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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#66] The One Where Jin Retains His Booty 
06 15 09
omgcp - jack
Date: 2009-06-13
Running Time: 1:20:16
Size: 36.75 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Peyton, Rhey and Kamika

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 O P E N I N G ( 0 : 0 0 )

          ▪ OMG. Will Yoko appear in Niini no Koto Wasurenaide?
               ▪ Peyton tells about Recommen and how Yoko might've accidentally gotten filmed in Ryo's 24 Hour Television special.
               ▪ "What, a dying man can't go visit a television station? It's not just for alive people."

 N E W S ( 3 : 5 8 )

          ▪ Shingo to star in an off-Broadway musical [ 12 ]
               ▪ Your hosts are totally there. Two are already in New York and Peyton's already planning her trip down to New York. :D
               ▪ Plus it's written by hilarious Mitani Koki. MUST SEE.
          ▪ I Come With The Rain Japanese premiere [ 1 ]
               ▪ Will this movie ever premiere in America? Apparently the movie's very experimental.

          ▪ Kimura/Kame on Ousama no Brunch, June 6 [ 123 ]
               ▪ Right from the start, Peyton squeals. Can you tell she loves this? XD
               ▪ "I had always thought that Kame kinda was the next Kimura Takuya." "Oh God."
               ▪ We talk on how comfortable Kame and Kimura seem with each other. And how fake this could be. XD

          ▪ Yabu Kota joins Kusanagi's drama next season [ 12 ]
               ▪ "Yabu as a Yakuza? What, why?" "I asked myself the same question."
               ▪ We suspect this role (and Hikaru's possible role in Orthos no Inu) will be heavily supporting--AKA only appearing for five minutes per episodes.

          ▪ Coming Century is releasing a mini-album! [ 1 ]
               ▪ Coming Century has a song entirely in English. O.O
               ▪ "At least they're getting... work. ...I like how we keep saying that."
          ▪ Sakamoto reprises his role in All Shook Up!! [ 1 ]
               ▪ "Maybe the story has something to do with Hiroshima." "All Shook Up is about 1950s and I think it's using Elvis songs?"
          ▪ Music Station, June 12 [ 1 ]
               ▪ FLAIL ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE. :DDDDD "Well, it's better than them standing in garbage man suits."
               ▪ Peyton talks a bit about how awesome the lyrics are (and how easy it is to sing along to).
               ▪ "Tamori was like 'Yeah, Okada has an amazing body.' Okada was like 'Yeah, you've touched it before.'"

          ▪ More on Nino's butai, Strangers on a Train [ 12 ]
               ▪ Nino's a killer. *insert horror movie music here*
          ▪ Eco Touch Week [ 12345678910 ]
               ▪ "I really don't have much to say about this other than, wow, they cleaned a house. Yay."
               ▪ "It was longer than I wanted it to be."

     Hey!Say!JUMP/Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow
          ▪ NYC Boys forms for volleyball support [ 123456789 ]
               ▪ Kami gets a little confused about this single, but Peyton and Rhey set her straight.
               ▪ On the other hand, Kami explains who exactly is going to be part of NYC Boys.
               ▪ We answer CC's questions from last week about B.I.Shadow in Shounen Club and why there hasn't been a press conference yet.
               ▪ Plus, we wonder why NYC Boys even came about--Is the Jimusho trying to bank on Yamada and Chinen's popularity?

 D R A M A ( 3 4 : 2 1 )

          ▪ Akihabara@Deep eps.5-8
               ▪ "It's a lot more raunchy--giving away lap dances and like boobs and all that stuff." "Wait, wait, they're giving away boobs? What?"
               ▪ Kami rants and rants on the ridiculousness of episode 7. D: Rhey spins her usual logic on it.
               ▪ "Every time I see his face, I just think of... crap."
               ▪ Peyton freaks out a little when episode 7 starts with some Hindi. XD But their beginning summaries are pretty good.
               ▪ We fawn over Izumu's cuteness. It totally works for us.
               ▪ Peyton points out some of the awesome cinematography especially whenever they have a tangent in their conversations.
               ▪ More talk on Nakagomi and his connection to Yui and Akihabara@Deep.
          ▪ Next week! Last batch of episodes: Akihabara@Deep eps.9-11

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 5 9 : 0 2 )

          ▪ Who is the best at English and who is the worst at English in all of JE?
               ▪ Listener responses from Bri501, tokidoki_sama, Anonymous, boxberg
               ▪ Aiba and Jin seem to garner the most discussion this week--probably to nobody's surprise. XD
               ▪ Rhey and Peyton immediately jump to Jin's defense. With examples.
               ▪ Peyton raves on how important it is to use the languages you're learning without fear--and how this applies to Koyama, Aiba and Jin.
               ▪ We also mention Nino, Hina for best at English. :D
          ▪ Next Week: What is your impression of NEWS/Kanjani8's Nishikido Ryo?

