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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#7] The One with Zombie!Jin's Missing Arm 
04 01 08
omgcp - jack
Special episode of JEPcast! This is our seventh episode hosted by Jennie, Kamika, and Peyton. Brought to you on the day of April 1, 2008. Unfortunately, Rhey couldn't join us once again, but hopefully she'll be joining us for our regular episode at the end of this week. Once again, we hope you can settle for our dorkiness~ ♥♥♥

The One with Zombie!Jin's Missing Arm
Running Time: 1:02:04
Size: 42.6 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

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Size: 28.4 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
- I am tiny angle. Just had to be re-emphasized, I suppose.
- Late breaking Johnny's Entertainment news!! (1: 37 start)
- For some strange reason, this episode is heavily NewS and KAT-TUN! We don't know how that could've possibly happened.
- NewS: Ryo's leaving NewS, and Toma's replacing him
     - Peyton doesn't want one of her three favorites in NewS to leave!
- NewS: The love story of Yamapi and Abiru Yuu: Senpai and Kouhai, Koki's ex-girlfriend | Matching Jewelry | Abiru's to blame for his lateness! | Awwww, nicknames! "Ouji" and "hime"~
     - Was Yamapi saying Jin's name on his jweb just a code for Abiru?
     - ...Could Yamapi call Ueda hime?!
     - If Nagano from V6 were to make a book with all the restaurants he'd been to, Yamapi would be so there.
- KAT-TUN: Jin got two underage girls pregnant.
     - We call out to Jin to stop with the party life. Intervention!
- KAT-TUN: Wait! KAT-TUN is splitting up?! K&Y, T2U, and AY
     - We do not approve of the name KY.
     - Jennie tries to make up for Rhey not being here.
- KAT-TUN: Another love story, K^4 (Kame and Koizumi Kyoko): The Backstory and the Beginning | Kame's not forbidden to be in a relationship | Kame introduced her to his parents | They went to Paris together! | And the Sad Ending
     - Kame stuffed his hands in his pockets in Paris to keep away pick-pocketers! Now that's a smart idea.
- NewS/KAT-TUN/Hey!Say!Jump: Koyama and Nakamaru leaving Shounen Club?!
     - Nakamaru calls Koyama "Kei-chan"~~ ...Koyama calls Nakamaru.... by his name?
- Drama Talk (21:14 start): PPOI Episodes 1-8!
     - Episode Download Links!
     - There's a three-o of stupid kids, according to Peyton.
     - Takki's just plain tacky.
     - Clapping wards away water. The things you learn~
     - Don't you just wanna be in their English class?
- Letter Segment (40:22 start):
     - You finally get to hear anamuan!!! She asks us to talk about our JE dreams and Jennie to analyze them!
     - Kami laments her lack of JE dreams. The corner of emo is a familiar friend.
     - Peyton, anamuan, and Koyama are in Peyton's dream. ...And in Jennie's, as well as Jin. ...Zombie!Jin.
     - We do our best our work!
     - Bow~chika~bow~wow~
     - Peyton abandons anamuan and Jennie for Koyama. Who is surprised? Really now.
- Closing:
     - Kami's phone ninjas its way into the podcast. (Just in case you wanted to know, the ring tone is Tegoshi's You~ World is Yours~)
- Thanks to manonpikamishi for providing us with music as always!


And keep the feedback rolling, you guys! We take them here in comments or at jepcast@gmail.com. We hope you enjoy this special episode! We thought we'd give you a little treat because of your collective awesomeness! So do keep the comments coming and pimp us out to your friends! Share our inherent goofiness with those you know. ♥♥ Come back again next week for My Boss, My Hero and all the other news we get from our favorite Johnny's boys.
04 01 08 (UTC)
04 16 08 (UTC)
THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. And this is not a late comment. I swear.
04 01 08 (UTC)
You know, if ourhour hadn't already scared me to death, this would have ♥

*goes to listen*

Edited at 2008-04-01 03:49 am (UTC)
04 01 08 (UTC)
Ahhh NEWS dreams! I've had a few too ♥ what does kissing a NEWS member mean? *hit*

This was awesome guys! Since I 'got it' before listening I was really able to enjoy it :3 I'm so impressed you guys got through the whole thing without giving it away at all! And the way you talked so seriously about those 'news' stories xDDD;

Oh and can we really do audio questions like that? Or was that a special thing?

