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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#16] The One Where T&T Are Half-Naked on a Butt 
06 08 08
仁 → three past four in the morning
And here we have it: the sixteenth episode of JEPcast! Recorded on June 7th with all four hosts— Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Kamika/tinyangl, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, and Rhey/4_03_am— safely present for the duration of the entire episode to bring you more crazies. Yay!

The One Where T&T Are Half-Naked on a Butt
Running Time: 01:18:35
Size: 39.0 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

  - KAT-TUN in Oricon Style gets our fangirling started.
  - Jiiiiiiiin~ is predictably, the first reaction.
  - Pairing biases…or not. (Yay, Akame, it lives.)
  - There's no escape for Ueda.
  - Jennie saves herself from getting a batsu point (drats!!).

JE NEWS (3:22)

Kinki Kids
  - Domoto Tsuyoshi starring in new drama : 33 Minute Detective.
    - How many times can you watch let’s be dumb, let’s be dumb, let’s be dumb.
    - Jennie and Rhey are distracted at the same time…a little suspicious…

  - Sakurai Sho fractures his thumb.
    - Aiba wants to jump into the shower with Sho.

Tackey & Tsubasa
  - New single: Koi Uta with short drama.
    - Takki is an angel. WITH WINGS.
    - Is that a balloon in Tsubasa’s pocket, or is he just happy to see Takki the blind girl who can now see?

  - Hey! Hey! Hey! Appearance
    - The Takki/Hina love affair that started with matching clocks.

  - Utaban Appearance
    - Takki and Tsubasa are half naked. On a Butt.
    - T&T are married, we knew.

  - Music Station Appearance.
    - Aww, Takki’s first love~ and his failure at confessing.

  - DON’T U EVER STOP making-of
    - “BLAH.”
    - Sorry, I really am having trouble thinking of something to put here from this segment, but, “blah” is pretty much it. : (

    - Our unanimous opinion on best song: SIX SENSES. *_*
    - We want a PV for 12 o’clock.
       - We want Yamapi to be working on his guns with Jin. Our bias, let us show you it. *__*
    - Ai no Command: the creepy stalker song. Stalker-mode: switch on, switch on, ai no command~
       - Zombie!Jin makes a come back. This time, with Robot!Jin.

DRAMA TALK (41:10): Hana Yori Dango; 1-3
  - The best way to a man’s heart is to punch his lights out.
  - Lol, Skype noises.
  - For Peyton, drama watching is synonymous with getting intoxicated. No wonder she watches so much.
  - Hi, if anyone would like to write me Rui/Tsukasa fic, I’d offer you my pancreas.
  - Peyton is hxc fangirl, stalking filming locations.
  - “Rape is bad.”
  - We love how dumb Tsukasa is. That’s really his selling point.

  - How did we all meet, anyway? How did the crazies get started?
    - Unintentional fic pimp #1: the Akame fic that started the JEYTON.
    - Ugh, Peyton and Jennie being disgustingly shameless on air. YUCK.
    - Unintentional fic pimp #2: Jennie wooing Kami with Yamapi/Maki fic in TegoMassuKi Verse, which is co-created by Kami.
    - Rhey lives at Nikki’s (anamuan) LJ.
    - Jennie bribes Rhey with Yamapi and Jin. And kidnappings via Le Potato Sack. *_*
    - Nikki is THE PIMP. She brings everyone together.
    - JepCast: A History.

CLOSING (1:15:36)

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email- cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Feel free to leave us a short message, and we might just play it on air during our letter segment! Hope you’ve all enjoyed! :Dv
06 09 08 (UTC)
downloading thanks!
06 09 08 (UTC)
Maybe it's just me, but Tsuyoshi's role in "33 Minute Detective" sounds so much like young Freddie from "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo." I can picture him pointing at someone and yelling, "I know who did it...IT'S RED HERRING!"

And yay, "Six Senses"! My favorite new song on the album is "OUR STORY ~Prologue~" ♥ I'm with Peyton, I love the faux-80's sound.

