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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[090] The One Where Takki Choked on a Frog 
12 17 09
omgcp - jack
Date: 2009-12-13
Running Time: 1:01:38
Size: 28.2 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Peyton, Kami and Rhey

Streaming Audio: (Streaming will be down for a little longer, sorry guys!)

 O P E N I N G ( 0 : 2 4 )

               ▪ OMG, Peyton liked something Arashi related! Watch to find the funny!
               ▪ "So something big happened. Peyton watched something Arashi related and actually enjoyed it." ::GASPS ALL AROUND::
               ▪ "Or maybe Aibu Saki's hair was the best part, I'm not sure."
               ▪ Mentaiko, octopus and... Hamada Brittany?! What do these three things have to do with each other?

 N E W S ( 7 : 0 3 )

          ▪ Former Johnny's found guilty of drug charge [ 123 ]
               ▪ We digress a bit as we discuss how this is the consequence of Noripi's arrest some time ago (again). As well as how there's going to be a movie.

          ▪ KAT-TUN to appear on SMAPxSMAP [ 1 ]
               ▪ First of all, why are they going on? And what's this ~*~special project~*~?

          ▪ Hey! Hey! Hey!, Dec. 07 [12</> ▪ 3 ]
               ▪ Arashi's back on Heyx3 for winning the award for getting 1-3 on the Oricon charts!
               ▪ "That feels like I'm being conned or something."
               ▪ Am I the only one who had a reaction of "omg, i totz missed the old Heyx3 sets!"

     Takki & Tsubasa/Snow Prince Gasshoudan
          ▪ Takki and Shintarou on Bokura no Ongaku, Dec. 11
               ▪ "I cannot believe you just called a person chibi-shit. Wow, awesome. Please go on, I approve." XD
               ▪ Shintarou's story about how he got into Johnny's was fascinating and as I said it, "irregular."
               ▪ Takki ask Shintarou about how he works and lives with his big brother. Shintarou doesn't really care. lol
               ▪ The most important and best thing we learned in this interview? The monologue for Ai Kakumei? ALL JOHNNY'S FAULT.
               ▪ Performances-wise, Snow Prince Gasshoudan was a little too perfect while Takki... left a lot to be desired. lol

          ▪ Kanjani8 to appear on Domoto Kyoudai, Dec. 20 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Why has it been so long since another Johnny's group been on Domoto Kyoudai? D:
          ▪ Yokoyama on Arigatoutte Ittemita, Dec. 07 [ 1 ]
               ▪ Peyton starts this out praising Koumoto. Then we flail over his adorable kid who even sings along to NEWS' Summer time!
               ▪ "Uh, what did I do to the kid? I broke him."
               ▪ "I would've loved to be flaily about a little kid crying at the sight of Yoko." XD

          ▪ Hidarime Tantei Eye Commercial [ 12 ]
               ▪ The CM doesn't even come close to spoiling anyone who watches it. ~_~;; It's that short.

     Hey!Say!JUMP/Johnny's Jr.
          ▪ Daiki, Hikaru, Fujigaya, Kitayama, and Tamamori on Shoku no Genjin! Hatsuharu Battle, Jan. 03 [ 1 ]
               ▪ A New Year show special! ...About a food battle?
               ▪ "That's still winter!" "Don't tell Japan that."

     Snow Prince Gasshoudan
          ▪ PV, Making Of [ 12 ]
               ▪ Rhey really really wants the dog in the Snow Prince movie; Peyton advises Rhey to become the Snow Princess. XD
               ▪ We just liked the kids acting like kids and not trying to be all ~*~professional~*~ and whatnot.
               ▪ "Finally! Somebody we can actually say 'omg, this kid is twelve' and actually be right!"
          ▪ Single [ 12 ]
               ▪ I'm just really glad that they didn't bastardize "Claire de Lune" by Debussy." lol
               ▪ Snow Prince is just... nice. Bitter Moon is the surprise track of the single! We quite liked it.
               ▪ "Doggie!"

          ▪ NTV Best Artist 2009 Artist List [ 123 ]
          ▪ Music Station Super Live Artist List [ 12345 ]
               ▪ The biggest thing of any of these two is just the appearance of Hey!Say!JUMP on Music Station! omg, they're getting work!!!
          ▪ Yamato Nadeshiko Commercial [ 12 ]
               ▪ We think Uchi fits his role--he even went out of his way to change his look!
               ▪ Rhey and I are a little (snort) reluctant to see Kame as the main character: starting out with that hairstyle.
               ▪ lol then we digress into whether Rhey and my opinions should count. XDDDD

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 4 6 : 4 6 )

          ▪ This week's question: What is your impression of Kanjani8's Kanfuu Fighting PV?
               ▪ Listener response from aralana. Only one listener response, guys? D:
               ▪ As for the hosts, Peyton and I are in the same boat: the PV just doesn't fit the song.
               ▪ While Rhey thinks more like aralana does! The catchy song makes up for the PV.
          ▪ Next week's question: What is your impression of KAT-TUN's Nakamaru Yuichi?

