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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#40] The One Where KAT-TUN Tries to Top Hamasaki Ayumi 
11 30 08
The holidays/the end of the semester descends upon your beloved jep_cast hosts and they drop off one by one. XD Recorded on November 30th, we only have Peyton/ginzarhapsody and Kamika/tinyangl to flail about the newest in JE news this week and the end of Tiger and Dragon and we try to bring our best! :Dv

The One Where KAT-TUN Tries to Top Hamasaki Ayumi
Running Time: 1:26:57
Size: 39.8 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Peyton and Kamika

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Show Notes:
  ▪ We bring you the latest breaking news on our favorite boys' J-webs! (123)
  ▪ "He wants you guys to eat a hat!" "Well, judging by the next line, I guess so."

JE NEWS (5:46)

  ■ Nagase on MTV Unplugged, December 8th
    ▪ "Sora Fune" unplugged would be awesome.
    ▪ Peyton wants to see more of Nagase!the!Super!Musician! \:D/

  ■ Nagase in an NHK Documentary, November 28 12
    ▪ Nagase talks about his passion and intensity for Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door".
    ▪ Randomly, Hamasaki Ayumi ninjas her way into the podcast her and nagase should totally get back together dude
    ▪ Of course all Japanese movies rotate on an older man/younger girl dynamic. o.O
    ▪ "Those lovely hot pants that will never escape Nagase ever."

  ■ Tegoshi on VS Arashi, November 29th 123
    ▪ "I wanted Tego to be all crazy!" "He might've had to tone it down."
    ▪ Sakurai and Aiba bully on their lovely kouhai and MatsuJun consistently comes to Tegoshi's rescue. XD

  ■ Code Blue SP Date Announced
    ▪ Peyton doesn't reign in her excitement for Code Blue; it's better than Grey's Anatomy!
    ▪ excuse peyton's vulgarity, but sometimes you just want it. XD

  ■ Tegoshi in movie with Horikita Maki, Nakushita Kioku 1234
    ▪ Tegoshi's probably the third wheel. Aw.
    ▪ The prospect of English from Tegoshi?! *bounce*
    ▪ Rhey gets her ninja into the episode as we talk about Tegoshi and Maki as twins. *snicker*

  ■ Tegoshi on Haneru no Tobira, November 26th
    ▪ The segment Tegoshi was on was kind of stupid. yamapi was on this too?!
    ▪ Tegoshi is too good to go out with you or that woman who kept propositioning him

  ■ KAT-TUN Live Tour 2008 Queen of Pirates DVD
    ▪ IT'S THE ONE WITH YAMAPI YOU GUYS! there better be an mc or we gonna knock someone out :\
    ▪ Hamasaki Ayumi makes her second appearance in the episode! and we pick our title randomly on air *laughs*

  ■ KAT-TUN to debut in Korea 12
    ▪ They are just RELEASING their CD, not actual activities in Korea.
    ▪ This is kind of a weird first single to be releasing in a new foreign market Hmm...

  ■ Music Station, November 28th 12
    ▪ Kami's getting old and losing her memory. XD
    ▪ Nakamaru now officially looks like he is ten years old thanks to his new haircut. ;P
    ▪ YamaPi + Kame + Fukuyama Masaharu + phone call from Kuwata Keisuke + whiskey = ?
    ▪ They perform on a Christmas cake. No fake. XP

Johnny's Juniors
  ■ Uchi on January Shounen Club 12
    ▪ We try to figure out if it really is in January or is it the Christmas special?
    ▪ Kami finds it weird to have Uchi under Johnny's Juniors. hopefully he won't be a junior for much longer!

DRAMA TALK (38:55)
  ■ Tiger and Dragon 9-11
    ▪ Nagase and Okada stylishly smoking prompts chat!flail from Jennie and Kami.
    ▪ V6's "UTAO-UTAO" - Tom and Jerry are actually referenced?! NO WAY!
    ▪ Bonds of family, blood or otherwise - Shishou with Ryuu and Tora, and the world of rakugo itself as a family. <3
    ▪ "If's he's really angry, he really loves you."
    ▪ Nagase's flat hair = three years past XD
    ▪ Kami is heartless. Peyton sobs through the last two episodes. ^^;
    ▪ The eleventh episode in particular is incredibly profound with beautiful scene after beautiful scene. *wibble*
    ▪ Okada and Nagase have beautiful smiles. :DDDDD
    ▪ "It sounds like you're about to start bawling now!!" "...yeah, in ways I am."
    ▪ Jokes that perfectly bookend the entire drama! \:D/
    ▪ Next week, we're watching the first half of the drama special, Satomi Hakkenden starring Takizawa Hideaki and Yamashita Shoon! :Dv

  ■ This week's question - What is your impression of Shibutani Subaru?
    ▪ Answer from aralana (negative or positive, we love your answers!).
    ▪ Kami doesn't like bug!eyed!Subaru. XDDD
    ▪ Peyton knows of Subaru! :Dv To her, he's always kind of been the rebellious, random one. ;)
    ▪ Next week's question is "What is your favorite released JE single and why?" (think about the single as a whole - both the A and B sides)

CLOSING (1:22:48)
  ■ Haruna Ai springs her own impression of Kame on Kame on Cartoon KAT-TUN
    ▪ Nakamaru's words, "That was the most embarrassing moment from Kame's past."

