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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#4] the one where the std song ninjas its way in 
03 16 08
Misc - Photography Love
Welcome back for the fourth episode of JEPcast! :D Recorded March 15th, 2008 with jadedfrenzy/Jennie, tinyangl/Kamika, ginzarhapsody/Peyton, and 4_03_am/Rhey. This one is a bit longer than the others because we just couldn't seem to stop discussing Kurosagi. Let us know what you think!

The One Where the STD Song Ninjas Its Way In
Running Time: 1:22:27
Size: 37.7 MB
Download Links: MU | SS | MF

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
     - Peyton admits to a pronunciation mistake.
          - Jennie admits to being the center of the universe.
     - Sonomama breaks records
     - - And no one told them.
     - Yamaguchi!Papa!
          - - Idols like shotgun weddings.
     - Sugar Summer Tour Concert
          - - They are distinguished by their non-flying status.
     - Taichi gets another show
          - - He apparently wants a TV monopoly.
V6 (20th Century)
     - PV for Ore Ja Nakya, Kimi Ja Nakya
          - - Dorky dancing (more than the JE!usual).
     - Dream A Life CD Pre-order
          - - Nekkid!Matsujun?
     - Shige co-stars in Hokaben
          - - Typecasting?
     - New Koyama variety show
          - - Koyama vs. Shige.
     - Yamapi not graduating.
          - - No time-management skills.
     - Wahaha Single
          - - Yay!
     - BJ Translation
          - - Rhey is determined to make the song sexual.
     - MS 2008-03-14 Performance
          - - Yoko stalks Matsujun.
     - Seventeenth Drama Awarding 2007
          - - Yukan Club: "You get used to the stupid!"
     - (Rumor) K to the 4th splits up
          - - And Rhey is sketch.
     - Chance to Change Single
          - - STD song ninjas its way into the chibi talk.
Kurosagi Episodes 1 - 4
     - Moobs.
     - Koyama ass.
     - Carnivores are cannibals.
     - Yamapi's method acting.
Letters Segment
     - Some of us lust after blonde!Junno. Some of us don't.
     - Peyton teaches about Johnny's Juniors.
Closing      - Whut? We're at the end and all four of us are still here?
     - Rhey needs a muzzle.


Due to understandable community restrictions, we will no longer be pimping this podcast in kattunlove or news_jpop so if you are interested in listening every week we recommend you join or watch this community. Also, COMMENTS ARE LOVE. You apparently enjoy listening to us spaz and we enjoy reading your spaz in return :D Keep the great comments coming! You give us lots to talk about!

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03 16 08 (UTC)
Hey guys, great job on the podcast :] I really liked that you had something for each group! I especially loved the 20th Century PV getting the love it deserves XD Keep it up...!
03 23 08 (UTC)
Yay! Thank you so much~ We're trying really hard to not be biased and the 20th Century PV was made of so much crack/fun that we couldn't not talk about it~ Thanks for listening!
03 16 08 (UTC) - RHEYYYYYYYYYYYY *_________*
I love all of you guys but seriously it feels like some of my messed up mind/dna was put in Rhey's baby bed!

I will make a constructive comment after I come back. But yay!!!Jenny came back!
03 23 08 (UTC) - Re: RHEYYYYYYYYYYYY *_________*
LOL. I'm so glad you like us (and Rhey in particular) so much! I'm sure Rhey's glad that someone else relates to her thoughts~ Although, I must lay claim on the fact that Rhey's totally mine before anyone else~ *winks*
03 16 08 (UTC)
still listening to this as i type... but i think this will help in figuring out the meaning or wtf is BJ...

one person in my f-list posted that: "Hina said in The Television interview that "BJ" stands for something "chotto ecchi"...." thanks to paaaaan

just want to share >_<

03 23 08 (UTC)
Thank you~ Well that confirms our thoughts that they're going with the American sense for BJ. But that still doesn't quite explain how the title relates to what the song is really about, ne? Thank you though for bringing that to our attention! :D Very much appreciated~
03 16 08 (UTC)
Awesome. XD. I'm listening to it right now but I'd like to point out that SMAP was formed in 1988 and debuted in 1991 not 1992
http://youtube.com/watch?v=ACkNx8qMuiM lol XD
03 16 08 (UTC)
Thank you for pointing that out! :) I was just searching for their debut year off the top of my head in reference to article so I obviously picked wrong! XD
03 16 08 (UTC)
Well, they're not swindling for love. They're using love to cloud the judgement of their targets to get money.


