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[#10] The One Where Tegoshi's a Potato

Join us as jep_cast celebrates our tenth episode anniversary! *cheer* :D Recorded on April 19th, 2008 with your four lovely hosts, jadedfrenzy/Jennie, tinyangl/Kamika, 4_03_am/Rhey, and ginzarhapsody/Peyton! This episode turned out to be our longest one yet (we couldn't stop talking about My Boss My Hero!), so I hope you can tune in for all of the silly hijinks that ensue! :)

The One Where Tegoshi's a Potato
Running Time: 1:29:07
Size: 81.5 MB (at 128 bitrate)
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

- Jennie and Peyton selfishly change the music on everyone - "Akaku Moryou Taiyou", "Kizuna" and "Hoshi o Mezashite" by the lovely manonpikamishi
- We are hosting a guest MC contest for the May 3rd podcast! Enter and join in on the fun!
- Johnny’s Entertainment news for the week of April 11th to 18th (4:45 start)
- TOKIO: Yamaguchi doing the voice for the main character in Kung Fu Panda
        - Yamaguchi wants YOU to learn Kung Fu!
        - Yamaguchi's panda!feel versus Tegoshi's penguin!feel?
- Arashi: the first episode of VS Arashi
        - NINO IS A MONKEY!!!
        - Ohno is the best snaketamer of them all. :P
- NewS: newest episode of Shounen Club featuring Koyama's "Private Hearts" solo
        - When it comes to hot!Koyama, Peyton loses all coherency and any filters she ever had. ^^;
        - What? Koyama's singing about his private parts?!
- KAT-TUN: Sushi Ouji cast has a guest appearance on the Crayon Shin-chan anime
- KAT-TUN: Koki's solo title changes...AGAIN.
        - the possibility of an STD!song single?!
        - "PARASITE" as a ballad? o.O
- Hey!Say!Jump: "Dreams Come True" as the title for new single, performing at the Volleyball preliminaries
        - "Miso Soup" joins the ranks of STD songs. "I fear your rubbing"? *snicker*
        - Peyton is appalled that no one knows who Dreams Come True is!!!
- Juniors: Music Station performance with Takaki Yuuya and Nakamatachi
        - the song is called "Seishun no Kizuna" NOT "Oretachi no Seishun". Guess who earned a batsu point? D:
        - Chinen and Yamada continue their roles as interpretive dancers. o.O
        - Jin gives a heartfelt message to his little kouhai. *aw* ;P
- Drama Talk (31:35 start): My Boss My Hero Episodes 8-10!
        - the deeper meaning of TOKIO's "Sora Fune"
        - Makki wishes for dirt sheep for his friends. *laughs*
        - "Zombi" is apparently a very important English vocabulary word.
        - "Screw this! We'd rather have the corpse!"
        - intense!Tegoshi = POTATO! XD
        - Jennie and Peyton almost get into a cat!fight over Tegoshi and Koyama.
        - Romeo and Juliet 2007 drama special starring Takki and Nagasawa Masami for next week! :D
- Letters segment! (1:12:45 start):
        - who in JE can pull off the blond!look and who can't? :O
        - "YOU, UGLY!" "YOU, DYE YOUR HAIR NOW!"
        - "Kibou ~Yell~" is forever the!STD!song for Kami. *giggle*
- Closing:
        - KAT-TUN Love Horoscopes!
        - Rhey ♥ Kamenashi 4EVA! :DDDD

Remember, comments and questions and all sorts of feedback are much love, so hit us up here at jep_cast or send us mail at our shiny new email address -! Next week, we will be watching Romeo & Juliet (a link to jdramas if you need it ^_^)! Also, don't forget to get your entries into our guest MC contest! Deadline for written entries are this Monday, April 21st and deadline for audio entries are Friday, April 26th!

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