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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#11] The One Where Massu Births Kittens 
04 27 08
omgcp - jack
jep_cast comes to you with episode eleven, recorded April 26, 2008 with three of your hosts: Jennie, Kamika, and Peyton. Unfortunately, Rhey couldn't join us due to internet problems, but as always, she was sorely missed. Once again, this ended up being fairly long, but we'll try to keep better track of time. (We apparently just can't shut up.) But do join us for our usual brand of insanity, and lots and lots of flailing~ ♥

The One Where Massu Births Kittens
Running Time: 1:26:10
Size: 78.9 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

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Size: 39.4 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

     - Who has five batsu points? Peyton does!
     - We ask listeners to give us suggestions for batsu games to play on Peyton next week! Something sound-based, something accessible, and something that'll embarrass Peyton beyond belief.
     - CONTEST WINNERS!! :DDDD I'm excited even though I'm not even gonna be there. *laughs*

Johnny's Entertainment News for the week of April 19th to April 25th (6:37 start)
- SMAP: The trailer for I Come With The Rain, Kimura Takuya's english movie
     - KimuTaku plays a traffic jam??
     - Peyton has no sense of filter again, and we recount all the other times just for fun.
- V6/Arashi: V6 pranks the Arashi members on Gakkou E Ikou MAX!
     - I seem to have no sense of words in this segment, especially introing this news item.
- Kinki Kids/KAT-TUN: Music Station! Koichi Maizu Tsukasa with No More and KAT-TUN with Don't U Ever Stop
     - Koichi touched on a girl~~ ♥
     - Jennie giggles uncontrollably when she hears the "Hell Yeah."
     - Batsu point awarded to Jennie for getting which KAT-TUN member had lacy socks on. *snickers* Kame's outfit just couldn't get any worse.
- Arashi: Dream "A" Live Album was released on the 23rd!
     - I get first dibs on opinions because I am the host. :D I abuse my power~
     - Somehow, KAT-TUN ninjaed their way into this segment.
- Arashi: Arashi sings the theme, One Love, for the Hana Yori Dango Final, and the Hanadan Trailer
     - Fujiki!!! Peyton fangirls over him, making that number two, or three if you include the KimuTaku flail.
     - Oh wait, that's FOUR. Abe is also hot. *laughs*
- NewS: Summer Time PV
     - My fangirling side totally came out in this one. Will wonders ever cease?? :D
     - Batsu point awarded to me! Although, I still think special could totally equal stupid in anyone's head. XPPPP (Okay, I'm reaching, but whatever.)
     - Yamapi won't let Shige wax his board.
- KAT-TUN: KAT-TUN III Queen of Pirates
     - KAT-TUN are our little pirate boys~
     - We make a guess as to what the cover for Queen of Pirates will look like.

Drama Segment: Romeo and Juliet (41:28 start)
     - Hiromichi and Juri are Romeo and Juliet gone right.
     - Peyton can't remember what she likes about this special at all.
     - Juri sounding like a duck makes her sound adorable, we swear.
     - Jennie immensely hates the plot device they use in this special, which, unfortunately, was even part of the tagline for the drama - Crossing Paths Without Meeting.
     - Hiromichi only saved a stuffed animal, no big deal.
     - Takki looks like a monkey, according to Jennie. (Yes, we do have a habit of comparing people to vegetables and animals.)
     - Next week, we tackle (or rather, Peyton and Jennie and our guest hosts tackle) Kimi wa Petto episodes 1-3! It's a good drama if you ignore the very big plot device that got it to where it was. *laughs*

Letter Segment (1:13:22 start):
     - We talk about how Johnny's Entertainment has bled into our every day lives. You know you all emphatize.
     - Peyton is excited that she sent a package to Koyama. A female Koyama, but Koyama nonetheless.
     - My male friend insists Jin is hotter than Yamapi, and that Taguchi is hot. :D
     - Jennie turns Shige on daily, and he sits on her lap all the time.
     - I plug Jin into Yamapi all the time~ ♥

     - Hell yeah drops by for a visit, two, three... four times?!
     - KAT-TUN's new logo has someone excited.

