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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[063 The One Where Tegoshi Is A Demon] 
05 27 09
仁 → three past four in the morning
Title: The One Where Tegoshi Is A Demon
Running Time: 1:06:00
Size: 30.2 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Jenny, Kami, and Rhey.

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

 O P E N I N G ( 0 : 2 9 )

          ▪ Addressing issues:
               ▪ Why we don't discuss rumours
               ▪ "Anon comment from David," technical problems.

 N E W S ( 7 : 4 9 )

          ▪ Nagase becomes a spy [ 12 ]
               ▪ Kami hates on tokyograph, Jennie can't stop saying ~*Super Spy*~
               ▪ Nagase the swindling ~*Super Spy*~ with athleticism and sex appeal.
               ▪ "Basically Kurosagi, after he's sat in jail for ten years, mixed in with inspector gadget."
               ▪ Who is this beautiful Bond girl named Dorothy??

     TOKIO | Johnny's Juniors
          ▪ Ikuta Toma 5LDK [ 12 ]
               ▪ Matsuoka shuts the door on Toma's face!
               ▪ Toma pwns KinKi at their own game. XD
               ▪ Lots of talk about everyone other than Toma. Higa Manami, Tegoshi, Okada, Ohno, Massu, Kame, Jin, Nakamaru, Yamapi (and his hair) NOT TOMA.
               ▪ "Nagase is a total S personality!" "Were we questioning that?"

          ▪ Inocchi's drama returns? [ 1 ]
               ▪ So wait, is Inocchi actually going to be in this drama or not???
               ▪ Should we be anticipating a new V6 single?
          ▪ Okada on Waratte Iitomo [ 1 ]
               ▪ Okada wants to be the chief of the villaige he's built so he can make soba noodles from scratch.

          ▪ Nino's new stageplay [ 1 ]
               ▪ Is Strangers on a Train a movie?? A book?
               ▪ Nino's butai, according to Kami, will be held at tokyograph.
          ▪ Music Station appearance [ 12 ]
               ▪ Arashi causing a storm all over the world, blah blah blah.
               ▪ Arashi's dancing is so good they can get away with having simple, distractionless sets...

          ▪ Tegoshi in drama SP [ 1234 ]
               ▪ Tegoshi, the barhost. Host? Like Host club? Or bar tender??
          ▪ Yamapi in new drama [ 1234 ]
               ▪ Co-stars include Kitagawa Keiko, Aibu Saki, Maya Miki, etc.
               ▪ WHO WILL BE IN THAT 24HR TEREBI SP?!!
               ▪ What is it's Massu who's dying, or has to give his legs up, or his head? D:
               ▪ What is this shit about fans giving Kitagawa Keiko flack for being around Yamapi?!? She is awesome!

     KANJANI 8
          ▪ Yoko on Merengue no Kimichi [ 12 ]
               ▪ Aww, Yoko is a shy boy. Ryo Part II.
               ▪ Peyton really should have been around for this bit at the very least lol.
               ▪ Yoko's mom is kind of hilar. XD;;
               ▪ Yoko's an elite! :o

          ▪ KAT-TUN concert tour [ 12 ]
               ▪ KAT-TUN is is sort of all kinds of amazing.
               ▪ Jennie just cares about Jin in a new drama, really.

          ▪ Concerts postponed due to swine flu threat[ 12345 ]
               ▪ Kansai Jrs' shows canceled. Will KAT-TUN con be canceled, too?
               ▪ What's up with TegoMassu getting canceled in Sweden?

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 0 : 4 6 : 5 4 )

          ▪ This week's question: What is your impression of Sakurai Sho?
               ▪ Responses from anonymous, becky, jennifer.
               ▪ Everyone loves Sho. Sho's smart, hot, funny, well spoken, perfect etc., etc.
               ▪ Can anyone enlighten us as to who Sho's father is what that might have anything to do with Sho being an idol?
               ▪ AAH WE SAW HIM LIVE
          ▪ Next week's question: who are the best and worst dressed in JE and why? Pics plz.

  C L O S I N G ( 1 : 0 1 : 5 1 )

          ▪ Wink Up Message Boards 06.09
               ▪ Chinen goes to fangirl heaven, Tego is a demon, Toma is an ikemen, Tsubasa has a crush on Go.

Twitter: jepcast
Email: cast@jepcast.com
Voicemail: 206-339-6065 or Skype username 'jepcast'
05 27 09 (UTC)
Keiko is awesome! I'm really excited for the drama. XD Tbh, I'm flailing about the whole Saki/Yamapi/Keiko thing, though. D: Because obviously, there will be angst.

