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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[195] The One Where Jin's Chained to the World 
02 04 12
Title: The One Where Jin's Chained to the World
Running Time: 1:17:59
Size: 35.7 MB
Download Links: MF | Streaming
Hosts: Melissa and Kami
NOTE: I am so sorry for the delay on this episode. We got awfully busy this week. D: Letter segment, by default, will be carried into next week.

 O P E N I N G

          ▪ JPopAsia International Music Awards 2011 results [ 1 ]
               ▪ The majority of the awards went to KAT-TUN/Jin/Kame. Bias much?

 N E W S ( J A N U A R Y  2 1 - 2 7 )

          ▪ Kusanagi appointed as official supporter for Japan Pavilion at International Expo [ 1 ]
               ▪ And why was Kusanagi chosen? Oh, wait, it's in South Korea. Never mind. >.>
               ▪ Theme of the expo is "ocean and coast." Japan wants to help people be less frightened by the ocean, especially after the tsunami.

          ▪ SMAP to perform and Nakai to host at live concert for anniversary of Touhoku earthquake [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Theme of the 6-hour show is to use the power of music to deliver a message to the areas affected by the earthquake.
               ▪ Airs the day before the anniversay of the Touhoku earthquake, March 10th.
               ▪ Sitting through 6 hours can't be as hard as watching all of 24 hour TV? lol

          ▪ SMAP at Dragon TV Shanghai New Year's broadcast [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
               ▪ This was for Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year.
               ▪ SMAP introduced themselves in Chinese! Melissa gets super excited because she's been learning a bit of Chinese~
               ▪ Hosts fight over Kimura's red bag!
               ▪ Antics with the tea kettle. Except with Goro, who's just boring. XD

          ▪ Ichiban Song Show, Jan. 25 [ 1 ]
          ▪ Music Station, Jan. 27 [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ TOKIO performs their new song, the theme to Matsuoka's drama.
               ▪ Melissa has a difficult. time. explaining. this. song.

          ▪ Live DVD #1 on Oricon DVD ranking [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Live DVD sold 52k+ copies sold getting #1.
               ▪ Screencaps of the extras became a hot topic among female netizens. INCLUDING KAMIKA. :D ♥♥
               ▪ (for all who want to see sakamoto with the marilyn monroe impersonator. and zorro.)

     Kinki Kids
          ▪ Tsuyoshi's live concert to be released in theatres [ 1 ]
               ▪ Solo live concert at Heian shrine filmed in September, limited released Feb 24 - March 11.
               ▪ Comparisons to the Glee movie and the Justin Bieber/Jonas Brothers.
               ▪ Is this really going to be that interesting? Tsuyoshi's music is the most mellow that we can think of?

          ▪ New single, 'Wild at Heart' [ 1 ]
               ▪ ohmygod i'm so shocked they are doing this. not at all, ohmygod so predictable.

          ▪ Sakurai to star in SP drama 'Blackboard' [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ TBS mini-series that has 3 eps that will air 3 consecutive nights in April.
               ▪ Because of Arashi/AKB48's schedule, instead of filming on location, they created a set that cost millions of yen.
               ▪ A little talk about Sho's hair--because important topic, ofc lol

          ▪ NazoDi announces SP [ 1 ]
               ▪ To air on March 27, 2012.
               ▪ To take place in Okinawa and Sho's character is to be in a romance?!?! (exactly like that)
               ▪ Will this drama special actually wrap things up? (i think it probably won't, but melissa wants to be optimistic.)
               ▪ Talk about the different types of drama specials. And hope that it won't be a crap recap sp.

          ▪ Nino to star in movie [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Based on Higashino Keigo's novel, Platinum Data.
               ▪ Nino plays a scientist who becomes accused of murder, ending up on the run.
               ▪ Movie promises to have action scenes, to the level of a Hollywood movie.
               ▪ At least now Nino will actually be busy, not faking being busy. XD

          ▪ Aiba on Morning Bird, Jan. 26 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Hatori is hosting a corner titled "A Boys" which he interviewed Aiba for.
               ▪ Instead of promotion, it became more of "Arashi and Aiba's secrets" talk.
               ▪ Hatori is super close to Aiba's family, even meeting his grandparents.

     Yamashita Tomohisa
          ▪ Details about 'Ai, Texas' single [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ To be released Feb. 29, five different versions, holy shit.
               ▪ There will be a making of for the Ai, Texas PV! :D

     Akanishi Jin
          ▪ 'Sun Burns Down' single, PV and making of [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
               ▪ The remixes are all longer than the original. o.o
               ▪ The song is awesome, better than Test Drive?
               ▪ Is this a little low quality, or just us? Or just my tiny screen?
               ▪ We try to break down the plot of this PV. Except it's kind of hard. o.o
               ▪ But OHMYGOD, WE SEE JIN. SEE JIN'S FACE. WHAT.
               ▪ Jin's English is improving! Slowly but steadily. ♥
               ▪ Ahahaha, what were they doing in the dance practice if there wasn't really much there? XD

          ▪ 'Sun Burns Down' tops iTunes Dance Charts (already) [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ On the day of release, Sun Burns Down takes #1 in the Dance charts, #13 in Top Albums charts.

          ▪ 'Sun Burns Down' Fan Video Contest [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ Contest is only for U.S./Canada residents; chance to win VIP concert tickets, meet-and-greet with Jin, flight and hotel provide.
               ▪ Make a fan video with Sun Burns Down, whether it be singing, dancing, animation, etc. Judges choose top 5, fans then choose ultimate winner.
               ▪ Concert starts Jan. 24-Feb. 12, fan voting is between Feb. 14-20, winner announced Feb. 21.

          ▪ Japonica covers and tracklists [ 1 ]
               ▪ 3 different editions, with the two limited edition having a few bonus tracks.
               ▪ Some interesting songs on this tracklist, like "That's What She Said."
               ▪ Excited for the songs from Jin's concerts that will have nice, clean versions. *_________________*

          ▪ Announces single, album and nationwide tour [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Single/album to be released in the spring.
               ▪ Tour to start April 1st and to last until June 2012, has currently 7 different locations.

          ▪ 26th Japan Gold Disc Awards results [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Based on actual CD/DVD sales.
               ▪ Kis-My-Ft2 wins new artist of the year! And in best 5 new artists.
               ▪ Arashi also wins in best 5 albums and 2 in best music DVDs.

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N

          ▪ What JE song would you like to see covered by another JE group?
               ▪ Response from boxberg!
               ▪ And of course, from your hosts~ Who have ridiculous choices which we hope you have fun with.
          ▪ Next week's question: Which JE boy would make the best use of social media? And how? (be creative!)

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
Kanjani8's FIGHT album.

Twitter: jepcast
Tumblr: jepcast
Email: cast@jepcast.com
Skype: jepcast
phone number: 213-537-2278
02 05 12 (UTC)
Rachael here~ I don't think my answer is too terribly creative, but whatever. >.>

I think JE needs a UStream channel or something. That way we get live behind the scene stuff on stuff like magazine shoots, rehearsals, etc. It could follow someone different every time.

I also want Shige to have a photography blog/Tumblr or something so we get more than just the monthly PhotoShigenic articles.
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