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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#14] The One With The Return of DV Man~ 
05 18 08
omgcp - jack
Once again, both Kamika and Rhey are MIA due to stupid computer problems which means Jennie and Peyton are left on their lonesome. ...Or are they? Special guest host pops by for a visit! You all know her by her LJ name, considering how much Peyton name-drops her in this podcast (HINT HINT). Enjoy their brand of wackiness while someone listens in. :D

The One With The Return of DV Man~
Running Time: 1:25:39
Size: 78.2 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

*New Smaller Size*
Size: 39.2 MB
Download Links MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

     - Peyton greets in different languages, just because.
     - What?! Who is that stranger?!
     - You can talk, like verbally, back to us with our new US phone-based number! :D
     - "Let's get this party sta-" "How old are you?"

Johnny's Entertainment News for the week of May 10th to May 16th (5:37 start)
- SMAP: Kimura Takuya's CHANGE tries to boost ratings by having viewers try to win a car! Except, it fails, only raking in a 23.8% rating.
     - Jennie gets this news item backwards, because that's how she interpreted it in her mind.
     - Jin!Clone beat Kimura Takuya of all people; how is this possible?!

- TOKIO: Yamaguchi goes to Cannes! Meets and punches Jack Black! Chats up Angelina Jolie!
     - Yamaguchi's punch to Jack Black was a love punch? And promises to take him out to sushi to make up for it?
     - Nikki totally believes Peyton. She doesn't want Peyton to cry. Oh wait, she does.

- V6: Chou PV
     - It's not like Kami's here. Jennie just knows these things.
     - CDJapan got their description right! "Erotic adult dance song" ftw!

- NewS: Osama no Brunch - Summer Time Promotion
     - God!Tego has plans, don't you know. BELIEVE.

- KAT-TUN: Don't U Ever Stop Single was dropped, which means SOLOS.
     - Taguchi's Natsu no Basho may beat Nakamaru's Key of Life as Peyton's favorite KAT-TUN solo. Nikki, as a Nakamaru fan, gasps in horror.

- KAT-TUN/Hey!Say!Jump: Music Station Performance with KAT-TUN's Solos and Hey!Say!Jump's bright and shiny performance of Dreams Come True
     - Kame needs to stop dancing with inanimate objects. What's next? A stapler?
     - Somehow, NewS and Yamapi's board ninja-ed into this discussion.
     - The girls just segue really easily from topic to topic as they talk about Jin "tutoring" Nakamaru in English. Peyton thinks that Jin just sang LOVEJUICE.

- KAT-TUN: Hey!Hey!Hey! - Talk and Performance
     - Koki was just curling in on himself to hide forever. Poor boy.
     - They were supposed to point at Kame and laugh and say that it sounds nothing like the original!

- KAT-TUN: Nakamaru Enters Waseda! And Talks About It.
     - Then they go back to Hey!Say!Jump for some reason during this topic. And plot to make Kamika post this mess of a news segment. (Which happened as you can tell.)

- KAT-TUN/Hey!Say!Jump: Music Station Performance with KAT-TUN's Solos and Hey!Say!Jump's bright and shiny performance of Dreams Come True ...Again.
     - Jennie just wants to see the boys mess up. That's all.
     - Junno almost had a tattoo on his back. Nikki's adamant that Junno would never have a tattoo.

- KAT-TUN: Jin is Speed Racer.
     - Jennie WANTS to say that she has faith in him. Except...
     - The point may be to be flat and expressionless. Or angsty and hardcore.

Drama Segment: Kimi wa Petto 8-10 (36:22 start)
     - After the drama, everything really starts! ...Does that mean the drama was all pointless?
     - Yuri and Momo fangirl over Sumire finally having sex with Hasumi. Kinda awkward when she's in the middle of the conversation.
     - We're totally not encouraging them to dance or be inanimate objects.
     - They're not adults because they think more about themselves than about others?
     - "He can cover me anytime."
     - Sausages are an art in Germany.
     - "He's a Johnny's, he's fine."
     - We're not kids, just so you guys all know! Especially the hosts that had been on this episode.
     - Our next drama is one written by us!! "Star-crossed Love of Peyton and Jennie." ♥♥
     - Seriously though, we're picking up Yuuki with Kamenashi Kazuya and Oguri Shun!

Letter Segment (1:08:17 start)
     - We talk about what's in our purses! A question given to us from Mitsu~
     - Peyton relays the story of Koyama going through Tegoshi's bag every time he guests K-chan News.
     - Yamaflage! What exactly is Yamapi covering? o.O
     - Shige is covered in monkeys.
     - Jennie just blew the big ~*~secret~*~ of this week's episode.
     - Kamika's not creepy at all~ Pictures of Yamapi in her wallet.
     - Both Peyton and Nikki carry fic in their purse. Very nice.
     - Do leave us comments! We really love them, we swear.
     - Jennie threatens Peyton on air. Is that DV Man around the corner?!