And...Jin's gonna be in a drama? ._.;;
05 28 09 (UTC)
No he is not. Jennie was just saying how she wished he would. He probably won't because of the summer concert.
05 28 09 (UTC)
Oh! ...My bad. ^^;;
05 28 09 (UTC)
Just first a short note on thanking you all for reading out my comment on the best Album question. Keep the spirits up in JEP cast as you have no idea what amazing work you guys do!! :)

So to answer the question this week. This is going to be funny cause it really depends on what kind of fashion sense you follow. :P

Best-dressed list: Kimura Takuya (THE icon), Kamenashi Kazuya (he knows what looks good on him and what's not...except his hairstyle in the Queen of Pirates concert which was a total fail XD)

Worst-dressed list: Masuda Takahisa and Yasuda Shota (don't get me wrong I love them both but those pink pants has to go); Tackey & Tsubasa (the one they showed up in their own wardrobe in the Arashi concert tells you they really don't care about their image XD)

And I have no idea how to put Domoto Tsuyoshi..lol
05 28 09 (UTC)
Hi! I'm still listening jepcast crew! It's me, v6vangaurd!
I have listened earlier on my psp. I'm still halfway through listening right now... :D

btw... about some things,
(1) Inocchi! I think he'd still appear in the drama cause it was posted in the Johnny's Net V6 media already (http://www.johnnys-net.jp/j/artists/v6/media/_mediapop/popup.html#keishichou)
--- cause i post some v6 updates now and then and i did the inocchi news post.
(2) Okada! Hmmm... (http://newshfan.livejournal.com/19721.html) this is the part with the carpentry thingy right?? and another part whihc has other interesting interviews are in v6_unlimited i think :D

heehehehe.. just butting in a bit... hoping for more podcasts to come! XD
05 28 09 (UTC)
ah the okada one is the toy and sculpture/carpentry... and lastly... heheh... Okada debut after 3 months in johnnys junior :D

... sorry for spamming XDD
05 28 09 (UTC)
New listener here : D

Sho's father is a goverment official. Politician. The reason why he studied in Keio University is probably because his father studied there. It was rumored that his family actually objected him from debuting but he proved them wrong by juggling university and work.
05 28 09 (UTC)
Kami, you were right about "Strangers on a Train" on both counts. It was a book that was made into a Hitchcock movie.

So for KAT-TUN, the Osaka set of cons is actually this weekend (May 29-31) and so far nothing has come from Jweb or any other related site about cancellations so I can only assume I'll be going as planned. A possible reason for the non-cancellation (so far) of the KAT-TUN con is that the fans are generally older than high school age. Japan is MUCH more concerned about high schoolers and younger getting flu and that's why there are school closings but not business closings. Also, when schools close, teachers still have to go to work.
05 29 09 (UTC)
Ahhh!!! The Sho Sakurai fangirling made me SOOO happy to listen to!!! And Jenny's right, u CAN hear Rhey smile. It's too adorable! :)
06 01 09 (UTC)
Thanx for taking the time to answer my ???s ^^

06 02 09 (UTC)
Hello! I started to listen to your podcast since 4 weeks ago (or something like that) and I had to answer the question of this week:
Well, I don't really have someone in mind for the one who dresses the best but for the worst dressed I have to say it's Massu. Well, his style is just weird. I remember the performance he did with Tegoshi (as Tegomass, of course) where he wore, and I cite from NEWShFAN: " Polka-dot shirt [which turn out to be hearts when you see it closer up], a yellow bow tie and overalls/dungarees-like things with suspenders/braces as well." She calls it "Clown outfit" and she's totally right. (from here: http://newshfan.livejournal.com/43029.html) I remember also Koyama saying in an interview recently that he was walking in Harajuku and he saw someone arrived wearing a tracksuit with stars on it and huge sunglasses and it turn out to be Massu. So only for that, Massu needs to be mention for bad dressing.
Also think about Koki because not he dresses badly (well... depends) but I hate when he wears big "bling-blings" and that when he walks all you hear is the sound of metal hitting each other.
(sorry I have no pic...)

So, that's it! I just want to add that the other week, or two weeks ago, I hadn't the time to listen to your podcast so I put on my ipod to listen to it on my way to school and when I was in the bus, I kept laughing about your comments and at some point, I was laughing so hard that the guy in front of me kept looking at me like I was crazy... So, I just felt to say that you are really funny so continue your good work!! ^^!!
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