;jkfa;lkj oh, the discussion with cannabalistic/carnavoristic herons.

Jennie does keep saying intelligent things!
The thing with the food, and Katsuragi always eating/cooking as an analogy for his manipulation of people: but he totally sucked at the cooking. He could not get the tsukemono right to save his life. (So is that saying that he's better at manipulating people than food? or is it forshadowing for how his manipulations fail? did his manipulation ultimately fail? the ending totally threw me, so yoroshiku for those parts later ne.)

Peyton doing boy!Kurosaki impressions!

Peyton: If that makes your day, like it kinda sorta made mine.
Rheyne: Only you would notice these kinds of things, Peyton.

Are you guys seriously talking about his clothes? ILUSM2U(all)

I never noticed her nose. Or her teeth. But I thought her eyes were hella creepy.

I'm pretty sure it was a jweb. I feel like he mentioned Ryo (and Jin?) but I'm not as sure about that part.

I read the face-scribbled-out thing the way Rhey did. Just to add my two cents.

They might be my favourite part of the show, so I'm glad you discussed them.

You know, I realize this was like 22.5 minutes longer than 'normal' (maybe even half an hour, because the other ones tended to be around 56 minutes), but it really didn't feel longer. On the other hand, that might be because i listened to the first half hour and then listened to the rest several hours later.

But Yamapi in NwP was just as mooby as he was in Kurosagi (he just um. wore shirts slightly less often).


Jennie: I would ride the other way.
Yes. I'm with you.

Rhey: 'Covered' moobs? No I think you mean 'uncovered'

DDDD: omg i recognized all the names from kissumai. T__T This is totally procreational's fault. I may not be able to forgive her.
Also, i like that that a group of juniors is named Ossan. XD irony, much?

Here! Have my love!! ♥♥♥♥♥ (one for each of you, and an extra to fight over to share)

Are you going to talk about the YamaPeen Kurosaki's fat black cat? I kind of love that cat. And the way Tsurara steals it. ♥

How do you decide what dorktastic things to include in the closing? Or does it just happen to fall out naturally?
03 16 08 (UTC)

This was longer than usual. @.@ We weren't able to keep track of time, this time around so um... yeah. @.@ Whoops?

ACTUALLY, OSSaN also does the name/initial thing that JE so loves. lolol. Plus they mentioned that on Shokura before too when the Kansai Juniors were on and I'm so sure they made fun of them for that.


...We start on an idea, but um... it usually us just dissolving into whatever.
03 16 08 (UTC)
I'm addicted to your show! Well, maybe not addicted, but close enough.'

One of you(sorry i forgot who) mentioned about Yamapi's jweb entries during the time he was shooting Kurosagi, There are translations of it at http://forum.jpblove.org/index.php. He was really excited about Koyama acting with him.

Although i don't really like Kurosagi (pls don'e kill me) i enjoyed hearing u girls fangirl over it.
03 16 08 (UTC)
Ohmigosh, thank you so much for that link! ♥!!! You just pretty much made my day. ;____;

Also, thank you for always tuning in. Hopefully, next time we'll discuss a drama you liked! So don't hesitate to leave us suggestions. :Dv
03 16 08 (UTC)
wow, very cool! am d/ling to check it out!
03 23 08 (UTC)
Yay! I hope you enjoy our podcast and check out future ones too~
03 16 08 (UTC)
They hardly get any coverage at all, which is unfair because they are AWESOME, and all the information you learn about juniors is like, totally useful because it makes you understand better how Johnny's works. Plus they're adorable a;jfas;.
03 23 08 (UTC)
We're so glad you liked the mention of juniors! :D They are quite awesome (I personally love a couple) so that's great that someone out there is looking froward to if and when we talk about them~
Thanks for your comment and thanks for listening! ♥
03 17 08 (UTC)
ohhh, i like the way you organized the summery!
I always put the sumemry in the lyrics section of my iPOD.

