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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[169] The One With Ohno's Big Head 
07 21 11
Title: The One With Ohno's Big Head
Running Time: 35:23
Size: 16.2 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Rhey/Kami~

 O P E N I N G

          ▪ Lady Gaga on SMAPxSMAP [ 1 ]
               ▪ For a SMAPxSMAP performance, there was very little SMAP.
               ▪ SMAP was sort of reduced to being just her back dancers?
               ▪ Kimura and Goro win the bistro seg, but Gaga bestows a kiss on each of them!

 N E W S ( J U L Y  9 - 1 5 )

          ▪ Gantz 2 premieres in San Francisco, San Diego [ 1 ]
               ▪ San Francisco J-pop Summit in August. Blu-Ray & DVD release on Aug 26th.
               ▪ San Diego Internatioanl Comic Con at the end of July.

          ▪ There is to be a Ohno Kaibutsu-kun slide in Tokyo [ 1 ]
               ▪ Ohno's face on the giant slide is 25 times bigger than his actual face, lol.
               ▪ Movie will be released in November.

          ▪ Arashi's Japan Endless Discovery cms to air in 100 countries [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ Over 133 countries all around the world, really.
               ▪ Convey gratitude to foreign countries for their support and to invite tourism.

          ▪ Oricon Charts [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Beautiful World sells 631k, #1 album, highest first week sales for the year.

          ▪ Music Station, July 15 [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
               ▪ What's with the CG?? Do not want the PV type of feel.
               ▪ Whole performance felt pretty manufactured. Like Utaban. :\
               ▪ Sho is mistaken as Ohno, MatsuJun's friends are fans of Sho, Sho's are of Jun's.
               ▪ Who sends Aiba the most messages when he's hospitalized...
               ▪ Aiba's memory is really crap.

          ▪ Nakamaru co-stars in Ito Hideaki's NHK drama series [ 1 ]
               ▪ Psychological suspense revolving around love and money.
               ▪ Ito Hideaki also stars.
               ▪ Tuesdays on NHK at 10pm.
               ▪ Will KAT-TUN be doing the theme song? :x

          ▪ To sing theme song for Smurf movie [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ Titled "Magic Power."
               ▪ Hmm, why didn't NYC do this instead? Perhaps cause HSJ needs to bounce back.

     Johnny's Jrs.
          ▪ A.B.C.-Z vs. Kansai Jrs. concert [ 1 ]
               ▪ Scheduled for September 5th - 29th.

          ▪ List of artists performing at Ongaku no Hi [ 1 ]
               ▪ KinKi, KisuMai, and SMAP to perform.

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N

          ▪ This week's question: What is your impression of TOKIO's Green PV?
               ▪ No listener comments! So unfortunately, you only hear the hosts thoughts.
          ▪ Next week's question: What is the best role for a JE in a drama?

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
Kanjani8's T.W.L./Yellow Pansy Street single.

Twitter: jepcast
Email: cast@jepcast.com
Skype: jepcast
phone number: 213-537-2278
07 23 11 (UTC)
So, a long time ago, you guys had an episode where someone commented on why HSJ was debuting with so many members, and it was joked that it was to prepare for future scandals...then, there was an episode where Peyton was talking about Arashi and Smap and how five is a strong number for a group, and someone joked that maybe Jin would leave, and then Kat-tun could be five... And then, when Jin got picked from the baggie of boys, you read a quote about his 'broken' public speaking skills that went something like "if I ever really broke, kat-tun would be finished', or something along those 'without me, you're all doomed' lines...
Guys, I'm starting to think your podcast is psychic, lol ;)
Boys in dramas... Well, I'm a big fan of an Manga/anime series called Princess Princess, which puts all other crossdressing dramas to shame, and I think Kame and Ueda need to play the two leads, Touru and Yuujiro. I don't think they'd object to the frilly dresses at all. They're getting a bit old to be playing high school students, but they could change it to a boy's college, or make Yokoyama play the student president or something... actually, yes, they should do both those things.
I also think Matsujun would be perfect as Fuwa Show in this other anime called Skip Beat, him or Tegoshi, as a high-maintenance, egotistical pop idol. If either of them could handle being so openly ridiculed, or not being the true lead.
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