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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#59] The One With Tsubasa, The Frailest Kitty 
04 26 09
仁 → three past four in the morning
Title: The One With Tsubasa, The Frailest Kitty
Running Time: 1:11:00
Size: 32.51 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Rhey, Peyton, Kami, and Jennie
Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

 O P E N I N G ( 0 : 2 8 )

          ▪ Old KAT-TUN interview [ 1 ]
               ▪ Nakamaru thinks his bandmates are fruits. Jin is Hitler??!
               ▪ Koki shipping KoKame. Or is it really AKAME?!

 N E W S ( 0 3 : 3 0 )

          ▪ Sho on Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen [ 1 ]
               ▪ Sho shocks everyone by taking the raod less traveled kssing Aoki!
          ▪ Cast of Smile on Tokyo Friend Park II [ 1 ]
               ▪ No one cares enough to watch this cuz Yui's not there.
               ▪ MatsuJun fails to clear the first challenege again! (It was harder this time.)
               ▪ Spoiler character is too spoilery to reveal info about spoiler spoiler.

          ▪ TegoMass back in Sweden [ 123 ]
               ▪ This...is not a prank, right?!
               ▪ Will there be a Japanese release of this CD?
          ▪ NEWS on Music Station [ 12 ]
               ▪ The much anticipated Koi no ABO performance is finally here!
               ▪ Peyton predictably loves Koyama's ~yellow bow~ -_-
               ▪ Yamapi's fug perm is temporary, Tego's half braids are hot, Massu sporting multiple colored hair!
               ▪ Fail furitsuke!

     Kanjani 8
          ▪ Second #1 Album [ 1 ]
               ▪ And how well deserved it is, this time.
               ▪ MSta fail reporting.
          ▪ HEY! HEY! HEY! appearance [ 1 ]
               ▪ Short, but hilarious. Self-depracating K8!
               ▪ Yoko disses Hina's singing capability. XD Hina dishes it back.
               ▪ Ryo reveals his (pretending to be) drunk escapades with Saito K.

          ▪ Koki Joins Hissatsu Shigotonin [ 123 ]
               ▪ Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler.
               ▪ Koki's character is a dressmaker and his weapon of choice, a red thread.
               ▪ Koki gets work only if he's bozu. Yay, bozu!

          ▪ Toma on Shounen Club Premium [ 123 ]
               ▪ Toma talks about JE's penchant for putting the boys in hideous costumes.
               ▪ Kami's favorite parts are when Toma talks about being bff-y with Yamapi.
               ▪ Toma talks about being an ~actor~ without being a debuted ~idol~

          ▪ Kusanagi Tsuyoshi arrested for public indecency [ 1234567 ]
               ▪ Serious discussion on the scandal, rammifications, etc.

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 0 : 5 4 : 0 3 )

          ▪ What is your impression of Imai Tsubasa of Tackey&Tsubasa?
               ▪ Listener responses from aralana, heiresskaorim, claveldelpoeta (frail kitty!)!
               ▪ When it comes to Tsubasa, you're likely to be one of the following three:
                       ▪ You don't know anything about him and/or you don't care;
                       ▪ You like Takki more anyway (you feel bad for Tsubasa)
                       ▪ You actually like Tsubasa, think he dances well, but can't decide if he's actually hot or not.
               ▪ Tsubasa is a stay-in-the-bg kinda guy? And a bad actor.
               ▪ Tsubasa will forever be associated with his ~chinchin revealing short skirt~ (thanks, Peyton)
               ▪ Jennie admires Tsubasa for making time to go to Spain for his ~flamenco dreams~
               ▪ UMAI TSUBASA!!!
          ▪ Next week's question, by popular demand: what is your impression of Ikuta Toma?

 C L O S I N G ( 1 : 0 6 : 5 1 )

          ▪ Kanjani8 interview [ 1 ]
               ▪ Let's listen to Peyton talk about K8's music taste.

