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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#9] The One Where Jin Uses Oxford Commas 
04 13 08
Misc - Photography Love
Can you believe we've been doing this for already nine weeks?! I sure can't! This week it's only jadedfrenzy/Jennie, ginzarhapsody/Peyton, and 4_03_am/Rhey but we still end up going over an hour.

The One Where Jin Uses Oxford Commas
Running Time: 1:14:45
Size: 34.2 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
Introduction (00:31)
  • Kami gets a batsu point
News (04:04)Drama (23:15)
  • My Boss My Hero Episodes 4 - 7
Letters (58:32)
  • Our least favorite Jdramas.
Closing (01:09:43)
  • We are on itunes now!


So I forwent the funny comments in the show notes to make it more compact. Is this better? Worse? Let us know what you prefer for next week.
04 13 08 (UTC) - funny comments pleaseeee

first time replying to your podcast, but have been listening from the start... Very very wrong, I know. Anyway, purpose for this comment is to say that you should keep the funny comments in the synopsis. Somehow I find it a nice guideline and a good way of luring me in. It's your comments and reactions that make this pod casting successful!! And also, this way when I'm low on time I can decide whether I have to hear it asap, because it seems like utter crack, or that I can postpone it until some other time.

Anyhow, keep up with the great work. You definitely have a faithful listener in me, although I'm a lousy person in leaving comments and thank yous. Sorry about that.

04 24 08 (UTC) - Re: funny comments pleaseeee
Thanks for commenting!! We decided to keep the funny comments, so we're glad people liked them. :DDD Thank you so much for being a faithful listener~ We totally appreciate it. :D
04 13 08 (UTC)
This is my first time commenting but I've been listening for a couple shows... I had to know what it was like hearing real people fangirling instead of just reading it. It was really bizarre and strange at first but now I can't wait to hear new episodes. I think you guys do a great job.

I like having the funny comments on the show notes. Besides giving me lols while waiting for the show to download, it would definitely get me to listen more closely to certain groups where I might otherwise not be that interested in and thus sucking me even further into this JE thing

I'm just wondering, is it only me having a tough time hearing one of you? Rhey, I think? (Sorry, I'm still totally trying to figure out which voice is which :x). I can manage to hear her most of the time but it's quiet and I have to strain.
04 14 08 (UTC)
Thank you so much for your input! So glad you're enjoying our rambling.

And, um, yeah, that's me that you're having issues hearing. The thing is, we've tried to do as much as we can to make the recording go as smoothly as possible. It's a problem with either Skype, or more likely, my internet, which sucks. I'm really very sorry about this, but it's out of my hands. ;_;
04 13 08 (UTC)
Shirota Jun is Shirota Yuu's OLDER brother. Someone should get a batsu point.

Also, where can I see Jin's oxford commas?
04 13 08 (UTC)
Here, and we suspect he did it...unconsciously.
04 13 08 (UTC) - my questions! your answers!
1. yes ymmv = your mileage may vary and I meant that SOME people may find him hot as a student--not me--but he totally rocks the yakuza look, yum. I found that distracting--like why should I care that he becomes a better person by attending high school when he LOOKS so much better as a gangster? I guess I'm just shallow.

2. I think it's interesting that bozu-Koki is cute in dramas and yet tries to be menacing and gangsta in PVs and stuff. I think the blond hair now is a lot less distinctive -- I wonder if he will get more or less roles as a result.

3. Kashii Yuu was also in the 2nd Meitantei Conan live action movie with Oguri Shun. SHe was pretty good as the villainess in the fugly wig. It was kind of a nothing role but she definitely wasn't playing serious or strait-laced.


04 13 08 (UTC) - Re: my questions! your answers!
3. She wasn't really the villainess though. And yes, I was thinking of the same role. Actually, as I was listening to them, I was totally hoping SOMEONE would bring it up. XP
04 14 08 (UTC)
Rey, I so agree with you about ProDai. It was really painful to watch, Ken really bothered me. (As much as I like Yamapi) I couldn't get myself to like Ken. But I also agree about the SP, it made everything good ♥ Another drama I really really disliked was Dragon Zakura. Damn, the lawyer, I wanted to kill him. I hated that character so much! And then I had that same feeling, "ah well, I watched this many episodes already, might as well finish it DDD:" But he ruined the whole drama for me.

