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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#48] The One With Koichi's Theory of Relativity 
02 01 09
Recorded on February 1st, 2009 with your lovely three hosts, tinyangl/Kamika, ginzarhapsody/Peyton, and 4_03_am/Rhey.

The One With Koichi's Theory of Relativity
Running Time: 1:32:50
Size: 42.5 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Peyton, Rhey, and Kamika

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ▪ Ah, the tales of being a JE fan on Facebook. XD
  ▪ there is a very obvious cut/edit plz to ignore XD

JE NEWS (4:03)

Sempai (Four Leaves)
  ■ Death of Aoyama Takashi to Cancer 12
    ▪ Kami's dreaded this day, dreaded this news point. ;_;
    ▪ Peyton-sensei gives a little background on Four Leaves (and may have gotten it wrong, but she tried! :Dv)
    ▪ ...Peyton is incredibly socially awkward because well, who deals with death well??

Sempai/TOKIO/Kanjani8 (The SHIGOTONIN)
  ■ The SHIGOTONIN on Music Station, January 30th
    ▪ "...I don't really like it that much, but I like it, in the way that I like all JE music..." XD
    ▪ Ohkura's hair is ultimate awesome! \:D/
    ▪ The SHIGOTONIN puts KinKi Kids to sleep. :x

  ■ Nagase on Jounetsu Tairiku, January 25th
    ▪ "...do you just like have that permanently attached to your mouth or something?"
    ▪ Nagase - the performer, the musician, the kid. :D hamasaki ayumi ninjas in again! lol

KinKi Kids
  ■ 244 Endli-X new "Ai and I" concert DVD
    ▪ Four hours plus of Tsuyoshi?! *whistles*

  ■ "Yakusoku" SINGLE, January 28th 12
    ▪ All hosts come to a consensus on loving "Yume Hajime Hana"! ♥
    ▪ Peyton likes to make Rhey sound like a hypocrite, sort of. XD
    ▪ Kami will be made into a KinKi Kids fan, for sure!

  ■ Utaban, January 29th
    ▪ Nakai sought to make Koichi go deaf on his 25th birthday. XD
    ▪ "How about the part where Koichi tries to explain Einstein?"
    ▪ Peyton talks of her first-hand experience of KinKi Kids' ridiculously long MCs. XD
    ▪ Koichi's elbow, birthplace of salt? ...hah? o.o

  ■ Music Station, January 30th
    ▪ ...no one remembers what they talked about. Almost. XD
    ▪ "...I don't know! You know how these performances are really like blah, so you have to take it where you can get it."

  ■ "Believe" PV is to be Animated!
    ▪ There will be TWO PVs! \:D/
    ▪ Animated versus live action? The pros and the cons. rhemi versus peyton? :ooo

  ■ Ninomiya in TBS drama special, Door to Door 12
    ▪ "Maybe he'll have maxed out all of his illness!dramas for the rest of his life and he'll play well people for the rest of his career." XD
    ▪ "...he wasn't a proper person in society..."

  ▪ Nakamaru on Hanamaru Cafe, January 23rd 12
    ▪ Nakamaru's does not compare to Koyama's, words straight out of Rhey's mouth! XD
    ▪ "...we're supposed to talk about Nakamaru, not fondue!"
    ▪ "...I love it when the boys are very aware of the systematic system of JE."
    ▪ KAT-TUN is a zoo! as if we didn't know that already :x

  ▪ Hey!Say!7 is going to be singing a song for Minna no Uta
    ▪ "...who are they again?" "RHEY." :x
    ▪ "Salsa, it's good ne?" XD

