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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#54] The One With Running Up, We're Running 
03 22 09
The One With Running Up, We're Running
Running Time: 1:28:50
Size: 40.6 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Jennie, Peyton, Rhey, and Kamika

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Show Notes:
  ■ Who will YOU marry in NEWS? :Dv
    ▪ "Kami and I are getting married to YamaPi." "Wow. We're really encouraging polygamy here."
    ▪ "I don't care about the ceremony. It's what happens after the ceremony that I care about."
    ▪ "You'll both starve in happiness together." "Or just eat a lot of takeout!"

JE NEWS (4:33)

  ■ Katori Shingo will be the leading role for the movie, Zatoichi the LAST 12
    ▪ "I think Rhey needs to announce that she didn't know who Katori Shingo was until about two seconds ago."
    ▪ "...no it wasn't An-an, it was Non-no." "...'cause he shows his no-nos???" XDDD

  ■ Ueda joins the cast of Nakai's drama, Konkatsu! 12
    ▪ "I also dreamt about this drama last night."
    ▪ Peyton calls it first on jep_cast: gratuitous shirtless shots of Ueda all over this drama! \:D/

  ■ Nagase's MTV Unplugged to be released on DVD

  ■ Kokubun Taichi becomes a sportscaster for NTV's SPOR 12
    ▪ Taichi, Editor-in-Chief?! :O
    ▪ Taichi, all over your televisions, in your life, twenty-four seven!!! XDD

KinKi Kids
  ■ Endless SHOCK breaks a record
    ▪ Koichi has fallen down a flight of stairs endlessly - actually, over 626 times. :O
    ▪ "When do the KinKi Kids do something and NOT break records?!"
    ▪ "Solo KinKi. Mmmm..." "Oh, you're so sad."

  ■ Sho on Vanilla Kibun, March 7th 12
  ■ Sho on Waratte Koraete, March 11th 12
    ▪ "My impression is that he has a pair of vanilla polka-dotted pants!" "...VANILLA polka-dotted pants?" o.O
    ▪ Sho is totally worth dumping your boyfriend over. Without a doubt. XD
    ▪ "It was really cute!" "...like five years old cute. When he's twenty-seven. Which is where the creep comes in."

  ■ HEY!HEY!HEY!, March 9th 123
    ▪ "How do you find Aiba racing around on all fours boring, Kami?!"
    ▪ "I don't care! You suck from the beginning because you don't like this song! Don't talk to me anymore! You're banished from speaking to me!" "...wow..."

  ■ Sho to lead in NTV drama, Quiz Show with Yokoyama supporting 1234
    ▪ kami's totally giddy because maya miki's in this drama XD
    ▪ Sho? Vegetative state? Yokoyama flirting with Maya Miki? :o

  ■ Ohno on Can!jani, March 7th 12
    ▪ Hijinks ensue when Murakami smacks Ohno down. Literally.
    ▪ Yokoyama is intimidated by Arashi??

  ■ Tsubasa's to get a DVD for his solo "Dance&Rock" Tour
    ▪ "Now he's selling it? 'Hey guys! Come to my concert! I'm gonna have a crotch-angled camera so you can see on the big screen, really clear!'"

  ■ Shige in TBS drama special, Chichi yo, Anata wa Erakatta 123
    ▪ "Suddenly I'm imagining Shige doing the 'Hallelujah Chance!' pose!"
    ▪ Asano Taeko. Writer of Last Friends and Innocent Love is writing this one. That says it all. :|

  ■ NEWS to release 11th single, April 29th 12
    ▪ NEWS actually gets news! \:D/ Fresh off the presses! *cheer*
    ▪ "You know, I'm really starting to associate NEWS with running!" "...running up, i'm running..."

  ■ Koyama and Shige in Kiseki no Kizuna, March 13th 12345
    ▪ Shige teaches Bangladeshi kids the STD song. Oh Shige... .__.
    ▪ "Wait. Shige doesn't have a dog. He has a cat." "...he is imaginary, Peyton! He's not REAL. Cats do not talk or write J-Web entries!"
    ▪ "The fact that you got analytical about Koyama washing a dog is amusing to me." "Well, it's a disease."

  ■ Tour starting in May 2009 12
    ▪ KAT-TUN's Tokyo Dome concerts and Kanjani8's concerts overlap! Go to both if you can!!