Don't we all? Waking up to that would make mornings a hell of a lot easier. :) Gah, I love his beauty mark, I wish they wouldn't hide it all the time. Ero-bokuro ♥ love
06 09 08 (UTC)
"And two became one flesh" Therefore OTP can be the same person. ...idk. OTP's are forever? :D?

....I'm inclined to try to find the entries you're talking about where i hook you people up, but it's like 4 am and i'm running on not nearly enough sleep for the past couple days, and it's not worth it at the moment.
06 09 08 (UTC)
adkfjasjfd;aslj I can't believe you linked to my fic XD
06 09 08 (UTC)
sl;dk;as should i have asked permission? :x i know some people don't like having their fic randomly linked or whatev.
06 09 08 (UTC)
no I am just very insecure :D
06 09 08 (UTC)

and also a question
how did the idea of JEPCAST spring up then? :)

and also are you guys thinking of doing the second series of HYD too?
06 09 08 (UTC)
oooooooooops just seen the letter segment summary- sorry ;) ignore my last question lol (woah i started typing 'last friends' instead of 'last question ' LOL)
06 09 08 (UTC)
i'm posting too many times for my own good but... oh well :)

imagine you never started JE. everything you ever did JE related, the people you met on LJ eetc etc wouldn't be there.
what would you instead be doing?
06 10 08 (UTC)
Another great episode! :D I have a HYD question for you guys: who is your favourite from F4? And another, ah, I'm bad with names, the main female character? I was wondering your thoughts on her as a strong female character, and strong female characters in dramas in general maybe? Hehe, can't wait till the next episode! Ah I probably sound insane but whatever, I might have seemed more insane if I went around asking each of you, so just here: Can I friend you guys? I mean I love this podcast and you all seem way awesome, so yup, that's basically it, hee. :]
06 15 08 (UTC)
Well, I don't know about the others but I don't mind in the least :D
06 15 08 (UTC)
Ooh, hehe! :D Yay thank you!
06 15 08 (UTC)
i wouldn't mind either! :D ♥♥
06 15 08 (UTC)
Hurrah! :D
06 16 08 (UTC)
let's be friends! 8D
06 17 08 (UTC)
Yay! :D
06 10 08 (UTC) - im in ur community stalking like a pro (:
Could u guys talk about undebuted groups as well?
juniors need some love.
even if its just a 5-sec talk about toma, it'll totally make me happy i might just implode from joy.
06 12 08 (UTC)
OMG i just listened to performance of shot! and KOKI'S TUNG RING MESSED UP HIS SINGING!!! ugh i am so pissed....its like its swolen T^T
06 15 08 (UTC) - JUNDA!~
I saw this Oricon Style pictures and the first thing I saw was the JunDa and I totally flailed. xDD

Hehe, lets be dumb!I totally loved the half naked Takki and Tsubasa in the bathtub, that was the highlight of their Utaban appearance for me.

I liked the making of for DUES, though I do wish they had been more stupid and stuff, but I loved how they did make fun of Junno, and while I felt bad for Tat-chan when he fell, it was so freaking funny, and he was totally adorable smiling afterwards.

Haha, KAT-TUN are here to save the day!

My favorite song from QoP is probably TABOO because its so piratey and I love that, following it is SIX SENSES because thats just an amazing song, but overall I love the album and I cannot listen to the beginning of 12 o'clock without laughing.

My first song of the day when I turn Kame on is Yorokobi no Uta, and its been that for..a really long time. Which brings me to a question..

What is the first song Johnny's song you listen to in the morning or for the day?

Its actually my 3rd time watching HYD, although when we all get to ep 9..it'll only be my 2nd time because the last time I watched HYD I couldn't bring myself to watch ep 9. xDD

Since you were talking about how you all met I have to say that I feel bad because I have no idea how I met Kami..though if it helps any I can't remember how I met most of my friends. xD

I heard 'Tego sack' instead of potato sack. xD

..and once again it took me a week to listen to this. xD
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