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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#5] The One Where You Don't Wanna Be Wrong 
03 23 08
omgcp - jack
Welcome back to the fifth episode of JEPcast! :D Recorded March 22nd, 2008 with all four hosts: Jennie, Kamika, Peyton, and Rhey. This is a little less longer than last week's but still over an hour. We are ramblers, hear us roar? Let us know what you think!

The One Where You Don't Wanna Be Wrong
Running Time: 1:18:31
Size: 53.9 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

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Size: 35.9 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

- We relay kogome18's experience with the song Bambina!
     - Rhey totally called it.
     - Peyton wants the same experience, only with Prisoner of Love. (Potential pick-up line? :D)
- Johnny's Entertainment news for the week of March 15th to March 21st
- SMAP: Madonna sings the theme song to KimuTaku's Drama CHANGE
     - One big pop star from the West meets the future Prime Minister of Japan. Fitting?
- Tokio: Masahiro Matsuoka is currently living with a girl he's dated for 5 years
- Kinki Kids: Domoto Koichi releasing a CD in the role of Maizu Tsukasa for Sushi Oji
     - A sticker sheet, not a bed sheet, guys.
- Arashi: Himitsu no Arashi-chan Promotions, Secrets behind Zippers. "Wah so BIG" (There are three different links in this one thing. *laughs*)
     - We know who believes in Arashi's member love. *coughJENNIEcough*
- NewS/Kanjani8: Utada Hikaru sings theme song for Last Friends: Prisoner of Love
- NewS/Kanjani8: 45 seconds CM of Last Friends (subbed)
     - DV MAN~! DV MAN~!
     - ~Has a stick up his ass~
     - ~With a cup of tea, hitting the floor~
     - ~As he hits something else~! (Um, please not to stone us. And no, we don't think Ryo = his character.)
     - We're excited, essentially.
- NewS/Kanjani8: Uchi's joining the cast of NTV's Osen with Yu Aoi
- NewS/Kanjani8/KAT-TUN: Ryo on KAT-TUN Style (with Jin and Taguchi)
     - "I like no one except Jin!"
     - Ryo likes... Mannequin-like girls. (Maybe the actual mannequins, we wouldn't put it past him.)
- Hey!Say!Jump: Chance to Change Performance
     - We have a bone to pick with costumes. Especially Peyton.
     - Ultra Music Power is totally more catchier. Even more so, Hey!Say.
- Ikuta Toma: Hana Kimi SP Announced (With Cast comments)
     - We don't want Horikita Maki to cut her hair. :\\\\\
     - Toma's excited! So excited, I repeated it twice.
     - IGNORE THE CHAT NOISES. We apologize.
- Kurosagi Episodes 5 - 8
     - Kashima vs. Kurosaki, Yukari vs. Tsurara, Kurosaki vs. Tsurara. There's a lot of versus going on here.
     - Kurosaki totally deceived us. (Also, Kamika has a bad sense of time.)
     - Nobody cares about the guy falling off the ladder. :\\\\
- Letter Segment
     - Peyton has to apologize once again. Which leads to a nice, nice new game for us. Five strikes = batsu game!
     - Kamika has somehow become the group's Shige. (I blame Jennie.)
     - We talk (ramble) about our favorite, top number 1 JE song (or in Peyton's case, top four tied for one).
- Closing
     - We seriously did have a discussion about which of us is S or M.
     - Rhey sabotages herself and comes up with the idea of a batsu game for her singing. Our bets are that it'll only take one episode.
- Thanks to manonpikamishi for providing us with music as always!


