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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#57] The One Where We're Still Alive And Kicking 
04 12 09
omgcp - jack
Title: The One Where We're Still Alive And Kicking
Running Time: 1:00:24
Size: 27.66 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Kamika, Peyton and Rhey

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

OPENING (0:29)
  ■ No worries! We're still around! Hence, the new episode. XD
    ▪ We love our listeners! ♥♥ Your reactions to our last episode all made us warm and fuzzy.
    ▪ We address an email from Carley directly! It pretty much summarizes everyone's comments if we were actually leaving. XD

JE NEWS (4:42)

  ■ Konkatsu Press Conference [ 1 ]
    ▪ Um. Ueto Aya and Nakai have a more than 10-year age gap. Formality between them? No surprise.
    ▪ Can you just tell how excited Peyton is for this drama?! XDDD

Kinki Kids
  ■ Tsuyoshi is Nara's Tourism Ambassador! [ 1 ]
    ▪ DDDD: That mascot is kinda creepy. A monk with antlers. Creep.

  ■ Tsuyoshi's Single and Album released~ [ 12 ]
    ▪ "I really liked this album ...but they all blend together." ... "So everything sounds the same?" "Sorta. In a good way."
    ▪ "Tsuyoshi doesn't even make sense in Japanese sometimes either."

  ■ News of Arashi's double-A side single. [ 1 ]
    ▪ *HEAVY SIGH* MIND YOU, WE ARE HUGE ARASHI FANS. Ignoring Peyton, that is.
    ▪ Why are they taking some random CM song to be an A side?
    ▪ "When this first came out, Kami was bitching at me for it. Not that I did it or anything."

  ■ Nino in a drama SP with Inoo Kei Inoue Mao! [ 123 ]
    ▪ "I could've sworn you said Inoo Kei the first time." ...She's right. I totally did. XDDDD
    ▪ "I don't think I would enjoy seeing her as, I don't know, a MILF or something."

  ■ Matsujun (and Smile cast) on All Star Kansha Sai [ 123 ]
    ▪ "I feel like it's always rigged when, like, a Johnny's boy is there 'cause they just want to give it to them."

  ■ The Quiz Show CM and various news show clips of the press conference [ 1234567 ]
    ▪ "All I could think of while watching all of this is that this cast is so pretty~"
    ▪ Peyton talks about Yoko bitching on Recommen about how tough it is for him to make friends with the cast. DDDDDD: Yoko be a shy boy.

  ■ Koi no ABO PV!!!!!!! [ 12 ]
    ▪ Sparkles to go with the disco ball sparkles in the PV!
    ▪ This PV is so deceptive. Trying to make us think that the song/PV is "serious." "Then all goes to lol-zone."
    ▪ "You should like it because it's dumb."

  ■ Inoo Kei has his entrance ceremony to Meiji! [ 12 ]
    ▪ Inoo wants to change from being just math and science. Kinda cool!

  ■ This week's question: What is your impression of V6's Morita Go?
    ▪ Listener responses from chibimui, claveldelpoeta, a_brokenangel, tachibana49.
    ▪ You cannot blame Peyton and I for asking Rhey what ED stands for. XDDDD
    ▪ Rhey sticks to the die-hard "Morita Go is an asshole boyfriend" impression.
    ▪ Kami is a new V6 fan! So she is allowed to google. And ends up finding a JEP Cast episode. lol
    ▪ Peyton, on the other hand, lets us know how V6 struggled to stretch Morita out on Gakkou e Ikou! MAX. XDDD
    ▪ "Right now we have asshole boyfriend who's really stiff, but can be dorky at some point" "and potentially has ED" "with Ueto Aya." Pleasant image, I'm sure.
  ■ Next week's question: Who do you think the four hosts of JEP Cast would be if they were JE boys and why?
    ▪ Random plug for je_stamped? XD

STUMP RHEY (47:59)
  ■ Surprise for Rhey! "Yay!" "Rhey, you're actually saying yay?" "Um, yeah? Let me show you my fail?"
    ▪ We choose to quiz Rhey on her favorite album! KAT-TUN'S Best of KAT-TUN album!
    ▪ "But I don't know anything about them anymore!"
    ▪ "Yeah, don't worry. I'm stumped on the first question." ... "Then, I'm going to make the first question, what is the name of this album?"
    ▪ "What's funny is I'm part of the show and I don't remember these conversations."

