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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#65] The One Where JE Attempts to Translate Twilight 
06 08 09
Date: 2009-06-7
Running Time: 1:22:19
Size: 37.6 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Jennie (news only), Peyton, Rhey and Kamika

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

 O P E N I N G ( 0 : 0 0 )

          ▪ The jep_cast hosts pass around diseases to one another through the internets. XD
               ▪ "...you're like three hours on the other side of the world." "Actually, I'm five hours by plane..."
               ▪ "See I have my own disease. I have that Star Trek bug... It's all the Pine Flu over here." XDDD

 N E W S ( 2 : 4 5 )

          ▪ Shingo to star in TBS summer drama, Kochira Katsushikaku Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo
               ▪ "The fact that it's airing in August means that MR. BRAIN is getting a full-episode order and that makes me ecstatic!"
               ▪ "If they hadn't stressed that this is a popular long-running manga series, I would've been like, 'Skip! Pass! This sounds boring!'"
               ▪ "Dude, Shingo as a Monkey King is kind of crazy!!"

          ▪ Okada Junichi on 5LDK, May 28th
               ▪ "That's her name, Completely Blanking?" "Yeah, actually that's her American form, so her Japanese name is Blanking Completely." XD
               ▪ Chibi!Okada!fail when he was auditioning for Johnny's! *awww*
               ▪ Okada ate pork buns that were force-fed to him in his sleep by 20th Century?!
               ▪ Okada learned everything he knows from Nagase. ♥

          ▪ Okada on Oshareism, May 31st
               ▪ Okada sent Kimura Takuya to the hospital, but kept it a secret?! WHAT?! :OOO
               ▪ Okada has massive English fail and reminds us of a chibi!Akanishi!English!fail moment. XD

          ▪ "Spirit" PV [ 12 ]
               ▪ "...but it was a lot manlier than the JE usual."
               ▪ The sanitation engineers rear their heads again! XDDD
               ▪ "You try for the hardest, Kami. We'll be over here trying our best." :P

          ▪ Arashi sells over 500,000 copies of two singles released back to back – "Believe"/"Kumorinochi Kaisei" and "Ashita no Kioku"/ "Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~" [ 123 ]
               ▪ "This is heralding a time when Arashi will rule the world."
               ▪ "Finally Aiba's words come to light." "Only ten years late." "No, ten years in the making!"

          ▪ Arashi to release a new single on July 1st [ 12 ]
               ▪ "We're not even done talking about their most recently released single ad already we're getting info on a new single?! What the hell!"
               ▪ Are they going to have a tenth anniversary album on top of all these singles?!

          ▪ Music Station, May 29th [ 123]
          ▪ Utaban, May 31st [ 123456 ]
               ▪ Tamori dropped in the ocean in a suit and a coat?!
               ▪ Ohno is the most realistic actor ever. XD
               ▪ Arashi invites Hirai Ken and Shiina Ringo to go to karaoke? o.O
               ▪ "Arashi has more fun on Utaban than any other group!"

          ▪ TegoMasu to release a new single and album in July [ 12 ]
               ▪ Why release a Swedish single if they are not going to Sweden? Hmm...
               ▪ "Honestly, I feel like they are aiming this at elementary children." ;PPP
               ▪ "...I already have all four pre-ordered." "HOLY SHIT! We underestimate the power of Jennie."

          ▪ Nishikido to star with Yamada Ryousuke supporting in the 24 Hour Television drama, Niini no Koto Wasurenaide [ 123]
               ▪ Ryo playing a fifteen year old?! NOT HAPPENING. XP
               ▪ "This sounds like a male version of Ichi Littoru no Namida."
               ▪ "Are they trying to kill him?!" "He probably likes it."
               ▪ "Isn't that the point, to make you cry?" But not because it's painful!"

     Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow
          ▪ New group, Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow to debut and will do theme song for Nakayama's Koishite Akuma [ 123]
               ▪ "JAPAN! NO! Twilight does not translate!" "Twilight doesn't even do well in its own language?!"
               ▪ Peyton has vehement hate for the name of this debuted group. :\\\\\
               ▪ Why the Kansai-native Nakayama with the Kanto-native B.I. Shadow? o.O
               ▪ "I hate it when the break apart groups to make debuted groups. But when just one kid is left out? That's just HORRIBLE!" D:

          ▪ Music Station, June 5th
               ▪ "It sounds like two different songs which is kind of bizarre."
               ▪ Star-crossed juniors, Nakayama and Morimoto Shintarou? XD
               ▪ Why didn't Morimoto Shintarou debut with this group?
               ▪ "The senpai he admires is Jin and Yassu!" "Okay, well, at least we know where his style is headed." XD

 D R A M A ( 4 6 : 5 6 )

          ▪ Akihabara@DEEP, episodes 1 - 4
               ▪ Our initial impressions of Akihabara@DEEP!
               ▪ Rhey watched to get a feel for the *~real~* Akihabara, while Kami and Peyton slowly and yet surely warm up to the drama in their first watch. :)
               ▪ Kazama is a revelation in this as page; why isn't he getting more work like Toma too?!
               ▪ "Surprisingly in this drama, the JEs are the acting strength."
               ▪ Akira's actress was really uneven and might've even had a lisp? o.o
               ▪ We stake out the shoujo-ai moments in Akihabara@DEEP. *chuckle*
               ▪ We try to unravel the "bad guy" Nakagomi. Is he really a bad guy?
               ▪ Kitamura Kazuki is so good at playing Nakagomi that Rhey cannot separate the actor from the character. ;)
               ▪ Rhey reasons out Box's fear of girls and how Akira and Izumu are exceptions to the rule.
               ▪ Next week is episodes 4 – 8 of Akihabara@DEEP!

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 1 : 0 8 : 4 7 )

          ▪ What is your impression/opinion of V6's Okada Junichi?
               ▪ Listener response from darklinker_xxx. (only one! ;_;)
               ▪ Our resident new V6 fan doesn't know anything about Okada! *gasp* Okada is Hadaka-san for Rhey, forever and always, but for Peyton he's Abunai Boy! XD
               ▪ Next week: Who is the best at English and who is the worst at English in all of JE?

  C L O S I N G ( 1 : 1 8 : 0 6 )

          ▪ Adventures with drinking and Arashi! XD
               ▪ "Aiba gets drunk girls very much in rages."

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06 08 09 (UTC) - Letter/Question Answer
Well for this I think I should start with the worst right? I've always thought it was better to get the bad news out of the way first... haha

I know everyone wants to say Aiba right? And to an extent it's true... but is fail so entirely amusing that I can't help but think of it as the most amazing English ever! Haha You can't deny that Aiba's english has more win than fail! LOL

So seriously... the worst English... I think it's Akanishi Jin. Yeah I know what you're thinking... "But he went to the US to study he must be good at it!" Yeah well... when really the only English he ever uses is dropping the F Bomb on his fans... honestly he reminds me of those little kids in elementary school who curse just because their parents say they shouldn't.

As for who I think is the best... it's got to be Okamoto Keito right? I mean he lived in England for five years and still has a cute British accent! He even admitted to thinking in English more than Japanese because he thought it was easier. I'd say that's pretty good English.
06 08 09 (UTC)
This is mrsfinny, you're myspace updater.
I got tired of that name and made a new account XD

I haven't updated the myspace in like...a LONG TIME!
And I apologize for that. But I will hop back on that ASAP cuz I've got time and stuff now :D
Oh and I want to thank ya'll for doing this podcast because without it, I would have absolutely no idea of what was going on in JE. I mean, Arashi's released like 405 singles since I've been out of the "loop", but since I've been back tracking on the podcast ya'll are making it very easy to get back into it.
So thank you veeeeery much!
Um to answer this week's question:

