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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#53] The One Where Massu is Koki's Stylist 
03 16 09
仁 → three past four in the morning
Title: The One Where Massu is Koki's Stylist
Running Time: 1:14:48
Size: 34.2 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Rhey, Peyton, Kamika, and Jennie
Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

 O P E N I N G ( 0 : 3 6 )

          ▪ EW, KOKI.
               ▪ Who's gonna get on the Koki Love Train if he looks like that??
               ▪ Koki is the Massu of KAT-TUN.

 N E W S ( 0 3 : 1 0 )

          ▪ Taichi to release a book [ 1 ]
               ▪ Who the hell is Kentaro???

     KinKi Kids
          ▪ Endlicheri*Endlicheri ends [ 12 ]
          ▪ Start of Tsuyo-shi with tour dates [ 1 ]
          ▪ New Tsuyo-shi single and album [ 12 ]
  ▪ Peyton Sensei teaches us how to properly pronounce "Endlicheri."
               ▪ The difference between Endlicheri and Tsuyo-shi is image (and sound).
               ▪ What does Hey!Say!Jump have anything to do with all this??


          ▪ Sho promoting Yatterman on various shows [ 12 ]
               ▪ Distracted by Fukada Kyoko *_*
               ▪ A lot more off-topic babble about Gurunai (hilar but irrelevant to Sho)...
               ▪ Taichi freaks out about Sho.
          ▪ Ohno promoting Uta-Onii [ 1234 ]
               ▪ Ohno ranks his five favorite Arashi songs.
          ▪ Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei single [ 123 ]
               ▪ How are we split on this single?? It makes no sense!! Everyone should love Believe!!!
               ▪ Ohno relates Kumorinochi, Kaisei to fishing.
          ▪ Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei PVs [ 12345 ]
               ▪ Oh my God, hello, Aiba. And his Sweater. *_*
               ▪ MatsuJun and his Momo hair = UGLY. Penguine!Jun?
               ▪ Kami fails for not recognizing the awesome of Sakurap.
               ▪ Analysis of visuals used in the PV, symbolism, etc., srsbzns.
               ▪ Oh no, the horticulture virus has soread to Nino.
               ▪ Animated!Ohno is so kickass, he needs no weapons to lay the smackdown on the ebolfishies.
               ▪ MatsuJun is incorrectly portrayed as the tall one in the group. WTF!!! DNW.
               ▪ OMG what if Arashi dressed up in costumes and did a skit during a con or something? *_*
               ▪ Arashi is really embracing the monochrome visuals for their PVs, huh?
               ▪ Peyton's really not into this PV...
          ▪ Utaban and Music Station appearances [ 123 ]
               ▪ Arashi talks about getting poked up their butts medical check-ups.
               ▪ Ohno likes having his pants taken off.
               ▪ We like the ending choreography!
               ▪ Tohoshinki (SM Entertaiment) talk. Lol, Korea.
               ▪ ARASHI, ARASHI, OH YEAH~ namida chorori~
               ▪ Arashi cooks! Nakai and Ohno DON'T fight! :o
          ▪ Utaban moves to a new time slot on Sunday nights!
          ▪ Single sales [ 123 ]
               ▪ Basically, Arashi pwnz you in the face.

          ▪ Ryo's had a (minor) car accident [ 12345 ]
               ▪ Ryo's not injured, but has lost his driving privileges.
  ▪ Ryo's being responsible; good for him.
               ▪ Why does the news keep reporting Ryo as a member of only NEWS?

          ▪ Volleyball support continues with new song[ 1234]
               ▪ Chinen is a high school student?? (isn't he twelve?)

     Hey!Say!JUMp /Johnny's Juniors
          ▪ Gokusent o be made into a movie [ 123 ]
               ▪ Exactly what is the plot of this "movie"? Who is confronting whom and when?
               ▪ THIS IS THE LAST GOKUSEN YAYZ REJOICE (?? for real?)

     Johnny's Juniors
          ▪ Kansai Juniors become regular for NHK show [ 1 ]
               ▪ AHOYANEN, SUKIYANEN (?) you idiots, i love you??

 L E T T E R / Q U E S T I O N ( 1 : 0 0 : 1 7 )

          ▪ What is your impression of SMAP's Kusanagi Tsuyoshi?
               ▪ Listener responses from mysticwater, lockability, riterandreader!
               ▪ So, in summary, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's quiet, has a pointy face, and he's been in dramas you may or may not have seen...
               ▪ Lol, why does everyone think Tsuyoshi is the quiet one, if he's the sec ond most popular MC in SMAP???
               ▪ Tsuyoshi is a millionaire. Wiki is God, etc.
               ▪ Kimura pwnz Tsuyoshi on TV, during his own show. XD
          ▪ Next week's question: What drama would you like to see your favorite JE boy star in? A US/Korean drama/movie adaptation? Or something completely original? Write to us!

 C L O S I N G ( 1 : 1 4 : 4 8 )

          ▪ Um ew PeyMi lovefest avec Le Jennie? 3P?!?!
          ▪ Time constraints, being late, excuses excuses!

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03 17 09 (UTC) - What drama would you like to see your favorite JE boy star in?
Jin as Rei/Sei Kashino in a Jdrama adaptation of the manga MARS, and Maru as Tatsuya, Rei's best friend.
03 17 09 (UTC)
What drama would you like to see your favorite JE boy star in?

