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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[Bonus] The One With No Fake 
05 25 08
omgcp - jack
As all know (if you heard the last episode), we're taking a break this week as Jennie goes off frolicking in Italy and eating gelato by Peyton's command. So you listeners won't miss our awesome hilarity and strangeness, we have brought you a special bonus episode! I claim most of the credit for making this. Only because I'm a selfish whore. But really, guys. If you want to listen to just us being, well, us, do check this out! I sincerely don't think you'll live to regret it. So the lovely hosts of jepcast, Jennie, Kamika, Peyton, and Rhey bring you our insanity, hilarity, and all together strangeness. :D

The One With No Fake
Running Time: 1:06:24
Size: 60.8 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

*New Smaller Size*
Size: 30.33 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

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  • Let us especially me know what you thought of this! I really hope everyone enjoyed. :D
05 25 08 (UTC)
Okkay, I am enjoying you guys's epic fail....
The cast is not even at 2 min .....and it's already epic!!
Batsu point for Peyton \o/ !! The best gelato are in Florence :p (it's subjective? Who cares? I want peyton to sing again!!!!)
I hope I won't get lazy at the end of the podcast and actually post a usueful comment?
05 27 08 (UTC)
LOL We love you for playing, but I'm so sure the girls will have to agree that that is so not a batsu point. lolol
05 25 08 (UTC)
OMG BLOOOPPPPERSSSS I was actually gonna ask about this for the letter segment but now my questions are all answered :D
05 25 08 (UTC)
You guys are such wonderful fail though ♥ Honestly, I kept laughing and covering my mouth in shock~

AND LIPS *________*!!!
05 26 08 (UTC)
yea! bonus!
downloading thank you =D
05 26 08 (UTC)
Bwahaha great bloopers! :D I laughed so much~
05 26 08 (UTC)
the dramatic piano music sets the mood for failure nicely. i approve.
05 26 08 (UTC)
First of all, i love the Tatta Hitotsu no Koi piano soundtrack in the background.

These bloopers really comes in handy when you girls wanna take a break from the regular podcast.
Anyways, the thing tht impresses me most is how much win Jennie's husband is. I wd marry any guy who would do a Jin/Kame dance for me...lol.
05 26 08 (UTC)
Ok I want to start off with saying I managed to identify about 2 of however many songs you used in the episode. xD
I'm pretty sure I heard Le Ciel (I should really really know that one too, being a huge KAT-TUN fan and all xDD) and I know I heard Ai nante, because I loooove that song. xDD

Also, whoever said the line, "Your so stupid, but I love you for it." Yeah you totally gave me a fic idea, probably involving Akame, or maybe RyoPi or KoyaShige..I can't decide. xDD

Hehe, go Jeyton!

Also, Jennie I would have still listened to episode 13 if it was you doing it all by yourself. ^^ But I won't say your my favorite because I really don't want any one of you to feel bad, because your all so awsome. ^^ Though only Kami is on my flist. xD

This was totally awsome, and I laughed all the way through, and I loved how Jennie's husband ninja'd his way into this blooper episode...as I was seriously wondering if that would ever happen. xDD

Oh, and thank you for all the moments in which my mind went right back to the gutter where it totally lives. xDD
05 26 08 (UTC)
LOL You guys are so silly. :D *tis amused* ♥

And, randomly, I came up with a question for the letter segment that if you need you can use: What JE song do you want a PV for (that doesn't already have one) or even, a JE song you'd want to change the PV for?
>.> Yeah, idk. It was a random thought. :) ♥
05 26 08 (UTC)
hahaha, this is so funny. I am halfway through and giggling like mad. lol'ing even harder because I was surprised to hear myself (lol at the thought).

hee. fab idea! I did think that a lot of the behind the scenes back and forth was probably just as funny as the podcast itself so it's really fun to hear. sp the moms and the hubbies.

"I was making chairs with my hands..." (laughs again)
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