Best at English would go to....AIBA! Not because he can speak it well. Because, we all know he can't. But because he uses what he knows in a very entertaining way and expresses himself well. "VERY VERY DANGER" gets the point across that he thinks something is dangerous, while also bringing the lols. Gotta give him points for that, right? Plus, I'd rather laugh at his imperfect English than be in awe at that Hey!Say!JUMP kid's perfect English that we never get to hear...no offense :)

Worst at English would go to...Koyama. Because he thought the F and M on passports stood for 'Friendly' and 'Mama'. That is all.
06 08 09 (UTC)
Thanks for the updates!~

I didn't really get what B.I.Shadow was until I listened to this, so I'm glad you guys covered it ^___^
06 08 09 (UTC)
I think Nino's English was really good at his Letters from Iwo Jima press conferance, even though it was a set up for Shikatte! Blonde Sensei! and he said he'd studied before hand. However, what got me was, sure he could have just memorised a sheet of questions and answers, but his pronounciation was almost faultless, and that's something that can't be picked up so quickly.

I don't know who to pick for engrish fail- Aiba's is hilarious- "what is your hobby?" "Yes I am Happy!", but I wouldn't call it fail- I use the word "cuticle" all the time now because of him!
06 08 09 (UTC)
Q-->A: Suddenly, Jin's "WHY JENNIFER?" pops into my head, and all I can think of is that that makes him the worst, lol. I mean, he might have gained some skills from being in the US, but I haven't seen it yet:p

As for the best...um, I'd have to say...Nino:) I remember watching him answer a few of the reporters' questions during a press conference for "Letters from Iwo Jima," and although his vocabulary was limited, he made perfect sense:D
06 09 09 (UTC)
Hehe, this question is fun, yet difficult to answer, for me at least. I don't really listen to a JE guy's English for it's quality. For me it is all about how I laugh at their fail and adorableness when they attempt to speak it. None of them are really good at English ( except maybe Keito, but his English is LOVE because of his British accent anyways) and I find myself listening for the lol factor. come on, Jin, for all his going to study in America, is still pretty fail. His pronunciation is decent but his grammar is weird, and I can't help but be amazed that the F-word seems to be one of the ones he can pronounce almost perfectly.For all my love of Ueda, he fails, what with Dictator which is SO much fun to listen to because of it's bad english (and the mental imagery I get). Aiba's english is probably my favorite, even tough it is in NO way, shape, or form, good at all I NOMINATE IT FOR BEST, simply because of it's fail. Aiba's english is "very very danger" for someone looking for proper english, no matter "Cuticle" I think it is, but I'm biased towards Aiba anyway because he is my Favorite JE guy of all time. Sho's english is pretty good I guess, from what I've heard of it. Nino's pronunciation is good as well, even though He doesn't speak english. for worst english... Tegoshi and Massu, simply because no matter how many times I listen to Miso Soup in english I still can't understand a word of it without the lyrics in front of me. It may just be me however, and I have the same problem with yamapi's Mola, so I guess He can ninja His way in there as well. OH! Never mind that I change my mind. the worst is JUNNO! Remember that english thing him and jin did, never in my life will I forget the epic fail of Junno in that conversation. Seriously "Eat-o pancake?" I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my life....actually, I lie... but I still laughed pretty damn hard. I love you Junno, and your my second favorite JE Boy of all time, but you fail, so hard. If you don't want to take my aiba Comment seriously Then Keito has the best english I guess.... but where's the fun in that?
so yeah, my thoughts on this.
06 09 09 (UTC)
My vote for worst English goes to Jin. I love the boy to death, but "car shrimp" and "Why Jennifer?!" are his fails pre-LA, and post-LA we hear the F-bomb drop every time he tries to get the crowd excited. And then there's the radio thing he did with Taguchi where he said something about "stabbing someone in the heart with a f*ing ice pick" for a date, which I found hilarious, but at the same time highly tasteless. Kids listen to you, Jin, even if they don't know what you're saying. There are times when I wonder if he knows what he's saying. I find it highly annoying and unattractive.