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Voicemail: 206-202-3859 or Skype username 'jepcast'

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KAT-TUN - Queen of Pirates 2008 Tour DVD
Regular Edition :: cdjapan / yesasia
12 01 08 (UTC)
Ahh I kind of wanted to give my opinion about Subaru but I felt weird cos I don't think I've ever commented but it's sad that you only got one and a negative one at that :( Anyway it's too late now but I think he's very talented and that everything about him is really cute especially the long hair and the bug eyes XD

I'll give my answer for this weeks question too: I think my favorite single would be Musekinin Hero. I feel kind of like that's wrong since it seems like I'm just picking the most recent single and maybe I am but Musekinin Hero is certainly not my most favorite song but I love the songs and the DVDs included in all three versions of the singles Kemuri and Fuka Fuka were both songs that I wanted to have good recordings of.

Anyway the Uchi SC is for January, the Christmas SP was already taped.
12 01 08 (UTC)
In one of the MCs the News concerts last year (maybe? Or maybe it was mentioned in an Arashi con MC...?) that Tego went to Sho to ask for advice on writing lyrics and raps. XD Sho was complaining about how Tego wanted help writing it. I think this might be from the MC where Sho and Nino showed up at one of the Pacific Tokyo Dome cons. D: So they do hang out, sometimes...

And to answer the other question, my favourite single is probably Ultra Music Power by HSJ. XD Not that this is my favourite song or group in JE, but not only did this single like, ninja its way into the JE scene (everyone was like WTF?! It was like surprise!buttsecks JE style) but it said the phrase "Johnnys Ultra Music Power" with a really fail English accent. Also, the B-side includes Star Time (big whoop, not concerned) and Too Shy, which is hilarious. XD Its like they're encouraging the shouta nature of this group. I love it. I bet Johnny picked it.
12 01 08 (UTC)
i love your violent tendencies.
12 01 08 (UTC)
Lol, it's funny how Kami said not to choose White X'mas as a favourite single, cause it's exactly what I have in mind.I adore the song, I adore the cover and the making of the pv dvd that comes with it.
Puting fangirl sentiments aside, I think that Arashi's Truth/Kaze no Mukou E single is probably the best. Both songs are excellent, J-pop at its best.It's such a complete package and the pv is great too!
12 02 08 (UTC)
▪ Nakamaru now officially looks like he is ten years old thanks to his new haircut. ;P

I kind of don't want a 10 year old saving my ass from an accident. xDD

Favourite single? That would have to be weeeek. As a comeback or just because it's spazz-tastic and why and with me are beautiful songs, the single is just <3. The whole NewS in suits thing? My weakness.
12 02 08 (UTC)
*rofl* If there ever is a new live action movie of Tokyo Babylon, I want Tegoshi and Maki to play Subaru and his twin sister! It is almost too obvious but I can definitely imagine it. That would be just too awesome! <3

Concerning your question this time: Hoshi wo Mezashite is my favourite single, I guess. It's not that I listen to the single often (also there is a parody that totally ruined every meaning the song ever had for me - completely) but it kind of reminds me of NEWS' Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD which introduced me to NEWS in the first place. I love the B sides too. 'Best Friend' is just <3 and 'Boom! Boom! POWER', well, it grew on me. It's probably because I liked the performance a lot! The lyrics are not especially deep but I still like them and the chorus just pops up in my head from time to time. Akai hana is my least favourite song, I guess, but I still listen to it sometimes.
12 18 08 (UTC)
You can see the parody I was talking about here
-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwGw3ThjWL8
But beware. *lol* Everytime I listen to the song now, I... kind of... hear this fake translation along the lines.
12 03 08 (UTC)
Yay new episode! I totally loved all the Nagase talk in this hehe. Umm that special looks interesting and I had totally failed at watching Tiger & Dragon along with you guys but after hearing how great it was and everything, I have it downloaded to watch it soon haha, but since it's just a special this time I think I definately will watch it in time so yay. :D Anyway. I had totally meant to comment last time about Subaru, but I forgot about it and yes. Fail. Before all the JE guys you picked I don't think I ever really had an opinion about them but then it was Subaru and I was like, yes, Subaru! And I was totally going to babble all the things that were total love about him and then I forgot and yes. As for my favourite single, I'd probably have to pick Ore ja Nakya, Kimi ja Nakya. And I think I picked this for the favourite PV question ages ago or something but I really love the single. The song is great and then there's the Demo Tape version which I basically adore and then there's the other songs on the single like 20 sensation which is just such a fun song and yesh. I'm going to stop babbling now. Okay. Done. :D
12 06 08 (UTC)
For your question: I thought about it long and hard. I've only been into JE a little over a year. I couldn't think of anything so I was just not gonna answer but then it hit me. For a single, as a whole, I also (as someone above me) picked NEWS's Hoshi wo Mezashite. My favorite song is BOOM BOOM Power but I think all three songs represent NEWS very well and the kinds of music they do. The photo shoot fits the title song and the DVD part was something I don't think we've seen a lot before, NEWS (or any JE group) at a cover/photo shoot. I liked that :3
12 15 08 (UTC)
I had some catching up to do, but I'm finally up-to-date. XD

What is your favorite released JE single and why?
Well, it's probably... Hoshi wo Mezashite. Why? Well, we had to wait a whole year for that! A whole year Touch, TEPPEN and Sayaendo on repeat and then... Hoshi wo Mezashite! It was so awesome. Hoshi wo Mezashite was a nice song, but Boom Boom Power and Akai Hana were great. I didn't like Best Friend in the beginning, but it grew on me and it's just as good as the other tracks.
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