I'll comment again when i finish listening to it.
great job guys!!
03 23 08 (UTC)
Awww, thank you! That's all thanks to Jennie~ Oooh! That's a nice way to keep track! Very good idea. :D

Thank you again! And hope you enjoyed~
03 17 08 (UTC)
ahh i absolutly love ur shows <3

the kurosagi section really opened my eyes to alot of things like the fence symbolism in epi 2 and the credits.

because of this im goin to re-watch the drama and watch more closely 8D.

i also watched this drama wen i justttt started to get into JE and i didnt reely kno much about anything. so im glad im not the only one who didnt put two and two together that yamapi actually sang the opening song

XDD see ya next week ♥
03 23 08 (UTC)
YES! Someone after my own heart~ ♥ To be honest, I'm as amazed as you are that they're so analytical about it (and I'm on the show). *laughs* I'm glad this prompted you to want to rewatch the drama!

Yes! You are definitely not the only one that didn't put two and two together. *dies* We're kindred souls~ *laughs*

See you next week and thanks so much for your comment!
03 17 08 (UTC)
So I've been listening since the first week but I'm finally getting my lazy ass around to commenting. First off I want to thank you guys so much for this. You really are entertaining to listen to. I need to add my name to the list of people who have no offline JE fans as friends (ND is not exactly known as a hotbed of jpop-lovin' activity) so it's really great to listen to people squeal over the boys instead of just reading comments online.

20th Century's PV is ridiculously cute. I have a feeling the song is going to be in my head for a good portion of the next week. Or at least whenever Wahaha isn't. (By the way, WTF was Yoko doing to his junior at the beginning the MS performance? Also, I love how they gave Ryo the chibi-est junior.)

"You get used to the stupid!" is pretty much the best way to describe Yukan Club ever.

JE groups have such a high crack content. You get innocently sucked in by a random drama or song and then before you know it you have a shelf full of JE dramas and music and a much lighter pocketbook. Johnny = Best Crack Dealer Ever.

Shirtless Pi didn't really faze me at the beginning of Kurosagi but I have to say that there was a second or two towards the end of that scene where the suspenders look suspiciously bra-strap like. Just saying.

I liked the discussion about eating/food as symbolism. I hadn't thought of it before but it brings up some interesting ideas. Like Katsuragi is trying to perfect Kurosagi the same way he is trying to perfect his cooking. Changing the ingredients around each time in hopes that he can make a final product that will pass some sort of ultimate test. Or something. It's really been way too long since I've watched this show. Might have to give it a rewatch once the semester's over.

And since I'm sure it will be covered (and most likely with a high amount of giggling) I'd just like to say that I can't wait for your discussion of That One Staircase Scene. You know the one.

As for taking the love train with Koki, I would totally ride it now that he has hair again. Though Make U Wet would probably pop into my head and I'd end up laughing hysterically at an inappropriate time. Also, anyone else want to bet that he's a cuddler? He's pretty gangsta like that. On the other hand, if Jin persists with this attempted mustache thing... well, he'd have to be doing a hell of a lot of hiprolls to distract from the scraggly upper lip hair.

I'd also like to add my vote to definitely covering Nobuta and HYD at some point in the future. There are actually a bunch that I think it would be fun for you guys to cover - HanaKimi, Dragonzakura, Proposal Daisakusen, My Boss My Hero, etc, etc, etc. So I'm looking forward to whatever you end up doing.

Again, thanks for this! It's really fun to listen to! Keep up the good work! :) (Also, sorry this comment turned out so tl;dr.)
03 23 08 (UTC)
First of all, thank you SO much for this long and lengthy comment! We all love these kinds of comments so for us, it's definitely not tl;dr. ♥

I'm so glad that you like listening to us~ I speak for myself when I say that I have the same scenario (not having an RL friends to squeal about JE with), so this is a lot of fun if only just for me. :D I'm glad other people feel the same way. :D

"You get used to the stupid!" is pretty much the best way to describe Yukan Club ever.
We should make taglines for all the dramas. I'm sure we'd come up with some of the best things ever. *laughs*

Johnny = Best Crack Dealer Ever.
And that is the title in which he'll forever be known as. Johnny, Best Crack Dealer ever. IAWTC.

