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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[093] The One Where Peyton Stands Alone 
01 04 10
sailor moon - ami/excellent
Date: 2010-01-03
Running Time: 51:08
Size: 23.4
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Peyton (that's right. only one host! O.O)

 O P E N I N G ( 0 0 : 3 1 )

               ▪ Artist You Want to Kiss [ 1 ]
               ▪ Um, Peyton's stuck doing the episode alone. Uh-oh. XD
               ▪ lol Peyton tries to ton down the Arashi hate! XD No surprise that all of Arashi is on the list.
               ▪ But very much surprise to Joshima from TOKIO on the list. At number three no less.
               ▪ And what the shit. Kimura Takuya at twenty-six? WHAT IS THAT.

 N E W S ( 0 7 : 1 5 )

          ▪ Akasaka Akira arrested for drugs again [ 123 ]
               ▪ ruh-roh. he may have to serve actual jail time since it's his second arrest. >.<
               ▪ Wise words from Peyton: "New year. Fresh year. You guys, come on. Quit the habit."

          ▪ Matchy's -MOTTO- single, Dec. 13 [ 1 ]
               ▪ "He's like going on his 30th anniversary of being a JE and his sound is still like when he debuted."
               ▪ Not that that's a bad thing, because MOTTO is totally catchy. As Peyton demonstrates as she sings the chorus. lol

          ▪ Kimura's Space Battleship Yamato trailer [ 1 ]
               ▪ lol "It's like Star Trek for Japan, I feel like."
               ▪ ...And Peyton's so not shallow. "Wow, he's so hot." Guess who!

          ▪ Nagase admits relationship with Aibu Saki [ 1 ]
               ▪ Peyton was bummed about Nagase Tomoya/Hamasaki Ayumi breakup. Which she mentions again.
               ▪ "Yay, Nagase. Has girl."

          ▪ Tokudane, Dec. 29 [ 12 ]
               ▪ LOL PEYTON BLANKS ON OGURA-SAN'S NAME. (AKA the guy who hosts Arashi no Shukudai-kun with them!)
               ▪ oh man, Arashi had to rank themselves again--this time, who's the sexiest? Who has the biggest gap between real personality and image?
               ▪ Then they ask Ogura-san "who does he like the most in Arashi?" lol Which becomes manipulated to who hangs out with Ogura-san more!

     KANJANI 8
          ▪ GIFT takes top three on Oricon [ 123 ]
               ▪ Oh hay, our question is answered. The three are considered as separate entities!
               ▪ First time an artist takes the top three! Yay, Kanjani8!!! ♥

          ▪ Nakayama Yuma to guest 1st ep. of Hidarime Tantei Eye [ 12 ]
               ▪ lol We find out about Nakayama Yuma's appearance not through official word but through commercials/news clips.
               ▪ Awww, Nakayama/Yamada seem to have a good relationship. To the point that they have matching mullets!

          ▪ TOKIO Dream Challenge [ 12 ]
               ▪ SO COOL~~~~
               ▪ lol they have to drag Nagase into it kicking and screaming. no not really.
               ▪ Once again, Hina gets the short end of the stick and Taichi just calls him to ask him to rejoin their team. XD
               ▪ SPOILER WARNING: sadly, the Johnny's team lost again. 1-0. But that's not to say that the Johnny's team didn't work really, really hard.
               ▪ Even the Nadeshiko team was like, "we'd love to have you guys try to beat us again!" (never mind the slight insult there. lol)

          ▪ Kohaku [ 12345678 ]
               ▪ "I felt like the medley itself was a really good introduction to Arashi."
               ▪ ...NYC Boys had like strap-on lights around their waist or crotches or somewhere there.... Wow.
               ▪ In Peyton's opinion, in comparison, NYC Boys' performance pwned Arashi's performance!
               ▪ "But I was surprised, even Goro pulled it off!"
               ▪ lol It was all good until SMAP started singing. XD

          ▪ Johnny's Countdown 2009-2010 [ 1234567891011 ]
               ▪ Peyton feels like Countdown was better last year! ...However, she was actually watching it on television in Japan. (Her opinion should not count. XD Kidding kidding~)
               ▪ Favorite part! SONGS ROTATING WITHIN THE GROUPS!! :D
               ▪ Arashi performed Sukiyanen, Osaka, WITH EVEN THE SUN MICS. SO CUTE. ♥
               ▪ Reverse, Kanjani8 performed One Love! Such a shoddy job, but it's lovingly. So lol especially with Arashi watching on and K8 in their Eito Rangers outfits!
               ▪ OMGOMGOMG, TAKKI AND TSUBASA PERFORMED TOGETHER. It was fabulous seeing them together again! ♥
               ▪ Matchy performed MOTTO and the debuted groups were BACKDANCING for him. Hysterical.

