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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[156] The One Where Tsuyoshi Has No Friends 
04 13 11
Title: The One Where Tsuyoshi Has No Friends
Running Time: 58:12
Size: 26.65 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Rheymi!!

 O P E N I N G

          ▪ Spring dramas!!
               ▪ There are four JE dramas this upcoming season!
               ▪ Are most of the dramas family dramas??
               ▪ BOSS 2 YES YES YES PLEASE
               ▪ Our other picks: Jin, That Fat Drama, Shiwase ni Narou you...
               ▪ What are your picks?

 N E W S ( A P R I L  2 - 8 )

          ▪ SMAP to sing theme song to Shingo's drama/release as charity single [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ "Not Alone shiwase ni narou yo"
               ▪ This will be part of Marching J, a charity project.
               ▪ 4/25, short ver released. 5/4, full release online. Digital single only.
               ▪ Originally they were to be released as CDs, but manufacturers are conserving power.

     KinKi Kids
          ▪ Tsuyoshi on Waratte Iitomo Telephone Shocking, April 6 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Why did JE have to send Tsuyoshi flowers??
               ▪ Tsuyoshi looked dead??
               ▪ Tsuyoshi has no friends. D:

          ▪ K8 to be main personalities for 24 Hour TV [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ 128K+ donations have been made, 780mil yen collected through this show.
               ▪ Yasu will be doing CMs using sign language.
               ▪ WHO'S GONNA GET THE DRAMA?! (please, Yoko. :x)

          ▪ Marching J charity event [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ Total attendence 389K of people over the three days.
               ▪ Acapella performances by KAT-TUN (and SMAP?)
               ▪ Kusanagi Tsuyoshi is forced into doing a backflip.

 M O V I E S E G M E N T

          ▪ Hanamizuki with Ikuta Toma and Aragaki Yui
               ▪ This movie wraps things up so well, there's nothing more to say???
               ▪ Really liked the pace and flow of this slice of life movie.
               ▪ Everybody's happy in the end (if they're alive).
               ▪ MUKAI OSAMU WE LOVE YOU ♥_♥
               ▪ Beautiful and clever delivery. Funeral scene, break up, SPOILERSPOILER T__T
               ▪ The movie did an excellent job portraying the relationship between the protagonists, even from half a world away.
               ▪ Hanamizuki: Love undiminished by adversity. Perfectly fitting.
               ▪ "May your love bloom a hundred years."
               ▪ Jun-sempai and Sae, OTP!!!
               ▪ Yui's English is good! She pulls it off well (The speech was kinda stiff though)
               ▪ Sae has a beautiful relationship with her mom. They're bffs, so heartwarming.
               ▪ POOR RITSUKO D:
               ▪ Pier scene in Canada, what an appropriate place for a cliche, BUT THEY DIDN'T!!!
               ▪ HOW DID TOMA GET THE BOAT BACK?!?!
          ▪ Next week's movie drama special is Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi (Okada & Kanno Miho).♥

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N

          ▪ This week's question, "What is your impression of Arashi's "Happiness" PV?"
               ▪ Listener comments from Jenny, makoto_no_mori, and faiasakura.
          ▪ Next week's question! What is your impression of SMAP's Inagaki Goro?

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
Hey!Say!JUMP's Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo single.

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