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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#12] The One Where We Don't Buy MatsuJun's Crock 
05 04 08
Welcome back for our special twelfth episode of jep_cast recorded on May 3rd, 2008 with our regular hosts jadedfrenzy/Jennie and ginzarhapsody/Peyton as well our two guest hosts, thinking_lotus/Alexa and neocopasetic/Elyse! Kami and Rhey were off playing in the cherry blossoms, but they will be back next week, we promise! :DD

The One Where We Don't Buy MatsuJun's Crock
Running Time: 1:24:19
Size: 77.1 MB (at 128 bitrate)
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

- Welcome to Alexa and Elyse, who join us in our flail for having hit over two hundred members on the comm! *bounce*
- Johnny’s Entertainment news for the week of April 27th to May 2nd (5:25 start)
- Shounentai: Shounentai graduating from Playzone
        - We ask the important questions - DO THEY FLY IN PLAYZONE?! ;D
- V6/Arashi: Nino on Gakkou E Ikou MAX
        - V6 pimps high school girls! *laughs*
        - Did those boys actually do this willingly or was their tea drugged? *snicker*
- KinKi Kids: Koichi in New York for the premiere of the Sushi Ouji! movie
- KinKi Kids: Maizu Tsukasa's single and PV for "No More"
- KinKi Kids/KAT-TUN: the episode of Crayon Shin-chan with Koichi and Nakamaru
        - Shin-chan thinks Koichi and Nakamaru are rabu rabu too!! :D
        - "Well, humans don't look like that!"
- Arashi: Arashi to host 24hr Television this year again
        - Elyse is hoping for some good letter reading and crying.
        - Peyton is hoping MatsuJun gets dunked in the infamous glass bath of hot water on his birthday. *snicker*
- Arashi: MatsuJun at the USC premiere of The Last Princess and the Q&A session
        - MatsuJun is fluent in English. And pigs can fly.
- NewS/Hey!Say!JUMP: NewS and Hey!Say!JUMP on HEY!HEY!HEY!
        - "What's wrong with this kid? Didn't he learn his lesson the last time?"
        - Jennie is distraught. GIVE TEGOSHI HIS TIME TO SHINE!
        - SA YUME MIMASHOU! We get it. Once is enough, Hey!Say!JUMP. >.<
- KAT-TUN: the second performance of "Don't U Ever Stop" on Music Station
        - "Yeah! What happened to his hair?!"
        - KAT-TUN waxes on about their love for Disneyland and the Spinning Tea Cups!
- Drama Talk (39:05 start): Kimi wa Petto Episodes 1-3!
        - "...and inside the banana box, there is a beautiful boy!"
        - YamaPi's naked momo manages to ninja its way in! no, YamaPi doesn't have a naked MatsuJun *laughs*
        - What? Having a boy!pet is weird?! *gasp*
        - Peyton goes all out academic on the portrayal of Sumire as a hardcore, career woman. XD
        - People in charge of establishments are gardeners, take 2! *giggle*
        - "I wonder what else she's faking for Hasumi?"
        - We commiserate over the non!attractive!ness of Hasumi-senpai; where is Fujiki Naohito when you need him?! *laughs*
- Letters/batsu segment! (1:08:45 start):
        - Everyone got batsu points last week! even Rhey according to Jennie!
        - Peyton performs her batsu game - serenading you all with her redition of KAT-TUN's "LIPS" (an mp3 of the song alone so you can listen to it on loop >.<)
        - Elyse recaps her wonderful story of how she crashed her car doing the choreography of NewS' "Cherish"
- Closing:
        - Koki has a tongue ring?!
        - Jennie educates us on the dangers of a tongue piercing gone wrong and we counterattack with Koki with rainbow!colored!chin hairs. *snicker*

Remember, comments and questions and all sorts of feedback are always appreciated and enjoyed, so hit us up here at jep_cast or send us mail at cast@jepcast.com! And don't forget to pick up episodes four through seven of Kimi wa Petto for next week's drama segment! ^_^

