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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#47] The One Where Massu Is A Cock 
01 26 09
仁 → three past four in the morning
Hey, you guys! Look who's back! That's right, it's the forty-seventh episode of JEPCast, recorded on the 25th of January, with-- le gasp-- all four of your hosts: 4_03_am, jadedfrenzy, ginzarhapsody, and tinyangl! Enjoy!

The One Where Massu Is A Cock
Running Time: 1:47:50
Size: 49.3 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Kami, Peyton, Jennie, Rhey.

Streaming Audio:

Show Notes:

▪ jepast is reaching its, as kami calls it, ~*Epic 50th Episode*~ omgflail.
  ▪ it's our One Year Anniversay, yay! \:D/
  ▪ we might be doing a live show? please email us to RSVP if you're intested in participating? :x
  ▪ blah blah lots of rambling and being really bad at introing ourselves.

JE NEWS (6:00)

  ■ joshima & mizukawa asami in drama sp. { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ title: something about the marital situations of four women of different bloodtypes??
  ▪ joshima, the chemistry professor. white lab coat, glasses...

  ■ yakusoku pv. { ▪ onetwo ▪ }
  ▪ despite the $5 lava lamp screensaver pv, the song is. so. damn. good. *_* oh man.
  ▪ the cheapness of the pv emphasizes the song...
  ▪ vampire!kinki dazzling you frequently with their breath. or something.
  ■ music station appearance. { ▪ onetwo ▪ }
  ▪ gackt is a cyborg.
  ▪ koichi isn't a heavy drinker. who's surprised.

  ■ shounen club premium. { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ what the hell were they wearing for their first con???
  ▪ aiba gets bullied! "who is this kid?" "more than [aiba] i was more interested in a suitcase."
  ▪ there's so much in this i don't think i could summarize it in a couple of bullet points here... WATCH IT!!

  ■ utaban. { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ where's the 'tsuba' of takkitsuba???
  ▪ takki on utaban means takki stripping naked.
  ▪ "just go to the performance really quick--" "do we have to??"
  ▪ still not feeling the love for girl meets boy love story ai kakumei or whatever the hell this is called.

  ■ koyama on hanamaru cafe. { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ peyton's crazy ass post as alluded to in the podcast.
  ▪ idk just listen to peyton talk.
  ▪ koyamapi galore. moobs. aiba!yamapi. bff!koyashige. karate!koyama.
  ▪ koyama in kat-tun??? kat-tunk? tak-kunt?
  ▪ no seirously just watch this yourself you really don't want to miss this it's really good yes yes

  ■ rescue promos. { ▪ onetwothreefourfivesixseveneight ▪ }
  ▪ jesus christ there is so much
  ▪ nakamaru and massu fail at tokyo friend park II (did they set a new record for johnny's?)
  ▪ "half of je, pimples galore. XD"
  ▪ massu impersonates an elephant. and a chicken.
  ▪ COCK.
  ▪ nakamaru cheats at pullups. massu cheats at pushups. great team they make.

  ■ rescue single. { ▪ onetwothree ▪ }
  ▪ hmm, couldn't this have been paired up with one drop and released as a doube-a side single? :x
  ▪ i already know my favorite is going to be untitled song b! *_* or hmm, would it be untitled song a? :x
  ▪ peyton's flail, etc.
  ■ seven days in tokyo dome. { ▪ onetwothreefourfivesix ▪ }
  ▪ kat-tun on another record breaking spree hurrah flailflail.

  ■ nikkan sports drama awards. { ▪ one ▪ }
  ▪ ryuusei no kizuna pwnz all.