  C L O S I N G ( 1 : 1 6: 0 8 )

          ▪ Kami talks about how her friend's watching My Boss, My Hero and how she totally ships Makio/Kazu.
               ▪ My friend wishes that Kazu had gone to school with Makio so they could walk together hand-in-hand down Agnes Road.

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06 15 09 (UTC)
Just so you know. I have creepily waited for you to ask that question. >.> And maybe once I can say it in a coherent, non-flaily manner, you will have an answer. XD
06 15 09 (UTC)
you guys all know my love for ryo so you know that i'm horribly biased, but, this is what i have to say:

A lot of people in fandom at least start with the impression that Ryo's a snarky asshole (which he is) but there is a lot more to him than that I think. He's amazingly talented - he plays the guitar, is learning the bass and the drums, he write his own music and lyrics (which are fabulous and beautiful) and he's a marvelous performer, singer, dancer, and actor. He's definitely proved the acting bit to the world, with two dramas last year that did really well and another one this year plus the 24hr SP. He might be a little mean but really that's just part of his charm, because under all of that he's truly just very shy and really deep and I think he writes really well; his few jwebs that are longer than just three sentences prove that - like the one where he talks about his dog Chibi dying, and the one about his sister getting married. He's easily embarrassed, hardworking, dedicated, and just so cute, and a little child at heart. He's a beautiful person inside and out and I love him and admire him a lot. I think he's amazing. ♥

...it was very, very hard to make that short, and yet it's still really long. >.> Feel free to pick and chose whatever you feel is important. XD Sorry for rambling. D:
06 20 09 (UTC)
Random comment, but I think you condensed and articulated your love for Ryo really well:)
06 15 09 (UTC)
I don't like Ryo, because I was stamped not once, but twice as him in the Kanjani8 and NewS stamping communities. Also, I took a Kanjani8 compatibility quiz, and who did I get? Ryo. And I did a Japanese, "Who's best for you in Johnny's?" thing and while I didn't get Ryo, I got Takki, which is more or less one step away from him.

Obviously, sometimes opposites don't attract. Sometimes, people who are exactly like each other attract.

Seriously though, I love Ryo. He's such a goober. XD;;
06 15 09 (UTC)
Oh, my impression of him! He seems to be a very complicated person with a multitude of sides to his personality. At times he's a huge douche, at others, he's a huge dork. I don't think you could ever classify him with one certain label; he's mean, he's nice, shy, loud, quiet. (...Damn, I really am like him). He once looked 12 when he was really 16 and now he's the Sexy Osaka Man.

He's Ryo. And I won't deny that he's pretty hot and awesome for being so short. :shot:
06 15 09 (UTC)
Creeepy.... I was literally writing an answer to this in my head LAST NIGHT. I was thinking about JEP cast and some how I got to thinking about what I would answer if Ryo came up....Check my computer today and find out that RYO is the boy for this week. Psychic? I don't know. Creepy all the same.
Anyway, what I think of Ryo... He's not my favorite, I don't DISLIKE him so much as I am usually blah about him. Sometimes he'll do something and I will fangirl for a little while... but then it usually goes away. Honestly, He's my least favorite member of NEWS, right below Yamapi. and even in Kanjani8 the only two I like LESS than him are Subaru and Hina.
I'm not sure exactly WHY I'm so blah about him. Nothing about him really annoys me or anything.... well, except for his voice. His voice just doesn't do it for me most of the time. It's okay in recording...usually, although sometimes I WILL skim past his parts. But I can't stand it live. for example code. I'll sometimes listen to the recording, but the concert version... urgh! Once and never again...
Actually that might be why I don't really like him....but I'm not even a huge news fan to begin with, more like a huge MassuKoyaShige fan.... TegoRyoPi fall offf to the way side unfortunately
06 15 09 (UTC)
What I think of Ryo, well I like him. A lot. He is my (arguably) my favorite member of NEWS. I know he isn't perfect and has personality flaws (don't we all?) but I love him despite it. I think he very interesting and a bit un-idol-like. It seems to me that most people who are idols have very out-going personalities. I think it comes with the territory, that people who like to be the center of attention would want to be idols. But Ryo is very shy. This is apparent in the Ryusei no Kizuna promotions and some NEWS interviews I'm sure. Even though he shy, he likes being an idol and just deals with it. I think that's admirable. I think it is very interesting to see just how his personality fits in two very different groups. In NEWS, Ryo acts as the 'back boss' or 'real leader' (at least that is how his fellow members see him in the group). I think his personality is one of the ones that comes across the strongest amongst the members. In Kanjani8 (I'm not much of a K8 fan so correct me if I'm wrong) this is not the case. This is because there are many strong personality on Kanjani8 and Ryo can't/doesn't want to compete with them. Ryo's dynamic and how that dynamic changes is I think something very interesting to watch.

