALK (39:47)
  ■ Hana Yori Dango: 4-6
    ▪ Kami hates the "drugged" story arc
    ▪ The manga is hella addicting!
    ▪ Peyton is the queen of noticing supporting actors
    ▪ Tsukasa and his 'stupidness' is much loved by us
    ▪ We lament the lack of Rui in these episodes
    ▪ MatsuJun overload = us oozing disgustingly (or something)

  ■ If we never got involved in the JE fandom, where would we be?
    ▪ Kami has no imagination. She's sure she would just be dull.
    ▪ Kami/Jennie love abounds & Peyton brings up an inside joke in her jealousy
    ▪ Peyton thinks she would have ended fangirling Gackt or something
    ▪ Jennie would have been lonely in her house by herself in a sad pathetic existence

CLOSING (1:07:03)
  ■ Jennie watched TEGOMASU so much that she didn't watch anything else
    ▪ Peyton doesn't even notice when Jennie is there and when she isn't
    ▪ We don't really care about each other obviously

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email: cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Feel free to leave us a short message, and we might just play it on air during our letter segment! Hope you’ve all enjoyed! :Dv
06 15 08 (UTC)
Yay new episode! :D Usually it takes a few days to listen because I want to watch all the stuff you guys talk about, but I didn't miss anything this week, so I listened right away hehe. It was really interesting, hearing more about Hana Yori Dango, and it makes me want to read the manga to see what it's like versus the drama. I have a question, as well, for your lettery segment again, haha if my questions are annoying I can stop asking them, but anyways, I was curious about how long it takes to put JEP Cast together? You'd have to edit it, and put in the music, and all that, so I was wondering what you do and how long it takes and all that jazz. :D Can't wait till the next episode!
06 15 08 (UTC)
'it is the pimp's birthday, so wish her happy birthday along with us'
......thank you anyway.
06 16 08 (UTC)
you are loved. ♥
06 15 08 (UTC)
Awesome ep! Is the Hana Yori Dango blooper on youtube or another video site? I would love to see it!
06 29 08 (UTC)
I HAVE BEEN FORGETTING TO REPLY TO THIS FOR LIKE EVER. I've searched for that blooper on streaming site for ages, but couldn't find it. If you still want it, do let me know! I can upload it once... well, once I find it in my cds, lolol but I'll totally do it!
06 17 08 (UTC)
oh hey thats more than 5 secs of toma.
06 23 08 (UTC)
I fail because it took me forever to listen to this episode..andits mainly HYD's fault. xD

Ok so..yay Ohkura!~ He's trying to steal my heart away from Yasu as my favorite from K8 and he's slowly succeeding.

Tego and his 'little friend' I just cracked up when I heard that.

I totally want tempura now because it is just soooo yummy!

I literally laughed so hard when I heard the title for HSJ's new single is Your Seed that my head started to hurt. xD
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