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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#56] The One Where We Want More From JE 
04 08 09
仁 → three past four in the morning
Title: The One Where We Want More From JE
Running Time: 57:56
Size: 26.5 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Peyton & Rhey
Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

 O P E N I N G ( 0 : 2 9 )

          ▪ We regret to inform you that this will be the final episode of JEPCast.
               ▪ JE doesn't want us on this love train anymore. :'(
               ▪ So, here we are, bringing you JE news and flail for the last time...

 N E W S ( 0 2 : 3 7 )

          ▪ Kimura is Mr. Brain [ 123 ]
               ▪ KY!neuro-researcher!Kimura (and cop!Mizushima Hiro *_*)!!
               ▪ Tangenting (one last time...) on Mizushima Hiro and his fairytale wedding to Ayaka!
               ▪ God, is Hiro perfect, or what?!
               ▪ Also, Hiro is a Kimura fangirl!

     KinKi Kids
          ▪ Tsuyo-shi's first PV Sora ~Utsukushi Ware no Sora~ [ 1 ]
               ▪ Gorgeous song, PV a bit on the dull side...but pretty...
               ▪ Tsuyoshi filmed the PV himself?!

          ▪ AAA2008 ranks 3rd highest first week sales in history [ 12 ]
               ▪ JE dominates the DVD sales list, with KAT-TUN and SMAP in the first two spots.
          ▪ Arashi to sing theme for Quiz Show [ 1 ]
               ▪ Oh, but they're not doing the theme for Smile!
          ▪ Various TV appearances by MatsuJun and Nino promoting their dramas [ 12345 ]
               ▪ Kato Rosa is an oyaji!
               ▪ Aragaki Yui is relevant to Peyton's interests.
               ▪ Oguri Shun keeps showing up everywhere MatsuJun is!
               ▪ Aiba and MatsuJun shop at the same stores.
               ▪ MatsuJun has so little faith in Aiba's hosting capabilities.

          ▪ Tegoshi in Wisconsin for ItteQ [ 12 ]
               ▪ Miyagawa and Uchimura as Shigotonin!
               ▪ "This is the first time I've caught a Johnny's in a net!!"
               ▪ Do you believe it, this entire thing was rigged!!
               ▪ Japanese pop sensation Yuya Degoshi.
               ▪ "Even if you knew it was all bullshit in the first place, you still wanted them to win."

     Kanjani 8
          ▪ K8 to have weekly section in newspaper [ 1 ]
               ▪ Kanjani8's Seven People Seven Personalities...

          ▪ Tracklisting for 4th Album [ 12 ]
               ▪ The one solo we really care about is...well, CARE, by Jin.
               ▪ Ohmiya helped Jin write Care
               ▪ Will someone please be kind enough to explain the significance behind "1582"?
               ▪ WE WANT MORE!

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 0 : 3 9 : 5 4 )

          ▪ One last time, our question this week: Considering the entire package of an album (songs, packaging, memories, etc), what is your favorite JE album and why??
               ▪ Listener responses from lirebur, unlostwanderer, melodypower11!
               ▪ So it seems excitement leading up to an album's release has just as much to do with picking favorites as the actual songs in the album.
               ▪ Peyton, til the last day, remains a cheater and picks multiple albums.
               ▪ Rhey decides to pick three of her own, too, in that case.
               ▪ Favorites mentioned: KinKi's 39, NEWS' COLOR, Arashi's DREAM A LIVE, KAT-TUN'S QUEEN OF PIRATES, NEWS' PACIFIC, etc.
               ▪ And that ends the final installment of JEPCast. Thanks for sticking around.

 C L O S I N G ( 0 : 5 3 : 4 7 )

          ▪ psychotic laughter.
          ▪ achtung, baby!
          ▪ Please pleasepleaseplease listen til the very end of the closing segment we've got important news to tell you!

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04 08 09 (UTC)
I KNEW IT WAS APRIL FOOLS. I KNEW IT. I am so good like that *beams*

sldfjk dyingg. I can like...answer that question but my answer would be skewered towards KAT-TUN as QoP is the only album I've ever bought...But it was shiny! And I liked the cover photos :D Also I don't think there was one song on that album that I didn't like!

So delighted you are not going away even if I suck like whoa at commenting...
04 08 09 (UTC)
okay fine so we're really obvious whatever
04 08 09 (UTC)
iyaaaaaaaaaa~~~ i almost cried when i saw ur post in my flist and my twitter
and its almost 4 am in here and i couldnt help but download the episode and jump right through the ending xD argh!
you guys almost made me cry with the belated aprilfools prank! XD
I love u jepcast ♥
04 08 09 (UTC)
dies, okay, so the namida chorori part of your comment just kind of made my afternoon!
04 08 09 (UTC)
okay, you had me. XDD I was all just:"omg, how did this happen? they were the ones that got me into fandom?! why?! I might have even made a sappy post about it XD anway, will go listen to the rest of the episode now.

also: yes for German in the post :D
04 08 09 (UTC)

I swear, I had a freakin' heart attack there...

But, good April Fools Joke, I must give that to you guys...<33333
04 08 09 (UTC)
Freaked out for a second there. That SCARED me, I would have been soooo disappointed if JEP cast had really ended.
On another note, I kinda had to laugh at myself when I was listening to the intro. When Peyton Says sorry to the new listeners, she mentions that they could listen to the previous episodes. But the way she says is kinda of strange. I'm not sure what she was trying to get across with the particular tone she used, but it sounded to me like she thought like that would be kind of strange ( It's probably just me though)
So I felt a little embarrassed when I thought about how I really DID go back and listen to all the previous episodes when I first stated listening, around episode 34 or so.
I thought I'd mention that, so you'd know that some new listeners actually do listen back at all the previous episodes
04 09 09 (UTC)
It's funny you say that because I just started listening a few weeks ago and am halfway through all the past episodes. Just this morning I was thinking how it's going to suck when I catch up because then I would have to wait until they upload new ones instead of listening to two a day like I am now.

