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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#8] The One With The Nonexistent Parabola 
04 06 08
仁 → three past four in the morning
Welcome back for the eighth episode of JEPcast! Recorded on April 5th, with all four hosts, Jennie/jadedfrenzy, Kamika/tinyangl, Peyton/ginzarhapsody, and Rhey/4_03_am. This one’s just a bit over an hour (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of rambling). Enjoy!

The One With The Nonexistent Parabola
Running Time: 01:05:34
Size: 30.0 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF
Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

 - Peyton admits to have made another mistake.

JE News (04:06)
   - CHANGE starting late, May 12th
   - Miyake Ken starring in a Broadway production about WWII, Stalag 17
       - Japanese actors playing Americans and Germans?
Kinki Kids: 244 Endli-x
   - Kurikaesu Haru single and PV.
       - Haru Namida is popular with the masochistic hosts of JEPcast for the stabbed-in-the-gut feelings it induces.
   - Matsujun to appear in LA for The Hidden Fortress Premiere.
       - C3PO pops up in feudal Japan, and crying fangirls with uchiwas at serious Q&A sessions piss off MatsuJun.
Kanjani 8
    -BJ performance in Janiben: youtube | download
       - We are never gonna let this BJ thing die. BJ, YAY!
    -New Single, Don't U Ever Stop: one | two | three
       - After making you wet, what does Koki plan to do with his new solo? Smack some bitches while sipping the Courvoisier? Werd. Also, Taguchi Junnosuke has been replaced by his doppelganger, Taguchi Shunnosuke, in KAT-TUN.
   - Gokusen 3 Preview: one | two
       - Peyton cannot stop flailing.

Drama Talk (29:31): My Boss My Hero Episodes 1-3
  - We are so overwhelmed by The Pretty and their Love Triangle that blank air and long moments of silence are all we can produce as reactions.
  - Koki is so adorable. We’re on the Koki!love!train. Woowoo!
  - The math major in Kamika has complaints regarding the so called “beautiful parabola” in episode one, that was more like a straight frickin line.
  - We analyze school administrative figure stereotypes in dramas.
  - Addition with fractions as romanticism of the separation between parent and child.

Letters Segment (53:00)
  - What are our favorite dramas?
      - Kimura Takuya makes your uterus drop while Rhey gets herself a batsu point for bursting into song with I Was Born to Love You.


Thanks to the brilliant manonpikamishi for providing us with music, as always. ♥

Thank you for your amazing feedback, you guys. We really love to hear from our listeners, so keep the comments coming! You can just drop us a line here at the post, or feel free to e-mail us anytime at jepcast@gmail.com.

Also, we’ve set up a temporary RSS feed for the podcast before we are fully registered on iTunes. It can be found here for subscription. We’ve also uploaded this week’s episode as streaming audio, so you can listen without downloading, if you like. (Removed due to technical problems.)

Thanks for tuning in this week. We hope you’ve enjoyed. Don’t forget to come back next week for episodes 4-7 of My Boss My Hero!
04 06 08 (UTC)
I haven't listened to this yet (I'm actually still on episode four, I think, haha), but, first off: I love you guys. You (plural, of course) are fantastic and this was seriously the best idea ever. Also, I find that you all have very nice voices. :) Plus, for the first three episodes that I listened to fully, there were times when I was seriously shaking with laughter. So thanks for that.

But, um, yeah. I was just scrolling by and I saw that the Gokusen 3 preview was linked to AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT. I really want to know if the tension is gang tension (it totally looked like there was gonna be brawlin' or something to that effect) or something else DUN DUN DUNNNNN! Plus! Miura Haruma is going to be in and his hair is looking quite lovely. ACTUALLY, HE'S JUST LOVELY IN GENERAL. (Sorry. Whenever I see something even remotely related to him-- not that Gokusen isn't relevant, but you know-- I always have to do a little pimping for some reason, haha.)
04 16 08 (UTC)
We're so glad you're enjoying!! And that you like us (you really like us!) :DDDD Also, that you find us funny. lolol. Hope you'll be able to catch up and enjoy more of our episodes! :DDDD

(p.s. OHMYGOD, YOUR ICON. DIGIMON. A;LSDKFJASLFJ SO CUTE. I know exactly where that's from too!!!! *feels like such a lamebrain*)
04 06 08 (UTC)
I love listening to you guys, it make me want to flail along. I'm glad you talked abt your favourite dramas cos I'm definately gonna pick up Orange Days now and maybe rewatch Sapuri and try to put away my Itoh Misaki discrimination.

