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JEP Cast
Japanese / Johnny's Entertainment Podcast
[#39] The One Where Peyton’s Hardcore Into Hadaka-san 
11 24 08
omgcp - jack
This probably feels late, but trust me, it isn’t! We’re recording on a different day from now on and as such, our posting day is also pushed back a day. (Okay, in a sense, I’m kinda late because wow, it’s already 7 P.M. ...Do excuse that.) The hosts of JEP Cast bring you episode thirty-nine with mainly Kamika and Peyton. Rhey disappears after the news segment, while Jennie’s literally snowed-in in Germany.

The One Where Peyton’s Hardcore Into Hadaka-san
Running Time: 1:19:42
Size: 36.4 MB
Download Links: MU | MF
Hosts: Kamika, Peyton & Rhey (Rhey leaves after the News Segment.)

Streaming Audio:

Note: If the streaming isn't showing the latest episode, please clear your cache and refresh.

Opening (0:30)
  ■ Pin in Popolo
  ▪ ...Have we become jaded fans that we’re not even horribly excited and think about things way too much?
  ▪ Notice how much we can get Rhey to talk when it comes to Pin. XP

JE NEWS (5:11)

  ■ Nakai hosting Kohaku with Nakama Yukie
  ▪ Peyton gives Kamithe listeners a lesson as to what Kohaku exactly is.
  ▪ We feel for TOKIO’s hard work on New Year’s day. o.o Going across town! So dedicated.

  ■ Vibes Concert DVD with Date change, DVD information, and the covers!
  ▪ We’re a little amazed at the amount of content this DVD has. Holy crap!
  ▪ ...We may have tangented--Rhey goes off about L’arc en Ciel and okay, Okada’s part of V6, but his dramas are not related to this DVD. >.>

  ■ Color Album, Nov 19 with Messages from NewS!
  ▪ ahahahaha, NewS was totally caught lipsyncing. How surprised are we?
  ▪ “At least he knows how to say “Sexy Lady” really well. ...In certain situations, that’s all you need really.”
  ▪ “Did Shige even sing?” “He sang backup to Tego in choruses, I think.” “Oh yay, backup.”
  ▪ “Fly Away?” “...Fly Again.” ... “None of the boys talked about it.” “I wonder why.” (We may have been picking on Peyton.)
  ▪ ...There was a random noise in the middle, I sincerely apologize. I don’t even KNOW. (Did not catch that in editing. o.o)
  ▪ (Oh hay, another namedrop for cynicalism. She’s becoming the new anamuan or something.)
  ▪ Again, Rhey manages to tangent us towards another group--this time, it’s One OK Rock. >.> Not in NewS anymore, yo.
  ▪ Because we’re hardcore fans, we spend 13 minutes on this... How surprised are you?
  ■ Chinchinpuipui, Nov 19
  ▪ We talk about the difference about album and single promotions. XP (I swear, more interesting than it writes.)

  ■ Kame's Drunk Escapades
  ▪ We applaud Kame for taking his role seriously so soon! “People should aspire to be his caliber.”
  ▪ It’s amazing how timely this magazines are with digging up dirt.
  ■ Music Station, Nov 21 and subbed!
  ▪ “Boring, boring, boring, boring.” = Our opinion on the performance.
  ▪ And last time Rhey can possibly tangent as we wonder how Ueda must’ve felt standing near Gackt.

  ■ FNS Lineup! December 3rd :: SMAP, TOKIO, V6, KinKi Kids, Arashi, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP
  ▪ Three groups are missing! KAT-TUN’s tied to NTV and Kanjani8’s tied to TV Asahi? Maybe? Is that why they’re not on? Can’t be popularity, nooooo.

DRAMA TALK (36:50)
  ■ Tiger & Dragon 5-8
  ▪ Peyton has a bit of trouble trying to summarize the episodes. XP
  ▪ If you do not laugh during this drama, you have no sense of humor. I swear. We especially enjoy the dirty jokes. :D
  ▪ “You can see Nagase’s everything.” Come on, you know you want to see just that scene.
  ▪ Improvisation = A+ “These actors are so great that they can do this kind of shit.”
  ▪ Episode 5 hatred from Kami! It was too confusing and the ending was depressing. >.< Peyton is, once again, her opposite in this.
  ▪ Peyton talks some on Kansai vs. Kanto. Totally clever~
  ▪ Kami doesn’t like how they play up the dad/son hatred. ://// She’s the Ryuuji to Peyton’s Shisshou?!
  ▪ Really excited that Ryuuji finally went on stage!!!! *_______________*
  ▪ We discuss how Tora is most definitely the main character.
  ▪ Kami has a bit of a squeefest after hearing what the other yakuza guy has done. asld;jfaskdfj SQUEEEEE.
  ■ Tiger & Dragon 9-11!! Watch the ending with us~ And hear next week if Kami’s just as heartless as she said she is.