Edited at 2008-04-14 12:10 am (UTC)
04 24 08 (UTC)
Ahahahaha, I'm also on the ProDai SP love boat. :D It was a spectacular ending to a less than good ending drama. I'm glad they made it that way, otherwise, it'd've been really pissy to have an SP that had no importance whatsoever. :DDD As for Dragonzakura... The lawyer was pretty annoying in retrospect. But I did love the lessons taught. So fascinating. :DDDDD Too bad that he ruined the drama for you though.
04 14 08 (UTC)
Congrats on the nine weeks! :) And I think that you should keep the funny comments in the posts. They are rather entertaining! XD And oh, Rhey, your crappy computer. When will it decide to obey and do what it is supposed to.

And the Jin scan is from May 2008's Wink Up.
04 24 08 (UTC)
Ooooh thank you!!! :DDD I can't believe how long it's been since we started this! I didn't think so much time had passed, but apparently I was wrong. Man. I can't believe we were even able to keep it started! *____________________* I'm so happy. :DDD

Yeah. You tell her computer. :\\\\\ Thing needs to work better. XP
04 14 08 (UTC)
Hey ladies~ ^^

Something I wanted to point out, was what someone, I sadly can't remember who since even after 9 episodes I still can't fully remember whose voice belongs to who, anyways..
Oh right, when you were talking about Osen a little bit, one of you said drama as dramen.
I thought it was pretty funny so I wanted to mention it.

You were talking about your least favorite dramas in the letter segment this week, and I wanted to mention how I actually don't have a least favorite drama. For some reason I've loved every single drama I've seen so far, and didn't dislike a single one.

I dunno why this suddenly popped into my head, but I think it would be fun if you ladies discussed who in Johnny's you thought looks best and worst with blonde hair.

Personally I can only think of about 2 people, possibly 3 who can pull it off really well. Those being: Junno, Koki and Akun from QUESTION? though you don't really see his blonde hair very much so he might not count. xD There might be more..but I can't think of anyone else right now. xD
And as much as I love Ueda..he didn't look as great as a blonde. Though there are a few exceptions to that, like when he performed Love in Snow.
04 14 08 (UTC)
Oh also, I miss the funny comments you add to the entry, because that just makes listening to what your talking about all the more fun! ^^
04 14 08 (UTC)
Wah, another great episode! :DDD I really liked the pudding = youth, hee. I can't wait until you talk about the last few episodes now~~ Ooh, and I can't wait to hear what the next drama will be! As for a question, you've done favourite drama and least favourite drama, but only favourite song-- so what are your least favourite JE songs?
04 24 08 (UTC)
Eeeee, thank you thank you. :DDDDD We totally answered your question, which I think you already know, but yay! :DDDD On that note, what's yours actually? :D (Just for curiosity's sake.)
04 14 08 (UTC)
heeeeeeeeeeey. Is it certain that I'm getting a batsu point? >.> Didn't you ASK for ppl to say if I should get one? XPPPP *trying to remain the only one that has zero points* Plus, I heard that myself and was hoping nobody would notice. lolol. We're all too observant.
04 14 08 (UTC)
It was completely random that I noticed it as well. For some reason my Zen automatically synced with the jepcast folder (I still haven't figured out why that happened) and I noticed I had that ep when I was running errands so I started listening. If it weren't for my computer becoming all possessed and stuff, you might have gotten away with it.
04 15 08 (UTC)
Sho looks good in a suit. And in red. But please, not in a red suit. :D (Then again, he looks good shirtless, too, I'd bet. Not that we have a lot of those around, but yeah, he does allow peeks with his biceps, which is quite an eyeful already.)

Korean fangirls are nuts. Like, so passionate. I'd probably react the same way in my worst moments, but I don't think I'd go overboard. I like Pi, but he doesn't quite have that go-nuts effect on me. :D

But I could only imagine what YamaPi must've felt, overwhelmed. I mean, in comparison with his Japanese fanbase?