  ■ "RESCUE" single, March 11th 12345
    ▪ Making of the PV finally provides us the imperfections of the boys that we long to see! *hee*
    ▪ Jennie's husband endorses this single and PV and making of too! YOU KNOW IT'S AWESOME WHEN HE THINKS KAT-TUN'S COOL! :Dv
    ▪ Running up, I'm running, running up...

  ■ Utaban, March 12th 123
  ■ Music Station, March 13th 123
  ■ Sakigake! Ongaku Banzaku JET, March 18th 12
    ▪ "Utaban was better than last time." "Yeah, but it was still crap."
    ▪ "He had his hair up in a ponytail; it was so pretty! ...but there was also a sense of, 'You look like a dog!'" XD
    ▪ Jennie is crushing out on the temporary female Utaban announcer. o.o
    ▪ Ohno and Maruyama take over KAT-TUN's appearance on Music Station! they are more interesting that kat-tun :o
    ▪ "...maybe Kame should stop singing altogether." "Oh god."
    ▪ The battle between KAT-TUN and NEWS continues~ DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

  ■ Ueda on Merengue no Kimochi, March 14th 12
    ▪ "It's like every guest appearance he has, he has to be felt up. It's an unspoken rule."
    ▪ "Hey! I wanna touch a Johnny's too!" XDDD
    ▪ We perhaps got a glimpse/listen to Ueda's new solo song? Please please? *crosses fingers and toes*
    ▪ Jennie has warmed up to Ueda! *gasp* ♥

  ■ New show replacing Show wa Hey!Say!, School Kakumei
    ▪ They're going to be auditioning someone to join the show as a regular and become a Johnny's trainee! :O
    ▪ "Who didn't like Yabu?" "..." "Who was that?!" "WHO CARES?!"

Johnny's Juniors
  ■ Toma gets his first lead in a FujiTV drama, Majo Saiban 1234
    ▪ Kami and Peyton are more excited about the chick playing Toma's character's girlfriend over Toma. XDDD
    ▪ "It's all about people trying to bribe the jury. So hopefully that's not something they should expect!"
    ▪ "Yay! Go Toma! Don't die!" "...WHAT?!"

  ■ Playzone 2009 cast and schedule announced 12345
    ▪ Uchi's there, but where's Kusano? uchi needs to go back to kanjani8!
    ▪ "Kitayama's the same age as YamaPi. He needs to debut NOW."

  ■ Kansai Juniors have concerts in May

Multiple Groups
  ■ 12th Nikkan Sport Drama Awards 12
    ▪ "You guys have to STOP." "We got yelled at~!"
    ▪ Kami no Shizuku sweeps. WTF. WHO IS STUFFING THE BALLOT BOX?! :\\\
    ▪ "Is Love Shuffle anywhere on the list?" "I THOUGHT YOU SAID 'LOVEJUICE'."

  ■ "J Rock Dream Matchy 09 in Budokan" is getting a DVD
    ▪ Kami conquers the tongue twister! \:D/

  ■ This week's question - What drama would you like to see your favorite JE boy star in?
    ▪ Responses from xxx_takara_xxx, heiresskaorim, riterandreader, lastingdreams8, melodyprower11, Felice, and Winter.
    ▪ A JE!version of Sex in the City?!
    ▪ You&J groups have maybe grown past school dramas?
    ▪ Kami's favorite drama was Hanazakari no Kimitachi e!? Thus her wanting a live action of Ouran Host Club?!
    ▪ Jennie's a cheater, Rhey wants a Japanese version of Bones, and Peyton just wants a renai with her favorite actors. :3
    ▪ Next week's question have us asking, What do you know/think of KinKi Kids' Domoto Koichi?

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03 23 09 (UTC)
OMG. I made it into JEP Cast...<3 I wanted it to be as bizarre as anything, Kamika. I was thinking, when I thought of this, Carrie - Matsu Jun, Miranda - Koki, Charlotte - Koyama, and Samantha - Subaru...<3

Um, actually, KinkiKids is the only JE Group I know nothing of, and Domoto Koichi, um...yeah, I know nothing about him.

-looks him up on Google-

Well, I can tell you one thing. HE'S HOT. And I'm totally going to get into this group, now...
03 23 09 (UTC)
I swear... You Guys purposefully pick guys I really don't know much about. I fail at KinKi Kids. Um.. Koichi is hot? and I liked the performance of Tsukiyo no Monogatari.... that was him right? not the other one? I fail at this.
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