As we're coming to the end of Kurosagi (time goes by so fast!), we'll be picking up another drama to watch afterward. As always, we appreciate any suggestions you guys have for dramas and will possibly be setting up another poll with next week's episode! We absolutely adore every single comment you leave us (we read each one) so please leave them if you listen or download. We also take emails at jepcast@gmail.com so if you prefer to leave us one there, that'd be great as well! Your feedback keeps us going week after week, so we appreciate any thoughts you have. (Also, don't keep us to yourself! Spread the word about jep_cast to all your friends~)

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03 23 08 (UTC)
I feel this may be the only time I will ever get first on any of these, so I'm snagging it while I can. LOL. :loser:

Will listen later today. 8Db
03 23 08 (UTC)
You are a loser, dear. But I love you. ♥
03 23 08 (UTC)
Going to bed soon, but commenting to ask about formatting. Did you forget the semicolons or were all the " "s intentional?

Edited at 2008-03-23 07:17 am (UTC)
03 23 08 (UTC)
Wait, what ""?? o.O
03 23 08 (UTC)
YAY! \:D/ Will listen to it while I'm browsing houses tomorrow :)

Batsu game... it's like cartoon KAT-TUN all over again!

- Kamika has somehow become the group's Shige. (I blame Jennie.)

So people are stuffing you with food? XD
03 30 08 (UTC)
Hope you enjoyed! :D ...And not yet, but it'll probably happen at one point or another, I bet. ~_~;;
03 23 08 (UTC)
lkasjd;k THIS EPISODE, I think that I was laughing the entire time. DV MAN THEME SONG. UMMMM. *schemes* :x And you guys mentioned many of things that I noticed during Kurosagi! Umm, particularly the part about the guy disappearing after he fell off the ladder. XD

03 23 08 (UTC)
03 23 08 (UTC)
I like how you guys link everything out, so even if I didn't know about it before, I have the chance to properly inform myself before listening, ha. XDD Omg, I love how Bambina never dies.
03 30 08 (UTC)
Yay! I'm so glad you like that. :D That's half the reason we do it, so people can keep track of what we're talking about. :DDD WE'LL NEVER LET IT. :DDD It's an awesome song, after all.
03 23 08 (UTC)
Another great episode! good job!

DB man FTW. The CM made me really wanna watch it.

The way u guys analyse the interactions between the characters in Kurosagi, made me think that i'm really superficial when watching dramas.
03 23 08 (UTC)
Lol, i meant DV man....i lost my brain. sorry
03 23 08 (UTC)
I read about JEPcast on news_jpop maybe about a month ago, but it's only today I actually downloaded all five episodes, and listened it five hours straight.
You're awesome guys. I totally love it. Can't stop listening to it, even though English is not my first language, it's just addictive like that.
I love the news segment, I usually never bother to look for news about older Jhonny's so this part is very informative to me.
And, I like listening to Jennie's voice. It think Jennie's voice sounds a bit like Kristin Dos Santos from E online.. (^.^)v
Last thing, sometimes I can't hear Rhey's voice clearly. Hope it'll be better next time..
Once again, thank you guys...
03 23 08 (UTC)
I think I love you. :D

♥ ♥ ♥
03 23 08 (UTC)
Hey your podcast is awesome. I can't really tell your names from your voices yet, but I like the person's voice who says "essentially" a lot. I'm random I know. By the way, the next time you podcast, can you indicate what time you start each segment? It'll make it easier to pause listening. Like, we'll know when you are going to move on so we can pause there and not in the middle of your discussion. Thanks!
03 30 08 (UTC)
Thank you so much for your compliments!

I hope you'll eventually be able to get used to our voices (it's apparently difficult to distinguish Jennie from Peyton's). :D We totally have no idea who that is, but ahahaha, she definitely appreciates it. :DDD Thanks again!!

By the way, we took your advice and in our newest episode we put in time stamps. Thank you so much for this! It was very helpful. :D
(Deleted comment)
03 23 08 (UTC)
We do our best our work! :DDDDDD ♥
03 23 08 (UTC)
I'm getting really psyched for drama next season between Last Friends, Hokaben, Change, and I'll probably end up watching at least some of Gokusen 3 just to see how it compares. Also Koyama's variety show could be interesting. My major is psychology so I'm curious to see what they do with it. And LOL at DV Man. You have no idea how much I want a theme song for this. Preferably to the tune of the old school Spiderman theme song. But seriously, Last Friends looks like it could be really good. Can't wait to see Ryo as a bad guy.