Nagase is the type of actor who's like....Jim Carrey? Like he's ready and willing to look silly and nutty and un-cool, or un-Johnny's, if you may. I don't really imagine MatsuJun or YamaPi going all....silly. Nagase can pull off that 'everyman' role. He's very good.

I think Koki is one of the better actors in his generation, and in JE, too. Acting the stupid sidekick on this one, I dunno, I think he actually shone and stole some scenes. Byakkotai is one of his few roles that made a mark on me. I thought he was pretty good on that.

And YAY! You're on iTunes!!!!!!!!!!! that makes things soooo much easier for me. lolz THANK YOU!

04 24 08 (UTC)
Sho looks really good shirtless. *____________________* Oh, and in a suit. Definitely in a suit. *_______________*

lolol! Yes!!! Idk about the comparison to Jim Carrey, but I definitely agree that Nagase'll move out there and completely make a fool of himself, no matter what, to sell a role, and that's good for him. :DDD Very ambitious for someone who's a Johnny's boy. :DDDD

So glad the iTunes made it easier for you!!! :DDD Thanks so much for your comment! :DDD So much love~ <3
(Deleted comment)
04 16 08 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
04 17 08 (UTC)
I have a question about iTunes. I found you there but the newest and only episodes seems to be number 7. Will the others follow? And will the new episodes be there as soon as they are available here?

And congratulation on being on iTunes. :)
04 17 08 (UTC)
That's not us or itunes, it's our webhost. For some reason it takes absolutely forever for it to update the rss feed. I really don't know what to say except that we have to be patient.

I'm also working on getting our own domain and hosting so once I do, this will no longer be an issue. For now, I suggest just direct downloading as usual and we'll flail excitedly at you when we do have our own domain set up and you can take that as a cue to go back to itunes. :D

Thanks for listening!!!
04 18 08 (UTC) - Yay! I made it before the next episode is recorded!
First off, I agree with everyone else bring back the funny episode summaries! Those were great fun, and I don’t think they were so extensive that they were lengthening too much. But then, I leave grotesquely long comments, so I’m probably not the best judge of that.

Oh Kami. Leave for one episode, and you get so much abuse. I love and miss you.

“Excuses janai!”
I’m glad I’m not the only one who says things like that. Codeswitching, ftw! :D

Now that I’ve professed my love for Kami, I have to agree that she gets a batsu point. Sorry Kamika, I batsu because I love.

That was the most depressing moment of silence where Kamika was supposed to be as you were indroducing yourselves!

Osen = The Drama With Uchi In It (TM)
And I think Takki & Tsuba makes perfect sense.

Okay, this is kind of driving me mad. What was that sound at 11:13? It was the most fortuitously-timed sound effect, whatever it was. “I was about ready to kill myself.” *funky water-dropish sound*

Oh Rhey, you must be so disappointed about the lack of blac jokes. But you’ll certainly be able to console yourself with so many opportunities to work cannibals and the phrase ‘lovejuice’ into conversation.

“And apparently Jin is in the habit of using Oxford commas when writing in English, which is cool.”
There are no words to describe the love I have for you for saying that, Rhey. No words. That was just superlatively awesome, and I will now love you forever.
Jin used unconsciously very well, but now I have this image of him sleepwalking to the conbini to buy cigarettes. He wakes up in the morning wondering how he suddenly got a full pack again, then it doesn’t bother him, because at least he has something to smoke.

I think it makes a lot of sense to send Sho since he’s fluent in English and all. Saves a lot of money on translators.

You make an interesting point about how this probably would have been a non-issue if there hadn’t been so many fancams. I hadn’t even thought about that, but you’re probably right. Though I have to laugh extensively at the idea of an army of angry fangirls invading Korea armed with uchiwas and sparkly pitchforks.

Oh! I have something that I would love for you to talk about in relation to My Boss, My Hero. The music. I’m kind of maa maa on the dorama itself, but I’m a really big fan of the music. There’s the Ennio Morricone style of music straight out of his spaghetti westerns, so there’s the dual feel of westerns and Italy (naturally invoking the mafia) during the mafia sequences. Then there’s the “Here Come a Hero” song for his kind of comic book victory moments, and then the theme song by Tokio, which I don’t understand, but it’s catchy nonetheless. I would be interested in hearing what you guys liked and/or noticed about the music; I think it’s my favorite part of the show.