Drools at Ryo's shop photos..

btw, the live audio streaming thing was kinda messed up for me, it was playing at twice the speed so u guys sounded like really excited chipmunks..lol.so I dl instead.
04 06 08 (UTC)
Gah, I am so fail. I can't seem to find any way of fixing the streaming audio, so I've just removed it. Thanks for the heads up.

I'm sure tinyangl and ginzarhapsody will be highly pleased to know their fangirling's made an impact. Thanks for listening!
04 06 08 (UTC)
This ep was hilarious ^_^ Ya'll are awesome!

I dunno why, but whenever I see Tsuyoshi, I want to pinch his cheeks! He's just so adorable!!!...I think I'll call it Chronic I Wanna Pinch Tsuyoshi's Cheeks Syndrome (CIWPTCS). Ignore that. ^_^

About Koki's solo 'Blac Joke', when I first saw it I was like "omgwtf *offended*" j/k ^_^ But seriously, that is just a weird name for a song O_o...I actually kinda want it to be about hoe slappin' and booty shakin'. ^_^

04 16 08 (UTC)
lolol! It's really too bad (or is it a good thing?) that Koki's solo is no longer Blac Joke. Although, if it had been, I would've expected it to be something like that. (Or rather, hoped he would live up to our expectations of it, anyway. lolol.)
04 06 08 (UTC)
Pride is my favorite drama too. Actually my top 10 are mostly KimuTaku dramas. I swear I'm not biased XD
04 16 08 (UTC)
Well, to be fair, KimuTaku's an amazing actor. ....Says the one who's only seen Pride (of all his works) and I adored that drama as well. :DDDD So nobody's faulting you~~
04 06 08 (UTC)
Lol, still downloading it, but I just wanted to say that you guys rock.^^ Na, something to look forward to now that my spring break is over and I'll rely on you every week to get the latest news.^^ lol Thank you! ♥
04 16 08 (UTC)
Hee!! Thanks so much for listening~ And we hope you enjoy the news we bring you! (Although, I suggest also paying following jesummary because it's much more comprehensive than we ever could be. lol)
04 06 08 (UTC)
I so shouldn't be listening to this right now. Way too much homework. But really quickly...

Blowing Journey doesn't sound that much better than BJ. If it had been called that from the start it would have been fine, but now... And I love how this keeps getting mentioned in every episode. BJ discussions and taking the love train with Koki seem to pop up everywhere in your podcasts. Not that I'm complaining.

Koki's single really does need to be something extremely gangsta. I think we would all be disappointed if it weren't. But I'm surprised you didn't mention KAT-TUN's tour in the news segment. We can blame it on Shunno. ;)

So what are the rules for the Dream Boys drinking game anyways?

I like how you guys are all too excited to actually talk about MBMH. LOL. I'm going to be disappointed if the principal at my school in Japan doesn't spend all his time gardening.

Thanks for using my question again! Orange Days sounds interesting. Might have to check that one out.

So now that I know your favorite dramas, who is your favorite JE actor? Or maybe, who do you think is the best actor in JE?

And finally, shirtless Ryo with a guitar needs to be available in large poster format.

This episode was great, as always! You guys are really amusing to listen to. Thanks!
04 16 08 (UTC)
*laughs* Homework, shomework? :DDDD

LOL, well, talking about BJ is just way too fun! (I was totally about to write "BJs" and then had to backtrack because that sounds massively dirty.) I think the taking the love train is just going to be our joke from now on. We can't get off it. ... *rim shot*

Ahahahaha, we didn't mention KT's tour or Kanjani8's tour really. XPPPP I think it was more of the thought that we had so much news to discuss already that we couldn't cram those in. (And we (aka, me) wondered how much discussion that would bring. Other than, I wish I was in Japan. XP)

LOLOL. If it happens, you should totally let us know. Then we can tell if these things are rooted in fact or if the creators just like this stereotype.

YES!!!! You totally should. I recommend it whole-heartedly.a sdlfkajslfk Like lots. :DDDD ...As though that wasn't obvious enough in the podcast itself. lolol.
04 06 08 (UTC)
alksjkl I just spent this entire podcast trying to distinguish your voices from each other. D: I think I've got Jennie and Kamika down, but for some reason I mix up Peyton's and Rhey's voices at random moments. lkafjld I swear I'm not a stalker. D: I just like to recognize people's voices.

