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[#46] The One Where Kami Has Shizuku

Let the Kami!jokes begin! XD Recorded on January 19th, 2009 with your lonely two hosts, tinyangl/Kamika and ginzarhapsody/Peyton, we give our al to bring you the latest in Johnny's Entertainment news and finish off the final installment to our talk on Yamada Taro Monogatari. (Listen to the transition songs! I had so much fun picking out the "Home Party" clips! *laughs*)

The One Where Kami Has Shizuku
Running Time: 1:21:30
Size: 37.3 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Peyton and Kamika

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Show Notes:
  ▪ Misunderstandings that help get Kami to take initiative are wonderful things! :Dv

JE NEWS (4:06)

KinKi Kids/KAT-TUN
  ■ Kamenashi on Koichi's Unlucky Lab, January 14 12
    ▪ "...Koichi and KAT-TUN, which is a combination I didn't think I'd ever hear again."
    ▪ "...Koichi and Kame on the same stage playing along with one another... THAT SOUNDS REALLY BAD!! DX"
    ▪ "...they kind of rubbed KinKi the wrong way..."

  ■ Hana Yori Dango is #3 best selling Japanese DVD of all time 12
    ▪ Peyton seeks to clear the air and explain in full her recent turn away from Arashi and announce her re-ignited love for Arashi! \:D/
    ▪ "...come a year, half of those DVDs will be in Book Off." XD

  ■ New Double A-side single release, "Believe"/"Kumori Nochi, Kaisei" 12
    ▪ CDJapan fails us again with the lack of their wonderful one-line descriptions! *pout*
    ▪ Peyton ninjas in talk about the speculation for KAT-TUN's single after "One Drop". *hee*

  ■ Sakurai Sho to be at New York Comic Con with Miike Takeshi for Yatterman's world premiere 12
    ▪ The news was still fresh at the time, so confirmation that Sakurai would actually be there wasn't available yet.

  ■ Takki's "Ai.Kakumei" Single numbers
    ▪ "...he managed to get number one..."
    ▪ Again, the news source allows Peyton to tangent and babble about Koichi. *glee~*
    ▪ "...they come up behind me and try to solicit me to do an AV movie..." XDDD
    ▪ "I LOVE YOU, TAKKI! GOOD LUCK!" "Like he's listening to the podcast right now."

  ■ Code Blue Special ratings
    ▪ Code Blue is one of Peyton's favorite dramas, and so she babbles. ;P

  ■ Yamapi on Vanilla Kibun, January 10th
    ▪ We discuss fandom's interesting reaction to one very specific moment in the overall interview.
    ▪ YamaPi kind of goes existential on us. :OO
    ▪ Deconstructing YamaPi's comments grammatically. To pronoun, or not to pronoun?
    ▪ We speculate on YamaPi's mental state during this interview.
    ▪ "Emo!YamaPi, we love you. You probably just went and ate some Kobe beef afterward to make yourself happy."
    ▪ YamaPi gives props to Jin and Toma, but where is the love for Ryo? D:

  ■ Ohkura, Yokoyama, and Murakami on Tetsuko no Heya, January 16th
  ■ TOKIO's Matsuoka Masahiro on Tetsuko no Heya, January 9th
    ▪ "...I didn't watch either one because Tetsuko CREEPS ME OUT." :x
    ▪ Yokoyama hams so incredibly well for television. <3
    ▪ We take off talking about Yokoyama, who probably had the most unique experiences as a junior. "Yokoyama, the idol of the people!" XD

DRAMA TALK (32:28)
  ■ Yamada Taro Monogatari 8-10
    ▪ "...also has something to do with Mimura stimulating things in Taro..."
    ▪ "They're poor as shit, but they're happy. That's what the whole drama's about."
    ▪ "Oh, you two guys. I can believe you just did air guitar for an opening. That's just weird."
    ▪ "It literally is a drama written for Arashi."
    ▪ The history of Arashi and their epic air guitar battle. XD
    ▪ "...we're analyzing their performance." "Yes, 'cause air guitar is such an intricate sport."
    ▪ Ohno is a gay captain? We certainly didn't know that. ;P
    ▪ "You just said 'little butt'." "I said 'little bud'. You're disgusting."
    ▪ "You know what I love about that? Sho can just not smile and it's acting." XDD
    ▪ "...the drama would have HAD substance if that had happened."
    ▪ THE DRAMA ACTUALLY HAS A POINT! \:D/ The tenants of Japanese philosophy.
    ▪ Yamada Taro Monogatari messes with traditional Hollywood storyline conventions; maybe that's why we don't jive with it.
    ▪ "...because she's totally S like that. She likes to watch people be like strangely M."
    ▪ Next, we change gears and genres totally with the first four episodes of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi with Kamenashi Kazuya and Tanaka Koki! :)

  ■ This week's question - What do you know/think of Hey!Say!JUMP's Inoo Kei?
    ▪ A lone answer from angx106 that brings in comparisons to NEWS's Shige! \:D/
    ▪ Kami and Peyton have trouble getting Inoo right. Inoo, Inoue, Inoo? XD
    ▪ Peyton rambles about being creep researching Meiji. XD
    ▪ We ponder what made Inoo go into Architecture. Hmm...
    ▪ Next week's question have us asking, What new dramas for the winter season you interested in watching (JE dramas or otherwise)?

CLOSING (1:17:16)
  ■ The struggle to create another wonderful namesquish. XD
    ▪ "That sounds like we're hookers."
    ▪ Peymika? PAPRIKA! XDDDD
    ▪ "I have Kami! Kami no Shizuku. But you have Shizuku! XDDDD"

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