DRAMA TALK (40:40)
  ■ Tatta Hitotsu no Koi 5-7
    ▪ "The point is, she's just very annoying." "She's fucking crazy."
    ▪ Can you hear Kami groaning and dying in the background as we rip Nao's mother to shreds? XDDD
    ▪ Hiroto's mommy versus Nao's mommy, who can blackmail better?! :x
    ▪ "...ohmigod, I don't need to see a drama version of my mother..." o.o
    ▪ "...to be in the prime of your youth and to feel everything so powerfully and acutely; you're living it like your last breath every time..."
    ▪ "...'At that time I felt like I could love you for the rest of my life'." "...WAY TO LAY ON THE CHEESE THERE." XDDD
    ▪ "The question becomes, is she going to drink her coffee in the morning or is she going to run away before she can drink it?"
    ▪ "My foot would hurt so bad if I had to kick that!!" XD
    ▪ "Rhey is really good about being able to laugh at this drama. For me, I've just gotten completely sucked in."
    ▪ Hiroto takes a knife for Nao; we're pretty sure he's in this relationship for the long haul, unlike Nao who still has her fears.
    ▪ "Shit, I can't give him a baseball team like that. I can't even give him one."
    ▪ "...Ayase must be thinking, 'SHIT! HIS FINGER IS ON MY EAR! AAGGH!'" XDDDD
    ▪ "...if this were Nagase, then I would understand why they would pull their pants down."
    ▪ We could say more on Yuuko and Kou, but then we would spoil the ending. *laughs*

  ■ This week's question - What do you know/think of Kanjani8's Murakami Shingo?
    ▪ NO ANSWERS FOR HINA!!!?!? skjghsfkjghsfkj *SOBS*
    ▪ Murakami should be using Proactiv? Murakami jessica Simpson?! XDDD
    ▪ Peyton tries to make up for the lack of answer!love for Hina. *wibble*
    ▪ Rhey only cares about Hina's chin chin. XDDDDD
    ▪ Next week's question have us asking, What is your favorite solo song by the JE boys and why?

CLOSING (1:28:37)
    ▪ ...you know you want to play Intro Don with us~! :Dv
    ▪ RSVP by February 8th at cast@jepcast.com!
    ▪ "KAMI! COPYCAT!!!"

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02 02 09 (UTC)
I haven't listened to this this weeks podcast yet as my internet is being painfully slow today, but I'm sure it will be awesome when I (finally) get to listen as per usual!

As for favourite solo song I'm going to be incredibly predictable and say Yamapi's "Daite Senorita". I chose this for a number of reasons, first off it's a great song and Yamapi is always hot when he performs it. I *love* his dancing sooo much!
However another main reason is, when I first moved into my new house, I was playing this song whilst doing work and my flatmate came in and immedietly asked what it was so she could download it. This may not seem much to you, but she is a total Goth and listens to death metal, so this song somehow made her a JE convert like me! Surely this demonstrates the power of Yamapi!!! lol
02 02 09 (UTC)
Great episode.
Favorite JE solo I guess would be Ryo Nishikido's Code. As for why, because I'm listening to it now. Is that a good enough answer? I know he's not the best singer but I just love this song. And I do think the kind of raw/rough sound fits the song perferctly.
02 02 09 (UTC)
Ahhhh... I was trying to decide between Pumpkin or one of Ryo's solos...
I CAN'T PICK. Pumpkin is so utterly adorable, even if Massu DOES wears that overly chavvy tracksuit thing for his perf in the NEWS DVD... :| I MEAN, HE'S COMPARING A GIRL TO A PUMPKIN FGS. ♥♥♥♥

Ryo's Code comes in at a close second though. That boy really does have talent for composing :) And he has a defining style to them, too :)
02 02 09 (UTC)
uhh, solo. let's seee ..i can't decide between Ryo's Code and Nino's Niji because they're so beautifully written by themselves. But I'd have to go with Code because it was one of the songs which lured me into fandom <3 I agree with dori_liv about his voice (although he sounds like he's shouting during live performances) And the lyrics are just beyond awesome \:D/
02 03 09 (UTC)
Yay new episode~ Okay my comment on the last episode was useless so this time I'll answer the question (though I'm surprised Hina got no comments, even though I forgot to comment myself, haha) um, my favourite solo song is Subaru's Ruwa. Um, yep. I just really really love his voice. So that's my answer! Also I was curious if you guys are still doing the batsu points thing since that hasn't been mentioned in like forever haha~ yup. so. Yay can't wait until episode 49!
02 04 09 (UTC) - What is your favorite solo song by the JE boys and why?
Well, I definately do love Aiba's solos *cough is my Ichiban* because they are so uplifting and happy. However, one of Arashi's solos that has really gotten to me as of late is is Nino's "Niji", from their TIME album.