Remember, comments and questions and all sorts of feedback are much love, so hit us up here at jep_cast or send us mail at our shiny new email address - cast@jepcast.com!

I might've gotten particularly wordy in the show notes this week. Whoops! XPPP I apologize for that~
04 27 08 (UTC)
Oh I love Kimi wo petto. I can't wait to hear what you girls have to say about it!!! Should be *interesting*
05 04 08 (UTC)
Heee! Well then, I hope you'll enjoy our discussions on it once they come out! :DDD
04 27 08 (UTC)
LOl I listened and I was like what the hell did you guys do with the song? HAha this sounds so funny. Everyone is four keys up! I'll download it then since the streaming isn't working for me, but I find this hilaarious.....so maybe I'll stick to streaming.
05 04 08 (UTC)
LOL. Awkwarddddd. i hear the chipmunks too, and just can't get over how strange we sound in chipmunk voices. It's the weirdest thing ever. lolol ♥♥♥
04 27 08 (UTC)
yay Kimi wa Petto :3

Since you guys were talking about it, that bizarre hand gesture in Summer Time PV is a new gag by comedian Kojima Yoshio. They mentioned him during their last Heyx3 appearance... they seem to love him lol.
04 27 08 (UTC)
That's what that is! I was totally wondering! I thought it would end up being a new gag, but I wasn't sure at all! Thank you so much for the clarification!
04 27 08 (UTC)
04 27 08 (UTC)
I second that! xD~
04 27 08 (UTC)
- Jennie turns Shige on daily, and he sits on her lap all the time.
- I plug Jin into Yamapi all the time~ ♥

*cracks up* xDDD~

And, sry, but you really sound like chipmunks! :D Cute! ♥ I'll download it when I finish burning writing my French essay and crying over working on my Spanish HW. Thank you guys for always saving my day. :Dv

04 27 08 (UTC)
Our lives are made of so much win, don't you think? :DDDDD (SERIOUSLY. I laugh every time when I try to listen to it streaming, because we sound so weird!)
04 27 08 (UTC)
Yaaaayyyy~!! Totally didn't expect a win =P Either way, I totally can't wait!! I'm soooo glad you picked Kimi wa Petto, as I've watched it through, like, 100thousand times.

As much of a spazzed Arashi fangirl I am... I have to agree about the album ;_; ...Whyyy??? After TIME, I was sooooo amped up for it... and.... blah.

I don't think ANYONE can beat how JE has bled into my life. I crashed my car into a pole while doing the choreography to Cherish.... THE PROOOOF

And I also have my brother watch D no Arashi with me regularly.
05 04 08 (UTC)
Heee! We were so glad to have you! I say we collectively, even though I wasn't there to entertain at all. lolol.

I still think how JE bled into your life was one of the greatest things ever. In a not so good way, because crashing a car is probably not a good idea.lolol. ♥♥ At least you're okay! ...XP This comment is going nowhere really. lolol
04 27 08 (UTC)
Yay, I can comment this time : I've been listening to the podcast for a while now, but I never had the time to comment (I think my Internet-Hates-Me). First things first : thank you. I love JepCast. A lot. I used to have problems with my access to the web for the past few months (hence the Internet-Hates-Me), and I was completely lost in JE stuff, but thanks to you I know all about important news, so you are very useful. And funny. But mostly useful (I swear, it's meant to be a compliment). I also like a lot your talks about dramas, it's usually very interesting. I can't wait to hear what you're going to say about Kimi wa Petto : the storyline is quite weird, the set very cheap, and all, but I love it.

Oh and I'm just going to ramble a little about I come with the rain, because I'm so excited by the movie. I've seen 2046 when it was released because I'm a huge Wong Kar Wai fan but I didn't know Kimura Takuya at all at the time, so I will be able to see him on a big screen and it's an amazing perspective (it's funny though, I just had a test one week ago about the movie 2046, and I totally analyzed a KimuTaku sequence. My exam was to study very closely Kimura Takuya. I'm the luckiest student in the world). Anyway, A+++++ for I come with the rain, the director Tran Anh Hung is really talented, I've already seen movies made by him and it's awesome, very sensual, so I really can't wait. Plus : they used a Radiohead song (my favorite band in the world), and two Massive Attack's songs in the trailer, so I have a really good feeling about it. I'm so excited : Kimura Takuya is probably the only guy in JE who is able to please both my intellect and my inner fangirl, therefore I'm convinced that one day he's going to rule over the world.

