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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#55] The One With the Countdown to JE World Domination 
03 29 09
The One With the Countdown to JE World Domination
Running Time: 1:16:11
Size: 34.8 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Peyton and Kamika

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ■ A great listener letter from a new KAT-TUN fan, Andrea. ♥
    ▪ We are grateful for all our listeners sticking with us and peyton shows kat-tun!bias XD
    ▪ ...wow. That was a very confused introduction. Oops. ^^;

JE NEWS (3:51)

  ■ Kokobun Taichi has a girlfriend! :D
    ▪ "...we got confirmation in less than a week!" XD
    ▪ Dishing on the dating rumors amongst all the older Johnny's! :9
    ▪ "If you can hold out until you're thirty, then you're good. You're set for life."

KinKi Kids/KAT-TUN
  ■ Tsuyoshi and KAT-TUN on Music Station, March 27th 123
    ▪ "'Okaa-san, did you hear me screaming?' 'No.' 'Thank GOD.'"
    ▪ Johnny likes himself some surprises. Just ask KAT-TUN. XD
    ▪ THREE-O~ We reminisce about the beginning of jep_cast. ;)
    ▪ You know, this KAT-TUN medley is really good for reminiscing. :Dv kat-tun fan 4eva! lol
    ▪ "...his microphone stand looked like it had antlers growing out of it." For real.
    ▪ Peyton-sensei provides background and history of Tsuyoshi's hometown, Nara. and not so covertly eats breakfast on air XD

  ■ Smile cast on Ousama no Brunch, March 21st 12
    ▪ "Woohoo for Yui. Not for MatsuJun." :P
    ▪ Leave it to Peyton to make this entire news point Yui!centric. Oops. ^^;

  ■ Music Lovers Dream Live 2009, March 24th 12
    ▪ Best performance of "Believe" for Kami and she manages to escape the wrath of Rhey. XD
    ▪ "Dammit! I hate it when Arashi makes me fall in love with them again. Because they don't NEED ME as a fan!!"
    ▪ Arashi has their priorities straight - they chow down on Aiba's family's restaurant's Chinese food while Sho works hard. XDDD

  ■ Door to Door CM
  ■ Ninomiya on 2ji Chao, March 26th
    ▪ "...I think it's because he's so good at it, I'm a little disturbed."
    ▪ We attempt to ship Nino and Kato Rosa. XDDD

  ■ Takki releasing second solo single, four juniors join him
    ▪ "Oh shit! Who decided Takki should release another single?!" XP
    ▪ "...how are they going to find a week in the middle of the year where no one else is releasing?!"
    ▪ We speculate about what would have happened if Johnny had had his way and Takki&Tsubasa never came to be. :O

  ■ "Koi no ABO" single information 12
    ▪ "...Koyama and YamaPi are credited writing the dialogue and call... Which makes you wonder, what the heck is this song and why does it need dialogue?!"
    ▪ Just what we always wanted and needed. A love song about bloodtypes. XDDDDDD
    ▪ "I wish I could show you the video in my head of them performing it."
    ▪ Much angst ensues as all us fan worry over whether we'll get an official concert DVD for NEWS this year. :\\\

  ■ Fourth album release announced for April 29th
    ▪ Fun speculation about the new set of solos for the boys! :Dv
    ▪ "...I could totally see Kame pulling it off too, because it's Kame and he does boring songs anyway..."
    ▪ Three albums dropping in the month of April alone! :OOOO

  ■ Dome tour extended, 10 days in Tokyo Dome, 3 days in Osaka Kyocera Dome
    ▪ Now, it's EIGHT straight days in Tokyo, a three-day stint in Osaka at the end of May, and then back to Tokyo Dome for two final days in June! \:D/
    ▪ "...they got two times the amount of requests than they had seats!"

  ■ New DVD for Winter 2009 Concert Tour
    ▪ April 29th, JE world domination day via musikologie
    ▪ "You almost said Yokoyama!" "Yes, I did. Yokohama arena."
    ▪ Peyton looks forward to JE world domination day if only for "Kumo no Ito". :9

Johnny's Juniors
  ■ Ikuta Toma on Waratte Iitomo, March 23rd
    ▪ "...it kind of looks like a postman's outfit." A baby pink one. XDDD
    ▪ Toma is nearly assaulted with kisses on his lips, cheeks, and ass. o.o
    ▪ "I have soft tarts."

Multiple Groups
  ■ TV Navi Awards
    ▪ Ohno and Yamada Ryousuke pull away with awards!
    ▪ random flail for higa manami !!1!
    ▪ "These actually look like, realistic." XD

  ■ This week's question - What do you know/think of KinKi Kids' Domoto Koichi?
    ▪ Responses from heiresskaorim, melodyprower11, 7daysbattle, and Griffenhawk.
    ▪ Peyton is flaily from the very start. No one is surprised.
    ▪ Kami thought Koichi was Rurouni Kenshin once upon a time. XD kami gets shy about *~masturbation~* lol
    ▪ "I LIKE KINKS." :999 "Koichi in red, best thing ever." \:D/
    ▪ Next week's question has us asking, Considering the entire package of an album (songs, packaging, memories, etc), what is your favorite JE album and why?


CLOSING (1:07:40)
  ■ Music Station's Top Fifty Moments You Want to See Again (JE style!)
    ▪ Shingo performs SMAP's "Dynamite" live on the streets of Taiwan all alone. XD
    ▪ TOKIO's Taichi shampoos his hair in the middle of a performance?!
    ▪ Kimura Takuya hijacks someone's MC segment with a mere sneeze?! XDDD
    ▪ Arashi's debut performance on Music Station? Half naked in clear plastic. ;P

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03 30 09 (UTC)
Yay Happy Birthday Kami! Love Kami! ♥

I've wanted to call in my answers and stuff but the last time I did the quality was so bad I couldn't make a out a word I said when I heard it in the show and I felt awful for giving you guys something bad quality and I haven't wanted to do it again D:
03 30 09 (UTC)
Happy Birthday Kami!