  ■ If you could ask either a JE group or idol ONE question, what would it be and why?
  ▪ Listener comments from ayuzak and aralana!!
  ▪ Peyton taps into her inner creeps and wants to ask Koyama where he is every second of every day of every whatever. o.o
  ▪ And her other question isn't much better. lol
  ▪ Kami asks the question that the boys would never answer. At least not honestly.
  ■ What's your impression of Shibutani Subaru?

CLOSING (1:15:32)
  ■ Peyton was kicked out of her room!! >.<
  ▪ If JEP Cast was a class, she would get an A. So Kami declares.

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NEWS - color
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11 25 08 (UTC)
i totally approve of your okada icon. :Dv
11 25 08 (UTC)
Why thank you. I'm so very much in love with my new V6 icons. *__________*
11 25 08 (UTC)
i...uhh...just wanted to leave a comment. but i have nothing to say. MY COMMENT IS HERE!!!!
11 25 08 (UTC)
Yay Korean boys? ^.^

I haven't left a comment here for a while. Another great ep. Thanks guys
11 25 08 (UTC)
i am not cool enough or good enough at phonology to be nikki. :X she would be displeased by the very insinuation, i think.
11 25 08 (UTC)
Yes Peyton, I was more talking about the lyrics. Also not so much them listening to their own song but, because they sing them often, they would remember the lyrics. I should have been more clear ^.^;;

Edited at 2008-11-25 07:06 am (UTC)
11 26 08 (UTC)
It's okay dear! It made for an interesting breakdown. :DD Thanks for the question~~
11 25 08 (UTC)
Wow, you guys speaking of the Japanese boy aesthetics reminds me of the high school boys I teach (...and slightly ogle.) A vast majority of them absolutely do their eyebrows and have amazing hair. Also, many of them have cutesy things (pom-pom phone straps, Stitch UFO catcher toys, pink pencil cases, etc) and I've seen the ones with idol hair use hair clips during class and after showers. All completely adorable, tho. One boy when asked what he brought to school said, "I brought my gym clothes, my hairspray, my cologne/perfume, and hair wax."

And to keep it JE related, one of my students is named Imai Tsubasa. Exact. Same. Kanji.
11 25 08 (UTC)
:OO I hope Jennie's alright xDD

Yay!! Color review! I enjoyed that! My favorites are obviously Ordinary and Fly Again! I like Forever too :) But I think that Pacific is a tad better.

I was just wondering, have you girls decided which drama to talk on after Tiger and Dragon?
11 25 08 (UTC)
I love this it's called Pin
Popolo as opposed to Pin being out of Popolo...

If you could ask either a JE group or idol ONE question, what would it be and why?

To KAT-TUN--Are you happy? Or alternatively, are you happy with the way things have turned out in your lif?

To Kame--If you go could go back in time and focus more on baseball, become a baseball player instead of an idol, would you do it?

I'd drink with Kame. Just sayin'.
11 26 08 (UTC)
Sadly, I like the echo too. D: The recorded version of Snow Express is fail...somehow. But we all knew it was lip synced....Pi cannot rap that fast in real life. XD

永久色の恋 makes me itchy. Too much destiny. Ugh.

11 26 08 (UTC)
lol! i love that "towairo no koi" makes you ITCHY! *giggle*
11 30 08 (UTC)
Ah and my thoughts on Subaru~

I'm not much of a Kanjani fan, though lately I've been tolerating them. But I've never liked Subaru. For one, his voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I don't know why, but it makes me cringe. Secondly, until they released Wahaha, he had ugly long hair. I despised it with a passion. That's really as far as it goes when it comes to me and Shibutani Subaru. Even though his hair is better now, I still can't stand to hear him sing.
05 13 19 (UTC)
All the links for this episode are dead, sadly.
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