I don't really like many slow j-pop songs, since I don't understand what they're saying and slow = boring for me, and I can't be bothered to always look for translations. HOWEVER I recently found a subbed version of fan singing this song, and I was so surprised as to how LOVELY the song really is. So then I had to re-watch the perf of Nino in the TIME concert DVD. IT was AMAZING what a difference knowing what he says makes.

It's basically about a couple's relationship, the struggle to be open and honest with each other, and the tension it causes. It's also about how sometimes that honesty is shown the the simplest gestures and in their every-day interactions, by which you can tell deeply, they love each other. It's playful, yet beautifully in its simplicity and honesty.

Some lines:

"From now on, if you want to say selfish things/kore kara wa chotto kurai no wagamama
You can/ itte mo ii yo.
but only to me/ demo watashi ni dake yo.

Because it's aggravating./ mendoukusai karatte
Because it's not honest./sunao ja nain dakara
Why can't you say it?/nande ie nai no kana?
'I love you.'/suki da yo
Just those words./ hitokoto yo?
I want to hear now and then."/ tamani wa kikitaina.

What makes this song so unique is that it is paints such vivid scenes of small snapshots of their life, and their interactions. This is what makes the song and the "characters" in the song so much more REAL to me.

It's narrated by one person - and what's unique about this song as that Nino takes the "female" perspective, using the word "Watashi" to refer to himself. I wonder what was his intention with that, and if it was a deliberate choice. However, I can see this song's POV going both ways (from a guy's POV, or a girl's).

This song is 'her' thoughts about her lover. I can just imagine these thoughts running through her head as the scenes are being played out. There are also inserts of dialogue sung in the song as part of the lyrics, and what make these scenes come so much to life.

an example of a scene:

"You look at me with a surprised face.
Then you suddenly purse your lips and turn to look outside.
When I say 'I'm sorry', and then
'Well, come here.
Hey, look, look.
Our shadows are overlapping'."


"'The rainbow is beautiful.'
'No, you're the beautiful one
for starting to look embarrassed.'
'Arigatou, arigatou.'"

Credit hutmahbut@LJ & arashilyrics.com for the translations and romanji!
02 08 09 (UTC)
Hhmm... I would have to say nino's Niji bcuz it's just love I have read the trans to it but I'm stuck with my sisters iPod so it's hard to copy and paste parts of the songs here and to lazy to type them (plus im grounded for 3 days no computer!! Moms can be a real pain in the butt!! Urgh! But thats a diff. Story) heh heh ok but What I do member is that it's really cute and it made me teary eyed while I heard the song and read the trans. I felt so touched by the song that it made my day. I would, if nino sang me that song, right in the middle of it I would stop him and kiss him lol *tries to get images off my mind* also I love to see/hear ninos side of love cuz even tho he acts like he's too manly for love ( I guess you can say that) it makes me really glad that nino writes songs cuz it's a side we don't normaly see. And that is why I would pick ninos Niji ^^ hope it all makes sense!! YAY! It's my first time participating in the question segment yay!! XD
02 08 09 (UTC)
Ah Facebook. I'm only a fan of a couple of the JE boys along with the NEWS page in order to maintain some credibility with my RL friends.

As for this week's question... My iTunes is pretty much dominated by NEWS at the moment, so my selection is scarce. Though the solo I've been listening to a lot recently is Yamapi's song Colorful from the Sheishun Amigo cd.
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