CLOSING (56:16)
  ■ The hosts of JEP Cast show you all how lame we are okay it is to (re-)listen to older episodes!
    ▪ Rhey puts on her logic cap and asks why Johnny would allow us to keep our older episodes if he was telling us to stop anyway.
    ▪ Yes, the hosts like to listen to the sound of their voices and laugh at our stupidity. XD
    ▪ And we talk about how hard it is for us to listen to these episodes in public because LOL embarrassing situations.

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04 13 09 (UTC)
Okay, I haven't heard this yet- saving for the next long journey back home after whatever, but to answer the question before I forgot, Jenny = Tego and Rhey = Ryo. No, i don't know why, that just came to my head immediately. XD
04 13 09 (UTC)
Ha! yeah, I kinda figured that you guys didn't mean it that but that was how I thought about it at first, so I brought it up. Yay, for old episodes!
Okay about this weeks question, I'm gonna put the first ones that came to mind, It might be hard to explain why though.
Kami is Sakurai Sho - this is the first one that came to mind, particularly because of Arashi's making fun of Sho's fail.
Rhey is Nishikido Ryo - Of course with all of Rhey's remarks that she makes
Jenny is Tegoshi Yuya - I think Jenny has made a couple of "the world revolves around me" comments which of course brought to mind God!Tegoshi.
Peyton is some wierd mixture of Koyama and Kame- I have no Idea where Kame came from but I thought of both him and Koyama when I thought of Peyton.
So yeah this is it.
04 13 09 (UTC)
Peyton = Koyashige. Seriously do not as me why xD. Just when I think of Shige I think of smart guy who has a lot of free time writes brilliant essays. And I just think Peyton seems really knowledgeable. Also Koyama comes in with your MC like skillz. and because koyama is an adorable good type of loudmouth
Rhey = Ryo. Just because Rhey seems very, I don't know how to explain it, leader-ish? Rhey just is giving off a major Ryo vibe.. Rhey&Ryo hahahaha.. I'll shut up now D: *phears in silence*
Kamika = Chinen?? xDDD The first time I heard Kami I thought she gave off this really bubbly and comfortable persona and I just think of Chinen equaling bubbly and cute so yes. Take it as a compliment, you're 15 all over again :D
Jennie = Why, why when I think of Jennie all I can think of is... Matsujun? o_O ..xDDD. YAYZ NOW JENNIE IS MATSUJUN! :D I really have no plausible explanation to this so sorry D:
04 13 09 (UTC)
Hahaha, Koi no ABO...

Hmm, well, Peyton - Jin Kami - Subaru Rhey - Ohno Jennie - Koyamama

Why? Well, Peyton can be calm, but out of nowhere become giddy. Kami is a bundle of joy, and her laugh is infectious, like Subaru's one-liners amongst others. Rhey, I dunno. Rhey might be the most...collective of you all. No offense. And I think Ohno's the most collective of all the JE boys I adore as well. And for Jennie...well, I don't really know a whole lot about Jennie, and I don't know a whole lot about Koyamama, so I grouped those together...xD

I'm glad you're back. You all live another day...<3
04 14 09 (UTC)
Ah, what I meant was that Koyamama, I don't know a whole lot about him, but he's like motherly, and I haven't heard a whole lot from Jennie in a while, so I don't really remember her...T-T But I still think Jennie is like a motherly-type to you all, and reigns you all in, like Koyamama probably does with the NEWS boys...so that's my reasoning behind that one.