Like I said last week it's been a really long time since I've watched Kurosagi but maybe the police officer wanted Kashina to join the police so he wouldn't become a swindler or something. Also the fact that his life had been so affected by it could possibly make him highly motivated to stop it, so that in itself would make him potentially valuable to the police force. And I never noticed the disappearing ladder guy before! Now I really need to rewatch this.

You guys do such an awesome job of breaking down symbolism and analyzing dramas. I almost want to hear you do something like Yukan Club just to see if you can get an intelligent discussion going about it, lol.

Ah! You read part of my comment! ♥ I did mean gangsta Koki (though how gangsta anyone who sews and let's his dog interrupt his dvd-watching can be is debatable). That performance of Make U Wet makes me laugh every time. I love how he doesn't even really pretend to lip sync. He is far too hardcore for that. And I totally fixate on his necklace getting caught on his mike too.

And poor Yamapi. Being mocked by his friends' ability to grow facial hair. He probably angsts over juniors who can do it.

I'm so glad Peyton mentioned Ryo and Jin's cover of Ai no Katamari because that was the first song to pop into my head for favorite JE songs. I love the way their voices sound together in that and their duet of Care. They really need to do more stuff together. I'd love to see them star in a drama together just so they could release a Shuuji to Akira-like single. Cause really, Ryo needs to work more. Such a slacker, that boy. So yeah, Ai no Katamari and Ai Nante tied at #1 with honorable mentions of Murasaki, Snow Express, and a few others.

But that brings up a question for you guys. If you could have any cross-group super duet release a single, who would it be?

One last thing, I can't quite remember how you set up the last drama poll but you might want to use ticky boxes instead of a just pick one type thing, if you didn't before. It might give you a better idea how much interest there is in each drama instead of just the top ranked one. If that makes sense. Just an idea. :)

Thanks for another awesome episode! Keep up the good work! ♥!
03 30 08 (UTC)
Next season totally looks fascinating. *____________* The kind of thing that has people abandoning such thing as a real life. I am probably going to be in that boat. *cracks up*

We totally need to get a theme song up! Hopefully we can do that some time soon. I think it'd be genius. :DDDD

Seriously. I told the girls that I don't know how we'd analyze Yukan Club. But, thinking on it, I didn't think we'd get so analytical about Kurosagi which has a bit more, yes, but still. It was supposed to be about the pretty dead fish eyes. We're doing My Boss, My Hero next so let's see if we'll be analytical about that as well. :D (I bet we could manage somehow.)

You have like the best comments, honestly. We definitely used your question in our letter segment, and then put a twist on it for worse.

We didn't do a poll this time! But we'll keep that in mind for next time, thanks so much~ Hope you enjoy the next as well! :D
03 23 08 (UTC)
XD omg i laughed so hard in this ep! i bet so many fangirls had alot of "Thoughts" about the Himitsu no Arashi-chan poster lol i know i did... XXXXDDDDDDD and you talked about my Bambina experience! lol i've become obsessed with that song. hmmmm i wonder if something like that will happen again
03 30 08 (UTC)
LOLOl. Right?! Peyton insisted that we should have it, and I'm glad we did, because it was just singularly one of the most amazing promotional ideas ever. We thought your Bambina experience was just fabulous. :D So we couldn't help it. Thanks for letting us know!! :D
And thanks for commenting, we love it. :D
03 23 08 (UTC)
Love love love this episode girls :D

I'm SO looking forward to Last Friends too and seeing Ryo in such a role. I was really shocked by the CM. It was just so unsettling. I wonder if Ryo's character is gonna be the kind you love to hate. Because I really don't want to flat out hate Ryo.

Ultra Music Power and Hey! Say! are both better then Chance to Change I think. I'm really disappointed in Chance to Change because the other two are so damn catchy. Chance to Change is just boring.

