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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#51] The One Where Koki Rescues Us From Herpes 
02 22 09
The One Where Koki Rescues Us From Herpes
Running Time: 45:08 (look, mom! way shorter! XD)
Size: 20.6 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Jennie, Peyton, Rhey, and Kamika

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ■ Kamenashi brings his favorite toys to the set of Kami no Shizuku
    ▪ "...of all the things to give him, why that?" "'Cause he needs laughter in his life?" XD
    ▪ "...those things are kind of annoying." "Maybe it's a clue to how they feel about him."
    ▪ ELMO! *flail*

JE NEWS (4:12)

  ■ Goro's Bar will have a drama special
    ▪ "...sounds like Kami no Shizuku except with a different kind of alcohol."
    ▪ "It's SMAP. It'll be okay. Gotta get some SMAP in your life."

  ■ Nakai in a spring FujiTV drama with Ueto Aya 12
    ▪ The ultimate romantic comedy perhaps?! *flail*
    ▪ We speculate about Nakai's drama and movie choices. Being funny all the time is tiring? :o

  ■ Sakurai Sho appearing in Uta no Onii-san
    ▪ Arashi is obsessed with cameo!ing on each other's dramas, they love each other that much. ;P
    ▪ "I'm hoping they put him a super!cute costume like a bunny rabbit or something with a little twitchy tail." "...oh god."
    ▪ "What the hell is a 'ja jing'?!"

  ■ Koyama and Shige to be on TV Tokyo's Kiseki no Kizuna
    ▪ "...dude, the boy gets around. He's like the MC!whore of NEWS or something." *LICKS LIPS* :9999
    ▪ A KoyaShige variety show as close as we'll get to a NEWS variety show?! ;_;

  ■ "ONE DROP" is ninth straight single to #1 on Oricon Charts 12
    ▪ "...first, their single 'Nine Drop'-" "DID YOU JUST SAY 'NINE DROP'?!!?" XDDD
    ▪ The battle for second place - NEWS or KAT-TUN?! *gasp*
    ▪ KAT-TUN are shitty kouhai to NEWS. Or are they really senpai?

  ■ Music Station, February 20th 12
    ▪ The fandom is in consensus - this performance was fucking awesome. \:D/
    ▪ Kame channels Michael Jackson, whut?
    ▪ Jennie's husband on KAT-TUN - Kame, don't sing. Ueda, lay off the drugs. Jin, you're an asshole. XDDDD
    ▪ "...now we can move on. Now that Koki has announced his saving of herpes for the entire world." rhey is normal, what?

  ■ Hikaru graduates Horikoshi (with ex-Ya-ya-yah member, Ayukawa Taiyou) 123456
    ▪ "That's so wrong. Graduating from Horikita." o.o;
    ▪ Peyton is more excited to see that Taiyou is well and happy. who is hikaru? XD
    ▪ "You're gonna get flames now~"

  ■ Gokusen 3 Special to air March 28th
    ▪ "Did you say 'grow up' or 'throw up'?"
    ▪ "...at the rate they're going, why hasn't anyone thrown up yet???"

  ■ Hey!Say!7 and Hey!Say!JUMP Spring Concert Tour 12
    ▪ Hey!Say!JUMP following in V6's footsteps?
    ▪ The kids get no vacation. From school into concerts. :P

  ■ This week's question - What do you know/think of Hey!Say!JUMP's Takaki Yuuya?
    ▪ Responses from aralana and ayuzak.
    ▪ Takaki, you're not the second coming of Jin. Maybe try being yourself?
    ▪ Peyton flails over Takaki's solo "Kumo no Ito". *FLAIL* HOT. :O~
    ▪ The fan that met Kami at New York Comic Con got back to us! Hi, smiling_l0ve! :D
    ▪ Next week's question have us asking, What JE concert would you like to have gone to and why? (a past concert that you've seen on DVD or a future upcoming concert)

CLOSING (40:58)
  ■ CDTV Ranking - Artist I Want as a Lover
    ▪ "...not eve if you're twelve, you don't need to have a lover called Yamada Ryousuke. No." "Wait. So if his name was like Chinen, it would be okay?"
    ▪ "Massu is above MatsuJun and pretty much everyone else."
    ▪ Koichi is below Massu, which brings back the infamous Arashi!hamburger. XD

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Email: cast@jepcast.com
Voicemail: 206-202-3859 or Skype username 'jepcast'

02 23 09 (UTC)
The 'Running up, I'm running' is my favorite part too!!! ♥

I also watched Gokusen 3 for Miura Haruma....and not Takaki xD;

Lol, I forgot to answer the question! xD; I really wish I was able to go to one of KAT-TUN's Queen of Pirates concerts. I love the album to bits and would have loved to hear the songs live. I've seen the DVD and it just makes me wish I could have gone even more. Even though they never preformed 'Distance'....

