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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#60] The One With Kame's Strawberry Underwear 
05 04 09
仁 → three past four in the morning
Title: The One With Kame's Strawberry Underwear
Running Time: 1:38:18
Size: 45.0 MB
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 O P E N I N G ( 0 : 3 1 ) Read the transcript (coming soon)

          ▪ Johnny's Community Toolbar, courtesy of Kamichan
               ▪ All your JE needs, latest news, links, shopping, etc, and JEPcast, in one toolbar!

 N E W S ( 3 : 5 4 ) Read the transcript (coming soon)

          ▪ Verdict on Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's scandal [ 12 ]
               ▪ Rejoice! Not indictment! \:D/
               ▪ SMAP members step in and take over Kusanagi's shows to help out.

     KinKi Kids | Johnny's Juniors
          ▪ Ikuta Toma on Shin Domoto Kyodai [ 1 ]
               ▪ Toma still remembers all the choreography from his backdancing days!
               ▪ Toma pwns KinKi at their own game. XD
               ▪ Toma performs on TV for the first time in five-ish years!
               ▪ "Dammit, Toma, you've got charisma to the nth power, why did you not debut?!"

          ▪ Nino wins Galaxy Individual Award [ 12 ]
               ▪ Kami is a passive aggressive Arashi fan. :x
               ▪ Nino is the first Johnny's to receive this award.
               ▪ Important to note that this is not a popularity contest!
          ▪ Ousama no Brunch appearance [ 1 ]
               ▪ If Nino were a girl, he'd go out with MatsuJun. Aiba is not an option. XD
               ▪ Aiba is always rejected by his friends.
          ▪ Utaban appearance [ 12 ]
               ▪ Why are they even on Utaban? Their new single isn't even out til 5/27!
               ▪ Crazy Moon might not be a good song, but the choreography is amazing! *_*
               ▪ Nakai is creeped out by how pro Nino's gotten at his magic.
               ▪ Aragaki Yui tells MatsuJun to stop bullying her! (so cute!)

     Tackey & Tsubasa
          ▪ More solo work for Takki [ 1 ]
               ▪ No Enbujou; Takizawa Kabuki Show and solo tour.
               ▪ Things don't sound very good for Takki and Tsubasa. Venus was their last big thing. :|

          ▪ NEWS to host 24 Hour TV [ 123456 ]
               ▪ YAY!
               ▪ Yes, Tokyo Bigsite is the name of the venue. XD
               ▪ Could this mean we're also getting a new single around this time?
               ▪ Also! CHEESE DRAMA SPECIAL~!! Maybe with...Yamapi, or Ryo?
               ▪ Jennie schedules her life plans her flights around 24hr TV. XD;; Priorities.
          ▪ Koi no ABO released [ 12 ]
               ▪ This single is so good (to most people) OMG, so much better than their more recent stuff.
               ▪ Peyton...rubs it in.
               ▪ Share (our favorite) is NEWS' love letter to the fans. ♥
               ▪ Koi yo koi yo koi no ABO~
               ▪ Peyton can't do homework cuz all she wants to do is dancedancedance!!
               ▪ Nobuta Power, Chunyu! Shigellujah, CHANCE!
          ▪ HEY!HEY!HEY! appearance [ 12 ]
          ▪ KoyaMassu on Jouhou Raibu Miyaneya appearance [ 1 ]
          ▪ Music Station appearance [ 12 ]
               ▪ Kansai TV channel gets Jin's blood type wrong! (lol)
               ▪ NEWS promotes reproduction?
               ▪ Ryo jumps off a 230 metere (754 feet??) tall building in Hong Kong because he doesn't want to go to the dentist.
               ▪ Tego's epic snging brings all the whales to the yard beach?
               ▪ Ohno and Shige fish for 24+ hours. Ohno tans, Shige burns.
               ▪ NEWS talks more about their fail furitsuke from the previous week.
               ▪ Yamapi's hair went back in time, wtf. What is with Tegoshi's mullet/perm?!
               ▪ JEPcast decides that Yamapi has a drama coming up soon.
               ▪ A little girl vomited rhinestones on the set!

          ▪ Kame in Gokusen The Movie [ 12 ]
               ▪ Odagiri Ryu comes back as a stylishly dressed, ass-kicking, ~Student Teacher~
               ▪ WHERE IS HAYATO?!?! The whole point of Gokusen II was the partnership between Akame Hayato and Ryu!
               ▪ MatsuJun got eaten by a lion in Africa.
               ▪ Nakama Yukie feels like a Mom when it comes to Kame.
          ▪ Break The Records released
               ▪ New album, yay, but lacklustre compared to Queen of Pirates.
               ▪ How would you read 春夏秋冬? (shunkashuutou? harunatsuakifuyu?)
               ▪ Our favorites include: Hana no Mau Machi, Moon, Pierrot, 1582, Kimi Michi, etc.
               ▪ What exactly is 1582? Oda Nobunaga? Strawberry underwear? Twilight
               ▪ "If they were going to break the records with this one, they should have picked other songs."

          ▪ 60th Television Drama Academy Awards [ 123456 ]
          ▪ Drama Grand Prix [ 123456 ]
               ▪ Ryo wins multiple awards, Ohno wins for his first ever drama role!

      Addressing an email from boxberg about why we don't talk about weekly shows hosted by JE boys.
               ▪ Cartoon KAT-TUN 100th ep special!