Edited at 2008-04-01 04:47 am (UTC)
04 01 08 (UTC)
I read this and freaked...but then again...I remember hearing that rumor about Ryo last summer. It's an old rumor.*shrug*

Oh and Happy Birthday, btw ^_^
04 01 08 (UTC)
haha, I knew this sounded so odd!

It was still an entertaining episode~
04 01 08 (UTC)
♥ This is so awsome. I'm sooo commenting again when I'm done listening.

I was TOTALLY expecting something like this to happen, though it was subconciously. xDD
04 01 08 (UTC)
...Could Yamapi calls Ueda hime?!
typo. no 's' on 'call'

Jennie tries to make up for Rhey not being here.
to iu no wa, Jennie randomly bursts into song?

i haven't listened yet. but i'd forgotten i'm in it. (yes, apparently, i have the memory span of a goldfish. the file is still on my desktop) um. i'm almost afraid now.
04 01 08 (UTC)
DDD: Peyton, so heartless to Kami's plight!

we were in the ofuro together briefly in Kansai a couple of times. On the other hand, i think your glasses were off. jus' sayin'. since you brought up us and naked.

Peyton: I don't have any leather shoes
Jennie: Well. You do now.

HEY! TOTALLY UNFAIR. who was coming around later asking for me to give you fun dreams, hmmm?

Maybe you feel like someone's given you something. Since Jin was missing his arm, but in the end, you got it.

(I'll listen to the rest tomorrow)
04 01 08 (UTC)
why are you guys talking about OLD NEWS?!! I want the latest T_T
04 01 08 (UTC)
Hehe, its April Fools day 1st. That would be why they're talking about that stuff. ^^
04 01 08 (UTC)
Huzzah for new speshul episodes! This is my kind of April Fool's!
04 01 08 (UTC)
Hey Ladies~ ^^

You literally gave me inspiration for not one, but TWO fics.
Yamapi/Ueda and I'm totally going to write that..right after I do that ShigeDa.
And I believe it was Jennie who had that zombie!Jin dream, and I totally want to write a fic about that now, if she doesn't mind me doing that that is.

One of you..I can't remember who, said 'BIG NEWS' and I literally went '1 2 3 4 5 6 7 its big NEWS!'...outloud. xDD

Kami~ I totally believe you'll have a Johnny's Dream someday! ♥

And I believe it was Peyton who said she had a tag for her Johnny's Dreams..I just gotta say, I have one too. though its only called 'dreams'...though I only ever talk about my Johnny's dreams anyways. xDD

Also I gotta say, this episode was probably the one that gave me the most pervy thoughts so far..at least 4 throughout the entire show. xDD
04 01 08 (UTC)
Uwaaa, fan desu~ mina-san so funny, ne? I am so addicted. I listened to the last episode and this too. SO FUNNY!!!! But what is this about Pipi-chan and that kimoi skank Abiru Yuu. Mukatsuku. >:E


For Peyton's curiosity, Aibru Yuu (in the last one with the alleged T necklace for her ~*Ouji*~):

one, two, three, four, five


Also, can I just mention that while you guys were laughing about the ~KY touch massage~ I was doing the same, but for entirely different reasons. I think of kuuki ga yomenai when I hear KY, and well, the thought of Kame and Nakamaru being a duo, it kills me. Think back to SUMMARY Backstage. Nakamaru goofing off, and Kame acting like he's got a 14 yard long pole up his ass, so lovely. ♥

Edited at 2008-04-01 05:17 am (UTC)
04 01 08 (UTC)
TINY ANGLE actually pointed me toward some proper pictures of Abiru yesterday and I totally admitted to the gorgeousness of the two. The pictures you gave me here just emphasize that. Hot. She should keep her hair black. Her and her ouji would look hottest together this way I think. ;)

I like your vampire face. :E

And see?! This is why we need you! We need your funny POV. We are just KY without you yo. *fuzzies*
04 01 08 (UTC)
wow... good Gossip Girl ep... this is like a summary of uwasako...