I hope I stayed on topic >.>;;; *hit*

Edited at 2009-06-15 09:46 pm (UTC)
06 16 09 (UTC)
I first saw Ryo in the Cherish video and he is by far one of the best looking guys in Johnnies. I can't make up my mind about him though because he seems to be a kindhearted person but then I see him in interviews where he acts like the hot guy that knows he's hot.

But the one thing that makes me a serious Ryo fan is his performance in Prisoner of Love. He nailed that role. He made me hate him one minute and want to give him a hug the next. He wasn't a mustache twirling bad guy but a deep complex multilayered character.

It's just a shame that after a year of Japanese lessons I still can't pronounce Ryo properly.
06 16 09 (UTC)
Oops forgot to sign on when I left that comment. But I did want to add that his bungee jump was pretty sweet. I have to give him credit for jumping that high with no hesitation.
06 16 09 (UTC)
Ah Ryo~

When I was first introduced to Ryo I thought he had a twin brother (since he is in k8 and news) and for the longest time i tried to figure out his "twin brother"'s name. when i figured out that he didn't have one i started to get to know him, the more i learned about him the more i thought he was a total ass, well he kinda is. but when you get past that he is realy sweet, stupid, and a good actor. I have to admit i still don't like him that much, well to be honest he scares me sometimes, but he is still a pretty cool guy.
06 18 09 (UTC)
show was great as always:)

ps: people do not have a rappaport...they have a rapport ;)
06 18 09 (UTC)
Have only paid attention to Nishikido Ryo when watching Ryuusei no Kizuna. All I could think was: ew, incest! (even tho, u know, *SPOILER* they aren't really related).

Also, the mole on his face bothers me for some reason.

But I like his hair. :) Not as perfect as MastuJun's, but still pretty damn good. And he always keeps it black ~ he's never bleached it before, I think, like any of the other Johnnys boys.
06 18 09 (UTC)
Ryo, I think, is one of my fave in JE.
He's the one who broadened my JE horizons because before I saw him in 1 Litre of Tears, i only listened to KAT-TUN. I didn't even like him that much at first in 1 Litre but Asou-kun just kind of grew on me and at the end, I was a fan. That made me look him up, found NewS and Kanjani8 and I'm so happy I did.

it's funny though because at first, I didn't want to like him because of how he acted with Ueda on SC in the past xD (before 1 Litre, all i knew about him was he was the one who was mean to my poor little Tat-chan xD) But then, I realized how stupid that was and got over it.

anyways, I don't even know why i like him so much...i just do! he's really cute and he has a beautiful voice (that i find is loosing its clarity and stuff because of smoking..which i find really sad) I also love watching him with Kanjani8 because he's so crazy and dorky. I find that funny though...how he acts differently with NewS and K8. It's like we get to see all sides of him...kind of.
06 20 09 (UTC)
hello, this is Bri501

so i pretty much only know about Arashi, Ikuta Toma, and 3 1/2 guys from KAT-TUN. I know who Koki is beacause i think he looks mexican in the Rescue pv. Jin becuase he looked really creepy and creeped me out in the Rescue pv. Ueda from Konkatsu. And the half is the guy who was in the Rescue drama, i know his face, but i don't know his name. So im trying to make and effort know to learn about the rest of the guys so actually know who your talking about from now on (though is still love hearing about all the other guys, though i don't know who they are)

So i looked into Ryo and i didn't know that he was in Attention Please. So i learned something new. Im always learning something new from your podcast, like how a lot of the dramas that i've watched have JE boys in them and i never knew. But i watched Attention Please when i was just getting into Arashi and JDramas in general. That's pretty much the only thing i got from looking into him because i trailed off and started looking into Hiroki Uchi (forgive me if i spell his name wrong) I thought that that was pretty harsh of Johnny's to suspend him from the groups like that and the public eye (though i don't know all the details exactly) I don't know how it is in Japan but Hollywood stars do stupid crap like that all the time. People get mad about for while, then they forget about it and get over it. So i think he should be let back, it sounds like Kanjani8 really misses him, and it was a while ago that this happened. So im watching Osen right now and i was reading about Uchi and i was suprised to learn that he was in that drama. Again, im always learning and finding something new from you guys. It sounds like he's slowly coming back into the public eye, which is good. (also, he's really cute)

So i know this was supposed to be about Ryo, but it kinda looks like i went off topic. I hope that's all right. But i did learn something new about some more JE Boys, so isn't that what really counts?
can't wait for your podcast next week, so until then. :)
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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