Great joke though, my heart stopped and then I went into denial and screamed it must be an April Fool's joke.
04 09 09 (UTC)
argh!! I was so happy that I didn't get fooled by anyone this year but nooo... >_< Couldn't help feeling stupid after hearing the maniacal laughter at the end xD
anyways.. since I'm commenting might as well answer with what little I do know about Morita Go.

V6 is actually my 3rd most favourite JE group and Morita Go and Miyake Ken are like.. my most favourite members from that group but in saying so, I actually don't know much about him and I have no idea why he's my favourite member (^^'') Odd, I know.
Uh.. let's see, my first impression just by looking at a picture of him was that he was like some bad-ass gangster or something cause of his facial hair XD. Away from "first impressions", He seems like a guy who's always in his own little bubble, going his own little pace. this might be weird but he looks sort of... cute in the "lost puppy" sort of way xD And that's about it. Oh, last thing, I found it admirable that he was able to look at Junior videos of himself and say "I think I can learn from this" when he guested on SCP - cause most of the time everyone else is dying from embarrassment. =P
04 09 09 (UTC)
Today is April 9th, Yamap's birthday, which is supposed to be a really special day for me as a Yamap fan. This morning I checked your LJ and was excited that a new jepcast released. But my happy mood suddenly ended with Peyton's announcement of the close of jepcast. Your podcast is the main source for my fandom since I can't spend much time on reading JE news or watching their tv shows. And things coming out from your thoughts are always more hilarious than I watch by myself. I'm getting used to listen to your podcast everyday on my way to school and try to hold my laugh in, but still can't hide a smile on my face. So my friends see me always happy. Yeah, jepcast brings me heaps of happiness. Even though this is your final episode, I will go back to your previous episodes and keeping on listening.
I really appreciate you spending like 20 hours each week to do this for us.
04 09 09 (UTC)
Okay hearing my username said outloud was weird. Anyways, I had a feeling that the show cancellation was an April Fools joke. Nice try gals. It will be a sad day when you do stop the show though.

By the way, the new voicemail number you said in the cast is not the same as the signature of the episode playlist.

Regarding Tegoshi in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Wisconsin, I was curious just where in WI New Richmond actually was... It's less than 2 hours from me. (Minneapolis, MN) That makes me sad. I haven't been up that way but I'm pretty sure it really is the middle of nowhere.

What is my impression of Morita Go? Hmmm... I think he comes off as kind of a goofball. Sorry my answer isn't as lengthy as last week.
04 09 09 (UTC)
Omg, I was literally crying, that's just pathetic.
I just started really getting into this podcast a few months ago because when I was sick I listened to the one about Koki saving us from Herpes and I was dying from laughter.
Please, keep this podcast going for a long time I go to bed listening to it now, go to school listening to it, I live on this news
Je fureverrr~
04 09 09 (UTC)
The note at the end that tells us to listen till the end gave it away yo. But I was excited for a while, thinking that JE contacted you girls!

Morita Go! I just got into V6 lately and I love them as a group more than individuals. I think that Go is hilarious. I forget that he's a 30 year old man sometimes.Not a fan of his voice but I would watch any variety show he's in. And I think he's cute cause he's so tiny.
04 09 09 (UTC)
Haha you had me so worried! I got a pit in my stomach thinking that Jep Cast was ending! ;____; But then I scrolled down and I knew it was a joke.

I thought it was really funny that you played 'On Your Mind' after you and Rhey said your goodbyes. Cause then it suddenly went into "PLEASE COME BACK TO MEEEE ;____;" and that's how all the sad listeners of Jep Cast felt (I know I did!).

I love you guys ♥
04 09 09 (UTC)
AHAHA I WAS REALLY HOPING SOMEONE WOULD NOTICE THAT TOO. I laughed REALLY HARD after I finished editing and was like, wtf. This is frigging perfect. (and completely by accident! So frigging awesome.)
04 09 09 (UTC)
you meanies gave me a heart ache and heartbreak. ;_;

Well, I still forgive you (you ARE sticking around after all. :P ). Still. T_T
04 09 09 (UTC)
I don't have much to say about Morita Go except that one of my high school students (I'm a JET Program ALT) LOVES him. I was actually a little surprised about that seeing as high schoolers generally aren't into senpai groups that much. My only other impression of him was when he was the jerk boyfriend in "Lunch Queen."
04 10 09 (UTC)
let's see, my first impression of Morita Go. I probably have to say that the first time I actually noticed him was when I was looking at a V6 pimp post. prior to that I had gotten into TOKIO, thanks to Nagse, and thought that:"wow, those guys actually look manly for once and are still fun and awesome. so why not check out more senpai groups?" at first glimpse you reminded me of Koki a lot, for obvious reasons. he also had this whole "bad boy"-feel to it. however, after seeing him in various clips I realized that my comparison was wrong, and I should have instead compared him to Nino. Go really seems to be the guy who laughs at other peoples misfortune and I can't help but love him for that. I can't really explain what it is about him, but I think he there is just something very super adorable about him. how could you not love a "bad boy" with a squeaky voice who can't stand alcohol? he is also quite hot, which is one of the reason why he is one of the guys I "use" to drag my friends into the awesomeness that is the senpai fandom ;)

that turned out longer than expected, sorry about that.
04 10 09 (UTC)
AHAHAHA.Really. You guys would've sounded more ... depressed in the beginning if it were true lolz. :))
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