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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[103] The One Where Kissing is Dame Dame 
03 24 10
news - yamapi/exclamation mark
Date: 2010-03-21
Running Time: 1:13:36
Size: 33.6 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: All 3 hosts!

 O P E N I N G ( 0 0 : 3 0 )

          ▪ No opening this week! Just straight to news.

 N E W S ( 0 1 : 5 9 )

          ▪ Johnny's teams up with Hunan TV [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ "I hope they're not fornicating on television." "Not if they're between the ages of 16 and whatever."
               ▪ "...It was obviously someone's fanart taken from online."
               ▪ Why make a new group instead of debuting all those undebuted juniors? o.o
          ▪ Matchy's Zanbara Single, Feb. 22 [ 1 ]
               ▪ "I remember Kami foaming wanting to see it and not being able to."
          ▪ Zatoichi the Last movie trailer [ 1 ]
               ▪ It is SO OBVIOUS what is going to happen to Ishihara Satomi at the end of this movie. Spoiler alert?
               ▪ "Sounds like a role that any of us would like to take." "Well said."
          ▪ Yamapi and Lily Franky on Bistro SMAP, March 15 [ 1 ]
               ▪ The whole thing was great, but the best part was that ending.
               ▪ "I think, he just... I don't even know! He just fell."
               ▪ lol Peyton learnt in this appearance that "southpaw" means being left-handed! Whoever said watching television wasn't educational? XD
               ▪ Lily Franky loves Yamapi's face!
               ▪ Yamapi proposed to Karina?!?!?!
          ▪ Kaibutsu-kun Cast [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ More than anything, Choi Hong Man playing Frankenstein tickles all of us. Perfect casting indeed.
          ▪ VVV6 to end [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ Johnny's shows fatalities? At the same time? So strange!
               ▪ "Whatever's left, half of it is Arashi. That's all you need to know."
          ▪ Shige to be on The Phantom of the Food with Nagano [ 1 ]
               ▪ "...essentially, the show's about food?"
               ▪ omg, Nagano/food!! Ultimate OTP!!!! ♥♥♥♥
     Tackey & Tsubasa
          ▪ Takki on Kuwazugirai, March 11 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Apparently, the lady playing against Takki's speciality is Tackey and Tsubasa.
               ▪ ...Um, two isn't exactly a streak, but it's better than constantly losing?
          ▪ Troublemaker Single Sales [ 1, 2 ]
          ▪ Award from Oricon [ 1 ]
               ▪ "Why is there an award for that?! That sounds like such a convoluted award."
          ▪ Ohno to appear in last episode of Tokujo Kabachi [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ "Any kind of practice they might've been doing for lines, I'm thinking they're sitting there playing Wii instead."
               ▪ "It's too bad Ohno's character isn't named Naruse." XD
               ▪ "Can you imagine KAT-TUN doing that (appearing in each other's dramas)?"
          ▪ Wagaya no Rekishi CM [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ "Kissing is definitely dame dame. Definitely." "Are you channeling Tackey & Tsubasa there?"
          ▪ Yamapi in Ashita no Joe movie [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
               ▪ This has been rumored for AGES, but now confirmed! Finally.
               ▪ "I guess he was so booked with his back-to-back getsukyuu dramas that he couldn't do it until now."
               ▪ THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: "What's he doing with his hair?"
          ▪ Koyama becomes a newscaster [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
               ▪ Koyama's a level 4 certified in sign language! TOO COOL. :DDD
               ▪ "NTV is really pursing this... like in terms of bringing JE and news together at the same time."
          ▪ Tegoshi gets into a car accident [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ "He thinks everything is going to yield to him."
               ▪ "There's no detail to report. It was just an accident."
          ▪ Sakura Girl PV [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
               ▪ "This is their best PV in a while. ...Then again, this is their only PV in a while."
               ▪ All three hosts like this PV! <3 And talk about what they like about it! (And what they dislike, because nothing is safe. XD)
               ▪ We talk on the storylines and how Ryo's seems a little different from everyone else's.
          ▪ Music Station, March 12 [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
               ▪ What the heck happened to the MCs? "Or maybe they didn't have anything to talk about."
               ▪ But the performance was cute! (Except someone strip Yamapi of that shirt and hat. :/)
          ▪ Mini-Album [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
               ▪ lol what the heck is a track named "Cheetah Gorilla Orangutan"?
               ▪ "Hey! KAT-TUN doesn't have the copyrights to that word."
          ▪ New shows added to tour [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ We speculate the additions for all the new shows. Smaller venues is a possibility.
          ▪ Kame in Shaver CM [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
               ▪ "Not really nude, though. We all saw it."
               ▪ "He has a never-ending supply of hair down there." ::LONG PAUSE::
               ▪ "Lily Franky would buy it if Yamapi was the one."
     Ikuta Toma
          ▪ Seaside Motel movie trailer [ 1 ]
               ▪ "Didn't you see the poster? It has everyone and their mom on it."
     Johnny's Jrs.
          ▪ New drama for Kansai Jrs. [ 1, 2, 3 ]
               ▪ "It sounds like the perfect situation for, I don't know, a yaoi manga or something."
          ▪ Nikkan Sports Awards [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
               ▪ We cry a little about who's winning over who. (Peyton even waxes on Toda Erika being up on Aragaki Yui.)
               ▪ "Maybe it'll be like a Ninkyo Helper situation where Code Blue'll get recognized elsewhere."
               ▪ "It's like comparing kiwi to celery." "Thank you for not using apples to oranges."
          ▪ YamaNade cast on Ousama no Brunch, March 13 [ 1, 2 ]
               ▪ "It looked like Seishiro is touching Kame's... area."
               ▪ "You know what, Tegoshi flew. He flew off his roof and hit his head on the ground."

