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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[108] The One Where Tego Loves Tom And Massu Is H 
04 28 10
仁 → three past four in the morning
Title: The One Where Tego Loves Tom And Massu Is H
Running Time: 60:02
Size: 28.8 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Rhey and Kami~

 O P E N I N G

          ▪ SMAPxSMAP SP
               ▪ SMAP's love stories sound more like horror stories.
               ▪ Kusanagi, Kimura, and Kitagwa (Keiko) get into a love triangle.
               ▪ Kusanagi chases after unavailable, married women.
               ▪ Kusanagi falls for his bff's girl.
               ▪ Kusanagi is a sucker, poor guy.

 N E W S

          ▪ Shingo to be Japan team cheerleader of fifa world cup 2010 [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Does Shingo actually play football?
          ▪ Tsuki no Koibito drama CM [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ Shinohara looks like she has more balls than Kimura (???)
          ▪ SP movie split into two parts [ 1, 2, 3, , 4, 5 ]
               ▪ First one will be released in October, next one in spring '11.
               ▪ Okada goes to the Philippines to study special martial arts.
               ▪ Okada is hot. Watch SP and see for yourselves. He does all stunts himself.
          ▪ Sho on Merengue no Kimochi, April 17 [ 1 ]
               ▪ SHAWN? SHERG? SHERENGUE?!
               ▪ Ponyo girl is clever. Sho has no fans.
               ▪ Sho's muscles are useless when arm wrestling. Even against girls.
               ▪ Sho's ANAN gets felt up.
          ▪ Sou Datta no ka Arashi-den, April 17 [ 1 ]
          ▪ Monster Performance from Arashi-den [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
               ▪ Choreography is so intense! Similar to Truth.
               ▪ Does this song have a halloween feel?
          ▪ Ohno on Gurunai, April 22 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Lol, awkward high fives?
               ▪ ARASHI VS TAICHI!!
               ▪ Ohno fails at this. He doesn't go out much to eat?
               ▪ Nino knows how to pinch his pennies.
          ▪ Moshi mo Kono Sekai kara OO ga Nakunattara [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
               ▪ Are Tego and Massu telling us they're in love...?
               ▪ What is an "idoling stop"?
               ▪ Tego loves Tom. Massu is a giant H(entai).
          ▪ Tegomass no Ai minialbum [ 1 ]
               ▪ CHEETAH GORILLA ORANGUTAN!!! Quite awesome, very different.
               ▪ chuchuchu is also really cute.
               ▪ Everything else is pretty generic, but not bad. Standard TegoMass stuff.
          ▪ Tegomass no Ai DVD portion [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ We still hate the Tanabata Matsuri song.
               ▪ Seriously, these two are huge failures as MCs.
               ▪ TegoMass admit to being jealous of KoyaShige's chatterbox skillz.
          ▪ Heyx3, April 19 [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ WHY DO THEY HAVE TO MESS WITH TEGO'S HAIR?!!??!
               ▪ Tego really cannot draw for shit. He even makes Massu's drawings look good.
          ▪ Music Station, April 23 [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ MISO FUCKING SOUPU.
               ▪ Massu complains Tego never invites him anywhere.
     KANJANI 8
          ▪ Subaru in a minor car accident [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
               ▪ Police blame the weather. Again.
               ▪ "It was storming outside; I felt it was only appropriate [to kill]."
               ▪ Does Subaru drive a Subaru? Yeah, we went there.
          ▪ Kansai Johnny's Jrs. Concert [ 1 ]
               ▪ Yay for Kansai Juniors. But will Nakayama Yuma be there...?

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N

          ▪ What is your impression of Kanjani 8's Yasuda Shota?
               ▪ Listener responses from ceylon_miko and melodyprower11.
               ▪ Yasu has a unique sense of fashion. Gives Massu a run for his money.
               ▪ Yasu is cute and adorable and lovable and can pull off being blond.
               ▪ Yasu can switch it up and be badass with black hair, too.
               ▪ Yasu & Subaru, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-S-I-N-G...
Next week's question: What is your impression of NEWS' TEPPEN PV?

  C L O S I N G

          ▪ Yamapi's face is made out of plastic bottles and challenging world records...(?)

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
KAT-TUN's LOVE YOURSELF ~kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki~ single.

Twitter: jepcast
Email: cast@jepcast.com
Skype: jepcast
04 30 10 (UTC)
Thank you guys for all the hardwork ~! :D

I would just like to share, that for the past year my sister and I have only been seeing each other during the weekends. And before, I would be the one who would used to update her on JE since she got the fandom from me initially. She's still not that familiar with LJ or LJ culture and she doesn't have any fandom friends apart from me. And so I decided to share also with her this wonderful podcast (despite thinking twice that she might be too young for the R-rated things you guys discuss :)) ) But so far. She's been fairly amused and happy :D In some way, I thank jep_cast by keeping my little sister company in my place ( in terms of fandom at least) :)) It's also great that we have conversations about our comments about your show too :) <3

lol. Teppen PV. Song itself reminds me of aliens for some reason. I completely forgot already how it lead to that. Haha. Of course they have to show "innocent" teens playing with water (and doing pretty much games that don't need water). Also love the beach feel. Oh 9 member NewS, you are so ancient :))
04 30 10 (UTC)
My name is really Sara-A-B-87 it just doesn't show up on livejournal that way as it shows up as just one word.

The Teppen PV is really good. The clothes are much much better in this PV (unlike the rather hideous clothing from the Kibou Yell PV) and the clothes fit the summer theme really well. Yamapi and all the members are cute and look like they are having a good time. The dance performed in the water is interesting. Overall this a great, fun and cute PV that I recommend to everyone to watch.
04 30 10 (UTC)
I have to say, I do adore this PV, for many reasons. TEPPEN as a song is nice, but the PV really makes it. What is better then watching cute boys play in the water? xD; I also really like the lighting effects later on in the PV. The PV for TEPPEN also now has a huge nostalgia factor attached to it. It's such a nice snap shot of NEWS with all 8 members. I love seeing chibi Tegoshi and former members Uchi and Kusano. I feel like this PV is of a happier time, a more innocent time. On it's own the PV is just great fun though.
05 01 10 (UTC)
For the first ten seconds of this video I thought "Oh my God they're going to make out with each other!!!". Then for the next four minutes and thirteen seconds I thought "Oh this is a sports video. That's what all that frolicking was about. I was certain they were going to make out".

So then I realized that I had my own cultural prejudices of what a sports video (as in filled with big overly competitive jocks) should look like and watched it again. I actually like this PV. The song is really good and the video keeps up the pace and energy well. And it's always nice to see all eight members of NEWS. I only had one complaint and that was them doing everything in shallow water. It was kind of distracting and basically the reason for my first reaction. All in all though it was a pretty fun video that had a little something for everyone.
05 06 10 (UTC)
The drama that the ponyo girl and Sho starred in was The quiz show
The woman who felt up the Anan cover is Nagasawa Masami
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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