04 14 09 (UTC)
this is relevant! does anyone remember this? XD
04 14 09 (UTC)
Remember, I'm new to Johnny's. I don't really know much about all the boys and their personalities (I'm mainly an Arashi fan). But JEs who remind me of you guys - not necessarily about personality, but probably because you guys have talked about them a lot or something.

Peyton = Koki (because I always associate Peyton with Kat-Tun, and I remember the Tata Hitotsu no Koi's Koki commentary which made me like him. Actually, it's because of Peyton that I now listen to some Kat-Tun.) but in addition - Koki's cool, yet sweet - like Peyton.

Rhey = Aiba (probably, because of her pervy commentary and thoughts! XD j/k Love ya, Rhey!) but with a depressed/easy-going (Ohno?), sarcastic (Nino?) attitude. So Rhey is Aiba-Ohno-Nino, mixed up. Ohmiyaiba?

Kamika = Masu she sounds so adorable on air, and Masu look adorable, and she's a NEWS fan.

Jenny = Um... I wanna say someone from HSJ, because every time Jenny makes a comment about a HSJ song, I ALWAYS remember it. It really should ruin HSJ for me (um... "Mayonaka no Shadow Boy" and prostitutes, and "Your Seed" and ED?) but actually, it makes me curious about the songs, and thereby me listening and actually liking the songs. So, thank you, Jenny! ^_^ Probably that one HSJ kid who got into college. :)

Also, I think I've started the new trend of googling the JEs we talk about! XD
04 14 09 (UTC)
I meant Kamika sounds adorable on air. Although I'm sure Massu does too! ^_^
04 14 09 (UTC)
Ok I'll give this a try but I wish I knew more Johnnie groups besides KAT-TUN, News and Arashi.

Peyton - Jin because she is the go to person when it comes to Japanese just like Jin is the go to person when it comes to English.
Rhey - Ryu because their names are so close. Just kidding, because they both have a knack of saying whatever they feel like and being loved for it.
Kamika - Ueda because as was said before her voice is so adorable and I can see her and Ueda playing with puppies and bunnies and being just so cute.
Jennie - She was the hardest because I was debating with Kame, Yamapi and Ohno but I have to go with Kame since they both have the same balance of maturity and silliness.
04 15 09 (UTC)
oooh I totally get what you mean about listening to jepcast in public places! I was going back to uni today on the train listening to the latest episode. I know it's always a bad idea as i'm sat grinning like an idiot the whole way through normally, but it's a long journey and Jepcast passes my time nicely. This time I started laughing to something rhey said in the news segment at the same time as taking a massive swig of coke. bad times people!

anywho, to the question. Peyton is Koyama, just because the way she hosts jepcast reminds me of him hosting Shounen club. Rhey is Nino, as she seems to be quite dark and laughs at the epic failures of others (this is me too, I think it's funny!) lol. Kami is Sho, because I've heard Sho is like the shadow leader of Arashi, and I think Kami keeps everyone on track in jepcast. Jennie is tego or massu, as she seems quiet bubbly and sweet!
04 19 09 (UTC) - hardeeharhar
Your April Fools joke was great~ it fooled me for a bit but since I knew there was another episode (I downloaded it after episode 57 came out) so I had a hunch it might've been a trick.

Anyway glad you're back.

So the question...
Somehow I immediately thought Peyton would be Jin.
I think if Jin was a girl, he would be pretty fangirly. Peyton is really openly fangirly over Koichi (especially recently) (who isn't even that great xDD) so I just thought they seeemd similar. Although we are all fangirls so I guess my reason doen't make much sense ;p But Jin and Peyton both have a really contrasting silly and serious side so maybe that's why I thought that.

Jennie is Ohno now that I've thought about it. The leader right? Well that was my thought lol.

I think Kami would be Matsujun XD

Rhey...hmm...also Matsujun ;DD

So yeah...

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