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 0 : 0 0 : 0 0 )

          ▪ What are your thoughts/opinions on KinKi Kids' Kanashimi Blue PV?
               ▪ Listener comments from saraab87 and x5yn4k4x.
               ▪ ohmygod, Tsuyoshi actually looks hot in this.
               ▪ Peyton and Rhey talk about the performance of this song on Utaban, EVEN MORE HOTNESS. And KAT-TUN for Peyton's part. (Watch here!)
               ▪ The PV perfectly embodies the song~
          ▪ Next week's question: What are your thoughts/opinions on Tackey & Tsubasa's Venus PV?

Songs used in this week's podcast are from
KinKi Kid's J album.

Twitter: jepcast
Email: cast@jepcast.com
Skype: jepcast
03 25 10 (UTC)
Just a word on the Hunan TV thing: I'm pretty sure you have it right in the final analysis - the group will be managed by Johnny's when in Japan, and by eeMedia when in China (eeMedia and Hunan TV are owned by the same company, so a lot of talent that's signed to eeMedia is on Hunan TV). Also, I haven't watched the entire Day Day Up episode yet (it's a regular Friday night show called Day Day Up, and the special is "Road to Asia"), but I think when they show the pictures they're just describing the groups. One of them goes on to say that he likes Arashi and... someone whose name I've yet to learn in kanji, apparently. ;)
03 25 10 (UTC)
Okay so I watched it all (after the 40 minute mark they switch topics) and basically, they start out talking about the contest, setting out the rules, showing examples of jpop groups. One of the hosts is Japanese, and they bring out his brother, who then acts as a translator for the next guests: six dancers and a choreographer. They've all worked with Johnny's groups before, and they ask the choreographer (who says he's worked for all of them from Shounentai to now, except SMAP) which of all the Johnny's he's worked for are the most naturally gifted and who are the most hardworking: the answers are the same, Arashi and T&T. They also make a lot of jokes about buying everything with credit cards in Japan... anyway, then the choreographer goes through the types of dances that were popular in the 80s, 90s, 00s, and now, and then the host go on to guess what the future of dance will be. Then they bring out these kids who are Japanese basketball dancers or something, they dance with basketballs and soccer balls. It wasn't very interesting but the dancing was cool and them talking about how it was their first time in China etc was cute. I skipped past a lot of dancing bit since I'm watching at work, but they get some people on stage to dance as well, it's amusing and embarrassing in that way only China can be. It was mildly entertaining, but the best bits came if you understood both languages and both pop culture backgrounds/customs (ie how variety shows are structured, what's expected of an entertainer, etc). Which I'm fortunate enough to do!

PS, the source for the aramatheydidnt post originally translated 街球少年 as "trainees", which some people mistook for juniors, but I'm thinking that it's the basketball dancer guys. So... JE fandom can stop shitting themselves that Johnny's picking some Chinese kids over Kiss-My-Ft or whatever.
03 25 10 (UTC)


*spazzes* I already saw MastuJun... now Jin???? *faints*
03 25 10 (UTC) - Comment for PV of the week
You linked us to the spanish version of Venus, I assume you wanted us to listen to the Japanese version, which can be found here:


Happy 28th Birthday Tackey!

I love Tackey to bits and pieces so I might be a little biased here, but the Venus PV is excellent and its very catchy. It's definitely the kind of song that you can easily dance to. I like pretty much everything about this PV, the dance, the song, and all the effects in it, plus the variety of people. Unfortunately its not Avatar, but you have to consider the year this was made in as well.
03 26 10 (UTC)
I just watched the music station performance of kinki kids with kat-tun you've linked here.
I was kinda surprised...have never seen tsuyoshi with good hair since he tends
to have rather weird hair styling (which often don't suit him in my opinion) xD
But this (unusual normal) hair of him here suits him pretty well sun
03 27 10 (UTC)
I'm glad the PV reviews were well received but now I feel guilty that I haven't been commenting lately so here goes.

I like this PV a lot. I like that instead of making it a disco setting it's more like a house party with Tackey and Tsubasa bringing the whole world together one salsa at a time. Just like Ho Summer their dance moves are subtle but good and they look pretty nice in white. And unlike Avatar it's not 30 minutes too long.

I don't know Tackey and Tsubasa well and the only few times that I saw them they seemed to be the dark brooding type. With the past two videos I have much better impression of them.
04 01 10 (UTC) - sakura girl pv
I wanted to say my opinion concerning the sakura girl pv, because you didn't mention the reason why I don't like it very much...
It's blurry.
The colors are too light and it doesn't matter how good the actual quality of the video file is you watch, it always looks like it's low quality and this really annoys me (and a lot of other viewers as well it seems).
By the way, I've never thought that they should dance in this PV O.o
The walking scenes are really boring, the lip sync is awful, but dancing wouldn't fit either, I think xD
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