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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#15] The One With Doctor Heli Kinky Sex 
06 01 08
仁 → three past four in the morning
Welcome back for the fifteenth episode of JEPcast! Recorded on May 31st, this one finally reunites all four hosts, Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Kamika/tinyangl, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, and Rhey/4_03_am, after a long series of unfortunate events that kept them from completion in previous weeks. Rejoice! \:D/

The One With Doctor Heli Kinky Sex
Running Time: 01:26:26
Size: 39.6 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

  - This is the summer vacation time~
  - Kami is super dedicated to jep_cast.
  - Jennie’s husband ninjas in.

JE NEWS (5:35)

  - Masahiro Matsuoka in new drama
    - A violent soap operafied home comedy starring Mankumi.

  - Utaban appearance on May 29th
    - Hadaka-san has a neck fetish.
    - Morita Go and Sakamoto share their porn. Member-ai, anyone?

  - New V6 single: Chou

Takki & Tsubasa
  - Short 20 minute drama tie-in with single Koi Uta
    - Takki is an angel. Without wings.
    - TSUBASA THE TUBA (Jennie provides the SFX).

  - Yamapi starring in upcoming summer drama CODE BLUE DOCTORHELIKINKYSEXETC
    - Yamapi, Aragaki Yui, and Toda Erika in the same drama. All go to helicopter sky. We’re so excited, we can barely keep our pants on.
    - CODE BLUE doctorhelikinkysexetc is just another excuse to display Yamapi’s dead-fish!eyes on TV. ♥_♥ dead fish.
    - Sock puppet Yamapi, saving lives in sock puppet helicopters.

  - Shige in new butai, Konnan Yatte Mimashita
    - Shige is a renowned “literary person.”

  - TegoMass AiAi Gasa PV
    - Tegoshi and Massu are pretty rain gods in white, who occasionally like to get into water fights with each other. Also, they’re mean.

    - The budget for this PV was 30 bucks. Most of which probably went to buying Tego’s lip gloss.

  - Tegoshi on Itte-Q, May 18th
    - Tegoshi goes to Austria for skiing competition to laugh at people, and show off

  - Utaban appearance
    - The Hey!Say! boys have a…dizzying effect…
    - Chinen gets his fangirl on, OMG OMG I’m SITTING IN OHNO’S CHAIR!1!shiftone!!
    - Takaki primps a lot (to maintain his Jin!clone look).

  - New single Dreams Come True released on May 21st
    - Oretachi no Seishun is popular with our hosts.
    - Yabu is a chatterbox, and Jin!clone!Takaki needs someone to buy him a personality for his own.

DRAMA TALK (46:00): 24 Hour TV SP: YUUKI
  - Our main reaction (besides Peyton’s) to this drama is Super Long Pause.
  - This drama’s got the cheese, the funny, the cute, and a lot of plot holes…
  - Yuuki has no friends, and his parents don’t care.
  - Hama-chan, the serial killer with dead-fish!eyes…
  - Kame the toothpick is too idol to shave his head.
  - Kame: ‘7 o’clock, up at the gym, working on my guns. FEEL MY BICEPS! FEEL THEM.’

  - tatoeba asks: What JE song do you want a PV for (that doesn't already have one) or even, a JE song you'd want to change the PV for?
    - Rhey wants to see real girls with her Johnny’s boys in PVs.
    - According to Peyton, JE boys grow into girls in time; Yamapi’s already got Nice Oppai~
    - JE should hire us to direct the Chirarizm PV: we’ve got all the creepstalkery planned for it already.
    - Jennie and her husband wanna Pumpkin.
   - Who in JE would you like to see paired together in a drama?
    - …Umm, there’s a lot of fangirl spazz induced death in this section…(lots of rambling, too)

CLOSING (1:23:20)
  - Jennie gets a batsu point for getting the episode number wrong, and Rhey takes one for the team.

Please contact us with your thoughts and opinions, here at jep_cast, in the comments, or at our email- cast@jepcast.com. You can also reach us via voicemail at 206-202-3859. Feel free to leave us a short message, and we might just play it on air during our letter segment! Hope you’ve all enjoyed! :Dv
06 01 08 (UTC)
You guys are so subtle with your Yui/Yamapi porn demands. I am hoping someone at least writes you porn :P
06 01 08 (UTC)
you could be the first. :p
06 01 08 (UTC)
Way to hijack a thread ladies \o/ !!!!
Exams are going to be the death of me, but let me say that this podcast does WONDERS to my Social/love life, so here have cookie! (yay for hot guys being puzzeld by my gigling and spazing over you and shinny ghei JE guys).