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 1 : 1 8 : 4 7 ) Read the transcript (coming soon)

          ▪ This week's question: What is your impression of Ikuta Toma?
               ▪ Responses from riterandreader, careline18, lastingdreams8, chibimui, s2_megan.
               ▪ (Mostly) Everyone loves Toma. Especially as Nakatsu.
               ▪ The biggest JE mystery: so, Toma is so talented, etc., but why didn't he get to debut???!
               ▪ Watch Akihabara @ Deep!
               ▪ Did...Toma's nose get...smaller over the years?!?
               ▪ Toma as the sixth member of Arashi?!
          ▪ Next week's question: what is your impression of Hey!Say!JUMP's Yabu Kota?

  C L O S I N G ( 1 : 3 4 : 0 9 ) Read the transcript (coming soon)

          ▪ Arashi beatbox TV 2
               ▪ This is pretty cool, but the first was way better!

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05 04 09 (UTC)
05 04 09 (UTC)
I think my ability to think objectively about Yabu is generally clouded by my deep desire for him to stop singing in 95% of his solos. Sorry, Yabu!

(No, but seriously, isn't he 19? Shouldn't he have finished puberty?)
05 04 09 (UTC)
The biggest JE mystery: so, Toma is so talented, etc., but why didn't he get to debut???!

Every time someone mentions this, I think of the Shounen Club Premium episode that he guested on (which I didn't watch, anyway >_>;;) and newshfan's summary/highlights for it, how he said that he's happy for what he's already accomplished; he might not have debuted by being a singer, but he's more or less debuted as an actor, that's he's done more than a lot of already-debuted Johnny's. And that his fans should be happy for him and how far he's gotten, even without officially debuting. ...wow, this probably would have been better in the last post.

Anyway, the main point of my comment was that I seem to be one of those people that like all mostly of the songs on Break The Records. Idk, QoP had those awesomely epic songs that I just love but BtR has a lot more that I really like. I guess it kind of cancels each other out.

Oh, and, Yabu. Um. I'm still waiting for his voice to change, but I guess that is what makes him him. He's a qt pi but I think I'll always love Shoon more. And...Idk, I think if you asked me this a few years ago, I'd be all spazztastic about it. XD;;
05 04 09 (UTC)
I'm more partial to Yabu from the Ya-Ya-Yah days....I don't know, I just think he grew up awkwardly...the epically high cheekbones of doom and all. Chibi!Yabu looks more squishy. o.O

I'm also not too big on his voice, but I love his solo "Rain Dance". Aside from that, meh, I'm indifferent on the kid.

I'm supposed to get my KAT-TUN album and NewS single any day now. My roommate got her stuff today, so hopefully it'll be soon. I tried to avoid as much of the KAT-TUN album leakage as much as possible, but failed when it came to "1582". .____.''' The obscene slurpage made for some pretty pictures.
05 04 09 (UTC)
well I must say I don't really follow hey!say!jump! because when I see them I wonder "who let the children loose on stage again?"- it doesn't matter how much they grow up either, they will always be chibi juniors to me... however the one thing I remember of Yabu is a clip I saw which shows Jin and Kame in that ridiculous shark hat waking Yabu and Hikaru up. Yabu is obviously not fully awake yet and Jin is being really S tormenting him- it's very funny and sooooo cute! other then that, i've only seen glimpses of him on shounen club, so I just remember him admitting he did a photo shoot without realising his fly was undone... and yeah that's all I've got I'm afraid! I'll try harder next time
05 04 09 (UTC)
what is your impression of Hey!Say!JUMP's Yabu Kota?
Amazing. They say there's no leader in JUMP, but it's obviously Yabu. He does everything, and still manages to ask like the cutest thing ever. He totally does not get enough credit for what he does. It cannot be easy haveing to put up with the other 9 at alll.
Overall, Yabu is awesome.
05 05 09 (UTC)
I wonder why I can never get the first episode in the playlist to play with any of my browsers ~.~ .
Only until another new episode come out, the previous newest episode finally agrees to play.
05 05 09 (UTC)
I'd have to say that i have a special place in my heart for Hey! Say! JUMP because they were the first JE group that i found in September of this past year, but i found the older JE groups and now i am hooked for life on JE! :) As for Yabu Kota, i think he is a great leader of Hey! Say! JUMP, even though Hey! Say! JUMP doesn't have an official leader. You can tell that Yabu is the older brother figure of the group because he is the oldest and the unofficial leader. Keep up the good work Yabu!

And yay for JEP Cast!! I love you guys!!!
05 05 09 (UTC)
...three easy payments... LOL
05 08 09 (UTC)
Yabu has definatly grown on me.
HSJ is what brought me into the JE fandom, so the first time I saw Yabu was in Ultra Music Power and I didn't really have a solid opinion on him until a few months later when I saw Ya-ya-yah for the first time.
Yabu used to be adorable and oh-so-very talented. And he is still very talented.
I'm not too keen on Yabu's singing voice now, actually I think his voice is higher than Chinen's, but Yabu is nontheless Yabu and I will always love him. Unusually high voice or not.
HSJ isn't said to have a leader, but I think that's b/s and Yabu should take over soon or else Yamada is going to take over...

05 08 09 (UTC)
Your opening song made me really happy ^^
I personally feel like, because Johnny's isn't really backing Toma up, the rest of us fans are, with full force:P
OMW-the news on NEWS was SO amazing. I didn't know this was happening, but THANK YOU for letting us know:D

I felt like "Break the Records" was one of KAT-TUN's best releases, but that's just me ^^

To answer the question: My first impression of Yabu came from Ya-ya-yah's "Onigokko" series; he was skinny and cute:P
I don't follow HSJ, but I feel like he's 'leader' material (if HSJ were to have a leader).

Thanks for your hard work!! :D
05 08 09 (UTC)
Oh! I forgot to add that apparently, Yabu was one of the high-pitched background singers in NEWS' "News~Nippon" release. So, now every time I hear that song, I think of him too:P
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