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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#6] The One Where There's Only the Three-o 
03 29 08
*drum roll* ...and this is the sixth episode of JEPcast! Recorded on March 29th, 2008 (though Jennie said 28th in the podcast *grin*) with jadedfrenzy/Jennie, tinyangl/Kamika, and ginzarhapsody/Peyton as your hosts; unfortunately this week, 4_03_am/Rhey is not with us, but hopefully she'll be back soon! :) In the meanwhile, we hope our brand of silly can tide all you Rhey!fans over. *grin*

The One Where There's Only the Three-o
Running Time: 1:16:50
Size: 52.7 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

- Jennie claims to love Rhey more than Peyton and Kami. D: SO NOT TRUE! :P
- Johnny’s Entertainment news for the week of March 21st to 28th (3:35 start)
- Arashi/NewS: Two FM Fuji Johnny's radio shows end - Arashi's Sakurai Sho's Sho Beat and NewS' Kato Shigeaki's Shiget Together
        - Shige is above listening to Johnny's music. XD
- NewS/TegoMasu: new single in ending theme of Neo Angelique Abyss, "Ai Ai Gasa"
        - JE is just a boy harem. Period.
        - Jennie is a TegoMasu fan. If you didn't know already.
- NewS: new single serving as new Russ K CM song, Summer Time
        - "Liar" is the next "Bambina" and "Baby! Be My Baby!" is another cheating song. ;)
        - Why is is so CHEAP?! o.O we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth really
- Kanjani8: Two new television shows, Ariehen Eito Sekai and Sone Yuke! Daidaman
        - Daidaya was really sub!able shit. Hopefuly Sono Yuke! Daidaman will be the same. :DDD
- KAT-TUN: Hosting changes on the radio show, KAT-TUN style
        - What is the possiblity of Jin and Kame on the same radio show?
- Juniors: Pictures from Toma's upcoming Hana Kimi SP are released, Minami as Julia
- Drama Talk (21:10 start): Kurosagi Episodes 9-11!
        - "For some reason, I thought it was going to be bigger!"
        - Tsurara's poor enough to eat raw coffee beans, but she has a killer wardrobe? o.O
        - Sometimes, rain is just RAIN. Really. ^^;
        - Names are important. Imagine that. ^_-
        - SONG SYMBOLISM~! :DDD we clearly read these dramas too closely ;P
        - Jennie's absolutely over the moon for our next drama, My Boss My Hero!! ♥♥♥
- Letters segment! (56:30 start):
        - If we could have any cross-group duet release a single (like Shuuji to Akira), who would that duet be composed of?
        - Peyton babbles like whoa. Screw you. :Dv
        - Kami IS NOT god. o.o
        - Taking the question in the opposite direction, what duets would you NOT want to see? SUPER!GROUP!
- Closing:
        - Peyton is obsessed with someone and it's not Koyama.
        - Brain cardiac arrest? o.O
- Thanks to manonpikamishi for providing us with music as always!


And keep the feedback rolling, you guys! We take them here in comments or at cast@jepcast.com. :) Bringing us great questions and great comments, you keep the fire buring here at jep_cast! ♥ Make sure you come back next week for the first three episodes of My Boss My Hero too!! ^_^ Jennie will especially love your for it, definitely! *hee*

Also, we are in search of someone who might be willing to provide us with some webspace for our podcasts! We want to get JEPcast up on iTunes and to do so we need some webspace for RSS feeds, so if you are enjoying hearing us on your iPod and are willing to help us out, drop us an email at jepcast@gmail.com! yoroshiku~

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03 30 08 (UTC)
Sometimes, rain is just RAIN. Really. ^^;
03 30 08 (UTC)
eye rabu yoo tuuu~! ♥
03 30 08 (UTC)
a;kd'aldk;a;asd I'm downloading this and haven't listened to it yet, but I hope that somebody mentioned a certain duo for that particular question in the letters' segment...! :DD
03 30 08 (UTC)
IF YOU MEAN PIN. YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT TO FIND OUT. As if there was a question, come on now.
03 30 08 (UTC)
*not here*

dies. letter segment. ;____; AY, dammit.
03 30 08 (UTC)
*pouts* who do you think I am??? *flails*
03 30 08 (UTC)
i was just gonna go to sleep...oh well, I'll stay up another hour XD Thanks guys.
03 30 08 (UTC)
Chalk one up to Jennie for the batsu game! Clearly this is the only reason I listen. :D

I'll actually listen to this on Monday, but you guys are all made of awesome, and I'll leave a comment detailing just how many ways you are made of awesome on Monday.

On a side note: Why is it that I have no trouble identifying Rhey's and Kamika's voices, but with Peyton - the one person of the foursome that I've actually met and spoken with - I keep getting her mixed up with Jennie! For now I'm just using my ghetto logic: if she can name the station airing the dorama or starts talking about Japanese culture at any length, it's Peyton. Other than that, I try to listen really hard. My apologies Peyton! I have clearly failed you. :D
03 30 08 (UTC)
LOL. I heart you, m'dear. ♥ But you aren't the only one. anamuan OF ALL PEOPLE confused me with Jennie when we first started too. *gasp* :)

I look forward to your awesome brand of feedback~! *squee*
03 30 08 (UTC)
03 31 08 (UTC)
TAY*J!!!!!! *pimppimppimppim* ♥
03 30 08 (UTC)
Awww Rhey's not there D:
Oh well, I'll settle for the rest of you.

haha, jk

Ah yes...when I saw the thing for the new song, I told my friend "Look! Tegomass is going the theme for a shounen-ai anime!".. for some reason she believed more for a moment before I told her the truth... and yeah XD;