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Email: cast@jepcast.com
Voicemail: 206-339-6065 or Skype username 'jepcast'

04 26 09 (UTC)
The K8 Hey!x3 link is the same as the link above it about Puzzle~
04 27 09 (UTC)
Professionally I love Ikuta Toma, his acting is great and seeing him in You Tube clips of West Side Story makes me wonder why he hasn't debuted. Personally I don't know too much about him but Toma strikes me as the best friend who's shoulder you always lean on after a bad breakup until you finally come to your senses and realize he was Mr. Right all along. Of course that could just be his characters that are influencing me but he strikes me as a humble and sincere guy.
04 27 09 (UTC)
Although I think Toma is a good actor, I've only seen him in HanaKimi and Maou, and that one HYD episode (where he looked kinda ugly...) so.. basically I'm not all that interested in him. (^^'') The only things I really know about him are that he was in the Jr. Group M.A.I.N with MatsuJun, Nino and Aiba and apparently his lips are very soft (says Oguri Shun who did kiss him 12 times.
04 27 09 (UTC)
Ikuta Toma is probably my favorite Johnny, and I could probably go on and on about him. :3 He's an amazing actor, and he has a nice voice ((the clips floating around YouTube of him in the Shock musical are love)). And I love his laugh and his buck teeth. >w< My love for him started with HanaKimi, and then grew with Maou.

I watched his Premium a few days ago, and I absolutely loved it. <3 I like his attitude towards not having actually debuted yet. I would have been pissed if people younger than me debuted before I could. *coughHeySayStillNotLegalcough* I'm glad he's not completely bummed out about it, and that he would rather focus on acting.

Just pulled up Drama-Wiki, did anyone else know he went to Meiji as well or am I just slow?

Lets not forget his friendship with Pi, either. ((TomaPi hug, anyone? :D))

I just watched him in Shin Doumoto Kyoudai earlier today, and I think it's funny he knows the Kinki Kid's dance better than they do. xDD Which reminds me, he's a fantastic dancer as well.

I think I'll stop now. .___.''' But I love Toma to bits. <3
04 27 09 (UTC)
Oh, and if you use my answer and want to call me "Rachael" or "Cham" instead of reading out all the letters and numbers than go ahead. :3
04 27 09 (UTC)
I shouldn't be allowed to talk about Toma. I hope this comment isn't going to be too long...(btw I am the same Megan that sent you guys the email ;p)
I know a lot about him hehe...from imeem stalking

Toma is my absolute most favourite non-reachable person ever. I absolutely love him. To me, he is the best actor and singer in JE and why he hasn't debuted is the biggest mystery. His acting is brilliant; he has got to be one of the more flexible actors out there (nakatsu and box lovee) and I love the way he gets so into whatever character he is playing.

And he is also the hottest guy ever.

I love his personality too. Like, he seems like such a friendly and comfortable person to be around. And doesn't he seem like the perfect daddy? Or hubby too...He would never go behind my back xD

Toma is so talented. Full stop. And I love him to bits.
04 30 09 (UTC)
Oh just another thing, I can't wait to hear about KAT-TUN's album next week ;p
04 27 09 (UTC)
yay toma! the first thing I think of when toma is mentioned is "NAKATSU"!!!!!!!. Like everyone else I think he is an awesome actor, and infact I think he's one of the best alround talents JE has. Which is why I get so confused when I try to think of the reason he has never debuted officially, I mean he has the work, how does that not count as debuting? Not only is he a wonderful actor he comes off as having a lovely personality too- he has every reason to be big-headed, but he's so humble and chilled out! so yeah, toma rocks and he deserves to have the recognition he has now and more!
04 27 09 (UTC)
Ikuta Toma? I adore that kid <3

I could actually go on and on and on about him, but I'll try to contain myself.

Toma is my favorite Johnny. He was also the one who introduced me to JE and Japanese Entertainment at large. I was never a hard core manga fan, but I did faithfully follow the English release of Hana Kimi-- bimonthly for four years-- and became really attached to the story. And, predictably, I discovered the jdrama and fell in love with Toma's performance of Nakatsu.

From there, I became involved in the TOMAlicious forum and really started to become his fan-- something different for me since I've never had that attraction to "celebrities" before. But I really love his attitude. Especially as revealed through his jweb or his wink up serial. I also watched his SCP episode the other day. I think its amazing what he went through in Johnnys-- mainly the break up of 4tops-- and yet still stuck it out with a positive attitude until his acting break in 2007.