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05 04 08 (UTC)
um, i don't think that's the right streaming audio list. I think you deserve a batsupoint for that.
05 04 08 (UTC)
why do you say that?
05 04 08 (UTC)
umm.. you're not alone.. we both see the same playlist.. :)
05 04 08 (UTC)
guess it's downloads for us. On the other hand, I've decided I like some of this music, so. not a total loss! XD
05 04 08 (UTC)
seems like it. :)
I haven't tried listening to the playlist yer. haha!
05 04 08 (UTC)
Chipmunks again?! :D Cute! xD~ Downloading it right now. Btw, Peyton rocks! :D
05 04 08 (UTC)
After lots and lots of research, I have found out that the chipmunk thing is specific to your computer not to the file itself so unfortunately there's nothing more I can do to make it work for those who hear it that way. Well, I COULD always make the audio quality a lot higher which will probably fix it but then the size of the file would be REALLY large, like 100mb or more. So it's a tough decision.

Why does Peyton rock? Because she posted?
05 05 08 (UTC)
Ahh, nother great episode. :DDD I totally loved hearing your opinions for Kimi wa Petto. And the guest MCs were really really great! Yay!
05 05 08 (UTC)
Oh, and a question! Who in JE do you think is the best actor, who do you wish would do more acting, etcetc. :]
05 05 08 (UTC)
I listen every Sunday morning before work ♥

Guest MCs Alexa and Elyse, you did a wonderful job :D

How did NO ONE know Koichi was there? Geez we fail as fans! D: When ever any JE boy leaves Japan the fangirls of where ever they are going are all on top of it!

Tegoshi knows full well he is gonna get picked on when he is on Heyx3, but I think he likes the attention *shot*

I can't find a good quailty video of KAT-TUN second DUES perf so...no comment ;____;
05 05 08 (UTC)
First of all to Elyse and Alexa...you two did an amazing job! ^^ I knew it would be amazing as always, but...yeah. xDD

My opinion on the Crayon Shin-Chan episode...Maru's nose wasn't big enough. xDD I knew it was him, and I knew it was Koichi..but I don't think Maru's nose was big enough! xDD

eh~ I haven't not seen this so called clip of everyone in Arashi sobbing! And of course my computer hates youtube so if its on there I can't wait it.
...nor have I see glass bath of hot water! I've never actually watched an entire 24 hr Terebi so thats probably why...xDD

Oh oh! Most of the time I can tell every single HSJ member apart..by name! Though its really recently that that happened..as in like the Dreams Come True pv recent. xDD Before I could remember maybe half of their names and match them with faces. xDD

...wow. o_o I only had half a page of notes this week for some reason. xDD

Oh and Kimi wa Petto..thank you for choosing this drama! I LOVE it! I get all giggly thinking of MatsuJun as a dog. xDD
05 05 08 (UTC)
Dissapointed that there's no mention of MatsuJun in foamy bathtub getting scrubbed clean.
This is one of my first few dramas too, and i loved it.

Elyse and Alexa did a great job! I lol-ed a lot for this ep
05 05 08 (UTC)
LOL everyone sounded the same this episode... xD All American accents :d And nice job Elyse and Alexa!

I dunno where to request for this- but can I just mention that somewhere sometime you guys could do a drama segment on the Death Note Movies? PLEASE? ;______________;

At first I was like 'Huh? Did he just not BOTHER with the last two words (it was kinda hard to tell cos he turned away from the camera by that point) xD
05 05 08 (UTC)
First off, the guests did a great job!
I've also been watching "Gakkou he Ikou MAX" because I loves me some cross-dressing (I was in fact at drag queen karaoke on Friday at Lucky Cheng's. kooky.) In fangirling, we need to see more JE boys play WiiFit and I ♥ Jin's hair in the 5/2 perf.

On a side note, my dad happened to be setting up a new computer desk when I was listening to the podcast & he commented that girls giggle too much & he can't handle it. I said it's a good thing he isn't around when my friends & I engage in crazy talk.
05 10 08 (UTC)
guess who listens to Peyton singing lips on loop!! *raises hand* XXDD this ep was so funny

and i have another story that invloves JE that happened to me!
ok there are these people that keep on calling my house and the caller ID always says NEWS and when i saw that the first time i answered the phone and yelled "KOYAMA?!? YAMAPI!?! SHIGE!?!" the lady on the phone was like "uuuuhhhhhh" and i just hung up >> but now everytime that they call my face goes red or i have a giggleing fit. but i now know that they are trying to get us subscribed to the news paper or something XD
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