Thanks for starting up the summaries! I find them quite helpful.

Ok, do we dole out batsu points for wrong words? Peyton, darling. The word is vehemently, not venemently. Ladies? What do you think? Obviously I have no goal other than advancing the batsu game, because I have that S side to me. Muahahahaha.

I agree about the school uniforms!!! They are so hideous. I think Nagase is fairly ikemen in general (like from an objective point of view), but the school uniforms do nothing for anyone involved.

“The Evolution of the Koki Bozu” needs to be a magazine article or something. And I agree that the current hairstyle is sooo much better than the previous dirty one.

WHAT?!?! She’s 19?! She totally looks like she’s trying to play a 30-year-old. That’s so strange to have someone of that age playing older. I wonder how much of that mature look is due to her acting and wardrobe and stuff and how much is just natural, because her age would make me think that she ought to have been hired as one of the students.
04 18 08 (UTC) - I swear this is not 3 comment boxes long
The whole discussion of First Love was awesome. I’m so glad you’ve read it Jennie, because that’s really interesting to know. And now I’m going to have to read it. Listen to JEP Cast, get a book list! It should be your new slogan.

Re: seeing places that we know in tv shows
I get really excited at even the thought that I know the places that they’re talking about on tv. I really like the show NCIS, and it’s supposedly set in Washington DC, where I used to go to school, so I’ll listen for places that I know. One time, they were supposedly at these cross-streets that were literally blocks away from my school, but it was so NOT those cross-streets. I was yelling at the tv the whole time, “That is not Wisconsin & M!!!” I think they diffused a bomb in that scene, but I don’t really remember, because I was much more focused on the fact that it was not right. Somehow I doubt they have that problem as often in Japan.

Does anyone else find the relationship between Makki and Umemura just a little creepy? I mean, he’s 10 years older than her, she’s not even legal, and here he is going all doe-eyed over her, and how she represents his youthful longings. It feels vaguely Lolita to me (minus the relatedness of the two and the actual sex that made that relationship soooo inappropriate) and just creepy.

That was the first thing that I noticed about the hose scene too! Maybe that was part of his disguise to not have his super!yakuza strength. The Clark Kent to his Superman, as it were. Yeah, I know, totally out there, but that’s what you get for trying to make some of these things even minorly related to reality.
“It’s a very beautiful scene, it’s just not…realistic in any sense of the word.”
That is such a beautiful and almost catch-all explanation for so many Japanese doramas. Well played, Jennie!

Also, for some reason this reminded me. The English teacher! This is something like the first English teacher I’ve seen in a Japanese dorama that can actually speak English. I kind of love him, even though we’ve seen all of two seconds of him, but his accent and his dorkiness is A+ to me.

I love how you all call him Sakura-nantoka even though Sakurakoji is actually more compact.

I lean towards the pudding being representative of youth also. The only reason I’m not entirely sold on pudding=youth is that Makki gets the pudding at home too. Kazuya prepares and brings him pudding all the time. So it almost seems like the pudding might represent something else too. I’m thinking something like goals/future. At home, Makki’s given all his goals and he achieves them very easily and he knows the path he’s going on, and that’s it, end of story. But then he suddenly sees a pudding he can’t have handed to him, so he’s experiencing different goals and things he wants to achieve for himself and how he has to learn how to work towards goals and a future in a way he’s never had to before. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but I hope you can kind of understand what I’m going after.

I had a hard time getting through 1 Litre of Tears too, not because it was bad but because it was such high emotion, and I would be so worn out. Poor Jennie. *hugs from afar*

Bambina sounds like the dorama equivalent of a horrible traffic accident. You stare because you can’t bear to look away. You think it can’t possibly get worse; it must get better, and then it doesn’t.

I get a shoutout(ish)! By the way, I’m still waiting for answers about the Tin Yangle thing, yo.
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