     - Ohkura fell off the stage! ...Yet Peyton's laughing...
     - "I'll save you!!!" "I touched Tac-chan! Ohmygod!"
     - Nikki would sue their pants off, unless she gets her own personal boy.

A couple of things to address at the end!

  • Contact us with your thoughts and opinions, even your kitchen sink if you'd like either here in jep_cast in the comments or at our shiny email - cast@jepcast.com.

  • Also, each of the hosts have individual emails so if you'd like to talk to us one-on-one, do email us respectively at jennie@jepcast.com, kamika@jepcast.com, peyton@jepcast.com, and rhey@jepcast.com.

  • We instated a new US phone number for all to call in! Please keep the call under 5 minutes, and there's a possibility of us playing your call on air! The number is 206-202-3859.

  • As we said in the podcast, we won't be here next week since Jennie's going away next weekend to Italy (yes, we're all envious). But we are going to bring you a shiny bonus episode next week so you don't have to miss our brand of stupid/special. :D

  • Peyton would like everyone to know that she is going to be attending/working Fanime during our "vacation" weekend. If any listeners would like to meet up with her and chat about JE (and whatever else), please email her at her email - peyton@jepcast.com - to make arrangements!

  • Enjoy this week's episode! :DDDD

05 18 08 (UTC)
Kamika, the streaming plays episode 13, not 14. :)
05 18 08 (UTC)
Jennie updated it but it's taking a bit. I think it'll show up as 14 at SOME point. XPPP I just don't know when.
05 18 08 (UTC)
gahhh... i was waithing for this.
so many KAT-TUN updates. hehehe =D
05 18 08 (UTC)
Wooaahhh, even call-in's...
I feel like a distant relative watching their grandchild grow big in the JE fandom world or something ;_____________;
It's at timmes like these that I wonder if ny of JE actually HAVE come across this or not.
I mean, if I was famous I'd totally google me.

Otsukare~ this week- *is downloading*
05 18 08 (UTC)
oh god i'm so embarrassed. it's still downloading.
05 18 08 (UTC)
Don't apologize!! you did GREAT!

WAIT. why'd i say apologize. DON'T BE EMBARRASSED IS WHAT I MEANT.

Edited at 2008-05-18 08:24 pm (UTC)
05 18 08 (UTC)
do you have call-ins now? is totally confused
05 18 08 (UTC)
it's more of a voice mail service, i think you could put it.
05 18 08 (UTC)
That's a nice way to catch up on what I've missed this past week!^^ Hey Jennie, I'm back! *waves* and off to sleep now *is totally exhausted*
05 19 08 (UTC)
was the cruise tons of fun? JEALOUS
05 18 08 (UTC) - Jin clone?? seriously??
I think he looks more like Calvin Chen from Fahrenheit.
05 18 08 (UTC)
Episode 14 streaming won't work for me for some reason, Kamiiii. )))): 13 is fine. I tried a few hours ago and left it cause I thought that maybe it's still loading or something but... D:

*whinewhine* I'll go dl it then. xD
05 18 08 (UTC)
According to Jennie, if you cleared your internet cache or whatever, it should jump to being 14! because it was already uploaded. @.@ IDK how to do that but yeah. That's the only thing I know technological wise.
05 18 08 (UTC)
LOLOL u guys are so funny i love listening every week!!

about the kat-tun solos, i lovee parasite i think its so much better than Kokis previous solo lolol and i tend to listen to the music and not the lyrics to most songs so i love Parasites hard rock sound. And Junno's solo for some reason reminds me of a song Arashi would sing. Just the upbeat tempo and even Junnos voice just reminds me completely of Arashi.

one thing i thought of to discuss is that in all of kat-tuns DUES performances, is it just me or does jin's "hell yea" just sound retarded. honestly in the track he sounds so fuken sexy but live...i just cant help but cringe. am i the only one who thinks this ?_??

anyway love the show and cant wait to dl the bonus epi next week.

