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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[115] The One Where Kame is Impressive 
06 25 10
omgcp - jack
Title: The One Where Kame is Impressive
Running Time: 1:12:54
Size: 33.38 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: All!

 O P E N I N G

          ▪ Yamashita Brothers.
               ▪ New blog for the Yamashita bros. No JE affiliation. They've left?
               ▪ We knew about Shoon, but Reon, too?
               ▪ Are they with another agency? The same one for both?
               ▪ At least they haven't left the entertainment industry completely...

 N E W S ( 0 5 : 0 5 )

          ▪ Kusanagi to costar in a play, K2 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Harold and Taylor climb K2.
               ▪ Story about near death experiences of two close friends.
               ▪ Will be interesting to see how they simulate mountain climbing indoors.
               ▪ For how long can a play with only 2 people keep audiences entertained?
          ▪ Haruka PVs and Making ofs [ 1 ]
               ▪ Story vers: childhood friends and their memorable seashells.
               ▪ Why does Nagase not keep the shells on his person like the others??
               ▪ Taichi, your life turned out to be sad. :(
               ▪ Joshima looks like a school principal. Gokusen anyone?
               ▪ Why are the boys not dirty when hefting logs?
               ▪ Mabo and Taichi have a skipping rocks on water competition.
               ▪ Beach vers has awesome lighting. SO PRETTY. THE GOLD.
               ▪ PV is the culmination of shots from the making of.
               ▪ What were Taichi and the kids sand-fishing?
               ▪ Kami salivates watching Mabo eat fresh fish.
               ▪ If TOKIO weren't recognized as idols, that would be sad.
          ▪ Haruka single [ ,
               ▪ Interesting they paired Haruka with another slow song.
               ▪ Over all, atmosphere is pretty mellow and calm. Not bad!
          ▪ SP Yabou-hen teaser [ , ,
               ▪ Okada is awesome doing stunts and being hot and possibly hadaka.
     Tackey & Tsubasa
          ▪ Tsubasa on Chubo Desuyo, June 12 [ 1 ]
               ▪ ...how long has it been since TakiTsuba have done stuff together?
               ▪ But Tsubasa is alone here by himself.
               ▪ Digression (stfu news fans-- don't hate, y'all)
               ▪ Omg, Tsubasa looked SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD.
               ▪ Lots of dancing involved. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PHONE CALL?!
          ▪ Kaibutsu-kun to have a drama special [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Matsuoka may or may not be involved in this project?
               ▪ NTV promises new material, not just crap recap shit.
          ▪ Koyama works at Meiji Seika for TV Tokyo show [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Shige will also join.
               ▪ Show will feature 20 companies people would like to work for.
               ▪ Koyama will help develop a new choco candy.
               ▪ Koyama wasn't treated like a celeb and found himself working hard.
          ▪ Kanpani DVD set [ 1 ]
               ▪ Will include episodes from Oct 09 to Mar 10.
               ▪ Any other group besides Arashi done this before?
          ▪ K8 to be on Heyx3 June 28 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Will be promoting new single.
          ▪ Special Program about how companies work [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ K8 will infiltrate companies with high sales figures as special employees.
               ▪ "Let's get yelled at!"
               ▪ Training for this was apparently very severe...
               ▪ How much of this undercover stuff is gonna be for real?!
               ▪ Hina and Maruyama get told off for being shit at wearing heels.
          ▪ No More Pain PV [ 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 6 ]
               ▪ Reminiscent of RESCUE.
               ▪ Thank you KAT-TUN, you're back, cuz the last few singles were shit.
               ▪ Impressions on the environment: Mordor, Sauron, Mummies, Anubis?
               ▪ Lady Gaga and KAT-TUN love marching armies.
          ▪ PV making of [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ This is the first time we witness the recording process!
               ▪ Kame is really good at immitating autotune.
               ▪ Kame was. REALLY IMPRESSIVE. Man, he's turned up the star power.
               ▪ Orochimaru is taking over KAT-TUN. D: /naruto ref
               ▪ The impromptu drama skit is back!!
               ▪ Nakamaru cheats at games. Trivial, pointless games.
               ▪ Wtf, Kame, why the single-eye shadow?
               ▪ Kame likes to wear bedsheets on his ass. His shoes consume him.
          ▪ No More Pain album [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ FARAWAY!! Our definite favourite, hands down. *_*
               ▪ Right Now is upbeat and fun. Grows on you by 2nd listen.
               ▪ Rocking All Nite is bizzzzaaarrrrrre.
               ▪ Film is, unsurprisingly, lovely. We always like the Nakamaru solos.
               ▪ Ueda's Rabbit or Wolf has great arrangement bu lyrics feel awkward?
               ▪ ~call my name, kiss my di-- ~ Classy, Koki.
               ▪ Taguchi's Love Music is forgettable? Rapping isn't for you, Taguchi.
               ▪ We like Sweet. This album boosted Kame for us.
               ▪ This is what KAT-TUN's sound is like! We like it. 7/10 for this.

