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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#43] The One Where Ohno's Mom Says No 
12 31 08
omgcp - jack
Forty-third episode!! That's massive late, sorry, guys. XD We try not to fail and... well, fail at it. Whoops. Wanted to get this in before the new year! (At least in my time anyway.) We'll see everyone in the new year! 2009, here we come~ :D

The One Where Ohno's Mom Says No
Running Time: 1:20:25
Size: 36.81 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Host: Kamika and Rhey (who don't have a kick-ass namesquish. Sadly.)

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:

  ■ ♪ Just the two of us~ We can make it if we try~ ♪
    ▪ Kami fails at being a host and not only messes up doing the opening, but forgets to say wtf JEP Cast even is. ~_~;; This doesn't bode well.

JE NEWS (3:01)

  ■ Tonisen Tour 2008 DVD! [ 1 ]
    ▪ :O It costs about 75 bucks, but, God, it seems well worth it, doesn't it? 3 DVD disks and 1 CD!

  ■ Aiba on Oshareism, Dec. 21 [ 1 ]
    ▪ Predictably, we absolutely love this interview on Oshareism! Everyone should watch. Now.
    ▪ We laugh hard at all the stories that Aiba shares--Aiba and the AC remote, getting lost in Australia ("BINGO!"), and then the pelican.
    ▪ ...We mean no insult to Mori Izumi fans. XD

  ■ Ontama SP, Dec. 25 [ 123 ]
    ▪ XD Hysterical. Not only does Ohno's mom buy his clothes for him, she also dictates who visits their home.
    ▪ This is not the first time you will hear Rhey and me insert random Arashi tidbits from other videos. We watch too much Arashi stuff.
    ▪ Ohno fails at the games. Badly. But he makes up for it with his answer to what he would be if he wasn't in Arashi.

Tackey & Tsubasa
  ■ Takki's fail Ai.Kakumei PV [ 1 ]
    ▪ We rant about how ridiculous this damn PV is. DDD:
    ▪ "And, I swear, it looks like he has tentacles on his face. It is nasty."

  ■ New Single, One Drop, theme song for Kame's drama [ 12 ]
    ▪ "Wait, one drop of what? One drop of--one drop of alcohol?" "Is he going to sing about getting drunk and passing out on the street and. Or, like, I don't know, kissing trannies and--"
    ▪ Our reliable one-liner from CDJapan is not around to help us know what the song's going to be about. Such fail.

  ■ KAT-TUN listed on Rescue website, possible March single? [ 12 ]
    ▪ Why would they release these singles separately? o.O And if so, why one month after the other?
    ▪ "Wouldn't it be interesting to see if an Arashi member and a KAT-TUN member ended up on the same drama?" O.O

KAT-TUN/Johnny's Juniors
  ■ Further Casting details on Ueda's Romeo and Juliet! Joining him are Hasejun and Shoon. [ 12 ]
    ▪ We find out who's casted as the female role right on air. Can you imagine Ueda as Romeo and Kobayashi Ryoko (Shiori in Maou) as Juliet? o.o

  ■ Gokusen 3 Special. [ 12 ]
    ▪ Yay. Can't you just feel (hear) the excitement?

Johnny's Juniors
  ■ Toma's Voice CM! [ 1 ]
    ▪ LOL random segue into fic somehow. Tomapi?!

  ■ Johnny's Sports Special! [ 123 ]
    ▪ So excited! Nagase and Taichi from TOKIO, Go from V6, Sho from Arashi, Hina from K8 and Tegoshi from NewS playing soccer. AWESOME. WHO'S ANTICIPATING THIS?! *___* (Not hocker. XD Fail.)
    ▪ We laugh at Taichi pulling Sho and Tegoshi aside to ask them to join the team. As for Hina, lol, Taichi just calls.
    ▪ Hmm. Why is a certain KAT-TUN member not on this list? o.o

  ■ TU-->YU's PV for Soba ni Iru Yo [ 1 ]
    ▪ "Why did they have to wear that disgusting looking costume?"
    ▪ lol Was anyone else reminded slightly Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song? It's the hand-holding, I swear.
    ▪ We feel bad for HaseJun because he gets very little screentime. DDDDD:

  ■ Music Station Super Live, Dec. 26!! [ 123456789 ]
    ▪ UM. I said I watched everything, but I missed out on watching SMAP's. Fail.
    ▪ We pretty much talked on each group. This does not need multiple dots, honestly. Just listen as we laugh and mock outfits. XD

DRAMA TALK (49:15)
  ■ Waraeru Koi wa Shitakunai 1-3
    ▪ After one gets through Kami's stumbling, Rhey pretty much lays out the drama out prettily for the listeners.
    ▪ We have a bit of a laugh at Massu's name right at the beginning. Akai Santa. Really? Red Santa? But really, isn't Massu just playing himself? Not that we're complaining. :D
    ▪ We absolutely love the relationships between Santa/Yukiko and Suzune/Tonaka. Different relationships, but both equally amazing.
    ▪ We rant hardcore over Ryouhei's initial treatment towards Suzune. DDDDD:
    ▪ Kami gets really fangirly--Please ignore this. Ohmygod. *embarrassed*
    ▪ They're all connected somehow!!! "It's a small world."
    ▪ We wonder about Ogi and Yahagi's relationship. "It just feels like I'm overstepping my boundaries and watching something I shouldn't be."
    ▪ This is the first time we've talked about it, but WHY OH WHY ARE HIGHER RANKING PEOPLE ALWAYS DOING LOWER RANKING JOBS? Does the president of a company really go around and pick up garbage? Really?
    ▪ Oh look! A pig! No really, it was a Santa, but it could've been a pig. XD
    ▪ We give the drama props for having Suzune's actress's comedic partner (Nankai Candies) appear in a short cameo. So awesome.
  ■ First 4 episodes of Nino and Sho's Yamada Taro Monogatari for next week! Watch along with us~