I just wanted to say that, and thank you again for your work, instructive and entertaining.

Bye !

(and sorry for the crappy english, I'm french, so it's not my strong point)
05 09 08 (UTC)
Oh man! First of all, your English is really good! So don't worry about that at all!

I'm so glad you managed to comment! We're so glad that we're able to help you keep track of the news! LOL I do find it a compliment to be called useful~ After all, we like talking about these kinds of things! :D Plus, it keeps us in track too. *laughs* And yay! We love that people enjoy our drama talk as well! We get a lot more in depth in our discussion than we ever thought, as well, but we're glad people find them interesting. :DDD

OH MAN. YOU REALLY ARE A LUCKY STUDENT. That's even better luck that you managed to analyze a scene of his. as;dlkfjaslkdfj That was SO COOL Ohmygod. :DDD Jealous~ But really, very fortunate. :DDD (KimuTaku? Totally. I mean, he's already gonna be Prime Minister. What's NEXT?)
04 27 08 (UTC) - Itunes?
I was just wondering if any of you know why no JE groups are sold on Itunes? I wish it was on Itunes because I hate waiting 2-3 weeks for the CDs to come to my house, plus I am going broke paying shipping fees. I was just wondering.

Thanks and your show is awesome,
05 09 08 (UTC) - Re: Itunes?
To be honest, I'm not quite sure. Does iTunes regularly have foreign music in its store? Because really, I have no idea. I think there's a Japanese iTunes, but don't hold me to that. lol. (Seriously, shipping fees are just... :\\\\ Yeah. That bad.)

Thank you for the compliment! :DDD
04 28 08 (UTC)
Haha...for the batsu game, how about having to sing all the music into different segments? Ooh but this was a great episode! Even though I didn't watch the drama, it was really interesting to hear about it anyway. Ah, but a while back someone, ah I fail but I don't remember who, mentioned the drama Orange Days, and it sounded interesting so I watched the first episode and I really liked it, and so I can't wait to finish it and thanks for mentioning it. ^_^ Ah, I'm so glad to hear you're doing Kimi wa Petto next, I love that drama, so I can't wait to hear what you all have to say about it! And haha, on KAT-TUN's new logo, the bump on the N reminded me of Maru's nose. :P Oh, the one thing I was surprised of, though maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance, was how much you all loved Jun's solo! I thought it sounded like elevator music myself, haha, though to be fair I mostly had Once Again on repeat. Oh and I do that thing, casting JE boys in stuff! I totally want to see Tackey in David Bowie's role in Labyrinth. Hee! Ah, this comment went on way long, sorry! Great episode, can't wait for the next one~~
04 28 08 (UTC)
ORANGE DAY FLAIL!!!!!!!!!!1 OHMYGOD. I'M SO HAPPY YOU ENJOY IT. AS;LDKFJASLKDFJ YAY!YAY!YAY!!! :DDDDDDDDD (And if you couldn't guess, I was the one who mentioned it. :DDD)
04 28 08 (UTC)
LMAO I think I should be proud that parts of I Come with the Rain were shot here in the Philippines 8DDDD
05 09 08 (UTC)
Ahahaa, I would be proud too! That is so awesomeeeee~ I'd say maybe you'd recognize it, but... lolol the Philippines is so huge. lol
(Deleted comment)
05 09 08 (UTC)
*giggles* Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you commented; it makes us so happy to hear it when people do~ We're glad that you enjoy listening and that it helps you keep track! :D It's great that people are able to use our podcast in at least that sense. :DDD

Awwwwww, poor Jin~ But that's so awesome! lolol Naming all your animals after JE boys. I can totally see that happening. I would do it too. :DDDDD Except I haven't played games like that in a long time. Still awesome.
04 28 08 (UTC)
Yay i like long episodes! And i'm so excited about Kimi wa Petto, i love matsujun in it, especially during his dance performance, it was beautiful!