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 5 9 : 4 4 )

          ▪ What is your impression of ARASHI's A Day In Our Life PV?
               ▪ Listener responses from white_remus, riterandreader, kokichan, Anne, efftheineffable.
               ▪ What. There are OTHER Arashi members singing in this?
               ▪ The Arashiland Presents - PV series mentioned by efftheineffable.
               ▪ So yes, the things of note: the acid-trip PV, the ghetto outfits Arashi wears. Prelude to "Step and Go" (but that one's BETTER).
               ▪ How did we talk as long as we did for this VERY BORING PV? o.o
          ▪ Next week's question: What is your impression of ARASHI'S Aiba Masaki?

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
V6's Ready? album.

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Skype: jepcast

phone number: 217-537-2278
06 25 10 (UTC)
Response for next week's question: Aiba Masaki is like the sunshine; I feel like he lights up the whole room with his smile and personality. Even though he appears as an airhead on tv at times, I think he truly values the importance of laughter that's why he's always trying to make us fans laugh! I also think he has one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard (getting so off topic now xD) but I thought I should just add that side note in haha.
06 26 10 (UTC)
klsdagmna;fkjsznsba.<'fad;ljbgvn; ljadkfnb'adb'l'SGR'JNYHIO


06 26 10 (UTC) - AUDIO response and WRITTEN response
omfg wth i can't believe it freakin what the i don't know ITS AIBA!!!!!!!!!!

..... Greeting from the cuticle cult?

but... BUT, now back to the original question.


OH Aiba Aiba Aiba~

What can I say about him? He is my god? I love him? He is the best person in the world? He is awesomely talented, cute, funny and in my opinion extremely attractive? well that's hardly scratching the surface of my love for Aiba.

Aiba is my anti-drug.... or I suppose he could be my drug depending on how you look at it. He is the Single person that is responsible for getting Me into arashi, my obsession of which has since spread out into a genreal obsession of asian music in general. I randomly came across Arashi's We can make it and decided that I liked the song a lot and looked up the music video. Aiba was soooooooo cute and awesome that I immediately had to figure out his name and who he was, and while I was on that mission i found out about the rest of arashi and well, that's where it all started.

I think aiba is amazingly talented and awesome, and I love his english which i won't say is fail because, it's perfect and adorable the way it is. and I love that love he has for arashi and his members. I still get teary eyed everytime I watch him read his letter from 24-hour. I love his love of animals,and watching him interact with them. has anyone ever noticed that he really says "ne" like, ALL the time when He's talking? like more than anyone else in arashi anyways.... or maybe I'm just too much focused on aiba to notice all the other times the remaining arashi members say it. I think it's kinda adorable, in any case.

Aiba seems to mess up more than any other member too, which is adorable and I love him for cause I like hearing stories or watching his goofs~

I love that fact that he sometimes has trouble reading kanji~ it's adorable to watch him mess up. and His whacked out experiments. god so much love there.

and he's hot. how can one person be this awesome and still be so attractive? its not legal i tell. for purely selfish reasons I want an Aiba AnAn shoot because... well - I - think that it would be sex. but maybe that's just me. until then I suppose I'll keep looking at my collection of shirtless aiba pictures.

I think it is great coincidence that of all the color he could have got as one of the main colors he is assign it is green, because before I even knew him that was my favourite color. and plus I think that color suits him~ for some odd reason aiba kinda makes me think of those little lima beans that you planted in elementary school. those were green right?

even though I don't really like lima beans I think that if Aiba was a Lima bean, I'd eat him. He'd be the yummiest lima bean ever, you know~ He'd probably make me want to never stop eating lima beans, I'd be addicted to lima beans because I would think of the Aiba lima bean every time I ate one.

....... I think I took that metaphor a little too far.

ummmm..... kekekeke~ I think that I'll stop here you know? But ya'll had better not forget that Aiba is your god and my god and awesomely awesome and the best thing to happen to planet earth since oxygen.

oh and I don't think that any of you are super junior fans, but if you are, doesn't Aiba kinda remind you a little of Donghae? just a bit?

......Aiba. is. your. God.

Admit it already.

you know it's true.

XD attack of my long ass answers, again. I tried to keep it kinda short......er this time. did it work?
06 26 10 (UTC) - AUDIO REPLY

this is in a different comment because, Unfortunately I apparently exceeded the maximum character limit for my comment.