Hello! Hajimemashite! This is the first time I'm leaving a comment here. I've been listening to your shows for a while and I think it's fantastic! Keep up with the good work!

Since I'm in a weird position of being bilingual, I go to the Chinese fandoms more often than the English ones. But having this said, I find the JE fandom in English is very different in the sense of openness to criticism and love for the whole JE circle. I don't know too much yet about the English side yet, so I was wondering whether any of you would happen to have any ideas about fandoms of different lingo?

In terms of the question itself. Since I'm more a KinKi and KAT-TUN fan, I'll have to be more biased about them :P For KinKi Kids I would have to say their '39' album for 10th anniversary debut celebration was very special. At least not only fans were able to choose their top 10 songs, we get to hear and see what Tsuyoshi and Koichi chooses as well. Listening to all the songs in that album really feels like going through a history of KinKi Kids. You can even sense the transformation just by their voices :P The packaging is great and different from other JE albums. With red and white stripes and no photos, something that represents the feeling of celebration in Japan. Not to mention that year when the album was released, they had a one and only concert held in Tokyo Dome in which the Top 10 song choice chosen by fans was sung. I heard a lot of fans cried during that concert which makes me dire to go.

On KAT-TUN side though I think there still needs to be a lot of improvement for the music. But to reply to the question Queen of Pirates was the best by far I think in terms of the quality of the songs. There's really nothing special in the packaging but it's just the song choices which makes me listening to them till today. I think KAT-TUN can be the only group in JE that can really work off the Pirates theme really well. So that's why having to hear songs like TABOO, Our Story or Hell No reminds you what the group is good at.

I feel bad to make this long but thanks for taking time to read this :)
yoroshiku onegashimasu~
03 31 09 (UTC)
My favorite album? Hmm...well, I like too many of them, but I am quite the sucker for most of NEWS' albums. I've only seen one in person, thanks to my good friend, but my favorite is the Happy Birthday single. The artwork is so pretty with the cute little cakes, balloons, cameras, guitars, OH GOD. IT'S SO FUCKING ADORABLE. And, I'm also quite the sucker for pastely colors, and cute stuff, and cute Japanese men...


04 01 09 (UTC)
First time listener. You guys are so amusing. I love you!

Happy Birthday Kami!

Considering the entire package of an album (songs, packaging, memories, etc), what is your favorite JE album and why?
I would probably have to say Arashi - Dream A Live. I think it's my favorite because it was the first album release after I became an Arashi fan (the prelude to my becoming a general Johnny's fan). I had bought other albums before DAL came out but it wasn't the same. It was more about me playing catch up. With DAL, I was buying the album on it's release date like every other fan. Does that make sense? As far as the album itself: the album art was beautiful. I love the mix of photography and random art. The fact that the album also has a disc of solos is also a bonus.

Okay I rambled enough.
04 01 09 (UTC)
Happy Birthday Kame Kami!

It's so hard to choose, and it's difficult not to be bias.
Toss up between Arashi's Time, KAT-TUN's Queen of Pirates and Kinki Kids' 39. My favourite would be Queen of Pirates. I got a friend to buy it for me from Tokyo and I treasure it like mad. I actually hate the album cover and all, but the title will forever amuse me...why queen?The tracklist is amazing. There's a great variety of song genres.Songs like Taboo, Affection, Our story, Hell No, Shot, Six Senses just embodies what Kat-tun is for me.

Having said that, Kinki Kids' 39 is an amazing album. First of all it has A LOT of songs in it and all of them are great. I never have to skip any of the songs. It's a lot richer since it's like a Best of album. Another thing is that I got it at a great deal of 13 USD!
04 02 09 (UTC)
Okay, because you guys asked, I phoned in on the US land-line my answer to this week's question. I was really nervous and talked for like 2 minutes (which is a lot, I know), but I did call. :)

Also, they keep putting your rendition of Lips, Payton, because it's so lovely! (I know I like it) But as for requests... hum... I dunno. Since you talk about how much you like Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi so much, maybe that? (but that's a heck of a hard song. trust me. *sweat drop*), maybe like Believe or another Kat-Tun song?
04 02 09 (UTC)
Also, Happy Birthday, Kamika!! Yay! :)
04 05 09 (UTC)
aghkghhgfs thank you for calling the us-based number, but it seems that it's be out of service for awhile and we just realized it today. XD we'll be putting up a new number with the next podcast, but we didn't get your awesome message unfortunately. ;_;

you can leave us a comment here with your favorite album or record another comment? (...we're recording in about two hours from now, so if you can get it in, we'd love to have it! :DDDD)

eta: new phone number is 206-339-6065! :D

Edited at 2009-04-05 06:43 pm (UTC)
04 05 09 (UTC)
Ahhh!!! Crap, it's too late isn't it? T_T it's Arashi's Time... er... it was a long story why. :(
04 07 09 (UTC)
anyway, did you want me to re-call in? =\ * confused*
04 02 09 (UTC)
I'm a first time listener for this podcast and i love it!!!I found out so much information that was great!! i'm very much going to keep listening! You guys are awesome!!
04 02 09 (UTC)
Hmm... I think I'd have to say my favorite album is NEWS's Color Album. Not because NEWS is my favorite JE band, because that is Arashi then KAT-TUN NEWS comes after those two), but because Color was the first JE album that I actually Heard about and waited for the release date for. I've only been in the JE fandom for a short while so most of the other album's I've picked up after the fact. It also helps that I like all the songs on Color except for Kesenai and Stardust.
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