Ahh... I'm not quite talented at putting into words everything I want to express. But I am quite fond of Toma and I wish him every success <3
04 27 09 (UTC)
I'm actually one of those losers that doesn't know much about Toma but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about him is one person: Yamapi.
The clips/shows I've seen with Toma in it are when him and Pi were younger kids and I thought he was completely adorable and they were an adorable pairing but that's another story for a different time
I also really respect Toma because he hasn't given up despite not debuting yet and I really hope he never does give up till he actually gets into a decent group and all the PV's and concerts he needs. But, I always have wondered if maybe this was Johnny's plan in a way? Because Toma isn't not popular, in fact it's quite the opposite...
04 28 09 (UTC)
Yay Toma!! As a new Toma fan this question makes me very happy. I guess up until recently I didn't know much about Toma. I didn't even know that he was in 4 Tops with Yamapi. Yes, I was a very confused fangirl with all this TomaPi stuff in fandom. I did However know that he was m.a.i.n. with Matsujun Aiba and Nino. So as the HUGE Arashi fangirl I am, recently I picked up Maou, and fell in love.... with Toma! I'd been hearing so much About Ohno but really I loved Toma's performance in maou. and his scream, I seriously want to hear more of Toma Screaming, like he did in the first couple of episodes. I LOVED his scream. and therefore looked him found out he was in all these other dramas ( I'm watchin Voice Right now) and even mentioned him to a non JE friend who immediately went "NAKATSU!!" Toma is just adorable. I want to lock him up in my closet, so I can get my daily dose of Toma when I go to get dressed every morning. so yeah, I love Toma.
04 29 09 (UTC)
To answer the question: My initial impression of Toma was 'he reminds me of Jimmy Fallon. A little' :P
After watching several of his shows, I've discovered that he is an amazing actor who shows great range, and even though 4TOPS kicks ass, I'm actually glad he continued to act, while still being a Johnny's:)
I think that he has a greater chance with staying in the industry longer, because he has the acting chops, and he doesn't have to depend on Johnny's to promote him with just music.
04 29 09 (UTC)
I'm sending an audio answer via mail! Huzzah!
04 29 09 (UTC)
Ikuta Toma. He has this 'nice guy' aura about him. And it shows when he goes on variety shows and interviews. He's always very down to earth and sincere.
He is a great actor and he should get more leading roles. I think he's come a long way since his shounen club days. I had trouble reconciling the actor that he is now and the funny looking shounen club host. He seem to have transformed a lot.
04 30 09 (UTC)
This week’s question is my favorite. My first impression to Toma is that he has the most heart touching smile amongst all JE boys. His smile seems to have a magic power that can pull me out of depression. I feel encouraged by looking at his smile face.
Toma is an exception in JE who hasn’t debuted but still gets lots of exposure in dramas.
And I don’t think he’s gonna debut. He has been working alone as a Johnny Junior since 4Tops broke up. It sounds weird and also unlikely for him to be put into a group to debut. I mean most of JE groups had their members worked together for a few years before they debuted.
I think in one episode of jepcast you girls mentioned that Toma’s weakness point is Yamap, which makes me think him as the type of person who can be tolerant to friends. I’m kind of jealous of Yamap now.

05 04 09 (UTC)
In my opinion, I really LOVE Toma. I wish he would debut properly, because as much as I love his acting, I want to hear him sing more. XD I've seen him in HanaKimi, and parts of Maou and Honey&Clover that I didn't finish watching, and I really loved his character in HanaKimi. I think he deserves to debut already, and Johnny should stop focusing on the younguns.

Btw, I'm a fairly new listener (I listen on iTunes), and I have to tell you...I was seriously almost convinced on the April Fool's episode (because it was my first time listening, and I didn't expect it because it was a week after April Fool's Day...), and I felt like smacking something hard. XD You're lucky I didn't stop listening then and there. I think it's wonderful that there is a podcast dedicated to JE, because I've been looking for something exactly like this. And talk about KAT-TUN's new album~. ;o
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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