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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#49] The One Where Shigotonin Is Sex 
02 08 09
仁 → three past four in the morning
'sup y'all! guess who's back! peyton and rhey, coming your way, bringing you the forty-ninth ep of jep. yo, check it out:

The One Where Shigotonin Is Sex
Running Time: 1:40:56
Size: 46.2 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: peyton + rhey(ne) = peyne? pain?

Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:


▪ omgflail you guys guess who went to comiccon and saw sho in person aaahohmahgah maximum high tension
  ▪ kami's voice is famous!
  ▪ dear dedicated listener who met kami at comiccon, please reveal your mysterious self to us! *_*

JE NEWS (5:21)


  ■ kyoka suigetsu single, pv, making-of: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ ohkura was really hot runnning his fingers down his chest to softcore porn kenny g porn music.
  ▪ the usually pedo peyton and kami drool over the elderly senior citizen higashiyama's hottttnesss...
  ▪ as far as peyton's concerned, kyoka suigetsu is fucking sex.


  ■ smap ganbarimasu smastation special: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ this baby's three plus hours long. gotta get some smap in your life?
  ▪ chibi!smap, their circus acts, and outbursts of violence.
  ▪ lessons in smap history via reenactment of events by current juniors.
  ▪ nakai and tsuyoshi, together in bed, under the sheets.
  ▪ goro as wine connoisseur kamen rider g, kimura takuya as his sexy self.


  ■ nagase on domoto tsuyoshi's shojiki shindoi: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ nagase admits that tsuyoshi's the only guy he's ever been to a love hotel with.
  ▪ nagase raps a random kanno miho interview from a random magazine.

  ■ nagase on arashi's shukudai-kun: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ nagase, aiba, and nino make a human helicopter.
  ▪ ohno's the bottom, matsujun's in the middle, and sho tops...

  ■ nagase on kuwazugirai: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ nagase's diet consists of beef, beef, and some more beef. then raisin bread.

  ■ nagase on mechaike: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ naked ossan... lol idek wtf was going on here...


  ■ appearance on hey!hey!hey!: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ kat-tun gets grossed out by their selves from eight years ago.
  ▪ cool pantomime act!!!
  ▪ juniors get to undress their sempai backstage... what sort of agency is this??
  ▪ comedians do covers of kinki songs. koichi's too enthralled by all the ~real girls~ in front of him to pay attention to the song...
  ▪ k-t's wave motion dance is really cool. and possibly recycled?
  ▪ one drop sounds very much like an akakame song... (OMGFLAILOTP??)


  ■ takki's enbujou 20009: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ takki's in charge of everything!


  ■ appearance on utaban: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ worst utaban ever???
  ▪ jin...lookedreallyreallygood.


  ■ toushin stars in stageplay ashita blog: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ blog entries become reality! (*posts about sexytiemz with yamapi*)


  ■ subaru and flat five flowers join matchy: { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ takki is special and gets to make an appearance on valentine's day!

DRAMA TALK (47:03)

  ■ tatta hitotsu no koi: 8-10.
  ▪ peyton-sensei's summary corner.
  ▪ bokura no machi de the fungus song is a perfect fit for this drama. YARUSENAI OMOI WA--
  ▪ recurring theme: hiroto's always searching for something whenever he's with nao.
  ▪ peyton's favorite line from nao: "planes will always fly, but i only have hiroto now." wibble alert.
  ▪ nao's development: she's all grown up now!
  ▪ ~the break up scene~ ♥_♥ oh, hiroto...
  ▪ aww, saito-san :( nice guys finish last?
  ▪ the significance of boats! it's not the size of your boat that matters, it's the motion of the ocean?
  ▪ nao's over-protective father, his redeeming qualities. ♥ lol, peyton and rhey relate a little too closely to this somehow. XD;;
  ▪ more hate on nao's nutcase of a mother!!! >(
  ▪ kou/yuko, the foil to hiroto/nao. kou and yuko are so cute around each other!!
  ■ next week, join us for a special exciting new segment in honor of our first anniversary!


  ■ this week's question: what's your favourite solo song by a je boy
  ▪ popular choices: ryo's code, nino's niji, yamapi's daite senorita, etc.
  ▪ listener responses from xxx_takara_xxx, x_strangerr, stephanie, karen, felice, jennifer and many others.
  ▪ kami knows our responses to this week's question even before we answer them...
  ▪ peyton, as expected, can't pick one, and goes with three; rhey predictably picks-- well you already know.
  ■ next week, it's our live anniversary special! please rsvp asap if you want to participate.
  ▪ got any burning questions you're just dying to ask us? (peyton: who do you have sex dreams about all the time?) join us live next week and ask away!

Twitter: jepcast
Email: cast@jepcast.com
Voicemail: 206-202-3859 or Skype username 'jepcast'

The SHIGOTONIN - Kyoka Suigetsu
Limited Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia
Regular Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia
02 09 09 (UTC)
aww, saito-san :( nice guys finish last?

Incidentally, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, the actor who plays Saito? Who I remember seeing in "GTO" before Tatta Hitotsu no Koi? Well, I spotted him recently in the Hong Kong wing chun flick Ip Man, playing a Japanese colonel. The actor apparently has a black belt in judo and man, does he ever use it! Just something for future reference, Peyton!
(Deleted comment)
02 09 09 (UTC)
Actually, that wasn't a question, it was a joke. ;) Next week's question(s) will actually be a reverse where the listeners who are at the live recording will get to pose whatever questions they want to the hosts.
02 09 09 (UTC)
congrats on a great job done for the drama review completion :D

I really did get to appreciate this drama more. Thanks for the wonderful insights and in-depth discussion .. mized with crack which I find really brilliant . :))

Oh. And since you guys kept mentioning the "youth" , "in-the-moment" , "present" , "now" emphasis on the drama ..

I wondered...

Did the writer like.. choose the name Nao purposely for that ? XD

Nao = Now ... ? LOLOL. Yea I know it's kind of lame. It's mainly because I got confused one time when you guys would repeatedly say "nao" and "now" one after the other. lol. :))
02 09 09 (UTC)
sorry. that's mixed with crack not mized. XD
02 11 09 (UTC)
ugh rhey, you couldn't be more right. i am completely obsessing over sho right now so that was the first song i thought of XD ohno is still my favorite though. 8D next week sounds like it will be a lot of fun!! ♥
02 13 09 (UTC)
JEP cast is like a jtv-guide for me since I'm always gonna watch what you've talked interesting. This time you mentioned Shigotonin so I watched the first three episodes. Okura is really cool as you talked about. I like his hair style and the red string on his head while he's doing the assassination job. He's always dressed in black which makes him even awesome. Now I see him as the most good looking man in Kanjani 8, even better than Ryo jyan. But there's one thing confusing me. How did he get a son without marriage? I think he's the youngest one amongst those shigotonin(assassins) but he's the only one who has a child. Maybe I just can't accept a JE boy acting a father. I don't know what I'll feel if someday I see my favorite Yamapi acting someone's father.
I hope you will put Shigotonin on the drama list.
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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