04 01 08 (UTC)
LOL.. I kind of figured it out before listening it, but it's still a great episode of jepcast..
Happy April Fools day..
and Happy Birthday to tinyangl ..

If there's a possibilities for special episodes, wouldn't it be great if you're doing another special episode on Yamapi's birthday... (^_^)v

And, tinyangl you're not alone, I've never had a JE dream too, and I've been in this fandom for almost a year. Is there "a way" to make you have a JE dream..?
04 01 08 (UTC)
LOL I GOT AS FAR AS 'ryo is leaving news' and then snapped me face to the calendar
(wouldnt have realized if dealite hadn't put 'i swear i won't play a prank on anyone' 100 or so times in her LJ post yesterday xD
04 01 08 (UTC)
I am still downloading ep 6 AND 7 but PPOI OMG *________*
hum...Rhey come baaaaack, hum girls keep it up hum PPOI *_______*
Oh by the way Happy birthday kami and thank you for the Yamayuu thing ....BUT you guys frogot how she wanted to be his wifey and how they broke up looooooool (uwasako^^)

Bref I am still waiting for the episodes to dl!!

04 01 08 (UTC)
I saw the whole Ryo leaving NEWS thing and was like... This again??? ~_~;;; Lol. I'm an April fool.

In any case, I just wanted to let you know that I loooove listening to this... really, you're doing what I wish I could do.. Alas, my friends refuse to fully give in to the force that is JE... ;_;
04 01 08 (UTC)
ummm is this some sort of April fools' joke? the Ryo-chan thing came a long time ago and died... why'd it come out again now ?! ><' anyho haven't listened XD gonna.. later.. hmmm i think its duration is almost the same time it takes me to get home XD no wait, it takes me 1.5 hours to get home! but yeah it fits ^^ *goes to add in mp3 player*
04 01 08 (UTC)
the news section was so full of NO-WAY!news it was so obvious XD but dude, like i was at the platform waiting for the train, when all of a sudden i hear you say that V6 dude (sorry can't remember his name XD) should write a book about Japanese restaurants and how Yamapi should.. yeah like BUY IT!! LOL i mean i just barely caught myself from actually laughing OUTLOUD !! i have no idea how i did that XD and then all the way on the train and while walking back home. but i didn't care. it was a lovely day, the sun was setting, i had my huge shades hiding me from the rest of the world, and the sounds of your voices making up my noise for that part of the day. i really treasure the time i spend going to and back from uni / work (especially the back part); it is the only time i get to actually listen to my music with tranquility. i'm glad i had you guys on my mp3 today. i think i'll be doing that more often from now on (^^) i'm blabbing, sorry (^^;;)

anyho, going back to... PPOI! loved that drama ^^ laughed so much as you pointed out exactly the things that were on my mind just as they popped in there! XD
btw, smn mentioned that Yamapi said there was sth he'd never do again. sth related to that drama, but i tried listening closely and turning up the volume but didn't get it _o_ i thought it might have to do with cross-dressing? or maybe almost kissing a guy?
oh wow, that bamboo sword / baseball bat stopping move, i totally didn't connect the two!! XD

the dream part was great. maybe you can have listeners send in their JE dreams? if they were like Zombie!Jin i'd die laughing XD mine aren't all that exciting, and i haven't had any in a re~ally long time O__O

ending with Seishun Amigo.. man, i totally remembered the days when hearing that song would make me all teary T__T last year it made it into Music Station's 100 ageuta though O__O i was speechless XD why is a song that makes me cry in a cheerful songs chart !?!! XD

oh you know what, at the end of this, i totally remembered sth insane_desire was talking about a coupla days ago. About how fangirls aren't all about kyaa~. this is a great example i think of that statement (^^)

minna, otsukaresama~
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