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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#52] The One Where Kanjani8 Hijacks Arioka's Birthday 
03 01 09
omgcp - jack
The One Kanjani8 Hijacks Arioka's Birthday
Running Time: 1:01:53 (omg, we hit an hour again?! But with good reason, I swear)
Size: 28.2 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Jennie, Peyton, Rhey and Kamika (Don't you just love that we're all together again?)

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

  ■ March's Wink Up Boards! [ 1 ]
    ▪ Yassu/Subaru are subtle as are Koyama/Yamapi. XDD can you just hear Peyton's flail?
    ▪ "'cause it sounds like Matsujun needs to go to AAA or something." XD

JE NEWS (5:22)

  ■ Sho's special MC for Music Lovers Dream Live 2009 [ 1 ]
    ▪ lol we recall the last time Sho was on Music Lovers. Think he'll host in those fake jeans? XDDD
    ▪ What the heck is a special presenter? o.o If anyone knows, we'd like that.

  ■ Ohno on Music Station, Feb 27 [ 1 ]
    ▪ Ohno feels "uncomfortable" without his other people from Arashi. Awwwwwww....
    ▪ Ohno's ending of the performance of going into the crowd was the best part. The awkwardness worked good there, at least. XD
    ▪ We feel sad for Ohno as an acorn. DDD:

  ■ New Album, Puzzle!! [ 123 ]
    ▪ We snicker a little about this "packing material" thing. XDDD
    ▪ Honestly, we're just glad we're finally getting Kanjani8 something. a;sldkfjaslfj Finally.
    ▪ "Oh my god, how fucking S are you today, Yokoyama Yu?" XDDD
    ▪ LOLOL SOME GIRL EMAILS TO RECOMMEN AND SAY IT'S GREAT THEY'RE RELEASING ON HEY!SAY!JUMP'S ARIOKA'S BIRTHDAY. Um. Amused. Apparently, this is a common thread. (Not on Arioka's birthday, but someone's.)
    ▪ "That's why I came. I wanted to see Sho."

  ■ Kame on Gyouretsu no somethingsomething Dekiru Houritsusoudanjo, Feb 22 [ 1 ]
    ▪ ...Apparently it's a show about law. "Can somebody explain to me that "Men's Premium bra" thing? How that's relevant?" Good. Question.
    ▪ When you hear bras and JE... who do you think of? XD "God, no, Yamapi. Don't do it."
    ▪ "This show is full of creeps.... Now I know why Kame had to guest on it. It all makes sense." "Rheyyyy~"

  ■ Kame on Onee-Man's, Feb 24 [ 1 ]
    ▪ "You know, at the end of the day. ...These shows kind of speak to the fact that Kami no Shizuku is a sinking ship."

  ■ Flat Five Flowers going on Tour! [ 1 ]
    ▪ "What? Pork fried rice?"
    ▪ We wonder about Kanjani8's tour? Summer? Right after this? Hmmmm...

  ■ This week's question: What JE concert would you like to have gone to and why? (a past concert that you've seen on DVD or a future upcoming concert)
    ▪ Listener responses from supersaiyananf, lockability, misazgraffito, devilayu, mysticwater and lastingdreams8.
    ▪ lolol we can't seem to remember what we say on air and what we say off. XD
    ▪ LOL RHEY TOTALLY SNAPS AT PEYTON. "Take that!" "Rhey's going to like smack me with a ruler or something."
    ▪ "If I had to sit there live, I don't have a fast-forward button."
    ▪ "Damn it, Kami. Change your name." --> Guess why? ~_~;;
    ▪ Rhey would more want to go backstage than to the actual Summary concert. Who's surprised?
  ■ Next week's question: What do you know/think about SMAP's Kusanagi Tsuyoshi?
    ▪ UMMMM. We worry very much about this question so if you have anything, omg, anything we really ask you to chime in! Please? Pretty please?