PS: yay for the upcoming fics and why does mu hate me??
06 01 08 (UTC)
I want a PV for Pumpkin too ♥ wantwantwanwt~

I love all the fangirl spazz at end talking about who you want to see act together. I really wanna see Kame and Ryo act together too!
06 01 08 (UTC)
where ish the kat-tun?
06 01 08 (UTC)
In my bed, having an orgy.
06 01 08 (UTC)
Oh god, CODE*BLUE (you can't forget the asterisk -- it's very important, like the one in *NSYNC). I have so many words for it, you have no idea.

And you KNOW that it's going to PHYSICALLY PAIN ME to watch Yamapi engage in the practice of medicine.

And yet you KNOW I'm going to watch it.

And having been in an EMS helicopter before? God, I really hope they use him for more than ballast.
06 01 08 (UTC) - im in ur community stalking like a pro
wow ur guuuys r extra giggly (:
06 02 08 (UTC)
DD: who are you. the curiosity, it's suffocating me. :( i must know.
06 02 08 (UTC)
i think morimoto is called 7 cause he is in heysayjump's subgroup heysay7..? cause he's born in 1995
06 02 08 (UTC)
You guys totally made me go fangirly over the je pair in drama talk. The thought of Ryo and Kame together is beyond what my brain can handle.
And Lovejuice pv....i would die for that(if kame is in it)
06 02 08 (UTC)
so WHAT is rhey's je wish pair? I couldn't hear, despite playing it over and over and turning the sound WAY up (so all my neighbors know what a dork I am).
06 03 08 (UTC)
YAY great episode! *flail* Can't wait to hear about Hana Yori Dango, hah. Hmm and as for a question...if you could change one thing about dramas in general, what would it be? Oh, and I guess along the same lines, if you could change one thing about JE in general, what would it be? :D Can't wait for the next episode, etc~~:D
06 03 08 (UTC)
Yabu's been on SC since 2002. >_< If that matters at all. =P

And when they referred to 7 in the pv making of DCT, they didn't mean Ryutaro, they meant all of hs7, as in the younger group. All of 7 sing the english parts and all of BEST sing the jap part.
06 03 08 (UTC)
a;lsk There were so many things I wanted to say when I listened to this last night. And now I forgot. *fail* But, hey, you used my question, that I totally forgot I even asked. :DDD
Rhey, I totally agree with your entire sentiment that LOVEJUICE needs a PV. Like badly. Just lsjkdlfk yeah. *___*
And the dreampair drama talk was interesting too. I don't remember who said it, but Ryo and Kame in a drama would be awesome. In my opinion, Ryo and MatsuJun in a drama would be so so amazing. :D

Anyway, this was a fun episode. Great job~ :) ♥
06 06 08 (UTC)
this episode is really nice!!~

love how you guys talk bout tego n his lip gloss!! LOL that was funny..

can't wait for next ep, u guys make my life happier than ever~

spread the je love XD
06 06 08 (UTC)
I got a Johnny' boy thats a fruit/animal. Maru the apple aka Ringo-san~.

Hehe, go water fighting rain gods!

...Barney, oh dear Yamapi no. I seriously have like a thing against him, I want to hit my head against something or run away screaming everytime I hear something related to him. Though my aunt's cat named Barney doesn't count because I actually like him. xDD

Dude TEgo is sooo hot when he snowoboards! I rewatched that part like 3 times.

...ok I don't even remember why I wrote my next bullet point, but I think it had something to do with...oh! Tego's towel from that show. xDD I seriously wouldn't have minded all that much had we seen something we shouldn't have..though I'd probably feel a little bad at least..xDD

HSJ blows....fuses.

For me, right now I'd love to see a pv for T∀BOO, with it being all pirate themed and Kisumai backdancing or something.
Also..even if they aren't debuted, I'd love to see a pv for Kisumai's song FIRE BEAT...ok and all of their songs. xD

Oh oh, for the Johnny's drama pairings..Mitsyu & Taipi...with Nika & Senga too, so the 4 of them. And then..Notti & Uchi (Because Notti needs more love) with maybe Yasu & Ohkura. xDD

And..it took me a span of about 3-4 days to listen to the entire show this time. xDD
06 07 08 (UTC)
Hello! I'm waiting for the DL though MF. I just checked using iTunes and only episodes 7 to 9 are available there. Have you ladies abandoned iTunes?
06 08 08 (UTC)
We haven't at all! :D The old itunes link is probably the one that you're still using. Just resubscribe with our new button up there, and you should get all the episodes straight to your itunes! Sorry about the late reply~ :D
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