  C L O S I N G ( 5 7 : 2 7 )

               ▪ Peyton waxes on NEWS' (kind of) Soukon! Tegoshi gets brattier in her eyes. Koyashige is disgustingly close (not that we didn't know that already). And more!

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Email: cast@jepcast.com
Skype: jepcast
12 17 09 (UTC)
I liked Kame's hair best in Ichi Pound no Fukuin. The way he has it now (which is like he had it in Sapuri and Tatta Hitotsu no Koi) just looks really bad and unkempt. Plus his hair looks best in black :/ But doing weird thing to your hair for the sake of drama roles I understand.

I'm happy someone agreed with me! :DDDD

Ah Nakamaru. The other members of KAT-TUN make fun of him for being so 'normal' but I find that to be part of his appeal. He fails often and I love him for it :3 While the other members of KAT-TUN may make most girls flail insanely, Nakamaru is more like a normal person so I find him more relatable then any of the other members and I really like that about him. I appreciate what he brings to KAT-TUN and to the group dynamics (being the second most bullied member after Junno). I love him for finding his own unique way to stand out in KAT-TUN through beatboxing. You'd think in a group with such strong personalities that some would get lost or crushed, but this is not the case with Nakamaru.
12 17 09 (UTC)
Yay, you're back!

Kame's hairstyle does look a bit weird, but you have to admit, it's much better than the insane hair-dying and perming craze that's been going around JE. I can't wait to see him in this role, it'll definetely be completely different than anything I've ever seen him do (I read the manga).

Ah, Nakamaru. This is the guy that proves that most humans do have some sort of guilty pleasure in watching other people squirm. In all honesty though, you will probably find your share of detractors for each member of KAT-TUN SOMEWHERE out there (not that I get it), but not for Nakamaru. He's sweet and dorky and gets bullied quite a bit, but it's impossible not to like him. Plus with his beatboxing, he's guaranteed not to disappear into the large crowd of JE boys. And even with all the bullying the bandmates give him, I get the vibe all the time that they really do like him a lot.
12 18 09 (UTC)
I've always wished that Maru was the leader because like Ohno I think Maru would have led more by example rather than actual leading. I love Maru because he's not only a dork but he embraces his dorkiness. A recent example was the episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN when Maru, Jin and Junno were learning bike riding tricks. Jin and Junno were killing themselves trying to do these hard moves and there's Maru riding back and forth in these stupid poses. He stole the show because basically he was saying "hey it's not that serious".

On top of that I think his solos are really cool. His voice isn't the best but he's definitely talented. Maru is a sweety pie.
12 19 09 (UTC)
Oh how could I forget to mention his beatboxing is amazing. My dream would be for Jay-Z to snatch him and let him loose on an single.
12 19 09 (UTC)
When I heard the opening for this ep, I thought it was a GIRL band singing this and I was surprised (because there are no female Johnny's groups, to my knowledge) so it figures that it was Snow Prince, haha. <3
They are very cuticle!
12 21 09 (UTC)
Only one listener response last time? For real? Not cool. XD

MARU! He makes me flail somehow. I mean, he's kind of normal compared to everyone else, if you can put it that way, but he's so different. It must be the beatboxing, or his singing in White World, or something a lot more complicated. I'm trying to pinpoint it, but he's just so flailtastic. I guess he's the least flailtastic in KAT-TUN, but still. He's awesome.

And... that's a REALLY bad job of not squealing over most normal KAT-TUN member. His normalness and beatboxing and personality let him hang up there with the other members in the flailing. Go Maru!
12 22 09 (UTC)
Rachael here~

I absolutely love Maru. <3 Like aralana had said in her response, I love how he seems to be the "normal" on of the group. He's not drowning in the sex appeal like Kame and Jin are, he's not overly feminine looking like Ueda (*bricked*), he's not "gangsta" like Koki, and he doesn't try to make people laugh like Taguchi. He's simply Maru, and I love it. :D He's an incredible dancer, and he makes me want to learn how to beat box. I also tend to enjoy his solos more over the others. His voice has a velvety tone to it, and it's pleasant on the ears. <3

On a side note, I love how they make fun on Maru for his big nose, but have they seen Taguchi's??? It's not his fault he doesn't look good in glasses. ((I don't either))
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