05 18 08 (UTC)
Yaaay~ Nother good episode as always! ^-^ And I can't wait for the bonus episode haha. Not really many comments though...can't wait for the next actual episode, and I've never even heard of that drama before, so I'll definately check it out...after that I still think you guys should do Orange Days, haha! :D
05 19 08 (UTC) - Strangest Reaction
I just want to start off by saying that I love this podcast! Also, if you are ever looking for a topic for the letter segment, here's one: What's the weirdest reaction you've ever gotten from someone after telling him/her that you love Japanese pop/rock music? I am asking this because I got a strange comment about it the other day. I was watching the "Don't U Ever Stop" pv at school, with headphones on, and the guy in front of me came back and wanted to know what I was watching. I gave him an earphone and he started to dance to the song. About halfway through the song, sadly before the "Hell Yeah", he handed the earphone back to me and said, "That's weird. It sounds like an N*Sync song." I was left utterly confused and debated asking him if he had had his ears checked recently. I just denied it sounded anything like N*Sync (obviously it doesn't) and sat there very confused. Has anything like this ever happened to any of you? I was just wondering and thought it would be a good topic to talk about.

Ganbatte to Arigatou Gozaimasu!
05 19 08 (UTC)
I adore Natsu no Basho as well. It suits Taguchi voice :3

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was a tatoo! I totally rewound that part and watched it really slow! I was like, "Junno? Tatoo? Whut?". But no, it was just the mic box :3

whhhhy am I not going to Fanime ;____;
05 19 08 (UTC)
Hey. I can see episode 14 fine, but it won't play for me. Is that a problem on my part?
05 19 08 (UTC)
Honestly, i have no idea how to fix that. T.T I'm having the same problem. Maybe Jennie can shed some light on it tomorrow. XP
05 19 08 (UTC)
Hey, I'm listening to you. ^_^

okay, that was lame, anyway. Hello! I've been listening for all the weeks but I haven't really commented, because I saw many others commenting and I figured many others were sending emails, too. I think this is a great idea and I can' wait for the next sunday all week. :3

I think the drama segments are really interesting because you guys really go into the actual plot and story of it instead of just flailing at the shiny idols and actors. Well, you do that too, but I enjoy listening to the discussions~! I was wondering if one time when you run out of dramas that you already have on list, you could try the Kinpachi Sensei series? It has tons of topics for discussion, and has many JE idols too, (the recent ones anyway) and I'd like to hear you guys discussing it on an episode one day. Though, the Kinpachi Sensei series are really long, unlike the other dramas you guys did so far. =S

Wow, long comment. Hope it makes up for the others I didn't comment. =P
05 19 08 (UTC)
Hey ladies~ Fist of all, Nikki you did a great job on the show. ^^
And something that was mentioned at the end about 'Nikki randomly jumping into the frey'...I heard 'frey' and just went FREY!~ FREY!~ So the STD song has wormed its way in once again. xDD
Hehe, chibiGod!Tesshi has plans for us all! Thats all I thought when you mentioned that...and he's chibiGod Tego now because Yamapi is big God. xDD

Ueda's solo, its my favorite one of all of them and the one I was most excited about, and I was totally happy with his performance..a plus to that was that Gaki was playing the piano behind him. xDD
I actually like PARASITe and the performance was ok I guess, but I was waaaay more excited about the back dancers, them being Kisumai of course. Because I love Kisumai, so I flailed like crazy over them, sorry Koki! xDD
*giggles* Instead of the next inanimate object Kame dances with being a stapler..how about a rake? xDDD
And honestly, I was quite happy about TaNaka's little comeback on Hey3, too bad they won't come back permanently...it'd give us some additional interesting con MC stuff.
I don't know why but I just can't get the image of Shige being covered in monkeys out of my head now. xDD

Hmm..well since you ladies said what you have in your purses, I want to say whats in mine. xDD
- This kitty coin purse that I got in Japan (its super cute too, its not like Hello Kitty either xDD) and inside that I keep my keys which are on my precious Johnny's keyrings, which I'm really overprotective of. xD
- Wallet, with cash, id card, debit card etc inside. Something to note about this..even though my wallets on a chain, I don't attach it to my jeans ever, and its actually 100% real leather too.
- 4 pens, 3 I bought in Japan (Red, Black, Blue), and the 4th pen is pink (of course! xDD), plus sometimes a mechanical pencil and these 2 really kawaii erasers..also bought in Japan.
- mp3 player (Aka Tatsuya) and Junno (my headphones), and as it turns out...mines a Zen too. xDDD
- Cellphone, that has my pretty Johnny's cellphone charms on it, along with a ketai strap, and my cellphone's name is Kazuya however..the wallpaper isn't Kazuya, actually its not Johnny's at all...its JaeJoong from DBSK. xDDD
- And sometimes I'll stick a notebook in there...for fic. So yes I too sometimes carry fic in my purse. xDD

Also, when I watched Yuuki...like a month ago or something, when I saw him riding on the motorbike..I thought of Jin and Yukan Club, just wanted to put that out there. xDD
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