  ■ "All I want for Christmas is..." JE Style, yo~
    ▪ Listener responses from x_strangerrr, anjenette and mrsfinny!
    ▪ Kami and Rhey latch onto the first wish for NewS to get their own TV show. Come on, Johnny! It's been long enough!
    ▪ "Time out. Tegoshi in a what outfit?!"
    ▪ A rap unit with Sho, Koki and Fujigaya?! lol Level of gangstaness? XD
  ■ Next week's question: What is your impression of Akanishi Jin?
    ▪ Seriously, WE WILL ACCEPT ANYTHING. We will be surprised if we don't hear anything about your opinions on Jin. PLEASE SEND US SOMETHING. XD
    ▪ Because I can, here, have some pretty.

CLOSING (1:17:51)
  ■ KAMI AND RHEY NEED A KICK-ASS NAMESQUISH. Listeners please help us. T.T We even tried to debut Toma. ...Don't ask.

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01 01 09 (UTC)
rhemi. because it's obvious who tops.
01 01 09 (UTC)
i'd argue that statement, but it'd be pointless. >.>
01 01 09 (UTC)
see icon.
01 04 09 (UTC)
now, now. no need to typecast us like that. although that may be true for the most part, we do enjoy spicing it up a bit from time to time, if you get my drift...
01 04 09 (UTC)
01 01 09 (UTC)
Awww Kami you were so adorable though. Listening to you mess up put a smile on my face *is S*

I have a love/hate relationship with Akanishi Jin. On one side, I love him for his voice, his determination to do what he wants and because he's not afraid to sometimes not have the 'idol' image. On the other side, I'm disappointed in him for smoking. I know it's not a big deal in Japan but it seems like a really dumb thing for a guy who makes his living off his voice to do. It was also selfish of him to just up and leave KAT-TUN right after they debuted. But that said, no one is perfect and I guess you could say I love Jin despite his imperfections.

Oh and I second 'Rhemi', it's cute.
01 01 09 (UTC)
sexy!playboy!Jin. Typical first reaction. Right? Correct. Okay.

Curse me for delete my sound card off my computer, accidently. Curse me again for not able to find the sound card download. D8
01 01 09 (UTC)
ROFL. Tegoshi in a girl-santa outfit really did happen. :))
It was during an encore. Koyama was Santa and Tego was MRS.SANTA and even wore a wig! XD

You two did a pretty good job btw. :D

01 01 09 (UTC)
This is my second time listening to this podcast. Good job by the way!

About Tegoshi: he did appear in a Mrs. Claus outfit, Koyama was Santa, and Massu was in his reindeer head costume.
Member Ai Translation

About Jin: I honestly didn't get into the Jin fandom. The only thing that made me have an opinion about him, was his leaving KAT-TUN for America to learn English. I thought he was trying to be like the people who leave America for Japan to assimilate into the culture (the so-called Wapanese). I may be completely wrong in my statement though.

I third Rhemi, or there's also Rhami (but that sounds kinda like ramen).
01 02 09 (UTC)
Yay, a new episode~ That took me a while to listen to~ Um okay so this was a great episode, and you two did great, and yesh. As for your question, I came into JE fandom first through KAT-TUN, and I was amazed at Jin's voice. Probably because his voice doesn't have much competition in KAT-TUN, er, so to say, so it really stood out and was awesome, and even now that I'm in a bunch of other JE groups, his voice is still one of my favourites. As for Jin himself, because him and his voice seem to deserve two different catagories, because it seems to me that there are a lot of people who like his voice but don't like him, well, I like him though. It seems like he had a lot more fun before he debuted, and a lot of the time he looks bored now, but I don't have anything against him. :] Wow that was long and babbly! Anyway, can't wait till the next episode. :D
01 02 09 (UTC)
The episode was made of WIN! Best episode ever! LOL!

I love Kamika and Rhey's digressing comments! yay!

as for the Jin question... uhm... Jin = Yukan Club = bad.
Thank god there's Akame = Jin finally have a purpose in JE! ahahahaha
01 02 09 (UTC)
edit = Jin finally has a purpose. orz. +.+;
01 03 09 (UTC)
i vote for Rhemi!

What is your impression of Akanishi Jin?

of course i think he is a hottie and his bakanishi ways are so much love and i find it interesting that he is dedicated to learn english. its so amusing to see him obsessed with the american culture just like most people in fandom are interested in the japanese culture. i'm impressed to see how much english he can properly speak. however, sometimes i get the feeling as if he is bored of the JE life style and maybe he just wants to put all his focus into his own hobbies. when i think this, i sometimes worry about the future of kat-tun.
01 04 09 (UTC)
great episode guys!

as for the akanishi jin- KAT-TUN was the main reason I got into the whole JE fandom, though I might add I'm more of a fan of kame and nakamaru. I love Jin's voice- I find it really stands out from the rest, but as a person... I'm not quite sure. He seems like one of those guys at school who is the "pretty and knows it" type... slightly arrogant, but then again he has reason to be, as he is very talented (and not to mention hot!) meh, he just seems like a mixed bag to me, sometimes I don't like him and then sometimes he can do something hilarious which makes me like him again
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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