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 4 4 : 2 0 )

          ▪ This week's question: What is your impression of TOKIO's Sorafune PV?
               ▪ Listener responses from boxberg, onsides, secretparanoia, aralana.
               ▪ Consensus seems to be that the song and the PV don't really match.
          ▪ Next week's question: What is your impression of Toraji Haiji's Fantastipo PV?

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01 05 10 (UTC)
Fantastipo, while not exactly the style of music I listen to, is really catchy. The use of "fantastipo" in the beginning was overkill though, as I watched the PV I had started to wonder whether or not the entire song would be them saying that. I enjoyed the song I guess, though I preferred the more "toned down" more lyrical parts as opposed to them chanting "fantastipo" and the louder parts. The PV really matches the song in my opinion; the song is flashy disco style, and the PV has all the glittery flashy lights, wild color schemes and like disco costumes, so they go perfectly together. Overall, the Fatastipo PV and song go well together, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch or listen to it again.

01 06 10 (UTC)
Peyton! You did a good job! I for one, don't mind listening to your voice, but I did miss Rhey and Kami.

I do not find KimuTaku attractive at all. Maybe he was in the 90's when he was young and (I hope) took better care to get proper hair cuts. There are much hotter JE boys now, but I'm biased.

About the Fantastipo PV, I don't really care about Taichi or Tsuyoshi, but I thought their voices went together well. Unfortunately I have a strong dislike for disco themed things so that didn't sit well with me. That aside, the PV and the song fit each other even though it was strange and weird. I didn't personally like it, but coming from JE I'm not surprised by it at all by this kind of PV. It's like a prequel to Fever to Future, kind of.
01 06 10 (UTC)
I thought you did a great job Peyton, you seemed a bit nervous in the beginning but it wore off pretty quickly. I definitely don't think your voice is annoying!

The Fantastipo PV admittedly will not be one of my favorites. You can clearly tell they were both singing/dancing in front of a green screen and WTH is Taichi wearing?!?! It looks like a cross between army camouflage and paint splatters! The 'armadillo' lettering in the beginning, did it have anything to do with the movie they were in or was it just random? Um... the hand movements at 2:20 was funny and for some reason the orange animal thing reminded me of Barney XD
I loved Tsuyoshi grinding at 3:20 :D and the hand movement at 3:52 with them hitting their forehead reminded me of NEWS' Summer Time PV ending! All in all a pretty crazy PV but I thought their voices went together really well.

01 08 10 (UTC)
I love the Fantastipo PV. I think it's really campy and fun. It seems like Taichi and Tsuyoshi are lovingly parodying the 70s, but also poking fun at themselves a bit. Is the disco theme related to the movie? I like the song as well and think it's very catchy, but the flashy music video distracts from the song a bit (however since the music video is fun, I don't think that is a bad thing).
01 09 10 (UTC)
the Fantastipo PV is epic XD and so is the song. So catchy and fun :D
Tsuyoshi and Taichi are perfect for this kinda thing.
& I swear, whoever made the PV was on crack. and it's AWESOME.
(i don't get what's with all the negative comments above...)
01 14 10 (UTC)
hi. actually this is my first time hearing jep cast. i dl the past 6 episodes in one go. i love this whole idea! i love je!

fantastipo pv was kinda cute i guess.at first it was kinda weird. i had the impression of disco.but i guess it kinda fits the song.

but sadly i have no idea wad the entire pv was about...

oh and keep up the good work!

i didnt think that ur voice was annoying but i guess its more fun with more hosts :)

01 15 10 (UTC) - Fantastipo PV
Oh wow... this was the first song I'd ever heard by anyone from KinKi Kids, and by the end I really liked it. The PV though kinda creeped me out. I mean, the dancing and colorful jacket was great, but what the hell was that bear/chipmunk/armadillo monster about?! Seriously. Almost creepier than a clown with a chainsaw. D:
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