Thank you so much on your thoughts on our Kurosagi discussion! The food/eating thing was covered again in our most recent episode (episode 5 which was posted today!) and Jennie seems to be noticing it everywhere now. So yay! More talk about that~ ♥ I hope that you'll enjoy further talk on that. Also, I love that we make you want to rewatch the series. That's one of our goals, after all~ To have people listen to us analysis these things and see what we may see as well.

LOL. Yes, well, I'm almost positive that once that episode comes up, we will definitely be talking about it. Since it didn't show up in Episode 5-8 which we discussed in Episode 5, it'll definitely show up in Epsiode 6 with our analysis of 9-11. :D So look forward to that. (I know I look forward to actually watching it. *laughs*)

As for your Koki and Jin + facial hair comment, we discussed it in the letter segment of Episode 5! :D So you should check it out to hear what we thought. *grins*

Oooh, thank you so much for the suggestions. We'll definitely take them into consideration (especially since you mentioned some of my favorite doramas ever. MY BOSS MY HERO and appropriately with my icon, Hana Kimi!)

Thank you again for commenting like this! It was seriously very much appreciated~ Sorry my comment back is so tl;dr. *laughs*
03 17 08 (UTC)
Ahh, new show! Yay! :D This was great.

I'm glad you decided to talk about Kurosagi, because I might not have watched it otherwise, and it was really good! Can't wait to hear your guys thoughts about the rest of it. ^-^

Keep up the awesome podcasts!! Yay!
03 23 08 (UTC)
Yay! Thank you so very much~

I'm (We're) really glad that you decided to watch Kurosagi along with us! :D I personally love that drama, then again I may be biased, but it's always great to spread the love. ♥ Hope you enjoy the rest of it as well as our remaining discussion on the episodes.

Thank you again for the compliments and comment! Hope you keep enjoying~ ♥
(Deleted comment)
03 23 08 (UTC)
Thank you so much! :D We're always glad when people tell us that we make them wanna watch Kurosagi. It makes us go warm inside. *laughs*

Ahahah~ Rhey's found another person to take the love train with! :D
Thanks for the comment and hope you keep on listening! ♥
03 17 08 (UTC)
I so enjoyed the show girls!

Listening to you girls talking about food symbolism in Kurosagi made me feel like idiot. Haha!! I usually don't pay much attention to details like that (apart from the fact that I was too much distracted by Pi's dead eye fish XD!)

Suggestion! How about 1 Litre of Tears for next dorama section! My roomie and I re-watched the SP episode last night and this morning we woke up with swollen face.

And, I don't know if any of you follow Question? closely, but I really want opinions, on the matter of, whether they have chance to fully debut in near future. I'm so in love with them right now and the lacked of Q? made me really sad.

03 23 08 (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh, don't feel like an idiot. The depth we went into was completely unintentional, I swear. I think as we talk, we kinda get each other thinking about things we had never considered before.

I personally haven't been able to get through 1 Litre of Tears (I cry at the drop of a hat so, yeah, not the best drama for me) but the other girls may want to do this. LOL Thanks for the suggestion.

We didn't have time to address your Question? comments because we talk too much but hopefully in the future they'll have some news that we can discuss (crosses fingers).

Thanks for listening, my dear. And of course for commenting as well :D
03 17 08 (UTC) - Kibou Yell now = STD's
Dear Awsome JEP CAST ladies,

I will now think of STD's whenever listening to Kibou Yell, thank you so much for that. Its not bad thing at all though..you aren't corrupting me at all, since I'm already extremely corrupted.

Also I'd like to say that when you were talking about that Tarzan shoot with Yamapi, and one of you mentions his arm pit hair, that I literally spit the cherry coke I was drinking out, and got it all over the floor, and on my purse, and somehow on my mouse pad.

In addition to that, whoever it was that said they thought that the new HSJ single said, 'Change to Change' I want you to know I thought the same thing at first as well.

I also want to say I happen to love Junno's new hairstyle..and would love it even more if he cut it shorter, and dyed it a darker brown. Because then he'd look like Changmin from DBSK.

- Love one of your loyal fans, Quinn.


xDDD On a side note, this episode totally made me crack up, keep up the goodwork! ^^
03 20 08 (UTC)
hadaka no mama de
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