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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#10] The One Where Tegoshi's a Potato 
04 20 08
Join us as jep_cast celebrates our tenth episode anniversary! *cheer* :D Recorded on April 19th, 2008 with your four lovely hosts, jadedfrenzy/Jennie, tinyangl/Kamika, 4_03_am/Rhey, and ginzarhapsody/Peyton! This episode turned out to be our longest one yet (we couldn't stop talking about My Boss My Hero!), so I hope you can tune in for all of the silly hijinks that ensue! :)

The One Where Tegoshi's a Potato
Running Time: 1:29:07
Size: 81.5 MB (at 128 bitrate)
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

- Jennie and Peyton selfishly change the music on everyone - "Akaku Moryou Taiyou", "Kizuna" and "Hoshi o Mezashite" by the lovely manonpikamishi
- We are hosting a guest MC contest for the May 3rd podcast! Enter and join in on the fun!
- Johnny’s Entertainment news for the week of April 11th to 18th (4:45 start)
- TOKIO: Yamaguchi doing the voice for the main character in Kung Fu Panda
        - Yamaguchi wants YOU to learn Kung Fu!
        - Yamaguchi's panda!feel versus Tegoshi's penguin!feel?
- Arashi: the first episode of VS Arashi
        - NINO IS A MONKEY!!!
        - Ohno is the best snaketamer of them all. :P
- NewS: newest episode of Shounen Club featuring Koyama's "Private Hearts" solo
        - When it comes to hot!Koyama, Peyton loses all coherency and any filters she ever had. ^^;
        - What? Koyama's singing about his private parts?!
- KAT-TUN: Sushi Ouji cast has a guest appearance on the Crayon Shin-chan anime
- KAT-TUN: Koki's solo title changes...AGAIN.
        - the possibility of an STD!song single?!
        - "PARASITE" as a ballad? o.O
- Hey!Say!Jump: "Dreams Come True" as the title for new single, performing at the Volleyball preliminaries
        - "Miso Soup" joins the ranks of STD songs. "I fear your rubbing"? *snicker*
        - Peyton is appalled that no one knows who Dreams Come True is!!!
- Juniors: Music Station performance with Takaki Yuuya and Nakamatachi
        - the song is called "Seishun no Kizuna" NOT "Oretachi no Seishun". Guess who earned a batsu point? D:
        - Chinen and Yamada continue their roles as interpretive dancers. o.O
        - Jin gives a heartfelt message to his little kouhai. *aw* ;P
- Drama Talk (31:35 start): My Boss My Hero Episodes 8-10!
        - the deeper meaning of TOKIO's "Sora Fune"
        - Makki wishes for dirt sheep for his friends. *laughs*
        - "Zombi" is apparently a very important English vocabulary word.
        - "Screw this! We'd rather have the corpse!"
        - intense!Tegoshi = POTATO! XD
        - Jennie and Peyton almost get into a cat!fight over Tegoshi and Koyama.
        - Romeo and Juliet 2007 drama special starring Takki and Nagasawa Masami for next week! :D
- Letters segment! (1:12:45 start):
        - who in JE can pull off the blond!look and who can't? :O
        - "YOU, UGLY!" "YOU, DYE YOUR HAIR NOW!"
        - "Kibou ~Yell~" is forever the!STD!song for Kami. *giggle*
- Closing:
        - KAT-TUN Love Horoscopes!
        - Rhey ♥ Kamenashi 4EVA! :DDDD

Remember, comments and questions and all sorts of feedback are much love, so hit us up here at jep_cast or send us mail at our shiny new email address - cast@jepcast.com! Next week, we will be watching Romeo & Juliet (a link to jdramas if you need it ^_^)! Also, don't forget to get your entries into our guest MC contest! Deadline for written entries are this Monday, April 21st and deadline for audio entries are Friday, April 26th!

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04 20 08 (UTC)
I've been waiting for this!
And also a

Which JE song's LYRICS d'you love best.
And why?
04 20 08 (UTC)
I mean, for the letter's segment. =________________________=
04 20 08 (UTC)
awesome thanks.

i have a request/question. Do you guys know when "I Come with the Rain" gets releases in theaters? I saw the trailer for it, it looks really good.
04 28 08 (UTC)
Thanks for this!! You totally alerted us to the trailer of I Come With The rain which we discussed in Episode 11. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea when it gets released, but be assured we'll try to find out when it does. :DDD
04 20 08 (UTC)
hey theree :D i loooovvveee ur show so much! i listen every week <33 im still listening to this epi and it just passed the part talkin about jin with blonde hair. i HAVEEE to see that. do u kno the date of the shounen club that he appeared in with the hair? and maybe the link? but just the date will be fine <33

i cant waitt for kat-tuns next single. im very curious about the solo songs especially after ur discussion.

and KOYAMA LOVE i cant get enough of the Private hearts performance. i seriously watch it severallll times a day.

cant wait for next weeks epi 8D

04 21 08 (UTC)
I happened to have a few of the performances with blonde!Jin uploaded:

2005-10-09 [SC] Secret Agent Man (Jin, Ueda & Koki) (18.7mb) [SS] [MU]
2005-10-09 [SC] Seiten no Hekireki (Subbed) (33.4mb) [SS] [MU]
2005-10-09 [SC] Zutto Dakishimetai (Akanishi Jin) (26.0mb) [SS] [MU]
2005-10-16 [SC] Freeze (170.0mb) [SS 001 002] [MU 001 002]