...and can you explain what S and M are exactly? *hit* I've looked up the meanings but I get the feeling you might mean something slightly different.
03 23 08 (UTC)
Hi! I was erm... volunteered to field your S and M question. And as immature as I am, I may have started giggling. But okay! Let me explain (very, very briefly) what S and M we meant. S stands for sadist, sadistic, sadism and any other variation of that word. M stands for masochist, masochistic, masochism and ditto. When someone's M, it means they take the abuse. When someone's S, they give the abuse. Mind you, we're saying this in the non-sexual sense. Which is why we say they work well with each other. Lovely sense of... erm, balance.

(Also, it's not the kind of thing someone in the States, for example, would bring up. But in Japan, they have a tendency of mentioning it now and then. For example, if you're a NewS fan, you'll know that during Koyama's introduction rap for Tegoshi, he says that Tegoshi's S. *laughs* Just for an example. :D)
03 23 08 (UTC) - um. this comment is a little ridiculous
So. Judging from the episode summary, Peyton has some secret bondage fetishes. OOoh, naruhodo. Peyton M da na. TELL ME HOW IT WORKS OUT.

OMG what is wrong with Johnny's. they're actually admitting to dating. the fuck.
matching tattoos! hmmm. break-ups would make matching tattoos awkward.

"that's so weird. why would you put that in there?"
ummmm. why would you put in a bedsheet?

wow. degeneration into sexual jokes. that was. i am impressed!
It sounds like Peyton is asking for Jennie to rescue her.

re: DV man.
Jennie, Peyton. You are beyond lame.

"...stick up his ass."
"That's the way I like him"
Rhey, kinky.

RyoJin cannon.
also, Ryo/mannequin. A step up from the blow-up girlfriend.
oh! ohoh! does that mean Jin = mannequin? Jin has fake!beauty

I like how everyone laughs when someone says the line is in English. Does that say something about their take on 'english'?

I like Maki's longer hair better, but. She also worked the short hair very very nicely.

OO! drama segment~

Rhey is hard to hear.

'I'll help you end it.'
Isn't it supposed to be an ambiguous line? I thought that was the point. We're supposed to wonder what the fuck he means by that.

Kashima v Kurosaki: Complimentary schismogenesis.

Also, only kind of related, i don't remember this backstory at all. I feel like i missed part of an episode or something, but probably i just wasn't paying enough attention to keep it after 2 years.

Yukari v Tsurara
Yukari as foil. Tsurara didn't really have a hugely developed character, so having Yukari as her foil didn't give Yukari a lot of room to actually be anything more than 1 dimensional.

omg, how stupid was she. besides her incredible annoyingness, that was something that bugged the crap out of me. She was so stupid. Why don't you call the police yourself?

he refuses to let reason guide his own judgement.
it's always easier to see the big picture when it belongs to someone else.

jiken = 'incident' might be a good mostly-encompassing english translation

i know the stock episode was like, ep 4 or something, but apparently, it's not possible, given stock laws? i don't remember. it was being explained to me in japanese.


Was these the episodes where Tsurara tries to eat coffee beans? that was awesome love.
Tsurara = tea leaves! she takes away Kurosagi's bad smell!
I like it a lot.

i found episode 7 heartbreaking. T______T that poor old woman, who was still so in love. T_______________________T

don't worry about the guy who fell off the latter. he is just an extra. not even a speaking role. Totally unimportant.

totally with jennie with the weird/gross. Peyton, your explanation of making out with money makes it creepier.

BATSU GAME IDEA = BEST. THING. EVAAAAA. yesss. let your listeners make batsu game suggestions. yesss. best idea ever. yessssssss.
NO! LET US SUGGEST BATSUGAME IDEAS NOW. LET US NOW. so that you'll have one ready immediately.


koki can make me wet any day ♥

:O they are. That's the point. Jin has 11 more hairs than Yamapi. plus his band can grow um. facefuzz. Competition.

shige does sound surprisingly good in Ai Nante. I was like, wtf.