I think I'm going to say Ueda for best, only because his "I'm sleepy" in the RESCUE PV making was probably the cutest thing I've heard in a while.
06 09 09 (UTC)
Yay new episode~

Ah i have something to say about the Spirit PV that i think you guys missed, Ken starts dancing caramelldancen towards the end! Its really cute, he trysto get... the person standing next to him (i can't remember) to do it but he totally fails~

and for the question this week

Of course hands down best english in JE is Okamoto Keito. I mean he lived in England! I personaly love hearing his english mainly because of the accent XD

for the worst english I wanna say aiba but i think Junno is worse. The "eat-o-pancake" thing he did was fail to the max.
06 09 09 (UTC)
The logical (and boring) answer for best English would be Keito. But Kimura Takuya speaks English very well for someone who has never lived outside of Japan, he filmed an entire movie with only English lines.
06 09 09 (UTC)
OK I'm going to be completely immature and superficial and pick best and worst based on the accent. So my answers are more about who I like listening to when they speak English.

With that being said Jin's English may not be 100% but he actually gets the pronunciation right making his accent so kakkoii. I love listening to him speak English especially when he drops the F-bomb. (What can I say, us Brooklyn girls like a guy who can drop that F-bomb.)

The worst would go to MatsuJun just because of how different he sounds from when he speaks his native language. I'm specifically thinking of HYD2. He has such a smooth sexy (speaking!) voice I can listen to him read the phone book, but as soon as he had to speak English he lost all sex appeal and reminded me of Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor.
06 09 09 (UTC)
So quick question before I answer this week's question. Now is this really a debut debut for BI shadow? I mean I always watch shounen club and when I watched sundays (two days ago's) episode there was no mention or anything for BI shadow when they were introduced. Also they weren't even introduced last, they were before ABC-Z. It seemed very normal. Now I didn't get to see the entire thing, but I did see most of it. Also was there a press conference yet because with all of the other major debuts Johnny held a press conference. The media seems to be making it seem like there is and I would love to see a new group debut (as much as I cannot stand their debut song... but then again I was never a fan of all of the other groups debut song except Real Face and yume monogatari). I was thinking that maybe Johnny is holding out until the actual release of the song (which do you guys know when that may be).

Ok now onto this week's question. Keito would definitely be best only because he grew up there and is an "English Boy". Worst would have to Aiba (im thinking back to all of those episodes with Aiba trying to speak english and it was a mess :D ) or MatsuJun (as much as I love him I would cringe when I heard him speaking english in HYD2)

You girls are great!
06 10 09 (UTC)
hello, this is Brittany again. So im going to be going by Bri501 from now on.

anywho as far as the question for this week, my knowledge of all JE boys is only limited to Arashi and Ikuta Toma. Im just know starting to learn about the other JE guys from your podcast so i haven't really watched videos on them, but i have seen a ton of Arashi videos, so that's how I'm going to answer.

For this weeks question I would have to give both spots to Aiba. He has the worst and the best english. He's the best because he actually knows enough words and phrases that he's able to be understood, but at the same time it's bad because it's only words and phrases that he uses. He uses broken english. I've never really heard the other guys use to much english before, just maybe once or twice. Aiba is the only one who actually uses the most english out of all the guys.

Aiba is also the most entertaining like when he made the board games he always spelled goal as gool. or when he tries to pernounce "pineapple" he keeps saying "pineappu". Or when there's something dangerous he says "danger, danger." One of my favorites is in Mago Mago Arashi when Aiba is with MatsuJun and he's talking to a little girl and he says "banana" in the cutest voice ever. Who can forget "i can fly, i can fly" or "what is your hobby?' 'yeah, im happy." or when he is telling the dog during 24 hour tv to sit he prounounces it as shit. LOL XD. I could just go on and on forever. Aiba's broken english cracks me up, and makes it so much funnier is that english is my first (and only language) so we know how its supposed to be said and how it's supposed to be pernounced.

So in conclusion Aiba gets my vote for worst and best english

ps: i don't know if you guys have seen this already or not but youtube user yunyunsnow2 has made three videos all of Aiba speaking english. There really hillariuos, good to watch when your having a bad day. :)
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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