Edited at 2008-04-21 09:51 am (UTC)
04 20 08 (UTC)
Ahah thanks for the podcast~ I like how there's streaming since my DL rate absolutely sucks. Lol at the horoscope thing at the end! OTP xD MC thing sounds fun. Hope cool people submit ;]
04 28 08 (UTC)
Thank you so much!! :DDD Glad the streaming worked for you; it didn't work for a couple of people - me being one of them. lolol. But yay! Glad you liked the horoscope thing. I couldn't resist showing the girls when I saw it linked. :DDD
04 20 08 (UTC)
consider this a comment

Also, i kind of think that much more than an hour is too long. I mean, i enjoy them immensely, but sometimes i have a hard time finding that much time, especially all at once.
04 20 08 (UTC)
we recognize this too. the time thing. but its really hard for us to keep track of time and we just went ridiculously over this time. we usually try to keep to no more than 1:15:00, but obviously there are some days when this will happen. but we are aware, so don't worry.
04 20 08 (UTC)
I love you girls! I totally just suscribed on iTunes so that I can listen on my commute into school! *flails*
04 20 08 (UTC)

you made me flail so hard I didn't even notice typos. Now YamaPi has to glare at me...
04 20 08 (UTC)
04 20 08 (UTC)
sa;ldkas :x i'm sorry, should i not have. ;__; preaze to be forgiving?
04 21 08 (UTC)
Gdnfisjf. YAY. You talked about Sorafune! Thank you. :D <3 Even though this was a long eppie, it didn't seem that way. I thought it was really good! And I'm glad the comments are back to being long again, hee. You forgot about Nino with blond hair though! Haha! I've never even heard of that drama special before, but I've always wanted to see something with Takki in it, so I'll try to watch it. ^___^ I hope I can get the softsubs to work though. Anyway, sorry for babbling in your comments, hee, but can't wait until the next eppie. :D
04 28 08 (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! :DDD We feel bad when we go over so much, but we just lost track of time and couldn't find it in us to shut up. lolol. :DDD I totally forgot about Nino being blond! But thanks for telling us! We didn't get to mention all the JE boys that we could remember, sadly~

Hope you enjoyed the special! If you did ever get to watch it. XPPPP

And thank you so much for your comment! We love them! :D
04 21 08 (UTC)
04 28 08 (UTC)
*laughs* Nope! You have someone right along side of you. :DDD We relate. :DDD (Not that that's a bad thing to mis-hear anyway. *laughs*)
04 21 08 (UTC)

i think it was Jennie she broke out in song "Oh happy day!" (that earns a batsu point right?) it was at around 1:09:07
04 28 08 (UTC)
Actually! The singing batsu game is really only for Rhey, so Jennie singing doesn't count. *laughs* But that'd've been fun.
04 21 08 (UTC)
Just started listening to your show. You girls are hilarious! Keep up the good work~
04 28 08 (UTC)
Yay!!! Thank you so much! :DDD We love new listeners~~~ Thank you also for your comment! We love those too. *laughs* We love a lot of things.
04 21 08 (UTC)
Being the Arashi fanatic that I am (as I mentioned in my audition), I feel the need to point out that both Aiba and Ohno look good blonde too.. in my opinion~! Like.. when Ohno was reeeeally blonde for West Side Story (I think you can also see it in the '06 to '07 countdown??). And then Aiba during the time around "We Can Make It."

I agree with all your worsts, though >_o; Some guys, no matter how cute... look pretty "yikes" with blonde hair.

04 28 08 (UTC)
*giggles* I can vaguely remember Aiba blonde, but I don't recall it entirely. I don't, however, remember Ohno blonde, so that may take some reminders! Glad that they looked good though~ That works the best. *laughs*
04 21 08 (UTC)
Lol, So much hate on KAT-TUN's songs, am saddened.
I remember Nino being blonde and looking horrible, but i could be wrong.
It seems like the the je boys should just stick to dark coloured hair, and i seem to be one of the few who like Ryo blonde(he was really sexay)
04 28 08 (UTC)
*laughs* The funny thing is that we love KAT-TUN songs a lot as well, so it's a nice healthy balance, isn't it?? XPPP

lolol. It's so true! They should just stick to dark-colored hair. Or learn from each other's mistakes. You'd think they would've by now. lololol.
04 22 08 (UTC)
tatoeba is on my flist too!~ xD And I actually think it was her roomie who said that thing about LOVEJUICE and PARASITE being an STD. But I could be wrong since I don't remember it very clearly. xD
Hehe, I want NEWS to be 8 again! xD I totally want to do a prayer board saying it. xD
I think it was Rhey who had been eating cheesecake right? Rhey you need to get more for next week since you really did sound clearer when you were eating it. xDD

And when I think it was Peyton, was talking about how Makki was being 'dragged back into the frey' I automatically went FREY!~ FREY!~ xDDD

And I actually looove Kibou~ Yell, even if they look scary as hell wearing curtains. xDD

Oh and I was very surprised, and happy to see my question had been answered. ^^ It was interesting to hear your answers too.
04 28 08 (UTC)
LOLOLOL. STD SONG STRIKES AGAIN. lolol It just likes ninja-ing in at random spots, like in the middle of a drama segment. Nonetheless. :DDDD

Well, ahahahaha, to each their own? I just have that bad habit of associating things so... lolol Turn offfff~

We're so glad you enjoyed!! And that you commented now and before with the original question. We appreciate it loads! :D
04 23 08 (UTC)
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but this week's show doesn't appear to be up on iTunes. Any ideas why?

But, on the plus side, the streaming works this week. Win some, lose some I suppose.
04 23 08 (UTC)
I might have to redact on the streaming. It was working when I clicked on it earlier this week, but now it's going at 1.5 to double time, so you all sound like chipmunks. Hilarious, but not the way it was intended would be my guess. I do hope it's not just my computer, but it could be, so please let me know.
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