S DESU. except for Rhey last night. Anything for your, baby.


no one sees your JE picture collection yo. How are they supposed to know?


wtf YOU ALMOST SAID MY REAL NAME. because i don't say it all the time.

Jennie: cheater~
Peyton: *protests ineffectually*
Jennie: cheater.
Peyton: *reasons*

rhey: there's a reason M and S work together
peyton: let's go get DV man
jennie: DV MA~~~~N!

XDDD batsu games!
but you'll have to explain the rules better on air. What exactly counts as a 'mistake?'

So, that thing up there with the fake!lj-user names. Is that done by putting a picture in front of a normal link? or is it something special. I've always wondered.
03 23 08 (UTC) - YOU FREAK.
1. there's that laser removal thing nowadays for tattoos.
2. sexual jokes are a a specialty here. :|
3. kinki is my middle name.
4. i'm glad you're volunteering yourself for writing ryo/jin fic, darling. i'll be looking forward to that now. :Dv
5. what line in english? is this the hsj thing? if so, that might not have been the actual line we were laughing about. a certain someone (JENNIE) was up to mischief in the background.
6. my internet always gives me trouble. :| we really have no idea how to fix this problem. ;_;
7. i don't even know where all this analysis comes out of in the first place. i thought the drama was about yamapi's dead fish eyes. :I
8. upon further reflection, a hitting her with a large trout doesn't seem like a fair punishment. how about clobbering her with an axe?
9. but he fell off the damn ladder. i am not concerned about him really. it's just that the fact that no one paid attention to him and just walked right along, that makes me lose a bit of faith in humanity. have we no souls, no compassion.
10. thank you, thank you. i want to revel in the glory of having suggested it first. 8D you can go ahead and send ideas whenever, if you like. check out our email address provided above. :Dv also, wtf, i totally was not planning on participating in this batsu game thing. how did the others trap me into that. :< and i even agreed. truly, M desu wa.
11. are you volunteering yourself for writing facial-hair!fic now? because if you are, i will love you forever and ever and ever...etc.
12. anything? really? see above point. 8D
13. peyton is hxc news fan. KOYAMA IS HER FAVORITE! idk why she insists on saying kat-tun. -_- she's so in denial.
14. lol, i was trying not to laugh when she was like, "blah blah ni-el jay user blah blah..." XDDD
15. we did explain the mistakes. was someone not paying attention? XD if peyton gives out wrong facts three more times, then she has to do batsu game. wrong facts include things like telling people smap debuted in 1992, when in reality, it was 1991. x)
16. it is. this bootleg way of linking things, i think i like it. hmm.

also. ♥♥♥
03 24 08 (UTC)
yah! you guys are talking both about Bambina and Prisoner of Love - both are songs that I totally love (those kinds of "love-at-first-sight" songs) btw, I think I missed your fourth JEP! Doko ni???
03 24 08 (UTC)
The entry before this one dear~ I hope you enjoy. :DDDD
03 24 08 (UTC)
Dear JEP Cast Ladies,

you are so awsome, because you just had to mention HS7's song 'Hey Say' and I started singing bits of the song in my head. xDD

I loved loved loved the random shouting of MOOBS!~ by..Jenni I think it was, and it totally reminded me that I had actually had a conversation about moobs with my little sister (who isn't a Johnny's fan at all) the other day, and I think I even brought up Yamapi and his moobs to her..like she knows or cares who he is. xDD

DREAMs-ified..what an awsome new phrase, seriously. xDD

Bringing up taking the love train again, I would love to take the love train with Kusano, because seriously he isn't getting enough love right now. Or maybe he is...but I don't mean THAT kind of love, I just mean like..fangirling love..ok it all sounds wrong so I'll shut up now.
03 30 08 (UTC)
Jennie totally screamed moobs. We love Jennie. ♥ :DDD

Everything should be DREAMS!fied! ^_^ I love "DREAMS"!

Ooh, Kusano!love!train? I agree, he doesn't get much love, but I'm sure you could start a love train for him if you really wanted! ^_^

Thank you always for your comments! :)
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