Edited at 2009-02-23 04:08 am (UTC)
02 23 09 (UTC)
Reading the synopsis alone is hilarious :P
Aw Hikaru and Taiyou both graduated!!!
To answer the question: I wish I could have attended the N.E.W.S concert, because it was NEWS' first major concert since hiatus; it was their comeback, and I wish I was there for that ^^
Thanks for an awesome podcast<3
02 23 09 (UTC)
"What JE concert would you like to have gone to and why? (a past concert that you've seen on DVD or a future upcoming concert)"

Hands down Kanjani8's Excite DVD concert recording. Even though they didnt have much original music back then, but they were still EIGHT. I'm dying to see them all on the same stage again (insert my Uchi bias here). This performance was funny and heartwarming to watch all at the same time. Plus Subaru being a hentai on stage is always win.
But in short any concert with Uchi and Eito on the same stage again I'd die to go see.<3
02 23 09 (UTC)
Last summer, Yamada also topped the "Most Wanted Lover" list in Popolo or one of those JE mags. He's way too young but... he looked pretty hot in "Mayonaka no Shadow Boy" :O

Massu is soooo popular in Japan. Among teenage girls, the top two are Nino and Sho, but a lot unexpectely like Massu because "he's cute since he's got a fat face."

To answer this week's question, I would love to have gone to KAT-TUN's Real Face con. Someone I know has a mass of JE con tix stubs and Real Face was among them. Seeing Jin perform PINKY in person would have been simply amazing. ♥
02 23 09 (UTC)
to the question!

Iza, Now! Concert by Arashi. (Not thinking of how young I'd have been at that year...)

I think it was a pretty big point for Arashi- being their 5th year or so since debut. The songs, dance, everything (from what I watched on youtube recently due to sudden intrest) seems really good, and the atmosphere was fantastic. The songs were meaningful- Jun's La Familia and Sho's Anti Anti. Specially Sho's, look at him now! There's no way you can look down on an idol. XD Ohno's dance was fantastic too~ I'd love to have been there, and just enjoy the feelings of Arashi. x)
02 24 09 (UTC)
Yay new episode~ Um, yep. I totally watched all of Gokusen 3 for Miura Haruma, too, haha. As for the question, I'd pick the A.B.C.-Z/Kis-my-ft2 concert. Fjdiofjdisofjd. It looks like it was so awesome. I want to see it~ D:They're both such awesome groups, even if they are juniors still, it just seems like it would have been amazing to see.
02 25 09 (UTC)
Ahw, short episode... I'm already excited for teh Nakai/Aya drama since it was noounced. Seriously, Nakai in a comedy drama! That's more awesome than Ohno in Uta no Onii-san! Oh, you put up the wrong links for Music Station, February 20th. It links to arashi_on and jep_cast.

What JE concert would you like to have gone to and why?
Duh, Johnny's Countdown! Why? Because I want to see them all! But I want to see SMAP too, so I don't care if they kick out the Hey! Say! 7 kids.
02 25 09 (UTC)
What JE concert would you like to have gone to and why? (a past concert that you've seen on DVD or a future upcoming concert)

I would like to go one of the concert that KAT-TUN are going to do during a complete week at Tokyo Dome because they will be the first to do it. These concerts look great.
02 26 09 (UTC)
What JE concert would you like to have gone to and why? (a past concert that you've seen on DVD or a future upcoming concert)

hhhmmmm......I would choose Arashis Time concert because they sang all of my favorite songs and Nino's Niji as well as Aiba's Friendship <33 They where soooo good~!! (arashi as well as the songs lol) I looooved Yes? No? performance with the whole glow in the dark hand movements <33 and I believe this was also the concert where Nino pulls Aibas pants down that was just love... ^^
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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