I spot a mistake though, Sorry i still can't tell you girls apart, but one of you said that Kame's, Taguchi's and Nakamaru's letters in the KAT-TUN new logo have like bumps on them, but the T one is actually Koki's not Taguchi's. So there, more batsu point! sorry for calling you out!
05 09 08 (UTC)
Heee! Thank you so much for pointing that out. Don't apologize. It's totally part of the podcast to point out those things. :DDD
04 28 08 (UTC)
LOL @ The new KAT-TUN logo. XDDD
05 09 08 (UTC)
*giggles* We think exactly the same thing. <333
04 28 08 (UTC)
I gotta say, that I too giggle whenever I watch that MS perf and Jin says his HELL YEAH. Well that or I say it with him. xDD

Hehe, Yamapi won't let Shige wax his board because he wants Ryo to wax it instead. *bricked*

Hehe, instead of calling them pirate boys...I call them Pirate Queens. Its all the album titles fault too. xDD

Aww~ Yay for Jennie buying her first Johnny's cd! And Peyton is so sweet for buying her the Jin/Koki edition of DUES. ♥

Oh oh, Jennie I agree with you 100% on Tackey looking like a monkey! I thought it too..I just didn't think of the animal at the time. xDD

Ok since you ladie were talking about Johnny's bleeding into your lives..I'm going to talk about a couple of memorable ones for me.
For example one day we were driving past this placed called GOLD's GYM and it so happened I was very sleep deprived that day, and I saw it and just started laughing like crazy. Because I thought of GYM and later KAT-TUN because of the GOLD part.
Also this one day like a month ago I happened to be watching some entertainment news show and across the screen it said BRAND NEW SEASON and I start giggling because I thought of Kis-My-Ft2, and I think the actual tv show they were referring to was Prison Break or something. xDD
And my very favorite one, is one from lj, and in comments with a friend, we discussed in pretty good detail about a Johnny's version of monopoly and what kind of pieces we must have and what the train thing would be called..naturally it would be something like The Love Train. xDD And when I said detail I mean detail, and we talked about sooo many different pieces, and it wouldn't be a normal monopoly since it would have so many game pieces. xD

Oh! I name things too! Kami might know a few of them since she's on my flist and so she might see me talking about them sometimes.
Like my cellphone..is Kazuya, my mp3 player is named after Ueda and my beloved headphones are named after Junno (I bought them in Japan yo! xDD),
My computer is Kame, and my external HD is..surprise surprise, Jin. xDD Oh and Jin..he LITERALLY tops Kame. Because Kame's on a shelf under my desk..while Jin is on top. xDD
Oh and I already have a few possible names for a laptop..Tatsuya, umm..I might consider Notti or Kusano as well. xDD I don't know what else, there is JaeJoong but thats not in the Johnny's fandom. xDD
05 09 08 (UTC)
I say it with him when I can myself! :DDDD

LOL. NICE RYOPI INSERT THERE. Very much love~~~ <333

LOLOLOL Very nice, very nice. JOHNNY'S VERSION OF MONOPOLY. That is awesome in so many levels. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I have so much love for you for that. *_____________* I can't even begin to tell you the awesomeness of that idea. Back in high school, I was in a wood working class (I can't remember the official name anymore), but we toyed with the idea of making a monopoly set out of scratch and I forget the theme we were going with, but eeeeeeeeeee Johnny's version of monopoly! :DDD ....I suddenly feel this would be an amusing fic. ...*ignores*
04 28 08 (UTC)
I LOL'd at the part when Kamika talks about her guy friend calling certain JE boys hot and actually marathoning a j-drama. I also broke into a giggle fit when Jennie says her husband thinks KAT-TUN are too sexual. THAT'S THE WAY WE LIKE IT!
05 09 08 (UTC)
Yup! I love him lots for watching all those dramas and enjoying it so much. :DDD makes me happy because I have someone who knows all these things like I do. <33333333

LOL. Yeah well, um... ahahaahah predictably, a guy wouldn't, so yeah.
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