DRAMA TALK (48:20)
  ■ tatta hitotsu no koi: 1-4.
  ▪ 5 minutes with peyton-sensei: the low-down on thnk.
  ▪ ayase haruka = female!jin. OMG AKAME OTP!!! ...
  ▪ kame, please eat a fucking cheeseburger.
  ▪ everyone has varied opinions on this drama.
  ▪ the subtleties (music, costuming, cinematography, etc) help make this drama more enjoyable, despite the trite plotline.
  ▪ pretty metaphors! like sugar that won't melt in cold water no matter how much you stir...
  ▪ thnk tries to tell the story of post-happily-ever-after.
  ▪ hiroto's voiceover of doom! who's about to die here?? ~tragedy~
  ▪ "if i didn't know better, i'd think this was a korean drama." YON-SAMA
  ▪ kou goes to keio? look at koki's outfit? look at the way he drinks his beer straight from the pitcher...
  ▪ in this drama full of unrealistic elements, yuuko is possibly the most realistic character.
  ▪ analyzing how hiroto and nao would fall in love...
  ▪ ayase irl is srsly tennen?? lol. she's creepily exactly like nao irl?
  ▪ kame is consistently amazing in every single acting role he's given and this is no exception.
  ▪ koki's overacting as the comedy relief can get annoying.
  ▪ jin ships kokikame?? \:D/
  ▪ themes, mucis, cinematography, etc.
  ▪ omg so much drama talk this is so frickin long.
  ▪ next week, join us for a discussion of thnk eps 5-7.

  ■ this week's question: what new dramas of the winter season are you interested in watching?
  ▪ popular dramas: voice, uta no onii-san, rescue, kame kami no shizuku, mei-chan no shitsuji, zeni geba, love shuffle, triangle, kiina...
  ▪ MIZUSHIMA HIRO *____* CAN WE GET AN EPISODE EVERYDAY PLEASE (all four of us are watching mei-chan!)
  ▪ listener responses from yoh_kun, tachibana49.
  ▪ PeyMi's incessant babble about kami no shizuku wins kame a fan! que peytonflail.
  ▪ peyton and kami are watching like five billion dramas at the same time and have lots to say about each...
  ■ next week's question: what's your impression of murakami shingo? tell us what you like, dislike, or anything random, about hina!

i am japanese romeo!
  ▪ spotted: Ueda in england, visiting shakespeare's tomb, claiming to be the Japanese Romeo; Billy Shakes rolling over in his grave.

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01 27 09 (UTC)
i hope you didn't hurt yourself trying to figure out how to stick koyama's k into kat-tun. lolol
01 27 09 (UTC)
....i originally read this wrong and saw "stick koyama into kat-tun." and obviously not in the clean way.
01 27 09 (UTC)
01 27 09 (UTC)
no worries i just went with whatever combination would get me kunt
01 27 09 (UTC)
but a damn fine cock he makes.
01 27 09 (UTC)
you know, i totally got that from your and your twitter spam that one day. ♥
01 27 09 (UTC)
I want to know why Massu is a cock!!! O: But your streaming audio thingy isn't working for me...
01 27 09 (UTC)
Me too. But I've been thinking that maybe they were provided accomodation for only 2 nights, but they were there for 4 days :\
01 27 09 (UTC)
This episode was particularly hilarious, and def. pull of Koyama<3 *yay*

I have this silly notion that "Ryusei no Kizuna" pwned, because us fangirls participated in the voting. You guys probably know, but news_jpop had an entry telling people to vote for only RnK...so yea. But what you guys were saying about it being one of the only decent dramas of the season is the most plausible explanation:)
And it was a damn good series:)

Um. yea. 2 nights and 4 days...maybe by the time they flew into Hawaii, it was early morning/late night, so they didn't count that as day 1. So they worked the next day:day 2. night 1. day 3. night 2. day 4.
01 27 09 (UTC)
Sorry- "...it was early morning so they *did count that as Day 1.
idk...maybe that doesn't make sense, who knows?
01 28 09 (UTC)
side poiiiiint, but i totally agree with you about kame's acting. it's like...a lot of the je actors are just thrust into roles because of their je status (ie, i love sho, but i highly doubt he'd have a successful acting career if he weren't in je). kame is one of the few je boys whose acting is genuinely amazing and gripping. i've loved every drama he's been in and it's almost entirely due to his ability to really adapt to his character... blah blah blah i ramble. :D
01 28 09 (UTC)
I second that, or rather, third that. I'm pretty sure Kame's acting is what got me through Gokusen 2. Also, if we're talking side points, on a non je note, why was Bloody Monday so far down the nikkan sports drama awards best drama list?? I love that drama!

yeah, so, thats my babble for the day
01 29 09 (UTC)
Yay all four hosts! :D Um this was a great episode. I had a lot to say but for some reason now that I'm done the episode & commenting I can't remember any of it at all, so, um, just yay I guess. Yay!
01 31 09 (UTC)
This was a fun episode!

Tatta Hitotsu No Koi did show off Yokohama very well. My friend fell in love with the place after watching the drama.
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