My Boss my hero? omg! That was my first JE drama! yay! Though I was convinced for the majority of the time that Tegoshi's character was gay
I cant wait to hear what you guys have to say about it ^^

*obviously downloaded episode* Thanks~ ^^
03 30 08 (UTC)

i just had another very perverted fangirl moment ><


03 30 08 (UTC)

What about the promised theme dong for DV man?!?!
03 30 08 (UTC)
I just wanted to say I love that you started stating at what time the segments start :3 I listen all the way though anyway, but it's a nice thing to have in case one time I want to skip some stuff :3

MY BOSS MY HERO ♥♥♥ I love Tego in it ♥ and Koki ♥ MBMH is what made me like Koki in the first place. I might watch it with you guys :3
03 30 08 (UTC)
Ah yay~ another great episode as always! ^-^

And I'm thrilled you're going to talk about My Boss, My Hero next!!!!<3 Such an awesome drama! I can't wait to hear all your thoughts about it~

Which reminds me, I had an idea hee. I really like hearing your guys pick apart dramas, like Kurosagi, it made it so much more enjoyable hearing your comments, so I thought it would be cool if maybe each week you could also pick a song and discuss it/pick it apart like dramas? For instance there's the whole thing with words, like the way in Kurosagi Pi says he'll 'eat' the bad guys or whatever, and all the other things you pick up, I think it would be really cool to hear about the lyrics to JE songs or whatever. Ah, this has turned babbling, sorry. Also if you think this is a good idea and you might do it, since you're doing My Boss, My Hero, it would be really cool if you would do the song Sorafune, because I love that song and I'd really love to hear more about it.

Ok, going to stop babbling now. Hee can't wait till the next episode!!:D
03 30 08 (UTC)
First off, My Boss, My Hero = YAY!! Totally looking forward to it. Just out of curiosity, have any of you watched the k-movie that it is kind of based on?

Did Rhey go off to California to study English or did she accidentally knock up a 12-year-old girl again? You can tell us the truth. ;)

I want an Akame radio show for the sole reason that it would be AMAZING to watch the fangirls freak out over it. It would be popcorn-worthy.

Poor Minami. That wig is just a world of wrong. But please god please tell me that Minami and Maki are not going to attempt to speak horribly accented American English together at any point during this SP. That's all I ask.

Ep.9 "I thought it was going to be bigger." LMAO seriously just LMFAO. ♥!

And the Japanese holiday you were thinking of is Setsubun/Mame Maki. It's at the beginning of February. They say 'oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi.' There is a highly adorable scene in Yoiko no Mikata where Sakurai Sho's character is playing the demon that all the little preschool kids are throwing the beans at.

It's interesting that you talk about Kurosaki not using Tsurara's name and the next drama you pick to watch is MBMH. So how much of Makio not using Sakurakoji's name is because he doesn't want to and how much is because he is just kind of stupid like that?

RyoJin totally sounds like a condom brand. Just saying. Jin and Tegoshi would be awesome. I hadn't really paid attention to their few lines in Baby Blue before but it'd be really interesting to see what they could do together now. RyoPin would be the awesomest three-o in the history of ever. So awesome that it cannot be contained by the word 'trio.' ;)

I love that you guys did the opposite side of this. Jun and Junno would cause me to run and hide. Shige and Ueda, actually, I would be really interested to see what they would compose together. I wouldn't maybe want them to sing it together but they could write songs for Jin and Tegoshi or something. And OMG super!group! I want to see this happen. I don't want to HEAR this happen, but I really want to see it. And the craziest thing is that it you KNOW it would top Oricon. There would be those insane promotion trucks driving around Tokyo blasting this horrible, cheesy song and everyone would cringe as it drove by and then go directly to the nearest CD store and buy all 5 limited edition versions of the single. If anyone could make it happen, it'd be JE.

Thanks for using my comment! Great job as always! Thanks!
03 30 08 (UTC)
Needless to say, another great ep!
My Boss My Hero is yet another drama i did not finish..just like Kurosagi, but it'll be interesting to hear you guys discuss the comedy and all.

Well, for me the ultimate duo grp would be Ryo and any member of Kat-tun except Jin, cos i wanna see how Ryo is annoyed deals with them.
03 30 08 (UTC)
Just wanted to say that your icon is totally mesmerizing. I think I've been staring at it for five minutes now (not even exaggerating!). I want Kame's hair. Seriously.
03 30 08 (UTC)
Hi Ladies~ ^^

Ok so first..I;ve been saying this since I learned the name of the song...I totally am hoping that 'Baby! Be My Baby!' is going to be the next 'Bambina' instead of what you said with 'Liar' being the next 'Bambina'. Because that song title is just..god I laugh every single time I read it, and its so awsome. xDD

I also want to say..I am so glad I decided to completely ban myself from drinking or even eating while listening to the show..because when you were talking about that sweatpant scene in episode 9, had I been drinking something I would've spit it out. xDD

And when you mentioned Kusano putting his arm around Ueda during the performance of Baby Blue I immediately freaked out and decided that I needed to watch it just for that part.

Also..Three-o! Is that how you'd even write it out? Well however it'd be written out, thats just awsome, I totally want to say that from now on if I remember. xDD

ShigeDa..you talking about them totally inspired me to start writing my ShigeDa fic soon, which has been on my list of things to write for a few weeks now.

To end..hehe, I decided I'm going to try watching My Boss, My Hero with you ladies, and actually started downloading it while I was still listening to the show.

Ok I lied I have one more thing..I don't know if anyone else mentions doing this, but I actually take notes during the show, to remind myself of things I found really really funny, or something like that, that I heard while listening, so I could mention them in my comment.

03 31 08 (UTC)
you dont know how much I ALWAYS look forward to these, haha
thank you!

I'll comment again when I listen to it =D
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