:o I have the perfect idea. I'll come back tomorrow with it. 8D
03 19 09 (UTC)
lol, we'd love to hear this. don't forget to come back with your perfect idea before the next ep's recording on sunday!
03 19 09 (UTC)
Roflmao, I love the fact that I said I'd come back the next day with my idea and it's been like, 3 days. :death:

I've been watching Leverage lately only 2 more episodes until I finish! and it'd just be awesome to see the Johnny's guys as the characters. Shige could totally be Hardison, the dorky computer geek that is just so incredibly cute and adorable, Ueda or Nagase as Eliot, the intimidating tough guy that can kick ass and cook at the same time, Aiba, Yasu, or Massu as Parker, the bubbly pyromaniac that likes jumping off buildings, and idk, Tegoshi or Kame as Sophie, the aspiring actress that is pretty crap unless it deals with breaking the law. Idk who would be Nate though, because he's just awesome himself.

The basic premise of the show is like Robin Hood; a group of thieves working together to destroy the bad guys and give back to the good ones. Also, there's disguises and schemes and crying statues and not-so-secret crushes between EVERYONE in the show (I'm a Hardison/Parker fan because he totally has such a crush on her, but I think Hardison/Eliot is popular, too).

...uh, I didn't mean for this to end up being an essay. 8D;; Tldr: Johnny's + Leverage = awesomeawesome crack. :D
03 17 09 (UTC)
I'm a little confused. Did yo guys take a week off? Cause isn't this the episode from two weeks ago that wasn't posted? :/
03 19 09 (UTC)
sorry, sorry. yeah, we did end up taking last week off. but this was meant to be posted the day after recording, but real life got int he way and we couldn't get it out on time. apologies. to make up for the lost week, we do have something in store, something fun. so keep your eyes on the comm! :) thanks for listening!
03 19 09 (UTC)
Ah okay, just making sure I didn't miss something xD; Does that mean that in the next episode you are going to do two weeks worth of news?
03 17 09 (UTC)
Actually, Nino in the animated Believe PV as a gardener, I think is a direct reference to Yamada Taro Montagatari, because Yamada was into gardening, wasn't he? And he was supposed to go to America to study agriculture and growing big vegetables.

Drama: well, if there ever was a drama based on the manga, Honey Hunt (a show-business story), I'd LOVE to see someone from Kat-Tun (Maybe Kame) play the role of Haruka, whose character is actually a "Johnny's" in the story plot and is in an idol band called "The Knights". I dunno, maybe it's the hair-flippy thing, but Haruka reminds me of Kame or Jin, looks-wise. But yeah, it'd be excellent to poke fun at Johnny's, while the character is actually played by a Johnny's! ^_^
03 18 09 (UTC)
You guys are amazing, as usual:)
Um, typo that I found amusing: NRWS=NEWS ^^;
Anyways-to answer the question:
I would like to put Nishikido Ryo in Vampire Knight, if the powers that be ever decide to make a live action of this anime ^^
In fact, any Johnny's as vampires would do :)
03 19 09 (UTC)
omg, seriously!! *fans self* Well, I dunno if ur a fan of the Twilight saga (I liked the first one), someone had photo shopped an image of Aiba in an "Edward-esque" look (ie. - golden eyes and blood on the corner of his mouth), it was hot.
03 19 09 (UTC)
LOL-one of JE being Edward would be nice too, but I prefer Vampire Knight's premise ^^ More vampires in the academy to go around, which means more casting opportunities for JE-right? ^^
Oh-may I have the link to that please?
I know someone did manips of NEWS and vampires too ^^
03 19 09 (UTC)
OOh, that's right! I didn't think about the whole "academy" aspect of it, but your absolutely right! Like, someone cute like Massu would play Idoru (Idol), and yeah... ^_^

I'm trying to find the pic online, but I can't find it. =/ I'll check my hard drive tomorrow and post it on here. but yeah, link me to NEWS pics too, please? :)

03 19 09 (UTC)
Here it is:)
I thought Ryo's was the best photoshopped one, and ever since then, I just see Ryo as being the best actor to be a vampire, lol:)
Aww, and Massu, he's just adorable ^^
03 19 09 (UTC)
oooh, nice! also, I found the pictures!

Okay, yay, I found the arashi ones:


03 20 09 (UTC)
Those are REALLY good, and very hawt;P
03 18 09 (UTC)
yay new episode!

I think it would be fun to send one of the arashi boys to America to do sort of a reverse "Lost in Translation"esque movie. I'm thinking Aiba here, I just have the image of him screaming "DANGER!" at everything and it makes me giggle! lol then there's another Arashi member in Hollywood, which may get some attention for Johnny's in the West, and therefore make it possible for WORLDWIDE tours! I'm all for Johnny's world domination.

Also I just got the NewS "Purely" calander for this year- and got the image of Shige playing Nobu from "Nana" which disturbed me greatly...
03 19 09 (UTC) - Re: Aiba in an American movie
03 18 09 (UTC)
I adore Koki, but my God, that hair.

Thankfully it didn't seem to last long. Someone recently posted this picture. Much, much better, even if he does look a little Gackt-ish.
03 19 09 (UTC)
omg really is that what he looks like now that is such a huge improvement!!!!!
03 21 09 (UTC)


Hmmm, which JE Boy would I like to see in a drama adaptation? I kind-of would like to see (this is going to sound ridiculous, yes, I know...) but I would like to see Matsu Jun, Koki, Koyama, and Subaru in an all-male and Japanese version of Sex and the City. Yes, ladies. I know it's more than one JE Boy, and no, they may not all be my favorites, but I think it would amuse me to no end if this could, or would ever happen.
03 20 09 (UTC)
Umm..A Drama I want to see a JE boy in.... OH! How about one where ueda sees faries? I Adore Ueda and it would endlessly amusing. so yeah, I pick that.
03 21 09 (UTC) - oops
it's "would be endlessly" and "fairies" , just realized. sorry
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