Now I want to buy Don't U Ever Stop, and I don't even like KAT-TUN.
04 16 08 (UTC)
lolol! That's not stalkerish at all! It's totally better when you actually know who's talking, I think. I'm actually surprised you got Jennie's instead of Rhey's. A lot of people mix up Jennie's and Peyton's so... This was interesting. :DDDD Hope you'll eventually be able to!
04 06 08 (UTC)
Hey Ladies~ ^^

Hehe when one of you mentioned a 'space ship' early on in the show, I immediately went NEWS! Because I thought of the NEWS NIPPON pv for some reason. Yeah thats an example of what Johnny's have done to my brain. xDD
Yasu's outfit in the BJ performance was sooo awsome, I flailing so much over how cute he looked..and I actually didn't even make a Massu connection until you guys mentioned it. Even though I've actually written a fic that has the both of them and their love for strange clothing in it. xDDD
God Koki's solo title..I just about died laughing when I read it. I totally think it'll be like Make U Wet..except way dirtier and with lots of funny as hell engrish. xDD

When you were talking about Junno's solo, one of you mentioned how it reminded you of Aiba, and I actually didn't think of that. I thought of a Golf & Mike song thats called 'Boku no Basho' (My Place in english), and I just started laughing at that.

Oh oh! I too thought of Finland when they said the name of that guys punch in MBMH! xDD
04 16 08 (UTC)
lololol. Oh NewS Nippon. That PV was so weird. But ♥♥

It's really too bad (or good) that Koki's solo title is no longer Blac Joke. lolol. If it had been, I'd've expected the same thing you did. lolol I'd've been disappointed if it'd been otherwise.

LOL. Jennie's probably pleased to know she's not the only one!!
04 07 08 (UTC)
you know what's sad, my computer broke (i'm on my friends phone)
so i cant download this *tear*
but when i get it fixed this is the first thing I am downloading. =D
04 16 08 (UTC)
Awwww!!! I hope your computer's okay! *frowns* Your computer breaking has got to be the suckiest thing ever. >.
04 07 08 (UTC)
I'm listening to you guys right now and I have my last.fm scrobbing on. Apparently, you guys have a page on last.fm! :D


Maybe you guys should insert a description / profile thing. :)
04 16 08 (UTC)
LOL seriously?! That's insane. I might just do it, if I get out of my laziness, I mean, when I get the chance. :DDDDD
04 07 08 (UTC)
Hey Jepcast!

In episode four, you guys were discussing Arashi's newest album and someone really wanted MatsuJun to have the solo entitled "Naked". His solo is indeed Naked and I was wondering if you could discuss it. And whoever wanted it, could they please identity herself since she sounded really excited last time.

You guys are doing a really awesome job. I listen to segments of this on the bus to school every morning and it really cheers up my morning. Keep up the great job!

04 16 08 (UTC)
LOL ohmygod! I remember us talking about that! I can't remember who exactly said it, but I do remember us saying what the fans wanted and that, I think, Peyton relayed the fact that they think MatsuJun's solo was Naked. I'm glad to see fans were right! lolol!

Since the album will be released on the 23rd, we're going to put off talking about the songs until then. But stay tuned for that! :DDDD

Thanks so much for listening~~~ And we're so glad you enjoy! :D
04 08 08 (UTC)
I meant to comment on MBMH earlier (like, before you got started on it) but here are my desired points of discussion:

1. Is Nagase actually hot as a school boy? I don't think so. YMMV.
2. What point is this on the evolution of Koki's bozu arc?
3. Just how old are Tegoshi and Kashii Yuu here? And why is she playing a frumpy 30 year old?

I will go listen to the podcast later today!

love to you all ;-p
04 16 08 (UTC)
Thanks so much for the questions! We totally love it when people give us the questions to answer. :DDD (makes our job a bit easier. *giggles*)
(Deleted comment)
04 14 08 (UTC)
YOU ROCK. Orange Days was such an awesome drama. ♥♥♥ I'm so glad someone else sees the awesomeness I do. :DDDD
04 08 08 (UTC)
Wah, this is amazing, as usual! I loved hearing about My Boss, My Hero. :D Ah, but what were those dramas you all said were your favourites/you would reccomend? I want to check them out but I can't remember what they were, eep. Can't wait until the next show!! :DD
04 08 08 (UTC)
Yay, so glad you're enjoying! :Dv The dramas we mentioned were the following:

Rhey -- Nobuta wo Produce.
Kamika -- Orange Days.
Peyton -- Sapuri.
Jennie -- Pride.
04 12 08 (UTC)
yea! i got a new computer, yea... seven days after i break one XD but i am going to download this one and the one that comes out tomorrow too. awesome job.
04 16 08 (UTC)
Yay!!! I just responded to your other comment, lolol, but I'm glad you have a working computer! (lolol, be hopeful! Your computer will totally last past that!) I hope you enjoy both~ ♥♥
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