  ■ Surprise for Peyton! "She's probably frantically going "what the fuck" right now." "I am, in my head."
    ▪ We quiz her on her favorite, Koyama Keiichiro! ♥ "Let's go... I guess."
    ▪ I won't list out the questions because, lol, it sounds better when we say it than written down? XD
    ▪ "I want to say red, but..." "Ding, ding, ding, you're right." "At first, I was going to say red. But I'm like, "They're fucking with me. Just 'cause I like him in red.""
    ▪ You know, for that last question... Peyton would've gotten it if Rhey hadn't been so S. XD
    ▪ Did we stump Peyton? What do you think? ~_~

CLOSING (57:50)
  ■ Arashi's Beatbox TV. [ 1 ]
    ▪ "So essentially, they're trying to beat Nakamaru at his own game."
    ▪ They all look like they just came in off the street before hair and make-up or something. "They haven't put their idol face yet."
    ▪ EXCEPT AIBA. BECAUSE AIBA LOOKS REALLY GOOD. *___________________*
    ▪ "Listen, Peyton. It's called hobo-chic. He's rocking it." XDDDD

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03 02 09 (UTC)
i approve of your icon. :3
03 02 09 (UTC)
I had no clue about the Wink Up think, thanks for providing the link :D
You guys are all so hilarious, thank you:D

Um...Kusanagi-san...I think he was in a Japanese version of the Monkey King, but am not sure. That's all I can say, sorry, I tried ^^

I really liked the piano version of Seishun Amigo in the background at the very end:D
03 02 09 (UTC)
I'm glad you guys decided to include a last-minute bit on Arashi beatbox TV.

That was seriously one of the most random things they've ever done. Possibly one of the easiest, too, but it was worth it for the lulz.

Was nice to hear your opinions, too!
03 03 09 (UTC)
Yay new episode~! I liked the little surprise segment, 'cos JEP Cast feels so short now without drama segment, you should do more segments like that! :D Um, so usually I don't answer bowl of boys questions because I never know what to say, but I didn't want there to be no answers for it like with Hina, so, okay, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. I've seen him in the drama Boku no Aruku Michi, and I liked him in that, it was a pretty good drama. Um, yeah. I don't really know what else to say. He seems like one of the quieter members of SMAP, and he has a pointy face, and his voice is kind of weird, but he seems cool enough, so, yup. :] So hopefully my comment is okay, um, that's it!
03 06 09 (UTC)
Okay, because u guys asked, I'll try to talk about Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. Although I LITERALLY have no idea who he is.

*does google, wiki & youtube search*

This is basically pathetic, but it's something:

Okay, so he has the same horoscope sign as me (Cancer), yay. His facial features are very defined, which is good. I started watching the first ep. of Ryokiteki na Kanojo with him in it. He seems like a good actor. SMAP is epic in its history and fame. Um... yeah.
03 13 09 (UTC)
Just wanted to add, I was listening to the older episodes of your guys' shows, especially listening to the drama section. You guys mention "Yukan Club" a lot, but I'd never heard of it before, and I thought it was, "Yukon Club" (as in the territory in Alaska) and I kept wondering: "What does Japan have to do with Canada?" and I kept imagining like, forest rangers and skii-cabins and a drama about Japanese high school students... I dunno, solving mysteries as forest rangers in Canada's slopes?? It was all very confusing and puzzling to me. But I just looked it up. It's much clearer now.Apparently, semantics does make a difference. :)
03 13 09 (UTC)
Sorry, I meant territory in *Canada. *plam to face*
03 07 09 (UTC)
its totally been forever since i last watched smapxsmap or anything smap really.. but from what i remember...
my first impression of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi was that he was the quiet one of the group. and at first i didnt really pay attention to him when i was first getting to know smap... but then i watched some SMAP skits; hes halarious and adorable and geeky~<3 and KimuTaku likes to pick on him XD its great.
also maybe its just me but I notice when he dances, i guess cause hes so tall, all of his movements are so much wider and open than everyone elses, but then again it looks like hes doing it on purpose..
also random FAQ- he was in the drama "Food Fight" with Fukada Kyoko (who I absolutely adore: for reference shes one of the cute background hosts of domoto kyoudai). Why do I mention this drama? For the irony... Tsuyoshi has always been super skinny, yet he was given the role of a reigning champion in an underground eating competition. too funny, because he really should eat something in real life<3
Yup you deffinately grow to love him, despite how awkward and quiet he looks
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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