I actually recorded an audio response because hey~ it's aiba and he deserves it! it's at http://www.mediafire.com/?ho1tmtwymjy and well.. i would send you an email too when I got done with this reply cause aiba is so awesome that he deserves two kinds of flail, but unfortunately my time right now is limited and i don't know how much time I'll have on the internet or when I will be able to get back on, so you can pick which answer you want to use I guess, okay?

.......If you did both it really would take over your podcast lol. Go on, Rhey~ i dare you. a ten minute segment on "Why Melodyprower11 is completely and utterly obsessed with Aiba Masaki"

one warning though~ its late at night and I was having to be quiet because my friend was sleeping in the bed next to me, and my laptop was in my lap and was making noises every time I shifted and sooooo maybe the quality isn't the best? but tried and I hope it came out okay for my first try at recording audio on my computer, lol.

Ermm not sure I really need to send you this in an email though, I really don't have the time but if I can get to my email in tomorrow I'll try? let me know.

OH AND ONE MORE THING. if you do end up using just the audio comment, would suggest looking at my Lima bean tangent in my written response. It made sense when I was writing it, but looking at it now...... It's kinda funny
06 26 10 (UTC)
Oh, "Arahi" has someone doing Kaibutsu-kun too?
06 26 10 (UTC) - Aiba
First of all, you don't know how happy I am to hear Rhey and Kami "taking the Kame love train", even if it's just for one stop. ;) Kame is my favorite Johnny.
I'm not sure I can say much about Aiba that our Cuticle Cult can't say -and better- so I'll leave you with my three memories of Aiba.
The first is from an episode of Doubustuen, and Aiba was on location, trying to introduce himself to the person he'd be following for the day. In English, I think... The man didn't glow with recognition when Aiba said he was from Arashi, so Aiba decided to jog his memory by singing the chorus of A.Ra.Shi, with hand movements. "Arashi, Arashi for Dreaaaam!" This really didn't seem to help. Poor Aiba.
The second is from the Time concerts, and his cute "friendship" solo, and those GIANT HANDS. I kept picturing a run-in with maruyama from Kanjani 8 in the Johnny's prop department.
Aiba: Oh, hey Maru! I'm planning my solo song and I've decided I need these humoungous hands. What are you looking for?
I'm telling you, they should have co-ordinated those solos. ;)
And finally, my last memory of Aiba is the Doubustuen episode with Kame in a box. I love watching Aiba scream and freak out, and I love his reaction when Kame peers over the top, haha.
I'm sure there's already more than enough to talk about, but if not, this is what I know about Aiba. He keeps me entertained, and never gets boring.
On the side, do remember to spare a moment for You and Jin: Los Angeles, won't you? I'm still Jintoxicated. Yes, Jintoxicated on LOVEJUICE. I've been listening to it on repeat for the past... week. That's a sign something is wrong with you! I need other people to share the flail! Or make fun of him a little (goodness knows KAT-TUN has never been too far ahead of the fail train.)
06 27 10 (UTC)
I'm glad that you've realized Kame's awesome-ness! ^^
I haven't been into Arashi for too long, so I can't say very much about Aiba's character or anything, but regarding voices, I have to say he's my least favourite Arashi member... sorry, Aiba! lol.
06 28 10 (UTC)
taking KAT-TUN
thank you so much for sharing
06 29 10 (UTC)
I give you my emo-tear, because I didn't get to comment in time.

I told myself that when Aiba would ever come up, I would leave a voice message... but I already did that with Toma. And that's not cool, cuz Aiba's my ichiban.

Anyway, I know it's too late to add this to the podcast but: Aiba.

I know this is going to sound offensivee, but all those "dumb blonde" jokes you hear about? They were all about Aiba! And I say that with a sincerest of affection. When I first heard about Aiba, I was introduced to him via the A no Arashi videos -- that's where I saw how ditzy and adorable he is. Aiba reminds me of a little boy sometimes. He's so curious, hyper, and lovable. Also like a little boy, he is SUCH a pervert. XD Heehee, he was the one on Arashi no Shukudai kun who pointed out the "weird looking mushroom" (if you don't know what I'm talking about, that's ok). He has a big, affectionate heart, and always talks about how much he loves Arashi and how he is always so greatful to be part of Arashi. And who can forget the letter? Ah, The Letter. The one for 24 HR Terebi, where he cried. The letter was about when his lung had collapsed in 2004, and he was sent to the hospital - he appologized for being a burden on the other Arashi members, and it was so touching, the other members cried too! he's so creative, and awesome, and who can forget his fails in ENGRISH!! (thank you to the person who created those vids). He's so endearing, is it any wonder he's my ichiban??? <333 I'm sure Melodypower would agree with me 110% on this!

Finally, like a little boy, he looks SO FRIGGIN' CUTE IN A JUMPER! (Overalls)
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